Mogan Mountain

Mogan Mountain, Deqing County: Hours, Address, Mogan Mountain Reviews: 4/5

Mogan Mountain
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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Very good

Shanghai, China13 contributions
Manufactured Tourisn
Jun 2021
dominated now by Mass Tourism - for sure forget any idea of peace at the weekend. Private cars / taxis are not allowed - except for some - you have to go sheep-like in government buses. So either pay a lot for an exclusive hotel or make sure you go mid-week
Written June 8, 2021
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Matthew Wilkinson
Riccione, Italy2 contributions
Golden bus nightmare that goes on and on!
Apr 2021
Nightmare walk up constantly scars from the golden brigade of buses! And nothing to do when you get there! Plus the Journey down was a horror in another golden bus!! If you want to live on the edge then get a golden bus!
Written April 3, 2021
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Suzhou, China16 contributions
Great day for our family
Jun 2020 • Family
It was a great day also it was a rainy day. We enjoyed the hiking in this special nature. The shuttle service was convenient. The staff everywhere has been friendly.
Written June 26, 2020
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Singapore, Singapore194 contributions
Oct 2019
Spend a night at Deqing will be advisable so that you have more time to room around Mogan mountain (Moganshan). Travelled in October is cooling, weather in the noon is 21-24c, but at night is cold 11-17c.
Sunrise around 5am++/6am++ and sunset 5-6pm++

You may bring along some food and water along for walking / trekking. There are many hut (wooden or natural stone chairs and tables to relax). Toilets there are pretty clean and unique.

There are few villas and hotels (eg: Zheqin Moganshan Villa, Baiyun Hotel, Youlan Hotel, Qingjinag Villa, Queen's Hotel), historical spots (eg: Villa of Chiak Kai-Shek, Chairman Mao Zedong office, The temporary lodging of Chairman Mao Zedong), stand alone park / garden / scenic spot (eg: Luhuadang Park, Bamboo Sea, Da Hang Scenic area), there is also an eating street (Yin Shan Street) - selling simple noodles, meat dumpling (suijiao), cooked dishes with rice...etc
Written November 7, 2019
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Lily C
Shanghai, China262 contributions
Good for a quick weekend escape from Shanghai
Oct 2019
My husband and I decided on doing a quick weekend trip to get away from Shanghai's big city's hustle and bustle. We picked Mo Gan San because it was a quick 2 hours ride by the bullet train and we wanted to do some hiking. We had no high expectations and just wanted to see some trees instead of high rises.

Transportation: It was fairly easy to get to mountain. We took the bullet train from the Hongquoia Train Station to Deqing station (95rmb each). Then called a Didi that took us to our hotel that was located up in the mountain (66rmb). The only tricky bit is that traffic is regulated from 8am-5pm. During that time, all vehicles can only go up one way and go out the other side of the mountain. Only the tour buses are allowed up, and not personal vehicles, pass the park gate. It was also hard to get a Didi to pick us up from the hotel and we had to have the hotel personnel to help us arrange a ride down the mountain. I speak Chinese so it was all good but I'm not sure how a person will fare if they didn't. Another option is to take the mini buses (15rmb/person) that zooms around the park taking tourist from one scenic spot to another, apparently, those buses will take you to the bottom of the mountain where it is easier to get a Didi to take you to the train station.
WARNING: Multiple Didis tried to con us for more money by saying that they need to add extra fee because it is out of their way to go up the mountain. Do not agree to that. We cancelled as soon as they said that and just called another one. We averaged three tries before getting a legit Didi who didn't try to con us for more money.

Hotel: There are lots of hotels to choose from up in the mountain with a wide range of prices. We choose a smaller villa that opens up to an unobstructed view of the mountain for aprx. $100usd. I booked it on Ctrip.

Hiking: There are several scenic spots within the park that are all included in the 80rmb ticket. All spots are easy to walk to and I really don't see the need to get on the crazy mini buses that takes people from one spot to another. The scenic spots are nothing spectacular so don't have too high of an expectation. Even on a regular, low season, weekend, it was still filled with Chinese tour groups. Yes, they are loud. Yes, they do not have the same hiking etiquette as Americans or Europeans, blah blah blah. But, if that's what you want, then go to that country. Otherwise, learn ways to either appreciate it or ways to avoid it. Most local tourist are pretty predictable with their timing. So, get ahead of the crowd by getting started before breakfast, during lunch time when they are eating or after 5pm when they've all decided it is too late to do anymore hiking.

Overall, it was a nice weekend getaway. We got some nice fresh mountain air, delicious local chicken soup and we got to appreciate another part of China.
Written October 27, 2019
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Miami, FL140 contributions
Beautiful and green
Sep 2019
Serene and peaceful getaway about 3 hours by car from busy Shanghai. Step back in time and explore village life. We stayed in Houwu village at the foot of Mogan Mountain. Friendly people. We loved to just observe daily village life. The duck families in the creek, the produce man and the grandparents tending to their grandbabies. We loved it.
Written September 22, 2019
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Cora T
Hong Kong, China49 contributions
Full of crowd, not much to see
Jun 2019
We visited there on a public holiday, full of crowds and waiting time for shuttles between station Mogan Mountain is long, and as usual, no order in lining up by local persons. Better to visit on weekday and in Autumn, not so hot.
Written August 10, 2019
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Suzhou, China130 contributions
Great retreat for a hiking trio
Jul 2019 • Family
We love to come here regularly on weekends to leave the busy city life and concrete desert, we live in.

There are some misconceptions about this place that I want to clarify here:

1. If you come for hiking there is absolutely no need to pay for a ticket. The ticket is only required if you enter by street through the main entrance. So if you decide to come by car or bus, a ticket will be mandatory, but do not hike to the mountain on the street. Even if you just hike, you need to pay for a ticket there.

2. There are a lot of unofficial walking paths that lead to the top. This makes for a great adventure. We usually drive along the north side of the mountain and just stop at any random path we see. These paths are great as they lead through the bamboo forests and you will almost not meet any other hikers on the way. Prepare for fresh air, wildlife and the wonderful quietness of a forest. We already had two times where we did not meet anybody on our hike, so it is absolutely possible to have a hike on the mountain with avoiding the masses and annoying cars that are described in the below comments.

The "attractions" on the mountain are not that special, we saw them all one time and would not go back anymore. Simply spoken, avoid everything that has masses of people or cars. For lunch/dinner there are also some guesthouses on the mountain that are more remote and don't have a lot of people. We chose one as our favorite resting place, but unfortunately I don't know the name, just the way how to get there.
Written August 1, 2019
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Shanghai Region, China999 contributions
Popular scenic spot spoilt by overcrowding
Jun 2019 • Family
There is a central ticket office at the bottom of mountain to purchase entrance ticket. Ticket cost is ¥80, then another ¥35 for round trip transfer bus. During the holiday weekends, the lineup for ticket and transfer alone is easily an hour. Then you have Chinese people budding into the line up. This is a tourist location dominated by Chinese tourists. The bus drives through a dangerously winding road to get to scenic area. Here, you can chose to purchase another ticket for ¥15 for a circular bus that stops at the key scenic stop. Be aware if you do not speak Chinese as there are no announcements and if during peak times, you can expect a long wait to be able to get on the bus once you have gotten off. The one good thing is that there are garbage locations everywhere so at least you don’t see a lot of garbage everywhere. There are lots of hotels on the mountain and restaurants but beware that during peak seasons, you will most likely encounter chaotic situation and crazy waiting time to get food. Is it worth it to visit? You will probably have a lot nicer places in the West with a lot less crazy chaotic crowds. It is suppose to be scenic tranquil place but with China’s tourism development, it is unlikely to be least not during holiday weekends.
Written June 8, 2019
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Robert S
Tumbi Umbi, Australia302 contributions
Beautiful and relaxing
Jun 2019 • Friends
Only spent one day at the mountain, so many beautiful walks lots of old stone buildings with lots of history and information definitely recommend for family or couples, could possibly spend a few days here
Written June 2, 2019
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