Subwing Gili Islands
9:00 AM - 12:30 PM
9:00 AM - 12:30 PM
9:00 AM - 12:30 PM
9:00 AM - 12:30 PM
9:00 AM - 12:30 PM
9:00 AM - 12:30 PM
9:00 AM - 12:30 PM
9:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Ever dreamed of swimming like a dolphin? With the Subwing you will glide effortlessly through the waters while enjoying the beautiful coral gardens around Gili Trawangan. Daily (except Fridays) pick up at 9:00 AM from the beach in front of the big and colorful Trawangan sign in the harbor area.
Gili Trawangan, Indonesia

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Subwing Gili Islands
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Very good

Lukas B
6 contributions
Oct 2022 • Couples
We booked the surfing through Joe, who was super nice, competent and not pushy at any time. The surfing was super fun. You feel like weightless under water and glide past sea turtles - an indescribable feeling. I would recommend it to anyone who likes snorkeling!
Written October 19, 2022
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Darren H
Melbourne, Australia10 contributions
Nov 2019
Great adventure and thrilling experience. Loved the 2.5 hrs out on the boat circling Gili T. My friends and I enjoyed the experience and would do it again. Ifan was very helpful.
Written November 21, 2019
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Sam M
9 contributions
Nov 2019 • Solo
After seeing more and more video’s online I had to try Subwing myself and I am grateful I did! It was such an amazing experience, with a nice group of people and very good instruction on how to hold and use the board to do different kinds of tricks. It was so much fun and also enjoyed some beautiful fish and turtles on the way. The organization also has a mount with them, so you can put your camera in front of the board. See picture ;) It was awesome, highly recommended!
Written November 13, 2019
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Singapore, Singapore30 contributions
Nov 2019
we had a great time! everything was smooth and will definitely do this activity again! thank you Ifan for everything
Written November 9, 2019
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Great Wyrley17 contributions
May 2019 • Friends
Subwing Gili Islands offers your the chance to subwing in clear waters and be pulled along by the boat with the fishes and even turtles (we saw a couple on out subwing trip) for the price you pay it is such great value for money! You get taken to a great spot just off the islands and get taught what you need to do. Our teacher was Ifan and he was brilliant! He made our trip to Gili even more enjoyable :) its easy to do and if you can't hold your breath for long it is no problem as you have a snorkal so you can get pulled in the surface and still see everything. But the experience of turning around under water is great. I like turning 180 degrees so I was facing the surface which was such a cool feeling. If you have a go pro they will mount it for you so you can film yourself (top tip is turn on your back under the water to get the shot of the fish beneath you) overall a great activity and one I will 100% be doing and will be the main reason I come back to Gili Air as there is not many places around the world that do this. For 450,000 IDR it is so much fun and is totally worth it. Thank you Subwing Gili Islands for a great trip and thank you to Ifan for being so cool! Don't think about it..... Just do it!!! :D
Written May 10, 2019
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Copenhagen, Denmark18 contributions
Mar 2019 • Friends
This was an AMAZING experience. I'd say it's something everyone has to try at least once! (and when you try it once, you will want to try it again, haha!)

We were a group of 7 people on the boat which was no problem at all. When we started subwinging (love that verb) they put a big bamboo log across the boat so it could accommodate 5 people at the same time. Genius I must say.

After our first session we really needed a little rest! It was so much fun that you don't realize how much energy you're spending.

Our amazing guide was saying before we were jumping in the second time - now you will stand up on the board: It easy, just grab the rope and stand up. Haha. it didn't sound easy AT ALL! But I like a challenge...

So second time around I did it. I was totally surfing under the surface! I felt so good with myself. When did I ever achieve anything so fast??

Everything about this experience was so good. Super well arranged! You can attach your Gopro for awesome photos! Awesome guide! Nice boat! Beautiful underwater landscape. Yeah, just pretty perfect!
Written April 20, 2019
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Singapore River, Singapore22 contributions
Dec 2018 • Friends
one of the best tour organized :
- emphasise on safety, good briefing by the guide
- crew esp the guide are always there to help and friendly
- They make an effort to tell me when they are late for the pickup in Gilin.T
You should bring one bottle of water and wear rash guard to avoid sea lice bites
Written December 24, 2018
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3 contributions
Sep 2018 • Couples
super well organized and it was absolutely fantastic ! thanks again for all your help and we are happy to write you this review as a thanks back from the US !
big hugs !
Written November 25, 2018
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axu k
4 contributions
Jul 2018 • Solo
I was never a big fan of snorkeling, but subwing brought the fun into it. Just stayin on the surface and looking at the pretty fish looks nice, but lacks the exitement I need in the water. Subwing gave the option to take it easy on the surface or turn it as exreme as i wanted. I am not that sporty but like some exitement. This was perfect for me! And Puja was also super! He showed all the trix from easy to extreme. Never managad to do the most difficult ones, but never felt the need to. Tended to all our needs and that smile never escaped his face. We were briefed well about everything from basics to even advanced stuff and all the safety procedures. Thank you Puja you are the man and hope we get to do do it soon again!
Written July 14, 2018
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77 contributions
Jun 2018 • Couples
My partner and I visited the Gili Islands in June 2018, and we were looking forward to Subwings having read the reviews on TripAdvisor. We called the company to book ourselves on the trip the next day and were given the relevant details via WhatsApp.

The next morning, we were picked up by the Subwings boat at the beach. It was a full house with 10 of us, and Puja was our instructor. Puja conducted a comprehensive briefing while we were brought out to sea and split us into two groups of 5. We were given an option to wear a life jacket but no one chose to as it would interfere with our ability to coast underwater. My partner and I were in the second group and we eagerly waited our turn. It was soon time for us to jump into the water where we were spread out in a V formation with Punja ahead of the V. Once all of us were settled, the boat picked up speed and it was a fun 25 minutes mimicking Puja's stunts and testing our limits.

Each group had two rounds in the water and after the first group re-boarded the boat the second time, it was our turn again. At Puja's command, I hopped off the slow moving boat and while underwater, felt something hit my foot hard. A searing pain immediately followed and I struggled to surface. By the time I was aware of my surroundings, the boat was over 20 meters away. The crew repeatedly asked if I was ok, which I could not answer as I had gulped down seawater and was trying to stay afloat with 1 leg. They threw the Subwings board to me and I slowly made my way towards it. Once I caught on, the crew pulled me back to the boat. On board, I saw that a bruise was already starting to form on my swollen foot and there was also a cut. The crew did not appear to be trained in first aid and knew not what to do further than pouring water on the cut. Thankfully, my foot didn't look like it was fractured and the rest of the second group went ahead while I compressed and kept the injury elevated. All the while, I was puzzled as to what could have hit me. The only thing I could think of was that the ladder may not have been kept after the first group had boarded the boat and before the second group entered the water. The ladder floated horizontally in the water when there was no weight on it (which by itself felt unsafe when we were climbing up onto the boat), and as the boat was still moving when I jumped off, it must have hit me hard.

It was a solemn end to an initially fun morning. Besides my injury, there were 2 other tourists who were badly seasick (we were not informed to take motion sickness pills prior to the activity) and nothing was done by the crew to assist them. The boat was also moving the entire time the participants were entering the water where the Subwings boards were handed to us at the back of the boat where the motor was located. It would only take a big wave for a tragic mishap to happen. Upon reaching ashore, we alighted the boat from the front where the anchor was laid down, and being already unstable on my feet, I was afraid of tripping over it on the rocky boat. While hobbling back to our hotel, I discovered that my shin was also throbbing. I later saw that there were 2 huge bruises on it which weren't apparent before as I was in long tights, and the pain from that were masked by the pain in my foot. It put a dampener to the rest of my partner and my trip but I was thankful that it wasn't anything more serious.

In conclusion, while the activity was interesting, I am rating this company poorly because of safety. The Subwings management need to implement safety procedures, train their staff in first aid, and provide more information to tourists to prevent and mitigate future accidents and ailments. As it is now, I cannot recommend the activity.
Written July 12, 2018
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Dear Adrenalinetravellers, We are really sorry that you hurt yourself during our trip. But we still believe that we run a safe activity. We operate Subwing trips around the Gilis for more than 3 years and never anyone got hurt. We also have difficulties to understand what you might have hit with your leg as we are 100% sure that the ladder was up and not in the water. Between the last guest exiting the water and the first guest jumping in for the next round we always move the boat which requires that the ladder being pulled up. The only thing we can imagine you could have hit is the fin of the engine or the propeller (obviously the propeller was not spinning). To hit the fin or the propeller your leg must have been far under the boat while floating to the back. As both the fin and the propeller are sharp metal objects, even a little hit on the shine or the top of your foot will hurt a lot as its just bone below the skin. Maybe you kicked with your leg under the boat and while kicking you hit a part of the engine? During all our briefings we always tell our guest to be careful when entering the water and when swimming/drifting to the back of the boat to stay clear of the boat/engine. When people enter the water our engine is in idling gear so that the propeller is off and the boat is slowly drifting forward to make it easy to get to the back of the boat. You state that you were 20+ meters behind the boat when our crew threw you the board. Even if trying hard it won’t be possible to throw a board further then 10 meters, with a rope attached even less. Our crew stated that they threw you the board when you were just behind the boat, 1 or 2 meters, then asked you if you are ok while slowly giving you more rope. When you signaled our staff that you would like to come back to the boat they pulled you back immediately. The maximum length of our ropes is 20 meters and less. Our crew estimates that they gave you less than ½ of the length before pulling you back in. When you came back to the boat our crew rinsed your foot off with drinking water and your foot showed a small scratch. During the rest of the trip our crew asked you repeatedly if everything is ok and apparently you told them that everything is fine and that it is just a small scratch. Admittedly it would have been nice to have a first aid kit with some betadine/alkohol to put on that small scratch. To call our activity unsafe is a bit of a stretch for missing out on that. We now carry a first aid kit in case someone hit the fin again. You state that it is dangerous to get the boards passed behind the boat because the engine is there. When passing the boards to our guest the engine is (of course always) in idling gear (the propeller does not turn) and the captain would never navigate the boat into a position in which a wave could push someone into the boat. Yes, our ladder is floating as its made from wood, but no one ever had any safety issue with this in the last 3 years. It might not be the most comfortable ladder to climb up on, but that’s it. About the 2 other passengers who felt seasick, of course our staff checked on them and tried to make their ride as comfortable as possible, but in the end there is nothing to be done once you are seasick then either get back to land or go in the water and the guest did not want to go back on land. If people get seasick they should of course take seasickness tablets before going on a boat trip, but we thought we don’t need to mention this as we offer clearly an activity involving a boat ride. Again we are sorry that you hurt yourself. Kind Regards, Subwing Gili Team
Written September 22, 2018
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