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DIVINO Ultraclub Macau
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DIVINO is the ultimate international ultraclub in Macau. Located at AIA Tower in the heart of Macau's business district, DIVINO Ultraclub is the top destination for your night of party. As a premier entertainment venue in Macau, we provide our customers with the ultimate in adult cabaret and a vast array of beautiful international dancers selected from around the world. Only at DIVINO, you will find the most gorgeous and exotic top-class pole dancers in Macau.
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23 reviews
Very good

Macau, China1 contribution
A Night to Remember, and to forget.
Jul 2018 • Business
It all started on a hot summers night in Macau, 9pm Saturday. Five boys. Fed and Tipsy. The night had only just begun so we began researching on Trip Adviser, the only recommendation with stellar reviews and firm warnings suggested Divino.

Curious to see if the reviews actually lived up to the hype, we ignored the warnings – and decided it would be a good idea to go and enjoy a few drinks with some ladies before we start clubbing.

As we entered the AIA building, the atmosphere around us began to change. A sweet aroma of excitement and fun filled our senses. The stair way to heaven was upon us! As we approached the majestic gates the Russian equivalent of aphrodite greeted us and unlocked Mt. Olympus.

We took our first steps into the state of flux. A black curtain blocked our vision, OPEN SESAME! and all was revealed. The architecture can be best described as a dark ambiance with hellish red flare, but the club itself was completely empty.

We were disappointed but determined to turn things around, seated with a bottle of godly elixir we drank and drank until we insisted on moving up for a better view – the angels have arrived. Droves of goddesses flooded the scene - sliding up and down the two poles of destiny.

After a couple more bottles, we invited them into our section. Conversations were flowing, drinks were pouring, private dances were going down… and the vibe? pure joy.

We lost all notion of time, we were hypnotised by their perfect bodies; spinning round, in all assorted sizes and going up and down.

We have officially reached the climax of the evening, and we asked ourselves “can the night get any better?”. We hesitantly spoke to guard and after some slurred negotiations, we were escorted into Zeus’s master bedroom (VIP Lounge).

The divine charm of the private room accompanied by the daughters of aphrodite, set a whole new expectation. The bar was raised ! Clothing was prohibited, Dancing was mandatory and joy evolved into ecstasy.

Magically our drinks were continuously replenished. It was the pinnacle, no the epitome of Elysium. Hours turned to minutes, minutes to seconds - and the euphoric feeling of a turning a boy to a man then to a king was instantly achieved.

We continued to enjoy the fruits of life for hours until suddenly, SILENCE! it was time to go… we all sat on the curb and morphed back into regular peasants, too drunk to walk, too happy to move and grateful to know what it feels like to be a real Rockstar.

Together we sat, we laughed and chanted “no regrets”. Leaving the establishment penniless, broken and defeated not knowing what had happened. We did our best to keep our composure and calculated a total expense of $100K HKD.

Yes, I agree that is an exorbitant sum on money – but in the scheme of things the experience had was priceless. If you decide to commit, you will enter a Commoner, turn to a King and leave a Peasant.

Be warned, the side effects of this club is when you leave. The colours you see: Dull, food: tasteless, the meaning of life: withdrawal.

A vivid image of a red thong, pearlish white skin with a perfectly shaped body still haunts me to this day, a beautiful nightmare. I have truly fell in love with a Stripper!
Written July 10, 2018
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amit s
New Delhi, India188 contributions
Good one
Jan 2018 • Friends
Nice place to hangout with, pole dancers are great from many other countries. But highly expensive experience no point to go if you don’t have min 5000 HKD to spend in one night
Written March 5, 2018
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Ampang, Malaysia1 contribution
Feb 2018 • Friends
Me and 4 other friends went to divino recently eventhough reviews here saying it is quite expensive. But,what i can say is the girls here is superb! they are friendly ,but not like the pushy style.Dance is superb, impressed with their skill. Went to palomino vegas 2years back, and i think divino standard is on par,maybe slightly lower cause at palomino most of the girls will already go fully naked when dancing at the poll.In divino only few and not fully naked.but they really like to tease the crowd.everyone in our group took a private fully naked dance, costs about 500hkd each.It was superb!! during the whole night,the hot westerner dancers even bring us to the stage and we dance together with them.All in all we are all very satisfied. And I tell you this, if I ever comeback again,I will definitely looking for Sophia(or sofia,dont know how to spell her name) again.She is a latino, told me she is from colombia.She is very very sexy,tip top dance,pretty,never ending assss.Take her for ur private dance!U’ll will never regret! Our total damage is only +-3500hkd.Really worth it.Its the hightlight of our trip.
Written February 3, 2018
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Pedro R
Hong Kong, China7 contributions
Awesome night-out!!
Oct 2017 • Solo
The Club is a Gentleman´s Club, some of the reviews i´ve read here are on the verge of stupidity,if i may say so. Who goes into a Gentleman´s Club and orders drinks,like Champagne for example, without checking the prices and then comes here to "complain"?
About some 2 ex-workers comments that i read...well...one of them actually states that she broke the contract,guessing the other one also. So,what´s the point? What were they expecting? Getting a fully furnished condo for each and get rich overnight? Ladies,get real,please...
About my experience, i enter the Club, a Hostess (that later i learned that she´s actually one of the Managers, lead me to a table and gave me the House Menu for me to read. She did suggest a particular drink for start,i think the Cocktail of the Day, but gave me time for me to select from the menu myself, which is awesome and no pressure at all.
I became a client over the sympathy and all the good treatment i always get when i go there. I have actually been there with my girlfriend and some other friend one night,and imagine, it was about 4 am and i even got to dance on the pole with the help of one of the dancers, Sarah, who was having fun with us the whole night. So, i don´t see where the mistreat to the workers fits in some reviews because they all show so happy faces and are gentle to the customers at the point that we ended-up changing contacts and even having coffee outside working hours once-in-a-while as friends.
My recommendation, if you want to spend some quality time alone or with a group of friends, it´s the place to go in Macau!! And please, once more, check if you DO HAVE the money to spend, because QUALITY has a price.
If you think it does not, try to buy a Porsche at the same price as a Civic.
Written October 17, 2017
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Macau, China126 contributions
The Best Club in Macau for true blue entertainment
May 2017 • Friends
If you are game for a night for fun, with no fear of spending... this is the place for you... Live entertainment and living the fantasy as long as you keep the champagne flowing... Top notch and true class m with a high end set-up... they have the right recipe for a night out with the boys... Check out the champagne packages and you will live to tell a story...
Written May 11, 2017
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Macau, China1 contribution
Divino Nightmare
Apr 2017 • Friends
The night started with a friend suggesting this place to party. Other friends joined & we arrived there around midnight. The next thing we were seated & a Madam in orange hair greeted us. She suggested we order a bottle of champagne to start the night. My friend did the ordering. Then more girls sat down & we started drinking with another bottle of champagne . About 2 hours later I suggested to get the bill, my friends didn't want to go, I looked & became shocked to find out the bill was $9,000hkd for 2 bottles of champagne!! I had $2,000hkd in my wallet, all the friends empty their wallets with everyone having a total of $6,000 hkd! We were trapped for a very long time with big guys outside. Eventually one of the guys took out his local passport & left it there to pay tomorrow along with a contract signed. Later I found out the management changed & many customers were in the same situation as ours- this is a nightmare for everyone to avoid!
Written April 17, 2017
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Petaling Jaya, Malaysia9 contributions
Expensive but its a lot fun.
Jan 2017 • Solo
First off , yes its expensive but for the price paid i do find it worthwhile. There are packages to cater to your fancy.


-Hot girls from variouw nationalities
-Attentive and friendly staffs
- not a pushy environment like adult clubs in jakarta or bkk
- packages that help cater to your budget


- club can be very empty on week days
- price is high no doubt
Written January 4, 2017
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Mumbai, India94 contributions
Overpriced but worth it - true Gentleman's club in Macau
Jul 2016 • Solo
awesome collection of dancers, great music and awesome offers and parties to just freak out. Ask for Ronnie - one of the best hosts i have encountered. do visit on the weekends for a great crowd or on weekdays for a more quiet and personal experience.at a very convenient location behind the Grand Lisboa, a must visit in Macau.
Written July 27, 2016
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Jem G
Luzon, Philippines18 contributions
High end Gentleman's Club in Macau
Jul 2016 • Friends
The only high end gentleman's club here in macau that I will recommend to pay a visit specially if your coming here to have fun with your friends and celebrate bachelors party. Ladies are welcome to come and celebrate their bachelorette party as well.

This club has a tons of promos and packages to choose from to manage your budget. And I totally disagree with the previous comments about this club is way to expensive. Cause In my opinion they just have the right price since the club is so elegant and classy. So you just really get what you pay for. My friends and I actually get a drink ranging from 88mop - 128mop. That's actually not bad at all. Seeing we get the chance to watch the girls dancing on the pole and talk them.

So I guess you guys needs to check out this place if your coming to macau and find out to yourself the best thing about this club.
Written July 4, 2016
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Phatthalung4 contributions
Avoid and pass by...
Sep 2015 • Solo
After giving 500$ to a girl to get a shared bottle of Champagne, the money disappeared, and after asking where was the bottle, all staff came very close, and told the stupid customer to go home, better....
Written September 19, 2015
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

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