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38 Degrees North
38ºN gives you the space, time and experience to reset your body and mind. You’ll leave us leaner, lighter and most importantly, confident and empowered to sustain your new healthy lifestyle. 38ºN were the first to bring the luxury fitness holidays and wellbeing retreat concept to the beautiful White Isle. Seven years on, we’ve gone from strength to strength with numerous national press accolades and happy client testimonials under our belt. Why? Because our approach is real, authentic and balanced. We provide a holistic mind and body toolkit, that takes into consideration life’s time constraints and stresses. We are based in luxury hotels in Ibiza and Marbella. We also host a retreat at the 4* Sol Beach House in Ibiza to ensure our fitness retreats are accessible to all. When you choose a 38ºN fitness retreat, you’re not just getting world class training and educational workshops, but all the amenities and services of first class hotels.
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Very good

Stephanie Daley
3 contributions
Reset in the UK
Jul 2021
Just came back from reset retreat in Kent with Claire and James - it was brilliant, great workouts, great talks, morning mediations and visualisations, wonderful food, great group of people, beautiful countryside and accommodation - I feel so much better, could not recommend this retreat more 😀
Written July 24, 2021
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Peterborough, UK3 contributions
Fun, inclusive, total mind reset retreat weekend!
Mar 2020
From the first meeting with Claire and James in Marbella my husband and I felt encouraged and enthused by their commitment to us and our programme. Both very professional, super friendly and each one of us felt looked after and supported. What an AMAZING weekend and I can’t wait to work with them both again. THANK YOU!
Written March 9, 2020
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1 contribution
Reset my Coordinates: Mind, Body & Soul
Jan 2020 • Solo
Where do I begin... let’s just say the 3 days I spent in Puente Romano, Marbella in January 2020 have been life changing for me! As soon as I met James and Claire, the owners of 38DegreesNorth, I felt a connection immediately! An incredibly friendly, non judgemental couple who were engaged in my story from the very beginning. It was clear to me they wanted to push and stretch me to do and feel things outside my comfort zone and that’s where the magic happened!
The others who joined me on the retreat were incredible. I have to say the most wonderful, kind hearted and supportive people ever! We all came from different backgrounds but came together as a United team.
The program was excellent, I loved the variety of activities planned out , I secretly discovered my love for boxing! Claire and James delivered a great balance between mind and body workshops and workouts during the course of the retreat. The whole experience was memorable and gave me time for reflection. The hotel was truly divine. I would highly recommend the experience. I look forward to my next retreat with Claire and James . Thank you for being part of my journey.
Written January 23, 2020
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

London, UK3 contributions
Reboot and recharge
Jan 2020
During a quick online search, looking for a healthy few days in the sunshine in January, I came across 38 Degrees North. It seemed to offer what I was looking for, but candidly, I didn't read all of the information. I wanted fitness training and I wanted to be pushed hard.

I was certainly pushed hard, but in a positive and constructive way. Being victim to bootcamps and PT sessions, these few days were presented in such a way that all of the activities were a lot of fun. It helps that Claire and James are such a genuine, caring duo and support all guests through the training, irrespective of age and ability given the activities are a real leveller. There were 4 guests in total, and through these few days we bonded very quickly and were a very close team by the end of the weekend. I got more from the weekend than I expected. My nutritional knowledge has been enhanced, but the most powerful sessions were the mindset ones, which allowed me to understand more about myself and how to consider some minor, but positive lifestyle changes. I eagerly embraced the discussions around Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) which was fascinating and something I have started to implement.

I have been on such a high since returning. I am determined to keep up the positive start. Claire and James remain in contact with the "after care" which is tremendously helpful and the guests are supporting each other as we throw ourselves into 2020.

Great few days, thoroughly recommended.
Written January 20, 2020
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London3 contributions
Body Mind & Soul Reset in Marbella 2020
Jan 2020
Wow, what a fantastic few days! I knew the work outs would be good but what I didn't expect is how cleverly put-together the programme was with huge variations in exercise & mind work-outs, nutrition advice (way beyond the norm) and how the team spirit made it great fun (didn't stop laughing and sweating all week-end!) as well as inspiring as we grew very close in a short space of time encouraging each other to go beyond our comfort zones. James and Claire are very professional, experienced, lovely people who care about teaching you what they know, building your confidence and, like parents, send you out into the world with new motivation and a life plan on staying healthy. Thank you and see you in November. x
Written January 16, 2020
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Wendy C
Wokingham, UK9 contributions
Body:Reset Marbella Jan 2020
Jan 2020
Long weekend in Marbella, travelling on my own in Jan, in an attempt to kick start my year. What a wonderful weekend, like minded people and run by the most caring, intelligent, passionate and knowledgeable couple I have met. This was exactly what I needed, lots of workouts which are totally adaptable to skill and experience, nutrition, positive and NLP based coaching, all in a beautiful setting. I am very happy to say the retreat delivered for me on all fronts and I returned energised, fitter and motivated.
Written January 15, 2020
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London, UK1 contribution
September Body Reset 2019
Sep 2019
My week with 38 Degrees North changed my life. After too long of putting work first, not treating my body healthily and not stopping to draw breath, I decided to give myself a chance to reset body and mind - and wow did Claire and James deliver. With a last-minute booking when a slot became free, it sort of feels like fate!

We worked hard but it didn't feel like punishment. Claire and James are completely inspirational and motivating and I always wanted to end with nothing in the tank. The setting was incredible, the weather perfect and I was fortunate to have a wonderful bunch of humans added into the mix. I wish I could have Claire and James on speed-dial (they'd probably volunteer, they are that lovely!) but for now I will settle for looking forward to my return visit and trying to keep a little bit of Davis energy in everything I do.
Written November 13, 2019
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London, UK1,532 contributions
An honest & hopefully informative review of the body reset retreat
Oct 2019 • Friends

Spent last week on the body reset 5 day retreat. Please be under no illusion I was not here to lose weight, or for any particular health goals other than to try something new. I positively hate working out and find it hard to find the motivation to even try to exercise, let alone enjoy it.
By the end of the week, I had lost no weight, but was noticeably fitter, stronger, and the variety of exercises on offer meant I found things I enjoyed doing (and some which I know I will avoid doing again).

Why we chose the retreat:
My friend came across them online, and after doing some online social media stalking and research on reviews, I liked the concept of James and Claire as individuals. They are ‘real’. Their online posts never sell you false dreams or shortcuts. Realism is the way forward in my opinion, and you can see they have a genuine passion for exercise, fitness and their clients. I was secretly hoping this may rub off on me!
Unlike other retreats we looked at, their price range was far more affordable, and I liked that they cater to ‘normal’ & non-celebrity folk. There is nothing more off-putting then seeing Instagram posts of paid influencers posting about how amazing their experience was at a given ‘retreat’ inbetween smashing nightclub appearances in London the week after!
I also liked the variety of what their schedule proposed. A lot of retreats we looked at either seemed to be very yoga/mindfulness related, or very extreme bootcamps. I liked the variety in their proposed schedule, it was a good mix of the dreaded cardio, but also functional and weighted training, with some cool down less intense exercise options like Yoga and Pilates. It was also really important to me personally that nothing was compulsory. I like the idea to be able to pick and choose what I want to go to, along with the fact we were free to drink or eat whatever we like!

The Retreat itself :
You start the retreat with a fitness and benchmark test. I’m not going to lie…I came last! Mainly as I am lazy and just do not enjoy exercising. You retake the same test at the end of the week, and should see an improvement. I most definitely did. My mind-set was stronger and increased on all my reps. Who’dve thought it! Loads of people in the group lost weight and pure body fat, as well as increasing their fitness. So you really do get out what you put in.
Claire and James are a great team. They are polar opposites, and thus together make a great team. James’ style is far more quiet and reserved but keeps things on schedule, and Claire is the life and soul of the ‘party, often going off –piste (in a good way), keeping the energy going when everyone is wanting to give up and drink G&T’s for the rest of the day by the pool.

Some things to consider:
-As much as I loved the concept of variety of the exercises, apart from the kettle bells, yoga, pilates & TRX , a lot of the stuff is HIIT rebranded. Not my personal favourite, but when you have a retreat so short and you want to ensure everyone has good form, you cannot introduce too many new things to a group with varied abilities. What Claire and James did do was mix up the same HIIT exercises to show you how to use them in different ways and different workouts to maximise results and shock the body. And let’s face it, HIIT was what got most people the best results, so totally get it! The morning fasted HIIT sessions are made easier with sunrise views, which are all stunning.
-All the training is outdoors, often in the woods, so if you do this retreat, use bug spray! I was eaten alive most days even with spray on. Also even though you train in the shaded areas….wear sunscreen!
-The hotel is pretty average, but the majority of the staff are terrible & just have no customer service! Nothing to do with the retreat itself but if I do it again, I’d personally prefer a change in hotel
-I found having an all-inclusive buffet option at the hotel for dinner hard. When you are training all day, it’s really hard come 8pm to not want to smash 5 plates of whatever you can find, and end with trying all of the array of desserts they have on offer! Although they give you a nutrition talk, you really do have to have great will power to eat ‘healthily’ in the dinner environment. Again this is personal, and nothing to do with the retreat, but worth bearing in mind. As a group we ended up having dinner together most nights, and generally speaking most people always picked great green and healthy choices. All the options are there….healthy and not…and for those without will power. It’s not easy…but it is real life. You will always be faced with these choices.
-The first 3 days of the retreat are the hardest. Your body is in shock andkip everything hurts, but it does get better after day 3 and then you seem to be weirdly fine!
-One day has a free afternoon which is a really nice (and necessary) time out. If you get lucky with the weather, it’s nice to sit and sunbathe or hit the old town.

Overall, loved my week away and met some genuinely awesome and supportive people from our group who I will stay in touch with. A huge thanks to James and Claire for sparking a little passion for some forms of training and changing my mindset to push myself more.
Written October 17, 2019
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Birmingham, UK3 contributions
Wholeheartedly recommend!
Oct 2019 • Couples
We chose to join 38 Degrees North in Ibiza for an alternative holiday. If you enjoy active breaks, I’d wholeheartedly recommend! The weather was awesome, as were the hotel, location and training sessions!

James and Claire gave so much energy, enthusiasm and encouragement throughout the week. They challenged us with variety of activities including HIIT, Kettlebells, TRX, Boxing, Yoga and Pilates to name a few.

These guys are both so passionate about health and wellness. They promote a balanced approach and have gifted us with so much knowledge on how to sustain a positive mindset through life’s struggles and achieve success long term. No fads or quick fixes - confirming the changes I’ve made along my fitness journey have been the right ones!

Written October 13, 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

London, UK30 contributions
Fitness reset in Ibiza
Oct 2019 • Couples
We have just finished a week with Claire and James in Ibiza on a fabulous fitness retreat. Be under no illusion you will be worked hard, a desire to improve oneself is a must and if you have this attitude it will be impossible not to gain benefit. We came as a couple to join a group of strangers from amazingly varied backgrounds. So many different people but it didn’t take long to make friends and get comfortable . And most importantly have a laugh. Each day started at 8am sharp with a 30 minute session and we continued through the day, always mixing it up. Claire and James are so motivating and professional but with an overriding sense of balance. You could opt in and out of sessions and alcohol wasn’t banned! It was a great reset and we would wholeheartedly recommend them without reservation.
Written October 12, 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

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