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Chi, The Spa

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Very good

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia1,837 contributions
Aug 2020
We were at Gurney Plaza and saw Chi doing promotions during the CMCO period, so we bought a few vouchers. With the new norm, there are SOP in place, perhaps the list of questionnaire during registration was a bit too much. Couples are not allowed to be in a room and separate rooms are required. The therapist wore gloves during the entire treatment. I enjoyed the massage service which was really relaxing, and everything was good and fuss free.
Written August 18, 2020
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Farahana Hussain
Putrajaya, Malaysia201 contributions
Jan 2022 • Solo
New Year New Look Package

Great service by Helen.
For half the price would say it is one of my best spa experience. Booking through emailed the friendly staff send the spa menu through email. Very efficient.

The spa villa is clean and well maintain. They have superb promo for 2022 opening
Written January 18, 2022
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Johor Bahru, Malaysia15 contributions
Oct 2020
Chi the spa at Rasa Sayang, Penang has been an out of this world experience. From the moment you stepped in, to the moment of departure, it has been a magical experience. Joey the therapist made effort to engage me with friendly conversation. Her public relations skills and massage skills were rejuvenating and refreshing. Usual spa experiences were awkward and dull, but she made it fun. Her professionalism is remarkable and I can't wait for another session with Joey soon. Chi the Spa is indeed representing the brand Shangri-la greatly, with its excellent service.
Written October 8, 2020
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Lost In Asia
Singapore, Singapore2,266 contributions
Dec 2019
Chi or Qi, the chinese word for Energy that flow through our bodies.

This spa is all about Chi , total relaxation in a beautiful environment.

The only thing it is pricey, but well worth it.
Written January 22, 2020
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Melbourne, Australia42 contributions
Jan 2018 • Solo
My worst spa experience ever! At the time I thought it was just below average and the therapist was lovely (despite an obvious lack of training) so I didn't make a fuss. Now I'm in physiotherapy because of my massage!!

I'm a regular at Angsana, Banyan Tree and Six Senses - so I expected that Chi (being a part of the Shangri-La) would be at the same standard.

I had a 60 minute aromatherapy massage and I stated in the paperwork filled out before that I had lower back issues and I also informed the therapist of this prior to the start of the session. To my utter dismay when she got to my lower back she put so much pressure that I was in severe pain - so I told her again that I didn't want pressure on my lower back. Despite this she repeatedly kept doing the same until I had to tell her to please avoid my back altogether!

That evening I realised I was quite bruised and sore in that area as well as near my neck. Another guest I spoke to also complained of bruising. To actually pay good money and to leave feeling bruised and battered is not a normal spa experience!!

As the massage was two days prior to leaving I didn't really have much time to realise how much damage my massage had actually caused. Within a week I was experiencing severe back pain (which I hadn't had in over 5 years) and a visit to my physiotherapist back in Australia has confirmed that it was indeed this massage by someone who does not have the required experience that has caused my back to flare up again. I don't think this is acceptable, so be warned that before you venture in!!
Written February 3, 2018
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Melbourne, Australia33 contributions
Nov 2016 • Solo
I have always been a huge fan of the Chi Spa at the Rasa Sayang, and have been recommending it to everyone I speak to and on facebook for years. However, over the last three years, things have been happening at this Chi Spa, and not always for the better. This has come to the point where I would say this is a very good spa for treatments, but mo longer has the luxury and indulgence that justifies the expense compared to competitors. It's getting close to the point where I would consider searching for alternatives.

There are clearly inconsistencies between those providing the treatments. I am lucky to have discovered the excellent Tammy who provides exquisite treatments for me. She always asks about pressure, room temperature and how you're feeling, and does a great job of creating an excellent experience. For me, her style is perfect so I would rate her 5 out of 5 and she will be the reason I return.

Because I was staying for 3 weeks and wanted 4 treatments, and wanted to make sure Tammy was available and not on days off, I attempted to arrange my bookings in advance. This was a step too far for the Chi Spa and previous experience suggests this is not a one off. They lost one booking altogether and had the wrong treatment for the first treatment. Reservations work very well when you attend the Chi Spa personally and make the bookings. Doing it any other way runs risks.

For whatever reason, the touches that made Chi Spa indulgent and luxurious are being progressively removed. Previously on arrival you were given red green vanilla tea, which changed to sencha tea and now to no tea. The spa slipper footwear was replaced by hotel thongs/flip flops during my visit (leading to the ridiculous situation of me swapping one pair of hotel thongs/flip flops for another). The welcoming foot scrub, which I admit I was always uncomfortable with, has also been removed - although I wasn't a fan, it did provide a few minutes to get to know the person who was about to put their hands all over your body.

I used to enjoy the treatments with baths, steams and showers, but these all seem to have disappeared or been incorporated only into the long and expensive "journey" treatments - I'm one of those people who really struggle beyond 2 hours on a massage table. This makes me wonder of the downgrade of standard treatments at the Chi Spa is related to the obvious quest of the Rasa Sayang to bolster the Rasa Wing and the baths available on those balconies (when you get a balcony in the Rasa Wing).

You stll get a great massage (although my sister hates the amount of lotions they use) and it is still a very relaxing and energising experience. However I now question whether it is luxurious and indulgent - and if it's not, why not look at the many alternatives being offered?
Written December 10, 2016
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53 contributions
Aug 2015 • Couples
We had a total of 3 treatments at this spa during a 6 night stay at the Rasa Sayang resort in which it is located. The spa is beautiful with a stunning entrance and private treatment villas, however, there are some cons to report if this review is going to be completely candid.


Nice facilities
All staff are lovely however some staff show exemplary professionalism and care


Inconsistent staff training
- Some are great, others are mediocre. we even recognised one of the staff as a therapist from a mother nearby (less exclusive) spa.
- During couples treatment my husbands therapist and my own therapists were not following the same ritual/routine despite the fact that we had booked identical treatments

Some uncleanliness
- I say 'some' because the spa is generally clean, however, there was some hair floating in our aroma therapy spa bath

- Entirely average treatment, nothing to wow me. I am a lover of luxury spas and I am still to find a spa that is better than the Crown Towers Spa in Melbourne!
- Towards the end of one of my treatments my therapist was massaging my temples for a good 10 mins straight! I later realised this was because the shower had over flooded and was being mopped up. Forgivable, but she could have varied it up a bit to ensure that I enjoyed myself while waiting.

- During our second treatment (chi hot stone massage) there was unbearable drilling noise for the first 30mins of the treatment! we complained and my husbands lovely therapist Rose went away for a couple of minutes to speak with the workers. About 10 minutes later the noise stopped.

We would definitely go again when we stay at the Rasa Sayang in the future but we will definitely let the staff know of any shortcomings or complains because they are lovely and helpful and will correct any problems you may point out.
Written September 2, 2015
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Penang Island, Malaysia557 contributions
Oct 2018 • Solo
The therapist I had was Rose. Her skills is good. Very serene environment, solid wood furniture, flooring, spacious (reception and private room, garden and etc), surrounded by tropical trees and plants. The essential oil is not only used for massage but also spray on the towel used. Customer will have own suite and private garden with bathtub. Well, for all the good environment and service that truly supports the 'spirit' of SPA, it is pricey too. Suggest you check on the promotion deals
Written October 30, 2018
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May Lam
Langkawi, Malaysia74 contributions
Aug 2017 • Family
Not the best spa treatment I have had and the Chi bathrooms in the spa villas really need refurbishment / upgrade - (considering the cost) but still a lovely holiday treatment for my elderly mother and I. We booked the 2 hour treatment with scrub, mask and massage - you are warned that the cucumber mask was ice cold...intended for sun worshippers, but wasn't made known to us. Shock to the system - should have had a warning / note on the spa menu - but the therapists were very nice and welcoming. If you do not want the tropical surroundings and are focused on the spa treatment - then I suggest the E&O spa. The latter is lush - but you forego the sense of being in the tropics
Written August 21, 2017
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Michelle D
Brisbane, Australia94 contributions
Aug 2016 • Solo
This is the third time I've visited Chi; this time with a treatment recommendation from my brother who simply loves the Hot Stone Massage. Previous visits had left me feeling good, but not 'amazing' which, given the setup is truly beautiful, one might expect (and clearly many feel this way based on other reviews), but on bro's recommendation I thought I'd give Chi another shot.

My experience this time was OK at best. The reservation staff were very helpful and when I wanted to shift my time on the day they were very accommodating.

As requested, I arrived early and my therapist took me straight through - to the smallest of rooms I've seen there, but still lovely. As he gave me the preparatory foot scrub, he enquired as to desired pressure and areas of concern. I asked for firm and described the concern areas.

So, a hot stone massage. I've never had one previously and had little idea of what to expect. What I didn't expect was the NOISE. The never-ending BZZZZZZZZZZZZ of the stone heater. Which was not drowned out by the music as my therapist, thinking the music was too loud, turned it down (without asking me) - he should try lying with his head 3 feet away from the machine for two hours! And, just in case I wasn't industrially deaf yet, right near the end, on goes the kettle which, standing on timber, resonates at decibel levels quite at odds with the concept of a relaxing, quite massage.

I also didn't expect to be absolutely slathered in oil. I mean dripping in it. Practically bathing in it. My usual experience with massage oil is that sufficient is used to create enough lubrication for the required pressure. So I really couldn't understand what the point of so much oil was. And just when I thought I couldn't be more covered in oil, more oil was poured on! The result of excess oil for me was that I started to get cold. Bring on the hot stones...

So hot stones for massage is pleasant. An interesting aspect of using hot stones to massage is the heat essentially dissipates - presumably they'd burn skin otherwise (particularly with all that oil!). Following this activity, the (heat dissipated) stones are placed in strategic positions on the body to be left in place for a time. However, my feeling was that by the time they were placed on me, they were too cold having had so much oil, and personally being so cold, that any residual heat was instantly sucked from the stone. As the room was a little cool, the stones then took up the cool subsequently imbuing me with cold.

Back to the oil for a moment. I have no idea what sort of oil was used, but I do know that it played havoc with my sinuses within about 15 minutes. By the two hour mark I had a raging sore throat, burning sinuses and am almost over the residual effects a week later.

Although I'd asked for firm, I really don't think it was firm at any time. Except possibly on my head when, scratch, scratch, scratch, scratch...scratch scratch scratch scratch (and repeat for what felt like 10, irritating, minutes). I've had head massages - this ranked right down the bottom. I've had all sorts of massages - oil based and not, Swedish, Thai, Malay and more, reflexology, sports and remedial, relaxation too. This massage was OK - broadly speaking it was competent., even somewhat relaxing (noise, oil, cold and head-scratching notwithstanding) and I do always just try to go with the flow.

Most massage therapists take a moment to enquire if the pressure is right, the temperature is ok, and so forth. Usually early in the piece and it is that one time where the person on the table can be bothered doing something about whatever is not working (optimally) for them. My therapist never enquired at all. Not until we were walking back to reception after the massage.

The thing is, Chi is not cheap. It attaches itself to the Shangri-La brand and hotel and charges accordingly. There are many aspects of the experience that jive and a few that do not. And for me those few aspects are enough, after three visits, to have me give up on the 'spa' experience, and wander out to the therapists lined along the beach with their Chinese liniments and concoctions whose prices can never induce spa-buyers remorse.
Written August 14, 2016
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