Yellowstone Wilderness Outfitters

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Yellowstone Wilderness Outfitters

Yellowstone Wilderness Outfitters
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Very good

Music Couple
46 contributions
Jul 2020
July 2020, surprising there was a good crowd of families ready for the Horse Back Riding at Yellowstone near Canyon Village. My wife is an experienced equestrian and I last rode about 10 years ago. Enough about us. The Outfitters were extremely well organized and fitted everyone of various ages and sizes to their respective horses. My horse was very gentle and well mannered. Of course we used riding helmets supplied at the site that fit well. We had a good trail ride of about an hour. My only complaint and I only fault myself is that in ten years I have gotten older. I thought I destroyed my legs after an hour and I wondered if I would be able to walk for the next three or four days. After a good nights sleep I was almost completely recovered; but I write this for you older gentlemen and ladies that 1 hour might be a perfect time - two hours of a horse ride might be a bit more challenging for us mature citizens. The people, horses and equipment at the Outfitters are top notch and I highly recommend them without hesitation, it was very enjoyable.
Written July 27, 2020
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Kyle Napier
Salt Lake City, UT7 contributions
Jul 2019 • Family
This was the best ride we have ever had in a national park. The horses were great and our guide was super nice and made us all feel safe. She knew a lot about the flowers that we saw blooming. We even saw some coyotes on the hillside on our ride back. My kids loved the horses and wanted to keep them. Lunch was good too. Food is always better in the woods!
Written January 25, 2020
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Jessie M.
2 contributions
Aug 2019
This is the best way to see Yellowstone. We had no idea what we were getting into but oh man are we glad we went. This was just incredible and I can't believe we almost didn't book it. We saw so many animals and it was so beautiful. Our guide was the best, she knew everything about the park and had worked there for many years. we loved it. sweet horses too.
Written February 27, 2020
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Jill O
Laramie, WY22 contributions
Sep 2014 • Solo
You have choices if you decide you want to ride horses in Yellowstone. Don’t choose Yellowstone Wilderness Outfitters. I cannot speak to the day rides or the other staff, but the owner, Jett Hitt, who personally leads the overnight pack trips in different parts of the park, is someone of whom you should be wary. I unexpectedly found myself on crutches a month before my scheduled trip with Yellowstone Wilderness Outfitters, and phoned immediately to see about going on the same trip with them next season, and paying the extra $$ to do so. The curt and ungracious way Mr. Hitt treated me left me stunned. He refused to allow a reschedule, kept the entire $2,400 I had paid for the trip, and scolded me via email for not purchasing insurance. Such treatment may be completely legal, but his unwillingness to work with someone genuinely down on her luck was just plain mean. Other local outfitters are much more reasonable about this. Judging from the pre-trip literature I received in the mail, he also appears to have a bias against women clients. This company is utterly inflexible, and does not do the right thing by its customers. I’m embarrassed that a Wyoming business behaves this shabbily. Ride with someone else.
Written February 9, 2015
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.
I never actually spoke with this person, so it is hardly fair to say that I was "curt and ungracious." She spoke with my wife. It was not possible for me to speak with her at the time because I was in the backcountry running pack trips, and there is no phone service there. I deal with these types of matters at the end of the season, after I have provided services to the many happy campers who have followed my instructions. At the end of the season, however, I promptly received a nasty letter from this woman, accusing me of being a chauvinist, among other things. And we were done right then and there. Ironically, all of the pre-trip literature that she says reflects a bias against women was written by my wife. Furthermore, all of my guides are female, which is something that I doubt any other outfitter can say. I certainly have no bias against women. The problem arose when this woman did not follow my instructions. Again and again clients are advised to purchase trip insurance. I tell them this during the initial conversation, and it is stated again in the booking forms and yet again in the pre-trip literature. There are many things that can go wrong during and even before a client's adventure starts, as happened with this woman. Trip insurance protects both me and the client, and it provides a helicopter evacuation voucher in the event that something happens during the trip. The cost of trip insurance is a very small percentage (2-4%) of the overall cost of the trip. It is easy for some outfitters to reschedule a client on another trip because their trips are empty, and there is a reason that they are empty. If you want to go with the biggest and the best, please just follow my instructions, and you will have a fantastic time just like many of the other reviewers on Tripadvisor.
Written February 11, 2015
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Katianna L
Fort Wayne, IN266 contributions
Aug 2011 • Couples
I love horses. I will say that first and foremost. Any chance I get to ride is one that I take. From the start, I was very excited to book a long ride in Yellowstone. My husband, however, being a first-timer and quite nervous, wanted to be sure that his lack of experience was well noted by the company. Upon booking I let them know that he would need a slow, easy, follower-type horse that wouldn't give him any trouble. I reiterated this on my contract that I mailed in. I re-reiterated this on the phone the night before the ride with the person who answered the phone. Finally, the day of the ride, upon meeting our guide, Katie, I stated that my husband had been promised an easy to ride horse. Cut to mounting our horses and as it turned out, he had the second most "dominant" (read: squirrly) horse of the lot. The day started out rainy, the horses seemed to be a bit cranky with eachother. Some of the riders (my husband included) were unsure of themselves and therefore the horses got a bit nippy/kicky/etc. Throughout the ride my husband was having trouble with his horse as it kept trotting too fast to try to cut other horses off, was not easily controlled (especially by a newbie). We told the guide repeatedly of the discomfort my husband was experiencing (which subsequently lead to my stressing out) but she did not do anything. Lunch was so-so...a piece of ham on bread with a piece of cheese, a snack pack of chips, a fruit cup, and a cookie. We did not get ANY chance to have water aside from lunch and a quick break after lunch. The day became increasingly hot, the horses were getting even more agitated....cut to the second seven mile trail where all the riders were burnt, dehydrated, nervous...the terrain changed to steeeeeep cliffs, rocky boulder type trails, and horses that kept stopping/kicking/acting even more nuts as the riders grew stressed/weary. Dangerous in my opinion.

Overall I am frustrated that the inexperienced riders seemed to get the most "personality' filled horses. I feel this is a dangerous recipe for what could have been disaster. While I liked the guide as a person, she was not overly helpful as there were increasingly more situations where certain horses needed to be moved and watched. I also am upset with the lack of water opportunities (we had two full saddle bags of water!). The second part of the trail (Snow Cap?) was really not something for an inexperienced group to spend the second part of a long, hot, frustrating day. The cliffs were a bit too steep with too many opportunities for an error. My suggestion is to either book a half day or do more research into companies that specialize in beginner riding if that is what you truly are.
Written August 26, 2011
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Granite Bay, CA26 contributions
Aug 2014 • Couples
We paid up front for two of us to go on a full-day horseback ride. The day before the ride weather report called for 30% chance of thunderstorms for the next day. We contacted them and were told there were no refunds and that the ride would go on "rain or shine". The next morning there was a 50% chance of thunderstorms "...that could produce hail and gusty winds…" It was raining hard. We called again and were told "no refunds" and to go to the meeting spot for the ride and ask the owner if she would do a refund. We arrived in the pouring rain and were told "no refunds" and that we would be safe in spite of thunder and lightening and that the horses are use to it. We complained that it was NOT SAFE to ride in lightening and didn't go on the ride. The entire day it rained with thunder and lightening. That was the best wasted money we ever spent!
Written September 19, 2014
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.
Yes, we go rain or shine, and all of our literature says so. This person was told repeatedly to bring rain gear, and as she indicates in the review, she was already trying to cancel when there was only a 30% chance of rain. If we cancelled every time there was a 30% chance, there would be few horseback rides in Yellowstone. This woman arrived at the meeting point and was quite belligerent. Even the other clients were arguing with her and telling her that our policy was quite clear and that she should have brought rain gear. In fact, the other clients wrote a nice review entitled, "Fun! -even though it rained."
Written December 10, 2014
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Williamsburg, VA12 contributions
Sep 2014 • Solo
Oh my, let's rail on others for your mistake. I also booked a trip with Jett and his company. I also was unable to make the trip but had bought the insurance and received a full refund.
Jett and I spoke several times on the phone and he was gracious, helpful and genuine. He never showed anything close to having a problem with women nor taking a single woman in her 50's on as a client traveling alone.
I am planning this trip again, hopefully for this year and will report back again. I expect it will be a trip of a lifetime with Jett and his crew who have been extremely nice to me.
All I can add is that when you are going to do something new and spend a good chunk of change, a little extra for the insurance is a no-brainer. Take the advise given to you by the experts.
Written February 28, 2015
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

California261 contributions
On 6/16/2010 my husband and I took Yellowstone Wilderness Outfitters - Full Day horseback ride which met at Mammoth Hot Springs. It was pouring rain when we met up but by the time we drove to the trailhead, the rain had cleared and the skies were beautiful.

We were very happy with Yellowstone Outfitters. They provide you a list of items to bring and a pack mule carries lunch (provided by them) and your water. There were two guides for our group of six. The horses were well-cared for and lively but easy to handle. The guides were friendly and informative. Lunch was a turkey sandwich, fruit and cookie. My husband and I are plain eaters so appreciated that the fare was simple. The scenery was wonderful and lunch was on a hill above Crevice lake with a variety of wildflowers for picture taking opportunities.. We had to break out the rain gear after lunch but the rain was not too heavy and passed quickly.

We would definitely recommend this outfit for anyone who wants to go horseback riding in Yellowstone.
Written August 24, 2010
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Charlie W
Bozeman, MT2 contributions
Aug 2015 • Couples
This is the highest rated and most popular horse service in Yellowstone, but I would recommend checking out a smaller one.

The trip was decent, but with larger businesses you get an "assembly line" style service rather than a great experience. You could argue that if we were looking for a private trail tour there are much more expensive services out there, but when you promise to provide a service you should do it to the best of your ability. If that was it... I am not impressed.

I had booked the half-day ride as a surprise for my girlfriend’s birthday about one month in advance. The woman I made the reservation with was very nice and polite, and we didn't have any issues before the trip.

I am NOT an expert rider by any means, but after four summers working on an equestrian farm during college, and a decent amount of riding experience gained through the years- I am comfortable riding horses.

The morning of our ride, our group met at the trailhead and everyone listened while our guide gave us the safety talk. She was stern but professional, and it was obvious that she had rider safety as the number one priority.

There were no helmets. I found this interesting - especially with a family with three young girls (roughly ages 7-13) on the trip. Granted... I did not ask for a helmet, but on the other hand I was never offered one. No one was, including the young children. I've been on many other trail rides around the country and helmets were always at least required for ANY children under 18. There may not be laws for this in the area, but it was conflicting with their emphasis on rider safety.

After our safety lesson, we mounted the horses and waited to depart when one woman (who had told the guide that she was an inexperienced rider) began having trouble controlling her horse. The horse was antsy, and it did not like to be around other horses (which the guide had mentioned shortly beforehand). With its ears pinned back and the horse moving around constantly… it was obvious the horse was unhappy.

It was also clear that the woman was very uncomfortable on the horse. The guide simply told her to "control" the horse. A horse that has "temperament" issues, no matter how small, should not be paired with a beginner... but maybe that's why I don't run a trail riding business.

On the ride, the same woman was still having trouble with her horse (she could not control the horse and it's ears were pinned back; meaning the horse was unhappy). I was two horses behind the woman and saw this happening. The guide (obviously irritated) noticed and rode back to handle the situation, telling the woman to control her horse and that the horse was NOT having issues which seemed contradictory. Essentially telling the woman she was lying. Again, I'm not familiar with that particular horse, but I've been around plenty of other horses and it did not seem to be enjoying the ride. Eventually, the horse settled down.

We rode about 3.5 miles into the park, it was a beautiful day, the ride nice and slow, and we even saw some great wildlife! We stopped for lunch (which they generously provided) for about half an hour - mostly having small talk between the group and the guide. The guide was polite but not very engaging, and I would have enjoyed hearing about the history of the park and the land. However, I did not specifically ask to hear about it. It was clear that she was only there to take us on a ride… and that’s it.

We got what we paid for, a ride on a horse. Going above and beyond (instead of providing the bare minimum) should be a staple, especially in the service industry. Yes, this business seems to be successful, but it is not always true that the success of a business correlates with its quality (think fast-food). For the business: a little history would be a great idea to incorporate in the future.

After lunch we headed back to the trailhead, taking the exact same route in reverse. It would have been nice to do a loop and see some different scenery, especially for $125 a person, but I assumed that there was a legitimate reason we took the same way back.

It was a decent ride, but a few things did not impress...

1) No helmets, even for children
2) Putting an inexperienced rider on a horse with known "temperament" issues
3) It would have been nice to take a different route back, but there may well have been a good reason for taking the same one
4) "Assembly line" service
5) The people skills of the guide
- She was professional but stoic. You're in the service industry, and it's your job to work with people. I understand not everyone is a people person, but as a service provider you must at least attempt to be pleasant and engaging

I hope that Yellowstone Wilderness Outfitters, while they may not agree with all that was written, will take these points into consideration. No one enjoys seeing their hard-earned money go to waste.
Written August 16, 2015
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.
This is a curious review. He implies that we over-promised and under-delivered, but in no way does he indicate how we did that. He says, ". . .it was a beautiful day, the ride nice and slow, and we even saw some great wildlife!" He wanted to know about the history of the park, but he did not ask. Most of his complaints were about other people's experiences, not his own. He was unhappy that the trail did not make a loop, but we are at the mercy of the National Park Service, and our trips go where they allow us. Besides, most trails in Yellowstone are designed to go some place, and to make a loop requires a multi-day trek, i.e. 40-80 miles--a little more than a half day ride can provide. When this man arrived at the meeting point, he was late, and the whole group had to wait on him. He was clearly surprised that other people were on the ride. What he wanted was a private ride for his girlfriend's birthday, and we do that for a price. To use his analogy, what he wanted was fine dining, but what he paid for was fast food.
Written September 29, 2015
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Tim C
Truckee, CA14 contributions
Jun 2014 • Couples
Planned our Yellowstone vacation including a full day horse ride with this company. I viewed their online calendar many times before our visit, it showed that the dates we wanted to ride were available.
Well, they don't update their online calendar,they were fully booked and we missed out on a great adventure.
Written June 12, 2014
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

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