Mahai'ula Beach

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Mahai'ula Beach

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Feb 2020
First off, this beach is accessible via a mostly rocky and extremely bumpy road. It took us around 20 minutes to navigate to the parking lot from the main highway heading north to Waikaloa. Thankfully we were in an SUV but I felt bad for the Camero and Minivans we passed getting there. Once at the parking lot there is a rocky beach with bathrooms and interpretive kiosks to check out. However, the waves and wind were rocking there plus there wasn't actually any sandy access so we looked north to Mahal'ula Beach and noticed calm conditions so we headed that way. There is a lava rock pathway which leads north along the coast and the walk was about 10 minutes. Once at the beach we found a shaded spot with plenty of sand for getting a quick swim in. There were plenty of other people there and also in the water so we took our 2 kids with us and let them experience the ocean and waves knowing it was pretty safe to enter. We noticed some port-a-pottys on the way to the beach but there weren't any facilities near where we set up our chairs. A good beach that was a bit tough to access due to the road conditions. Probably would only recommend checking it out once during your stay on the Big Island to save your rental car from needing a tow truck. :)
Written March 5, 2020
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St. Gallen551 contributions
Jan 2020 • Solo
...but a horrible access road. Wouldn’t recommend to go with a small or rental car unless 4wd or well insured. If it’s not too hot, the ca 1.5 miles are also not too long to walk.
Written January 15, 2020
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Steven P
1 contribution
Dec 2019
My wife introduced me to this magical place several years ago while visiting friends in Kona.

So good. We try to return every year. Totally magical place with a unique energy. The ocean, the sun, turtles, seals and palm trees combine to make this place heaven on earth.

We were married here in 2018 which is testament to how much we love this place. We wanted to somehow become permanently connected to Mahai'ula and we did this in the best possible way.

I have travelled extensively throughout the world and this is the most beautiful beach I have visited.

Counting the days until we are there again....
Written November 15, 2020
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Houston, TX26 contributions
Dec 2020 • Solo
An absolute must see while visiting the Big Island. Thank God I rented a Jeep the path to take to get to the parking section is a totally bumpy ride!! I was literally going 5mph lol once you reach the end of the rocky path there is a parking section to park your car where you will begin to walk to the beach. Very easy just follow the trail. When I went no one was there!! I went around 9am. It was like I had my own secluded beach to myself it was heaven!!
There is a yellow rope tied to a tree where you can swing from. I walked further to the end and just enjoyed the beach and the view. So beautiful it’s a little mini paradise
Written December 18, 2020
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Bend, OR1,998 contributions
Oct 2014 • Couples
Ahhhh, What a great beach!! Rating beaches is very subjective and depends what you like. This beach consistently rates high. Ideallic setting, gorgeous tri-colired sand (golden with salt and pepper) Good Swimming, fair yet little murky snorkeling and lots of sun and shade. Surprising not crowded despite the tons of cars parked here.

So many beaches have multiple names. Even the guide books aren't consistent. Kekaha Kai Beach Park has three beaches. The area of beaches used to be called Kona Coast, currently this beach is called Mahai'ula Bay. This is the beach to the north with just a 5minute walk from first parking area. There is also, Ka'elehuluhulu Beach with full facilities at the end of the road and Makalawena Beach is a hot 20 + minute walk north across a lava trail. All Quite nice, but this is our favorite. Tip: although the road is rough, most any car can travel it, you do not need four-wheel drive. Just go slow and steer around the pot holes and Enjoy.

#Where are the Best Bug Island Beaches?
1. Mauna Kea beach/Kauna'oa -- Blue Ocean, Soft Sand
2. Hapuna -- Just WOW
3. Kahalu'u /South Alii Dr. -- Snorkeling & turtles too
4. Mahai'ula bay/ Kekaha Kai Beach Park --Ahhh Nice Beach
5. Manini' owali/ Kua Bay -- Amazing azure blue water
6. Honaunau. -- No beach just good snorkeling
7. Maka'lawena -- Swim, Snorkel, Sun bathe, Short walk across lava path
8. Beach 69 - Soft golden sand, good snorkeling
9. Kikaua -- Sun Swim Shade good facilities
10. Wawaloli Beach Park /Natural Energy Lab -- Best place to watch big waves
Written October 28, 2014
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glcwhistler .
336 contributions
May 2018 • Couples
Trip Advisor is funny in what they let you post about certain experiences. You can tell someone about the gross food that is at a place, or if the decor is tacky and ugly, also if the waiter has bad hygiene, or if the place is dirty and unkept.

Why doesn't that work when telling others about the tourists who show up at a beach?

This place isn't a hidden gem at all. It has turned into a mainstream beach that entitled morons show up at, you can tell by the way they park, then, see the same sort of behavior while they are at the beach.

What is nice about going to a beach? Having a laid back vibe and it being peaceful. The amount of planes flying over on their final approach to the airport are quieter than the amount of screaming children losing their minds in the water, while their parents just sit on their butts back in the shade of the trees.

We got there early and it was nice with just the locals hanging out, then, the parade of incompetent morons start showing up. The beach completely changes and it feels like you are at a low budget motel pool with screaming children all around and the tacky parents who you'd see lounging about with more wobbly bits you'd ever want to see.

It is what made me want to leave, then, the hike back to the parking area and the parade of beached whale pachyderms wearing the Brazilian style bikini bottoms grossed me completely out. It is what the beach turns into, it is like the unlucky strip of fabric that has to part those cheeks. You wouldn't want to be in there and it is what you start feeling like as people start crowding in.

I expect it at any of the Kona beaches, when the remote 'locals beaches' start getting the same tacky gross incompetent people as the Kona beaches.. What's the point?

It isn't everyone who shows up, but the amount of clueless idiots is on the rise anywhere you go.
Written May 31, 2018
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Josh A
Goose Creek, SC157 contributions
My wife and I went to check this one out during our honeymoon. We are very, and I do mean VERY mindful of the locals, so we don't piss anyone off. Anyways, we left the parking spot to check out the beach. We were out there for around 30 minutes or so, and then came back. When we got back, someone had tried to break into the vehicle. Luckily, we aren't your normal nieve tourists, so everything was locked up. Not to mention, everyone stared at us like we were doing something wrong the whole time we were there. It's got some nice views, so if you don't mind being stared at or someone trying to rob you, it's not a bad place.
Written December 3, 2007
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Dave M
santa barbara62 contributions
Jan 2014 • Family
This is 1/4 mile long stretch of white sand beach with shade trees behind and flanked by lava. Very little wave action as it is in a bay. Rocks prevent much free swimming but snorkeling is OK. The access is pretty easy with a dirt road starting just north of the airport past mile marker 90. Take the Kekaha Kai State Park turn off and park at the end. About a 1/4 mile trail to the beach.
There are out houses but that's it so pack a cooler.
Written January 2, 2014
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Joyce F
Kailua-Kona, HI92 contributions
Jul 2018 • Friends
This beach is located in a state park so you would think there would be a paved road to get to it; but there's not. If you don't mind driving over a very unimproved road, most of the way, you will be rewarded with a stunningly beautiful beach. There are actually 3 beaches you can access by taking the exit to Kekaha Kai State Park off of HWY 11 going North past the Kailua Kona airport. When you get to the end of the road, there will be cars parked everywhere. The beach straight ahead of you is not this one. It's nice but the beach mentioned here is about a 5 minute walk over some flat lava and mulch. Go through a gate like thing and walk to where you see a porto pottie. Once you see that make a left and head towards the ocean. If you see an abandoned old red house at the end of the beach, you are in the correct location. If you have worn appropriate shoes and can handle another 15-20 minutes through a lava field which has no shade on the way, you will arrive at the prettiest beach in the entire state of Hawaii, known as Makalawena. Be sure to bring plenty of water as there is nothing in the way of services at any of the three mentioned beaches and it takes about 15 minutes to drive down that gnarly road to get to all of them.
Written August 27, 2018
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glcwhistler .
336 contributions
May 2019 • Couples
The beach? The beach is fine.

What ruins the experience? Tourists.

We got there this year later in the morning.. Around 10:30, 11 am. I thought the beach would have been really crowded. Nope, not bad at all.

We go into the first portion which is closer to where you park, a few people, but not bad. We decided to walk farther down the beach to stay away from the people who usually decide not to walk farther down the beach. We are basically all alone 3/4 of the way down the beach and in an area where water entry wasn't necessarily the best. I thought it was going to be a good deterrent to have no one around us.

Well, we set up our large sun shade, inflatable couches, bluetooth speakers playing Hawaiian and reggae music. We are alone. Well, not for long, within an hour we are swarmed, eight groups of morons and idiots show up and set up right next to us. Like we knew where the best place was. Nope, we were just trying to stay away from all of you. The area that they normally are at? That had maybe three to four groups and it has the best water entry, also closer to the parking. It never got crowded.

So the rest of the afternoon was watching them molest the turtles and walk all over the coral which the turtles were trying to feed off of.

I am watching this spectacle of idiots who have zero clue about staying away from the turtles and that when you walk on the coral that you kill it.

I finally tell my wife that these morons are clueless idiots and what they are doing wrong, soon enough.. They are yelling out to their idiot family members not to stand on the coral, yet they were just doing the same thing minutes earlier. Yeah, that is how close these people will encroach upon you. The beach is huge, no reason to be sitting on one another at all.

The beach isn't an issue at all. It can be a wonderful place to be. Once the tourists show up.. It turns into an idiot'fest.

The Big Island is turning into a place i really don't enjoy going to anymore. I enjoy the locals, I enjoy the beaches, but the behavior of the tourists are getting out of hand because they are clueless idiots and mindless morons.

If you are reading this? Seriously, pull your head out of your butt and don't be one of the clueless idiots who are ruining the beaches.
Written June 1, 2019
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