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New York City, NY6 contributions
Space, the legend. On a Tue, it was the Carlcox night. Don't know who Carlcox is or what he is supposedly famous for, but according to the club ticket sellers, he is popular and that it is considered as a good night as far as clubbing is concerned. As to the club tickets, it turns out that the best way to get a cheap ticket is to hang out at Bora Bora Beach bar area during the day or Cafe del Mar area towards the evening (both crowded areas) and keep a vigilant lookout for the club promoters who would disburse wrist bands that allows something like "men enter for Eur 15 before 1 am and females enter for free before 1 am". This is a much better deal than the normal street sellers of the club tickets, which in turn are much better than buying tickets at the door of the club. However, one can't be entirely sure if "Space" uses these kinds of promotions although it is an assumption that they do like the others, because the promoters that I have seen were always promoting Club Privilege. The next best way to purchase Space tickets is to go to almost any restaurant, pub or bar and talk to the bartender or the club ticket salesman that will be in almost every establishment. Amnesia, Privilege and most others seem to have 1 fixed discounted price that they offer through the salesmen ranging from Eur 30-45, which are much better than buying at the door. However "Space" has different tickets that they sell through these guys. An example of that Carlcox night is as follows: Eur 10 to enter before 10 pm, Eur 15 to enter before midnight, Eur 25 to enter before 1 am and Eur 30 or 35 to enter at any time. Now that the tickets issue is covered, I'll say a few words about the club itself. The main floor (indoors hall) opens at midnight, until the semi-indoors and semi outdoors garden will be operational. The open area is covered by a fabric so, even though it is an "open" area you won't exactly see the sky and the stars. The "garden" has a decent size dance floor and 2 bars. Bottled beers like San Miguel cost Eur 10, which I thought was fairly reasonable considering that I expected the drinks to cost me an arm and a leg...towards Eur 20 or so. The "garden" will gradually but rapidly fill up from 10 pm to midnight...just in time to open the main floor. Once the main floor opens the "garden" becomes a chill-out place, and cozy plush benches appear throughout the space that was previously used as a dance floor. The side room (almost as big as the main floor) seemed to have sprung its doors open at the same time as the main floor. As far as the interior, lighting and the technology, I was not too impressed with "Space" as I expected a state of the art "wow" kind of an experience. I used to have a great fascination with high-tech or powerful lighting, the heft of the sound systems and other such things of nightclubs perhaps because I have participated in designing and installing a sound system and the lighting of a club before. I guess, I had my expectations too high, but it seemed to me that the technologies invested into this (and Privilege as well, which I will review separately) were very cost conscious and inadequate. Average clubs in NYC have a lot more money invested in their lighting and makes a reasonable effort to impress with lighting effects. The main floor had a dozen or more mirror balls of different sizes hanging from the ceiling bars, a dozen at most "scanners", just a handful of the robotic, self-propelled power spot lights, and a couple of average wattage green lasers (not multi-color) as far as significant lighting features are concerned. As far as the "light jockeying", the lights seemed to have been set on "random auto" as I detected no programming in the light show. Sound system, I guess was adequate. In fact, it seemed to me that the clubs in Ibiza play their music less loudly than average discos elsewhere, which I thought was a good idea. They seem to have studied and found the fine line between loud enough to energize but not too loud to deafen and exhaust people. The occasional "cold bursts" of oxygen/nitrogen or whatever it is were really cool. As to Carlcox and the other DJ playing in the side room, the music was somewhat monotone and failed to uplift spirits...even for a techno/trance loving guy like me. I thought DJs in Ibiza specialize in "performance"...not just smooth and unnoticeable transition between unnoticeably similar and monotone tunes. Generally the DJ's performance and the selected tunes were boring and unremarkable. I sensed a lack of effort on the DJs part...You get much better effort and performance in other less known clubs of Paris, New York, London and other places. However, I must tell you that "Space" was a much better, convenient, accessible and enjoyable establishment than Privilege, the only other club that I have sampled so far. All in all, I realized that the clubs in Ibiza are not much different than any other big dance clubs...the only difference is that they have superb marketing departments. They have managed to turn average establishments into a big hype and then turn them into institutions. So, while I do recommend that you check out "Space" or any other club, it is best to lower your expectations to match what you would normally expect from an average club in your own hometown. Sincerely.
Written August 29, 2010
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Jon C
Rome, Italy19 contributions
May 2014 • Friends
Went for the opening party 2014. Amazing venue, the sound is some of the best i have heard in a club anywhere in the world. Well organised, very little trouble and its not too hard to get a drink.


A small beer will set you back €16 - €18
A vodka splash is €19
Ticket door price is around €50, depending where you get your ticket.
Parts of the venue can be over-packed.

What I would recommend,

There are different types of tickets depending on what time you want to enter SPACE. We went for the cheaper ones that give us access before 9pm. You can NOT leave once you get in, but apparently that's only at the opening and closing parties.

Buy your tickets that day or the day before, you will get the best deal and price. I would recommend buying them from a rep on the Island, there are tons of them in San Antonio (bough are from a rep in Linekers on the strip) and all over Ibiza. I paid €80 for my ticket but it included 3 hours of free drinking in the bar next to SPACE and transport from San Antonio to SPACE (bout 30min Journey). The drinks were pre mixed cocktails and spirits with mixers, they did the job.

Get loaded before you head in, cuts down on the money you spend on booze in there, they do search you walking in, but its not that intrusive so you could be inventive.

Get there early to really enjoy the build-up. Once ot hits 9pm the place get seriously packed. We headed in for 5pm. place was starting to fill up, got to explore the different rooms and really get a feel for the place.

Set a meet up point for when you loose your mates, as it will happen.

Go through the line up before you head in and plan who your going to see, time gets away from you in there and you don't want to miss anything.

If anyone has any questions, just ask....
Written January 27, 2015
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Gaborone, Botswana1 contribution
I went to Ibiza summer 2004 and I will be going back again this year. Space is one of the main reasons for going back. It is an institution and no visit to Ibiza would be complete without going there. I had a rip-roaringly good time when I was there and you will too if you love dancing and great electronic music. Simply put, Space is should be a must-do on your list!
Written April 23, 2005
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Manchester, UK1 contribution
Sep 2017
That was a horrible night that I've ever had because some staff right there a night before told me put my name in guest list for €35 but tonight when I went there my name was not in the list and they ask me to pay €55. It was not fair cos all the places that sell tickets cost me just €35.
However I paid €55 and at the entrance just asked a simple question abut the staff that should has been there for me. They kicked me out and didn't even listen to me and grabbed my ticket, ripped it and never let me get in. I've paid €55 for nothing. The worst part was when I came back and ask them nicely why they did it to me one Spanish guy just simply said we don't like you with no reason and another one said you punched my face!!!! OMG who can believes this stupid reason. I wasn't even drunk. It was totally racism. I still cannot believe what just happened to me.
Written September 2, 2017
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zurich14 contributions
Aug 2017 • Couples
Money Money Money - this is the summary of the Hï Club. Ibiza is expensive and we know that. Ibiza is very crowded in August and we also know that but as big fans of the Space it was heart-breaking to see what they have done with it.
Never again!
Thanks Space for many many years of fun on the terrace with relaxed and freaky people.
Written August 27, 2017
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Milton Keynes, UK44 contributions
Aug 2015 • Family
Suprised this club has so many 5 star reviews, i don't know whether it was down to the night we decided go go there (Carl Cox and friends one of the most popular nights in Ibiza) or the fact wasn't drunk enough not to care about the dodgy Eastern Europeans going around in groups aggressively looking for trouble whilst discretely frisking and pick poketting unaware people for their phones, purses or wallets. As soon as we arrived it had a very horrible vibe, not what we expected from a Carl Cox night, let alone the notorious Space Night Club. I do not believe all these trouble makers paid to get in to the club, you would think at €45 euros per ticket it would only attract people who want a good time. Anyways as soon as we arrived, we asked the bouncer where to queue with the tickets we bought he pointed us into the "pay on the door queue" to only be told by the bouncer there, to go back to the entrance we initially went to. We didn't queue long which was a pleasant suprise after hearing about how long the wait times can be to get in, they literally just let u walk in without scanning or properly checking ur ticket. They don't even search u upon entry which at some places is ok but at a place like Space I thought safety would have been paramount for a club with so many accolades. There were so many people who looked angry, unhappy or worried, there was even a female who tried to smile at another to be polite only to be given a disgusting stare in return. Couples are forced to stay around the outskirts of the main room, the middle of the room looked like a sausage party full of men, but it was probably the only area which had "some" genuine ravers living up to what Ibiza clubland is all about. We didn't go into the middle of the main room as we was trying to settle in at first, we went into 2 other rooms which felt like the most unwelcoming night club rooms in the world. The main room was best because there was so many people that you can blend in away from the attention of dodgy looking guys looking for trouble or an opportunity to pick pocket you. We decided to find a decent spot in close view of the main stage which had Heidi performing, and started to dance and chill only for girls who looked like they worked with these groups to start feeling ur back pockets (as soon as we arrived i could tell straight away that something like that could happen which promted me to move my wallet to my front pocket!). I looked to see if they were girls who wanted attention/a dance but you could see that wasn't their intentions. We continued to dance and try to enjoy it as best we could, only for a dodgy group of guys (Eastern European looking) to walk pass us, almost straight away they turned back to walk pass us again only for one of them to clap their hands close to my face repeatedly whilst aggresively starring as if they were looking for trouble. I have no idea on what the crime rate is in the club but these guys blatantly looked to be carrying a knife (flip knife)! We didn't even notice much of a presence of bouncers/security where we was stood. The funny thing is I wasn't shocked by it because just looking at the crowd and vibe we was 100% right to be on our guard. After about 30 mins at the club we decided to call it a night and gladly so. You should never have to feel like this in a night club, especially one with a world renown reputation. Most clubs have their troubles which is usually dealt with in a way that it doesn't affect/ruin the experience for their customers, but honestly this is one of the worst night club experiences you could have. I would reluctantly give it a go again, only because I am somewhat curious to see if it is like that all the time or if it was just a one-off? Although most of the other 1 star reviews have reported similar experiences. Maybe its only worth going in VIP where at least ur away from all the trouble makers but still get to see and experience the club and its music. P.s They should really consider installing a walk through metal detector (they make enough money to easily do this), it may increase queue wait times but it could make for a much safer night.
Written August 12, 2015
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Penicuik, UK17 contributions
Went to amnesia,sankeys,li paridiso when I was in Ibiza and really enjoyed them.we had a great time.i am aware that crooks work everywhere but we booked space for our last night to see Carl cox.we felt like we had to go because of the reputation.we left a couple of hours into it as we felt unsafe.groups of pickpockets working in teams.probably about 10 different people asked us if we want illegal substances.spanish looking girls that were underage trying to get our attention for god knows what.45 euros a ticket and 8 euros a water.when I bought my 8 euro bottle of water the lady at the bar asked if she could keep the 2euros is a no no.just felt on edge and paranoid the whole time
Written July 31, 2014
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Bury St. Edmunds, UK38 contributions
Jun 2014 • Friends
This place is stupidly expensive - nothing happens here until about midnight - the staff don't stop criminals from coming in to offer people illegal substances - there was pick pockets everywhere, trying to steal peoples mobiles etc...

People go here because they feel like they have to e.g. you haven't experienced Ibiza until you have. However, I don't really care what my friends think. To be honest, it doesn't impress me that you've been to such a horrible place.

If you want a good night out, go to Ibiza town and have a couple of cocktails. It costs less, is a better atmosphere and your not surrounded by wannabes.
Written July 6, 2014
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Barcelona, Spain976 contributions
Aug 2017 • Friends
HI Ibiza (formerly Space)

I'd have to say that this was one of the worst experiences I've had at a nightclub.
8.5.17 DJ Coffee

Let's begin - there was a group of us that pre-paid for a table. The seating host brought us to this tiny high top table located in FRONT of the main exit doors in the dance floor level. Is this even legal? Not to mention, staff was going in and out of those doors constantly and the hot air from outside just made it unbearable. We asked to be moved but no one was able to help us.

There were 2 chairs for the table. Every time I went to the bathroom, the security guard would take away my chair? Why? I don't know - so every time I would come back to sit down at, I'd have to ask the security guard to bring back my chair. After 3x, I think he got the hint.

Bathroom - there are 4 stalls in the VIP area. They save 1 of the stalls for the employees so now we're down to 3. There are bathroom attendants there that don't do much except sweep the outside of the bathroom and occasionally throw in some toilet paper. Inside the stalls are a mess! Puke, urine, toilet paper everywhere. Bathroom attendants don't care to clean them. If you're in there for a while, they'll tap on the door which no one can hear anyways. In one of the stalls, there's a light sensor that shuts off in 10 seconds if there's no motion. So as I'm peeing, the light turned off on me 5x and I was constantly waving my hand to have it turned back on.

Now for the best part. This club lost power not once, twice, but 10 TIMES and the majority of it was during Black Coffee's set. Yup I counted - 10 freakin times. And because of that, at some point of the night, there was no running water. Toilets didn't flush, hand wash sink had not water.

Then the club became too hot! My guess is that the tech team turned off the AC so that the power wouldn't shut off again. So guess what they did to air out the club? They open all the exit doors where our table was and I could see the staff scrambling around to give everyone fans. The corridor lights from the exit door was beaming into the club. Totally killed the ambiance.

I know it's not the servers or runners fault - they were amazing and I felt bad because there were so many angry customers.

Anyways, the tech/management need to figure out how to fix these problems. I wish I had a better experience here.
Written August 6, 2017
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Elgin, UK248 contributions
Jul 2014 • Couples
We have been to space several times, and it is without a doubt my favourite club on the island. The sound system thrashing out that relentless techno Carl cox sound will leave you with goosebumps!
Carl cox night is on a Tuesday and is definitely not to be missed!
Expect to pay 8euro for a bottle of water, the average price in the clubs. I'm not going to write about alcohol prices or queues here, it's Space and it's in Ibiza it is going to be busy and it's going to be expensive. But you don't go to space to drink, you go to party and lose yourself in the music and the atmosphere. That's what the surrounding bars are for, drink deals, Failing that boozing on the balcony first!
We arrive at the earliest 1.30am, I wouldn't go in any earlier. Carl cox can be expected be on a little after 3am.
If there is queues to get in, don't be scared to pipe up and ask security what queue you should be in, there is 3 or 4 different ticket entrances, if you have a ticket you bought at your hotel reception, there's no point in standing with folk wanting to pay to get in. There are security guys walking around, just ask them where to stand.
Space is a big club and can be very busy. If with a group of mates, it's maybe worth having a "meeting point" if someone gets lost.
The toilets are kept clean and in good working order. Security keep the place safe without being interfering and overpowering.
The dance floor is busy and can be hot but every now and again you'll get blasted by the air cannons when the tune kicks in an unforgivable base line.
I love meeting people from all corners of the globe, from all walks of life coming together for the same one love. Undoubtedly, the best nights I've ever had are in Space.
If you aren't a big raver with a love of dancing the night away till 8am, do yourself a favour and save yourself 50 euro and get a ticket for elsewhere.
If you are and you are yet to visit this Mecca, you are in for such a treat, an experience of a lifetime.
If you head down to the beach when if finishes at 8, you'll probably get somebody selling cold beers for a few euro. The peace and beauty of the beach after makes you think you might just have come out of another world. The fun of meeting like minded strangers who just experienced the same as you, will become your friends in the tranquil surroundings. I have many great after space memories from the beach that will make me smile forever. A tip for the beach, take a lighter, you will be the saviour! Nobody ever has a lighter.
There are no words to really explain the space experience, if your like the full on club scene, then just go and experience it! If you don't, then I would advise another night at another club.
My tip would be wear good supporting trainers like sketchers, it's not about the fashion it's about the music. If you wear heels you'll have regrets come 3am and want to launch them in the nearest bin.
Also, If you get the chance to see Sasha there on the 21st September...grab it with both hands!
Maybe see you on the dance floor....

Written July 31, 2014
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