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Very good

Piers P
Lincoln22 contributions
Jul 2019 • Friends
Wow! What a place this is. I went to on the July 29th.
Techno music at its finest
Super loud sound system (you literally can’t hear your friends inside the venue)
Great atmosphere and vibes
Lovely setting outside on the terrace
Standard Ibiza club prices for drinks
Great events- Circoloco on a Monday is a must. Great DJS- regulars being Seth Troxler, The Martinez Brothers.
Drink prices are what you expect in the major Ibiza clubs.
Planes flying over spectacular to see

Now, more importantly these issues have to be addressed if I have any intent on returning to DC-10.

- A venue that is CLEARLY & insanely over capacity. At points it was too cramped to even turn and face another way. This can’t be safe? The rave crowd were fantastic as always but a lot of people left early for this exact reason.

-There is no seating outside at all. So, if you fancy a cool down you have to sit on the floor. (There was not even space to sit down).

- A security team that are very much hyped up and members of the security who were very aggressive.

Now finally, most noticeably as the other reviews point out.. Security.
If you make the decision to go here then by all means enjoy it BUT ensure that you look after your belongings at all time. My phone was a small % of the amount that were stolen on the night I went. My friend also had 150 euros taken from his pocket.
Be vigilant and aware of the pick pocketing. Yes, Ibiza has a huge problem with this but the complete lack of interest by the security team makes you question the legalities and ongoings here at DC-10.

Again, an unreal night with unforgettable music but some major concerns. This place has the potential to be the best in the world but for these issues I won’t be returning soon
Written September 26, 2019
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17 contributions
Aug 2019
We really love dancing in the garden to techno music as aeroplanes fly overhead. Its such a unique vibe in here. You meet all kinds of crazy and interesting people.

Once the garden closes we usually leave and head somewhere else. We do this because we find the place usually becomes very overcrowded.

One thing that does put me off ever so slightly, is the very hard line stance the security staff seam to have. I don't fully understand the reason for this, but I find it a little too overbearing and in your face at times.

Considering not returning next year.
Written September 5, 2019
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Bucharest, Romania18 contributions
Oct 2018 • Solo
The place became so overcrowded that it is dangerous. They keep admitting more and more people even if the place is fully packed. 4 people per square meter, and i don't exaggerate. At 2-3 o'clock the garden got closed and all those people needed to get inside the 2 rooms which were already full of people. This was a great place, but the italian owners of circoloco are full of greed and don't care about people that pay 60-70EUR to get to a party where you can barely breathe.
Written May 22, 2019
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Giulia B
1 contribution
May 2022 • Couples
I flew from London just to attend Circoloco for DC10 opening. We purchased the tickets three months ago and we were super excited for the party.
The party was supposed to start at 4:00 and we arrived at 6:00 at the entrance. We found there was a two and a half hours queue to enter the place and a part from this the security was treating us like animals while we were bitten by mosquitoes under the rain.
After spending almost three hours in the queue, we finally got into the club. From the very beginning we found the situation was crazy, we found ourselves in a super packed garden, where you could not even move or get to the toilet. We had to queue 45 minutes for a bottle of water (£7) and 50 minutes for going to the toilet. At 10:30 the garden closed. At that time there were more than 10000 people (the club’s capacity is 4000 people) and everybody was pushing each other to manage to enter the rooms. The corridor was so packed that when we tried to get inside I got punched in the face, I could not breathe so we just decided to give up the idea immediately.
At one o clock there were still people purchasing the ticket and I red that eventually there were 13k people in the club.
The situation was crazy, i see a girl fainting because she could not breathe.
The people organising the party are now publishing pictures and videos as it was a good party, deleting all the bad comments. I also have been blocked from circoloco Ibiza so I could not share my experience.
This is outrageously crazy. We could have died in there.
I hope my review will help somebody.
Written May 5, 2022
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Alex C
1 contribution
May 2022 • Couples
Had some top top nights at dc10 in the past but openings 2022 were very disappointing. Massively oversold, couldn’t move an inch, took 20 minutes just to get from one end of the terrace to the other, no space to dance at all. When the terrace closed at 12am you then had thousands trying to clamber inside the 2 rooms. We left early as did thousands of others. Disappointing money grab from owners.
Written May 3, 2022
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

3 contributions
May 2022 • Couples
🤡 IT is back! Taking your souls and the money out your pocket. No fun inside it was like a fight club. As we entered i just tought, do i see right. At the beginning was already tousends of poeple, wtf where sould i walk?? But i love their Motto „No Soul For Sale“ 🤥 some DJs writing „ohhh it was so fun“ of course, if you are in a sepperated place or on the stage 😅
Written May 6, 2022
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Middlesbrough, UK10 contributions
Aug 2016 • Friends
This place is the biggest scandal I've ever seen, and deserves to be shut down!!! I was extremely excited about going to see Patrick Topping, Waff and the other Paradise DJ's. On arrival we walked into the club which was absolutely rammed. You couldn't settle anywhere at all constant pushing and shoving even if you're at the back. I went with another fives friends, three of them left and went to the West End after five minutes we were like sardines! I reluctantly stayed with my other two friends as I really like the DJ's. I had no drink all day and was sober as a judge. I then seen what looked like a Russian middle aged couple, they walked into a large group of people on purpose and then pretended they were lost, within about twenty seconds they had felt everyone's pockets who were in the radius of them, I've never seen hands move so fast it was like something out of a movie I couldn't believe it! Every nightclubber (mostly English) are too drunk or drugged up to realise. I was disgusted and very angry I felt like going over and punching the man. However, my friend next to me said "look they've been caught the security man is talking to them" I was over the moon! The next time I looked over the couple was having drinks and a laugh with the security this was the first time I thought it was an inside job! I held the zip on my bag in front of me all night and danced with one hand. I was intrigued to see if there was any more pickpockets in there so instead of enjoying my night I looked at there hands which were constantly by they sides as the cleared the floor. There was not only this couple but hundreds and pickpockets in DC10 I think there was as many of them as normal nightclubber. They all seemed to know each other and I'm guessing they are part of a gang who have a deal with the security or owners so they can sweep the floor every night, it's absolutely disgusting. The English and other holidaymakers spend a fortune in Ibiza and many cases people save up months just to go, we pay over priced tickets and prices of drinks like €8 for a very small bottle of water and €16 for a cheap bottle of beer. Yet there's also these vile creatures just joyful taking wallets and phones out of people pockets and bags without a care in the world! I spent my full night warning anyone near me about the pickpockets, they were very clever and professional, they can work in groups of two up to about 8. I seen a so called couple which was far to obvious as they kissed every five seconds and then one of them would reach into someone's pocket or bag with their hands behind them as they snogged each other on the dance floor. I seen a few groups of men who would disguise themselves very well as normal clubbers, they would be seen to talk to each other having a laugh or joke but they were really giving information to each other as to where who when and what was next! The big groups worked so they would tactical block you or surround you with the full gang without you knowing giving them all kinds of angles to work from. They would have two people within the group stealing from pockets, another few blocking people's view and sometimes a woman with a bag or back pack in which they would put any goods they have stolen in. I approached a lot of pickpockets but they are very professional and trained they would say they didn't understand or become aggressive also the others in the group would say what's wrong this is my friend. I spent my whole night warning other clubbers about the pickpockets and got very upset and angry, I followed two men who were stealing and because I stopped them from pickpocketing my friend spotted them making a gun gesture to my head. I'm 100% sure the security know and are in on this, thousands of night clubbers will turn to the security and expect them to help or give them some sort of advice of some kind, when in true reality they know about it and are under some deal. I seen numerous pickpockets socialising and talking to the security. I approached three security guards about this problem. The first two done exactly the same, both spoke very good English but as soon as I mentioned stealing or pickpockets they didn't want to know and said they didn't understand. The last I told that his colleagues were talking and friends with the pickpockets at this point he got very angry straight away and clinched his fist as if he was going to hit me. I then finally made a night and walked home.

The worst place I've ever been a horrible and surreal night which I will never forget, this place should be shut down, if you do go here please hide any valuables or money in your shoes or inaccessible place for pickpockets!!

This is not just DC10, but Ushuaia and Amnesia, however DC10 100% know about it and is in on it whilst I feel the other venues try to tackle the problem.

This may not be a big problem in one case but British holidaymakers are losing fortunes every single night so it then becomes a big problem please be careful as I have heard far too many stories of people being pick pocketed and most will think they have lost items or will turn to security which is pointless.

I feel this isn't broadcasted enough to British holidaymakers it should be in the newspapers and holiday reps should be informing and making people aware of this!
Written August 22, 2016
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Amy H
53 contributions
Jul 2017 • Friends
Last year I visited DC-10 and absolutely loved it, however I have removed my previous review and will be writing a new one after my experience this year. The club is great itself, brilliant music, fantastic atmosphere. The thing which lets it down is the ROBBING BAR MAIDS.

Last year we paid 15€ for a vodka and mixer. This year we were being charged 20€ which I thought nothing of, just thought prices had gone up... I bought 2 drinks and paid the 40€ in one 20 and two 10s. Watched the bar maid scan the 20 and one of the 10 notes and put the other 10 into the tip jar. Left it for the time and decided to ask for a receipt next time I went to the bar. I purposely paid with a 50€ note and explained I would like a receipt because I had paid with a 50. The bar maid rolled her eyes and practically hissed at me. She slammed down the receipt and change plate and proceeded to take 5€ off the plate of my change, waved it at me and said "5€ tip for me" smirked at me and walked to the other end of the bar before I could even argue with her to get MY money back. Absolute disgrace, god knows how much they've made in tips robbing every customer off 5€ per drink... will NOT be returning to the club again
Written July 23, 2017
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Gary N
Kingston-upon-Hull, UK21 contributions
Oct 2016 • Friends
My friends ( celebrating a 50th) and I revisited dc10 after quite a few years absence hoping to rekindle the feel we use to have in the late 90/2000's. It use to be a must, after space on sundays. What has happened?
We arrived early to find a queue 1000 + not realising it was for non ticket holders, finally got in and greeted with what I can only describe as one big mosh pit. Both rooms were rammed, the outside garden was even worse. People constantly walking around pushing and shoving. You couldn't get 1 inch or 1 minute to be able to dance ( the sole purpose of being in a dance club is to dance is it not ??) It was that full it took an hour to get to the toilets a hour to get a drink to then be hit with a compulsory service charge. Pickpockets and scammers are rife which we found to our detriment, caught one guy trying to get his hand in my pocket. Security are in on it as they helped him escape. At this point I had had enough and left. To my amazement security were still letting people in. Unfortunately the whole essence of the club has gone and has been replaced with nothing more than utter greed. I invite Jammie Jones and Seth Troxler to spend a night as a punter and experience this debacle. Is this the kind of experience you want your fans to endure?
If you are planning to go next year give it some serious thought, there are better clubs on the island without pickpockets, better atmosphere and nicer people. Never never again.
Written October 14, 2016
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Portsmouth, UK30 contributions
Sep 2016 • Friends
Visited this club tonight after reading a review on Ibiza spotlight . There were 10 of us in total . We all paid 50 € to get in and literally as soon as we went they turnstile we were swept along with the crowd . As we were swept along we got into the hangar building which and I do not exaggerate was like something out of hillsborough . My niece who is 20 had a panic attack , I turned round and started pushing my way out which was difficult as people were trying to get in and out 1 small doorway . It was absolutely terrifying . As we managed to get. To the exit we spoke to the bouncers who were really rude and not interested in what we had to say . We asked to spk to a manager but the bouncers just wanted us out . We pointed out it was a fire hazard and dangerous and we would like our money back . That made them even quicker to try and get us out . After speaking to other bouncers there was no way we were getting money back so we spent 500 € on literally being pushed in and pushed out . Do not bother going !!!!
Written September 19, 2016
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

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