Chapel of Our Lady Guia

Chapel of Our Lady Guia, Macau

Chapel of Our Lady Guia
9:00 AM - 3:30 PM
9:00 AM - 3:30 PM
9:00 AM - 3:30 PM
9:00 AM - 3:30 PM
9:00 AM - 3:30 PM
9:00 AM - 3:30 PM
9:00 AM - 3:30 PM
9:00 AM - 3:30 PM

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Very good

Wellington, New Zealand1,280 contributions
must to go
Dec 2018 • Family
In my opinion, it is a must to go when you visit Macau. IT is a part of world hertiage that is worth to see. We like the light house quite a lot for the view. anyway, you needn't spend too much time there for exploring everything.
Written January 17, 2019
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Lets Go To Macau! 🇲🇴
Macau, China2,248 contributions
Visit to see the centuries old frescos
Apr 2018 • Solo
Our Lady of Guia Chapel is part of the World Heritage - Fortress. It was built in 1622 as part of the original fort construction and is one of the first places of Christian worship here in Macau.

What you will see within Guia Chapel is a two-room chamber with European-Chinese frescos that are unique and interesting to look at. The interior is kept rather dark in order to preserve these centuries old artworks. You can see them all comfortably in 5-10 minutes before or after seeing the rest of the fort.

To learn more about the frescos, there is an information centre of sorts at the Guia Fortress with wall displays about their origins, meanings and conservation efforts. This is worth reading if you want to learn more about the Guia Chapel frescos.
Written November 29, 2018
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Sofia, Bulgaria16,484 contributions
Interesting frescoes
May 2017 • Business
Located on Guia Hill, there are extremely interesting frescoes painted in Chinese style - unusual for a Catholic church. Sorry, there are very few frescoes remaining ...
Written May 26, 2017
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Macau166 contributions
Next to the oldest Western lighthouse in the Far East
May 2015 • Friends
The chapel is cosy and small, and it is located next to the oldest Western lighthouse in East Asia, a typical Portuguese lighthouse. From up there you have a wonderful view of the city. You can't miss it if you go to Macau.
Written April 7, 2016
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Hong Kong, China139,365 contributions
New information has opened with information regarding the frescos you will see here
Sep 2015 • Solo
The Guia Chapel, also known as the Chapel of Our Lady of Guia (1622) is situated upon the top of Guia Hill, overlooking the city of Macau. It is one of the UNESCO World Heritage attractions and an iconic image of Macau.

You can access the two chamber chapel from 10am to 5.30pm to view the unique European-Chinese frescos seen here. Note no picture-taking allowed.

Of much interest, there is a new information centre has been opened this year at the Guia Fortress attractions, just below the chapel. Within the new centre, is a room with details regarding the frescos you can see. This is very helpful to find and read over as there is no information in the chapel itself explaining the frescos you will see there.

In addition to spending a few minutes in the chapel, you can walk around the famous Guia Lighthouse (no entrance), the building just next to the chapel. You can walk through a short tunnel at the back side of the fort and enjoy the 270 degree scenes of the city of Macau from this position. The views are very good and worth taking time to enjoy if you decide to visit the Guia Hill attractions.

Note: For a bit of exercise, you can walk up to Guia Hill from Rua do Campo in the main city centre. Take Rua de Ferreira do Amaral towards Royal Macau Hotel. Pass the hotel and continue to Hotel Guia on Calcado do Gaio. At the hotel, you'll see the continued ascending street to the base of Guia Hill and its attractions. From there you can walk up a zigzag of cobblestoned walkway to the entrance of the fort, where the Guia Chapel is located.

Note: For a more leisurely and faster way up Guia Hill, you can ride the cable car (MOP2 one way, MOP3 return). The cable car lower station is situated at the entrance to Flora Garden located on Rua de Ferreira do Amaral. This is a fun way to ascend the hill and a good option for families visiting Macau and in search of child friendly activities.
Written October 4, 2015
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5,041 contributions
Small and unwelcoming
Sep 2015 • Solo
I'm not religious anyway but even if I wanted to pray, I'd have to walk down the narrow area that is not blocked off and be under the gaze of two disapproving security guards the whole time. Not much point going inside.
Written September 4, 2015
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Venus C
Macau, China670 contributions
Beautiful lighthouse located in the city center
Aug 2015 • Friends
This is a beautiful lighthouse is located in the city center. The city has expand so much that this lighthouse is now surrounded by buildings. It is with a church that has mural paintings on the wall and the ceiling that has high historical value. One of a kind in Asia. You can get there by taking a 5 minute ride cable car from the park. The lighthouse has an open day every year, in the month of July. On top of the lighthouse, you can have the most spectacular view of the city of macau.
Written August 23, 2015
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Hilton Head, SC4,062 contributions
Beautiful small Chapel with stained glass windows
Nov 2014 • Couples
The Chapel of Our Lady Guia is beautiful but very small and although it is being restored but it doesn't look as real so possibly it is because it is a work in progress but lions on a traditional Portuguese Chapel doesn't sound right. The stained glass windows are beautiful.
Written November 23, 2014
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Hong Kong, China43 contributions
A Breath of Fresh Air
Aug 2013 • Solo
I would seek out this special place not as a chapel in particular (in fact, as a monument it is sadly, very coldly historical and has no real 'atmosphere' at all, despite the old fresco fragmants), but it's a very welcome relief from humid, gritty streets, if you feel, on downtown Macau Island, that you cannot breathe at all. In spring things are not too bad, but by late May the steamy, humid feeling gets worse and by July it's well-near intolerable. Things get better again by October. In any case, Guia Hill is very easy to access by cheap, small cable car (or a rather steep, sweaty walk, not my choice). At the top there is quite an expanse of verdant rainforest with small trails, a very interesting hidden underground war shelter (available for viewing of historical photos, very cool inside), a small eco-centre with nature posters and info (about such things as local mosses and lichens, or forest bats, etc; the display changes from time to time), and of course the Chapel, Lighthouse and large-stone fortifications. These were the best that the Portuguese of over 400 years ago could do to protect themselves. The views are worthwhile, although if your time is very limited, you may prefer to climb to the fort nearer to St Paul's Ruins, where limited parkland also exists. This will be full of tourists, however, and lacks the fresh coolness which brings lots of locals up to Guia, just for a breath of, well.... fresh air. It's a pleasant walk back down and many buses go along the main avenue to Flora Garden, where the cable car begins (beware, it's a one-way traffic avenue.)

Nearest historical house is the white, 2-storey former home of Sun Yat-Sen, famous Chinese political leader, well worth visiting. This was the home of the distinguished medical doctor when he was still married to his dutiful, long-suffering and faithful first Chinese wife, before he began his better-known career on the mainland, married to Soong Ching Ling. His dutiful Macau wife remained behind, in the Macau residence. The photos alone are very moving. It's only 2 or 3 minutes' walk after you descend from Guia Hill.

By the way, the big flashing light you can see at night from many parts of Macau Island is the Guia Lighthouse, on the same hill, which also hoists typhoon warnings. (You may also see a sample of these, on the Hill.) The Madonna of the Guia Chapel (Our Lady of Guia, or our Lady of Guidance) was renowned for protecting the Portuguese in all weather conditions, or whatever else happened in their lives. However, the small, lovely white chapel on a hillside, which can be seen from the long bridges leading to Taipa Island, is NOT Guia Hill, it is Our Lady of Penha, or Our Lady of Sorrows, on Penha Hill, also a steep climb, excellent views, but only a small slice of garden. Guia Hill is definitely the best for a refreshing change, if you have that choking 'the cars that ate Macau' feeling. If you are careful, you could take a small picnic up there and enjoy a peaceful lunchtime, too. Recommended to carry water. Snack bar choices are poor.
Written April 3, 2014
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Hong Kong, China139,365 contributions
Part of the Guia Fortress collection of attractions, walled fresco ruins to be seen here
Oct 2012 • Couples
The Lady of Guia Chapel, which is located within the Guia Fortress grounds was built some time around 1622, making it one of the earliest places of Christian worship along the China coast. The chapel is included in the Historic City Centre of Macau Heritage collection and can be visited on top of Guia Hill.

There is not much to see at this attraction but we find the wall frescos worthy of stopping for a few minutes to inspect. These images date back to the 19th century but are quite patchy and faint due to dim lights within the chapel. No photography is allowed as well in order to help protect what is left of these interesting mix of Christian and Chinese frescos.

Other interesting things to see near the chapel include the Guia Lighthouse, which is the oldest of its kind along the China coast. Unfortunately, you can’t enter to visit at this time. There is also a short tunnel you can enter that is part of a more elaborate air raid shelter system that makes up part of the Guia Fortress visit.

The Macau Observatory has also set up an interesting room featuring information about typhoon observations, signals and activity over the past century. Further, views of Macau from this location can be outstanding as well, provided that sky and viewing conditions are favorable.

To visit the Lady of Guia Chapel you can walk up the steep Guia Hill, take a taxi ride or use the Guia Cable Car (MOP2 single, MOP3 return) found at the Flora Garden next to Guia Hill. The chapel is free to visit and requires no more than 5-10 minutes to see the frescos in both rooms.
Written November 19, 2012
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