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The Kavinoky Theatre
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The Kavinoky Theatre opened in the 1980-81 season, but the idea for it was born a decade earlier during a production of "The Importance of Being Earnest" on the original, unrestored theatre stage. Under the artistic direction of David Lamb, the idea was two-fold: 1. To form a local company of paid professional actors to produce a subscription season of plays and to work as an ensemble along the lines of traditional repertory company. 2. To raise money through the auspices of D'Youville College to restore the small Edwardian gem of a theatre to serve as a home for the company. The 1970's were spent producing in the Porter-View Room under the company name of Stage Centre. At that time we were the only locally producing professional theatre company in Buffalo since Studio Arena cast from New York. By 1979 we had a healthy balance in the bank of $11,000 and the D'Youville Capital Campaign to restore the theatre under the leadership of Edward Kavinoky was completed. Restoration and refurbishing work was completed in time for the 1980-81 Season, the theatre was renamed The Kavinoky. Our first production was Sleuth, featuring Brian LaTulip and David Lamb and was successful enough to sell out and double our production fund (at $3 per ticket!!). The Kavinoky Company has produced over 160 shows in the last 35 years and has earned a reputation for consistently high-quality productions, a solid subscriber base of 2,500 and has received more awards than any other theatre in Buffalo. During the past 35 years, The Kavinoky has had a seminal influence on the growth of live theatre in Buffalo. Most of the leading area actors had their start at The Kavinoky, as did many of the Artistic Directors. When we began we were alone; there are now over thirty producing organizations in town! We are justifiably proud of this record. There are now more patrons attending live theatre than ever before in the city's history, but there are also many more options. This is why we need a new and strong board to help us continue our vision and maintain the company concept that has led to past successes.
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9 reviews
Very good

Western New York20 contributions
Sweeney Todd on opening night
Sep 2018 • Friends
Saw Sweeney Todd on opening night. Thoroughly professional production using small stage to its maximum potential. Well cast and staged. Met with expectations.
Written September 13, 2018
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Buffalo, NY96 contributions
Always excellent theater
Jan 2017 • Couples
We have never seen a bad play at the Kavinoky and we have seen about 15. If you are interested in the play, it will be well-done. The theater is medium sized, well maintained elegance, the sound is good. The cushioned theater seats are old but adequate. There is adequate distance between rows. Sight lines are good the stage is raised and the seating is in a semi-circle. Buffalo has a vibrant theater scene and the Kavinoky is one of the most respected.
Written January 22, 2017
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Darlene K
Hamburg, NY682 contributions
Very Nice Theater
Sep 2016 • Friends
Went to see "Don't Talk to the Actors" by Tom Dudzick. Very entertaining! Theater is small and comfortable. There is a room off of the main corridor which serves alcohol, soft drinks, coffee and snacks at reasonable prices. Restrooms are clean. During intermission you can scroll down the main corridor and enjoy looking at the many photographs of past alumni. Architecture is awesome to look at too.
Written September 23, 2016
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Jo M
Buffalo, NY76 contributions
King of the Moon Play by Dudzik
Sep 2015 • Couples
This play was very entertaining. It is a sequel to Over the Tavern. We are season ticket holders at this lovely theater and the cast of any production is always very professional and accomplished. If you go I recommend sitting in the center balcony but not the first row where leg room is minimum.
Written September 28, 2015
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Clarence, New York7 contributions
A wonderful venue
Jan 2015 • Friends
This is a great place to see a play. We were there two days ago to see the play Family Furniture and it was terrific. It is a small theater, holds maybe 300 or so, the seats are very comfortable and the sightlines,with a few exceptions,
are great.
Written January 17, 2015
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buffalo138 contributions
Journey's End
Nov 2014 • Friends
The current play at this beautiful theatre is "Journey's End" and it is a wonderfully dramatic production. The set is pure genius ( as are most all the sets at the Kav) and truly evokes the time and place this play occurs. It is a story taking place during World War I in the trenches of France and an officer's barracks. It is 3 acts that will keep you mesmerized. The actors all adopted wonderfully realistic British accents that added to the effect. We especially liked the bombs that would periodically detonate and the light glow in the distant sky was a chill reminder of the horror of war. I won't give away the entire story but you will definitely have chills by the end of this play. Treat yourself and see Journey's End.
Written November 19, 2014
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Mike K
Niagara-on-the-Lake, Canada3,071 contributions
Kavinoky's Proof - a great New Year's start!
Jan 2014 • Couples
When I was a young student, I detested math. Playwright David Auburn apparently fared much better in math. His Proof, written in 2000 won him the 2001 Pulitzer Prize for Drama and a Tony Award for Best Play.

Catherine (Jessica Wegrzyn) is the daughter of Robert (Peter Palmisano), a recently deceased math mastermind and University of Chicago professor. Unlike me in math class, she struggles with family genius but also fear of inherited illness thrown in to make her situation dicey.

Dad's grad student Hal (Jonathan Shuey) finds a dazzling proof about prime numbers locked in a desk drawer used by Catherine in Robert's office. For those who failed math like me, a prime number has no positive divisors other than 1 and itself. For example, 5 is a prime number because only 1 and 5 evenly divide it, whereas number 6 has divisors 2 and 3 in addition to 1 and 6. Are we clear? Would you like to hear my take on the square of the hypotenuse? I thought not.

The title refers both to Robert's supposed proof and the play's central question - can Catherine, who finds herself in a sudden relationship with 28-year-old Hal, prove its authorship? Like Barack Obama's bumpy management of health care, she desperately tries to maintain some control as Robert's later years involve bizarre delusions.

Harold is one of Robert's last Ph.D. students when his icon and inspirational mentor's illness goes into remission, and to round out the cast, Claire (Aleks Malejs) is Catherine's older sister, a gritty, take-charge type who fled to New York City to escape from her dysfunctional family.

Auburn has Catherine converse with her father in flashbacks that reveal conflicting desires and an academic career frustrated by arduous responsibilities nursing her sick father. Father and daughter express passion and sometimes anguish for math, and surprise, surprise, there is a strange taste of poetry in their theorems. Catherine's complications are multiple - grief, sibling rivalry, romantic strain, and the terrifying possibility of losing her mind, but what the play is ultimately about is trust, which makes this a terrific contemporary choice for Kavinoky Artistic Director Norman Sham and his excellent cast.

With Auburn's tight, terrific play, Artistic Director, David Lamb and Director, Norman Sham offer a wonderful start for Buffalo theatre's New Year at D'Youville College's Kavinoky Theatre, located just across the Peace Bridge for Canadians and well worth a visit. (Ticket price: $39)

Kavinoky is a bit of a treasure. When you enter D’Youville College, it’s like stepping back in time. The hallway is filled with terrific pictures of female classes circa early 1900s. Would you believe that this school is ultimately a direct result of 5 Grey nuns arriving here in Buffalo from Ottawa! I love the big black and white picture of the 1912 graduating class consisting of 27 young women. D’Youville was first in Western New York to allow women into college.

"Proof," by David Auburn at Kavinoky, 320 Porter Avenue Buffalo, NY 14201 (716) 829-7668 runs to February 2. See: for more details.
Written January 14, 2014
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Buffalo, NY168 contributions
One of the Great Proscenium Theaters in Buffalo
Sep 2011 • Friends
This is truly one of the best things Buffalo has to offer. One would never expect a theater like this to exist when one walks up the prosiac concrete steps in front of D'Youville College. then you get inside and Bam it is like something like the experience Dorothy must have had when she first discovers Oz. Then it gets better. The quality of the productions you will see there are without peer anywher in America. Don't believe me: than catch the next show, and you tell me. And you won't pay a quarter of what you would for a show on Broadway. At the rist of sounding redundant, this is truly one of the best kept secrets in Buffalo, if you like remarkable theater.
Written January 8, 2012
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buffalo138 contributions
Excellent theater !
Nov 2011 • Couples
The Kavinoky Theater is located on the campus of D'Youville College. I have seen many productions and have never been disappointed. Every seat is excellent with good sight lines. It has a balcony (be careful - it's rather steep up there but you can see wonderfully)The sets are fabulous! They are so detailed and always add such a realistic touch to every play. You can tell that a lot of care & attention to detail was taken in their creation. Also, my friends mistakenly thought that the actors were students from the college but that's not the case. These are professional actors and you are bound to catch some of the better known actors in Buffalo like Saul Elkin and Lisa Ludwig, among many other excellent thespians. There is a concession stand selling candy, cookies , coffee, tea, soft drinks & bottles water (also available in the theater itself) but no alcoholic beverages. Definitely take in a production & you won't be sorry. This theater is so much more intimate than Sheas yet very ornate too. Lots of free parking available.
Written November 28, 2011
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