Sommerrodelbahn Keltenblitz

Sommerrodelbahn Keltenblitz, Bad Durrnberg: Address, Phone Number, Sommerrodelbahn Keltenblitz Reviews: 4.5/5

Sommerrodelbahn Keltenblitz

Sommerrodelbahn Keltenblitz
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The panorama of the Zinkenkogel is impressive - nowhere else you have such a beautiful view of the city of Salzburg, Untersberg, Dachstein and Co. Summer: The Keltenblitz with its 2.2 km of fun and excitement is Salzburg's longest and probably most spectacular toboggan run - a great destination for the whole family! Whether you are taking a leisurely ride up the mountain with the double chairlift or a hike from the parking lot of the Zinkenlifte with your loved ones past old tunnels, rejuvenation points and marvelous views - no matter – atop the Zinken a magnificent view over the Salzachtal with the old town of Hallein awaits you. Winter: The Zinkenlifte Hallein / Bad Dürrnberg present themselves in winter as a small ski area with a large offer for families away from ski masses - small but nice. Even children and snow lovers will get their money's worth! In the Zinki children ski area, the little ones can practice their first swings or let off steam while snowtubing.
Suggested duration
2-3 hours
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185 reviews
Very good

Stockholm, Sweden49 contributions
Sep 2015 • Family
Went today just after midday and the weather was pretty good when we arrived and as we bought ourselves a ticket for one "return" trip up on the ski-lift and down on the rodelbahn, we got told that due to the possibility of the weather, we were offered half the rate of a double trip (Usually €16,30) and could buy a second trip at the same rate if the weather was still okay.

The ski-lift up is surprisingly long and you can see everyone going down and get a great view of across the valley to Salzburg too, including the Airport's runway and castle!
Also, when you get up to the top, go up the small steps by the radio mast and you'll find the German-Austrian border post which is always good for a few photos!

On the rodelbahn itself, it's super safe as you get strapped and is unlike the "metal bowl" ones so there's no chance you can pick up any burns as long as you stick to the other rules mentioned while waiting to go on!
However, we went when 2 large groups of kids on school trips and lots of parents with kids were up and the queues were pretty long to get down. Unfortunately not everybody wants to go flat-out or super slow so congestion on the rodelbahn is commonplace, especially in peak times like when I went and got about 1 minute in before getting stuck in a 5-car queue due to one slow child on my first go and 3 very slow girls on my second which meant either going walking speed for the remainder of the run literally feet behind them or stopping completely with several others and staggering a re-start for the rest of the track. It was irritating though inevitable unless you're willing to wait up at the top for a while then joining the queue when the queue completely dies down.

Needless to say, this rodelbahn is a brilliant one and if you time it right, perfect for any speed-demon though I urge getting there for opening or closing to get the clearest possible run but if you're looking to take your time, any time is perfect to make a visit!

Also, for those not wanting to go down on the rodelbahn, there are tickets available for a return trip on the ski-lift and combi-tickets are available to the nearby Salzwelten (Which I'd highly recommend to anybody who has the time in the area and is only 1km towards Hallein on the main road!) and other attractions around the Hallein area!
Written September 17, 2015
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Peter E
Suffolk, UK342 contributions
I've been on quite a few summer toboggan runs, and this one wins top prize.

It's a long run down a mountain side with superb views over the Alps. It's well maintained, fast, feels very safe (you don't feel any danger of coming off on bends) and is good value. Because it is a bit off the tourist track there aren't horribly long queues either.

Top tips: call before coming out here to make sure it's running. If there's been any rain during the day (even on the morning of a sunny afternoon) they tend to close up and disappear. It also closes quite early (5pm during summer).

When you get to the top of the chair ride you have to go on a bit of a long trek through a restaurant, up and down stairs etc to get to the actual run.
Written November 15, 2014
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Constanta, Romania25 contributions
Jul 2014 • Family
Most well spent 9 euros.If you're lucky and you have no one in front of you, do not brake! 2.2 km of joy. Warning: addictive.
Written September 4, 2014
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West Chester, PA111 contributions
Jun 2014 • Family
The salt mine was nearby (actually a nice distance walk from the toboggan), so we thought we'd check this out on the recommendation of another tripadvisor review. This really made our trip! We saw it from a distance, and it was this tiny line circling a big mountain. My husband said, that can't be it, that's really up there. Well, it is, up there, and it's absolutely beautiful. It's hard to decide whether to concentrate on speed or the view. I'm over 50 and I loved going fast, the woman in front of my son, not so much, and this really affects your experience, so you might want to ask the speed preferences of those in front of you. I don't give this a five because the wait at the top was interminable, there was a field trip busload of teenagers. Maybe you should call ahead to ask for suggestions on when to go, and buy your tickets one trip at a time, so you can decide if it's worth the line to make another run. There are youtube videos you can look at for a preview.
Written July 14, 2014
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York, UK53 contributions
Aug 2016 • Family
We visited after going to The Eagles Nest as it's only about 15 minutes drive.

We bought a two ride family ticket using our Tennengau cards for a reasonable €45.

For an unclear reason we had to wait along with everyone else about 30 minutes before we were allowed onto the cable car (it was running but with no-one on it). Once we were on it took a good 10 minutes to get to the top. The lift is a traditional two seat chair lift so be prepared to wrap up if it's chilly.....

Once at the top you have to go on a slightly random walk up the hill then through the bar /cafe and then down several flights of stairs before getting to the start.

The equipment was in good order and the chap helping at the top friendly enough.

The first ride down was exhilarating and much faster and steeper than the one in Abtenau. It was great fun.

The second ride was completely ruined by an individual 6 cars in front who was 'Very scared' and literally stopped every 50 meters. As a quick guide (and I do hope she reads this....) if you are scared of roller coasters, steep drops or going fast then going on the longest and steepest mountain roller coaster in the region is not a good way for you to spend your afternoon. It is a great way to ruin the afternoon of the 15 people who will end up stuck behind you though......!!

Whilst it was not the venues fault at all, they could have taken a different approach when a large group complained (15 unhappy customers at nearly the end of the day with no-one queuing to go up) only to be told "It was not their fault and there was nothing they could do" (before closing the booth window and walking away!).

You may argue that dropping a rating due to a slow rider is unfair (not the establishments fault) but they could have resolved it at no cost and made 10 people very happy as opposed to leaving frustrated.

I'd go again but just look out for nervous people and get in front or have a pint (or in the case of the absolute wimp today, four or five pints) at the cafe at the top to give them time to get to the bottom of the ride and not ruin yours!
Written August 22, 2016
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Pewaukee, WI71 contributions
Jul 2015 • Family
I took my family of 5 and stopped here from the Munich Airport on the way to stay at the Kempinski Berchesgaden hotel only a few miles away. The weather was great. The neat thing about this ride is that it has to be one of the longest mountain rides in Europe. The cable car ride to the top was fun but the view was fantastic. One could see the city of Salzburg in the distance from the top. I strapped on my go-pro camera and recorded the whole ride going down and it was one of our favorite videos from the trip. We only went once but we regret not buying the double package which provided a discount. The ride is safe and has a great view going down but also a great view along the way. Make sure to smile at the camera near the end as you will be given an opportunity to view the picture from a vending machine at the end. The sleds used has brakes so there is not need to be worried. My wife who is scared about everything went down at her own pace and had enjoyed the ride tremendously.
Written July 25, 2015
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Steve B
san diego, ca58 contributions
Jul 2012 • Friends
if the ratings went that high. We took the bus from Salzburg to Hallein, then transferred to the bus up the mountain to Bad Durnnberg. This is a truly GREAT luge ride....I don't know why its not in more tour books. It is very least 5 minutes....a spectacular view. Very nicely run, and you are in your own sled with a brake. My only tip would be to try to make sure no small children. are on in line in front of you as they may be overly cautious and slow everyone down behind them. Very small children travel on adults' laps so that is ok.

Written July 31, 2012
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Manama, Bahrain132 contributions
Sep 2017 • Family
This is a nice slide to try especially for young people, which they will repeat again and again . It cost 9 euros per person , depending on age group. The photos cost 4 euros per photo.
Written October 5, 2017
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Lee-Ann J
Rockwood, Canada315 contributions
Aug 2017 • Family
From the reviews we knew we wanted to get there early before it got crowded. We took the 9:21 S3 train from Salzburg Hbf to Hallein, then you take bus 41 and it drops you off steps away from the ski lift. Note--the bus only runs once an hour, so check the return time, the lady at the ride told us it came on the hour, so we thought we had missed it, but it came to the stop at quarter after, so we could have made it after our 2 rides. We arrived just after 10 and there were very few people there, no line at all, we got the 2 ride family ticket for 53 Euros (approximately)for 2 adults and 2 children 15 and younger. You can get a 20% discount if you have a Salzburg card (but we hadn't bought ours yet). The ride up was fun, relaxing and had beautiful views. The view from the top was amazing. There were toilets and a restaurant at the top as well. We shouldn't have stopped because a family got in front of us and they rode down much slower than my husband and son. On our second trip up around 10:40 there was a line for tickets, but we could go straight to the chairlift again. At the top there was a short line. Unfortunately, there was a father and his young daughter in front of us who kept stopping during the ride. This was dangerous because I almost ran into my daughter's sled, and one time I had to stop on a big bend and my sled was almost sideways. We should have waited longer at the top before taking off, but at least the first half of our ride was fast. It was still an enjoyable trip and worth the journey from Salzburg, although I believe there was another ride closer. Since we missed our bus, we walked down to the Salt Mines since we had time to kill.
Written September 19, 2017
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Wales, UK7 contributions
Jun 2017 • Family
This is great whatever your age. We paid for two ascents/descents and hoped the weather would hold. Because the weather was unpredictable there was nobody else there, so my daughter was able to sail down the mountain at great speed. You do take a chance with the weather as any rain and the ride is stopped. She said it was the highlight of the holiday. Awesome views from the top and well worth the travel.
One thing to note, If travelling from Salzburg you can get a combined train/bus ticket which is cheaper. We caught the 10.21 train to Hallein, and arrived in time for the 10,55 bus 41 to Bad Durnberg. It drops you right outside the attraction. The buses only go hourly. On the way back they are 12 minutes past the hour.
Written June 8, 2017
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