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Very good

Exeter, UK6 contributions
Oct 2019
Not many places have a Pier.This is an amazing pier. We should should have a public campaign to save it. Half of it is not used as to costly to maintain. I must admit I don’t use it much, not really into arcades but I would like to see it used to its full potential.
Written February 8, 2020
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Athens, Greece205 contributions
Jun 2017
It is amazing to see the boats and small ships to lay down at the seabottom clay during the low time of the tide and how refloat at the high tide
Written May 2, 2018
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Bristol, UK1,634 contributions
Jun 2021 • Couples
You can’t walk far down the pier as the end is cordoned off. The amusement arcade doesn’t have that many machines in it, which does mean it’s not too busy. The pier could do with rejuvenation.
Written July 20, 2021
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1 contribution
Sep 2020 • Family
Utterly discussed with the owner.

I went in there today started to change up some cash in the change machine and was waiting on my wife and grandchild to come in, told my wife if she was struggling with our grandchild id go back out meet her then come back in. I had a hand full of £10 notes fully intending on letting my grandchild throw £100 away in the amusements for the first time and seeing the joy in her face as she blew the money.

I put one £10 note in the change machine and the owner walked up and told me after putting the first note in that I cant put any more in. And that I have to go to the bank even though they were closed at this time. He told me that it costs him to get his change in the machines. So £10 x £1 coins to spend a few hours with my grandchild because he obviously thought that I'd come and take his precious change for something else, i have no idea what though? Maybe at the casino? Bloody ridiculous!

Ok so as a self employed tradesman I had stopped at a quote before picking up my wife and grandchild so I was wearing my work trousers. Maybe its not appropriate clothing to satisfy the owner Utterly ridiculous!

His assumptions about my intentions and blatant rude attitude just saw him lose £100 in business minus his over heads smart move?

I ended up going to paignton instead and you know what the pound coins from that £10 note well obviously they came with me. So £100 down in business and 10 of his precious £1 coins gone.

I wouldn't support a business at this time, help an owner profit who was a complete judgemental idiot and treats his potential customers like that!

Dont judge a book by its cover you saw a young tradesman rinsing your change jar, when in fact there was a tradesman out to spend the rest of the day with his grandchild, to see her eye light up by throwing money into your pocket.

I dont take full days off not even weekends including Sundays. But I know for a fact as a local self employed tradesman, every time I do get to cram a few hours in here and there with the family to go out, we will not be visiting your business or supporting it. You just messed up you should of thought about the life time customer value to your business not someone taking your change for the boozer.

Written September 12, 2020
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Wokingham, UK662 contributions
Oct 2021 • Family
The poor old pier at Teignmouth would be better allowed to collapse into the sea, it’s a blot on an otherwise glorious sea front promenade and beach. Half of its length is shut; the land end features a terrible amusement arcade and that is about it. No idea why people get all sentimental about piers; there is a time to give up on trying to stop salt water rusting them into oblivion — that time has come for Teignmouth pier.
Written October 27, 2021
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Taunton, UK3 contributions
Aug 2019
Over a length of time that is now 50 years I have returned time & again to Teignmouth's pier.

Although I'm not really one for the amusements (& there are plenty to experience for those who are) the pier's location right on the seafront and it's atmosphere are essential elements of my favourite seaside town.

I can't imagine Teignmouth without the pier - it provides a vantage point from which to view the town as well as the sense of being 'out to sea' for a moment, plus the ice-cream they sell is fantastic.

Teignmouth pier may be a bit shorter than it was, but I sincerely hope it's future is long - many happy memories have been made here.

Written February 9, 2020
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jonathan h
15 contributions
Sep 2017 • Couples
Teignmouth Pier used to be truly "grand" catering to all. Now the so called Grand Pier is just a sad joke catering to a minority market. Hit by storms in 2014 half its length has been closed to the public ever since. Two supports have been awaiting repair for three years. Why is it taking so long to fix? Is it because the owners of this pier only care about the money making amusement arcade?

Even if you could walk its length, which is probably the whole point of a pier, you still have to run the gauntlet of a noisy, “kiss me quick” amusement arcade. Then, you emerge into daylight and fresh air with yet more amusements and rides. The owners clearly believe the only way to make this pier pay for itself is to cram as many rides as possible into it, thus alienating a large market that is not interested in rides or amusements, just the fresh air and the views.

This tatty, unimaginative pier is not for promenading or enjoying the airs. It misses the whole point of a pier and serves only one market: the amusement arcade market. Its “attractions” could be located anywhere yet they monopolize the only pier in Teignmouth.

Teignmouth Pier could be so much better! It should serve everybody, so here are some suggestions for widening its appeal:

• Enable access to the pier via the side gates so for those who just want the fresh air and the views it is not absolutely necessary to go through the noisy amusement arcade.

• Remove all the amusements from the pier apart from those in the arcade.

• Make a dedicated space for fishing near the end of the pier.

• Put more benches out for those who just want to sit quietly and enjoy the views.

• Put a refreshment bar or small café at the end of the pier.

• If necessary charge a small entry fee to help finance these changes and to help with maintenance.

• If money is needed to repair the storm damage of 2014, then start a crowd funding campaign to raise it on condition the above changes are made. A pier that caters to all will find it easier to raise the funds than one that caters to a minority market.
Written January 4, 2018
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Teignmouth, UK19 contributions
Mar 2019 • Solo
This pier is a dump! It was battered by storms several years ago and depsite getting some cash when a high profile film was shot down here it's still in a terrible state. It's run by greedy owners that have filled it with exensive tat and noisy tacky machines that rarely pay out. They seem to be quite happy raking in all the cash and appear to have spent nothing on the upkeep or improvements to it. The end half of the peir, what i would consider to be the most interesting and probably the most popular if it were open, has been fenced off for several years so it just consists of a long open enclosed roof full of expensive and very tacky slot machines or the sort of tat that you would see at a 'fun fair'.

If the current owners aren't interested in improving it or paying out for repairs to bring it back to its former glory why don't they just sell it on and let someone else have the chance to make it something Teignmouth can be really proud of?

The only thing 'grand' about this place is the several 'grand' the owner has spent on his new Mercedes which does a great job of blocking the promenade! Why not sell that and get the front of the pier open!?....
Written March 13, 2019
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Tonbridge, UK663 contributions
Aug 2020 • Couples
The only part of the pier that was open was the amusement arcade. We would have liked to have walked down to the end, but it was closed. No idea why as plenty of open space. We don't like arcades so we left.
Written August 26, 2020
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Gloucester, UK2 contributions
Aug 2012 • Family
Have family in Teighnmouth, beautiful English seaside town; however the Pier sadly doesnt live up to the town; Small, squalid and dingy; it is in dire need of renovation and repair. There isnt really anything on it either , just a few outdated kiddy rides at the back and inside houses a few (rather expensive) arcade machines; and the staff were horrendous; and 60-70 year old lady mans the exchange booth and I dont usually say this she is probably the most miserable old bat i have ever had the misfortune to speak to, I was trying to get my change back because it was stuck in the machine (In one of those coin pusher games) and she shouted at me for NO reason and when i tried to explain that my coins were stuck in the machine she rudely muttered something under her breath and then i showed her it was stuck and she said your putting the wrong coins in and then i said it doesnt matter what coins you put in theres something stuck in the machine; and she verbally spat at me and served someone else.Then the caretaker came along, and i explained the problem and he opened up the machine and while he was rather aggressive in tone, trying to blame me for the mistake he DID re compensate some of my coins that were stuck in the machine.

Nevertheless this pier gives Teighnmouth a bad name, and at the very least could give the staff some anger mangement lessons ; or even better just replace them end of!
Written September 9, 2012
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

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