Island of Salvation Botanica

Island of Salvation Botanica, New Orleans: Hours, Address, Island of Salvation Botanica Reviews: 4.5/5

Island of Salvation Botanica

Island of Salvation Botanica
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10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
10:00 AM - 8:00 PM
10:00 AM - 8:00 PM
11:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Haitian art, ritual candles, incense and fortune telling in the heart of The Bywater.
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20 reviews
Very good

Shannon W
1 contribution
The best herbal shop in NOLA
Jun 2021
This is the best herbal shop in New Orleans, I have been going to this company for years. The owner is very helpful and she can order whatever you need.
Written June 18, 2021
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Worcester, MA35 contributions
Been going for 14 years~~!
Nov 2019
I've been shopping at this magical store since it was over on Piety st! I've always felt warm and welcomed. The products are unique (you really have to check them out)! I've had readings done by Sallie ~~ They have facilitated me on my path in life and I am truly grateful! A fine store indeed!!
Written November 6, 2019
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Brooklyn, NY309 contributions
The Biwater By and By: A Day among the Derelicts and Degenerates.
Sep 2019
My timing was off: I was too early. So, here’s what you do: Go for a late drag queen runway, or sit by the pool and be the runway (you decide) brunch at The Country Club ending in time to hit the around 2pm dog walking at Villalobos Pitbull Rescue Center. Yes, it’s rusted metal buildings under the bridge. For $15 walk a dog. If you are early or late, pay the $15 anyway and take a little tour. Shine some love on the dogs and the peoples, while they shine some love on you. God loves them any which way; they only show about 12 dogs at any given point in time but there are like 400 dogs on the premises. Then, head over to the Music Box Village. The Uber driver was afraid to drop me off because it was a dusty vacant cul-de-sac next to the train tracks. Yes, its a thing; a metal circus tent made into a sculpture garden reminiscent of the meth's head from True Detectives. But have a drink there, it will grow on you. Then walk or Uber over to Studio Be to see the murals on the rusted old metal buildings. Don’t mind the homeless people in the park; they are just trying to live. I like being around the colorful houses and gardens while I steam. There are some antique shops, yoga studios, beauty salons and gin joints along the way. In my head, I am playing Ani Defranco but you could play Black Crowes or Solange among others in the hood. Note: The Island of Salvation Botanica is now in the Healing Center (wrong address online). I was looking for a crystal ball that I saw at a gorgeous jewelry shop downtown last year but they were out. The Healing Center looked cooled though. I would consider rendering or receiving a treatment there. You still have time before dinner to walk to Frenchman’s (Yes, it is walk able). I saw somebody like the Altman Brothers are Jones-ing there. Then dine at Miss Nina Compton’s Biwater Bistro. She can smother me in curry sauce or wrap me in bacon anytime. God I love it so—I may have to move there.
Written October 6, 2019
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Providence, RI212 contributions
Wow! Voo-doo / spiritualist items from all over the world..
Mar 2019 • Couples
The real thing - not a tourist shop. Part of New Orleans Healing Center, this incredible store is filled from floor to ceiling with potents, herbs, religious and spiritualist items from every corner of the world. The knowledgeable owner Sallie Glassman will tell you what herbs, items, or mixtures are helpful for what spiritual purposes. A working herbalist's gift to New Orleans and visitors.
Written March 27, 2019
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Dannielle M
168 contributions
Nice store
Aug 2018 • Family
Good selection. Great location, nice building, lots to see. Conveniently across from st roch market.
Written August 16, 2018
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Jennifer F
Roswell, GA49 contributions
An interesting part of New Orleans
Apr 2018
Come to visit Sallie, who is wise beyond her years. Fascinating place to visit, to understand a different side of New Orleans history and culture. You will find things in this shop that you really can’t find anywhere else. Visit with an open mind. Also, the address for this posting is wrong, check it online before you come.
Written April 7, 2018
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Michael B
58 contributions
The Vodu that you Do
Jul 2016 • Solo
I love this place friendly people almost like family, right outside us a Shrine to Marie Laveua and inside fine products
Written October 28, 2016
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4 contributions
Sep 2016 • Friends
First off let me just say that the store is FANTASTIC! I visited a few stores and this is the only one that I felt so peaceful in...Needless to say that I lingered after my reading for almost an hour. I had a reading with Fatima...she is the REAL DEAL!! She described people and situations in my life like she had known me forever. The best part is that she was not only honest about the good, bad and ugly, but she was also super accurate. I've had my fair share of readings but this one was by far the BEST! I even referred 2 of my friends and my mom who did a phone ready with her and everyone was blown away!!! Fatima and The Island of Salvation are definitely a major must when in New Orleans!
Written September 19, 2016
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

California11 contributions
Jun 2016 • Couples
My initial experience with Island of Salvation was not a positive one. (Not a big deal, either). Namely, about three weeks prior to my trip to New Orleans, I'd written an e-mail and asked to schedule one hour reading with Sallie Ann for my husband and myself between such and such dates.

Two weeks later, there was still no reply. It was (and still is) difficult for me to understand why it had been so hard for someone from the store to respond with just several words. They could have said something like:" Sorry, but Sallie Ann will not be available for those dates, but we could schedule a 'phone reading for you after you get back home, or we could book a reading for you with a different reader...", or, they could have told me that they didn't book readings via e-mail, and that I should call instead. But, there wasn't a word from them.

No one likes being ignored, but, hey, I'm a big girl, I can take a little slap in my face. I called the store; Sallie Ann answered. She was very nice. She told me that she was booked for the next month and a half. I wondered why she'd answered the 'phone since she was so busy. Still, I figured, perhaps, she found a few spare minutes in between readings. After all, I don't know how she operates, therefore, who am I to judge her?

She wrote down my number and told me that Fatima would call me so I could book a reading with her.

Fatima called. As soon as we exchanged our pleasantries, she jumped at me telling me that she wouldn't be able to read for me toward the end of next month; she'd be out of country. I told her that I wasn't calling about anything toward the end of next month; I was calling in order to schedule a reading for days from now (days from back then).

When I told her that I wanted to book a reading for my husband and myself, she asked me if there was a particular reason why I wanted her to read us together. Needless to say (but, I'll say it nevertheless), I didn't like the question. I asked her if there was a particular reason why she'd asked me that question. (What are you going to do?, you must be cunning). She told me that she didn't work that way. When I asked her "why not?", I heard a lot of words coming out of her mouth, but I did not hear an answer to my question. Since I didn't want to beat an answer out of her, I said that it was just my preference, that it didn't have to happen that way. So, we left it at that.

A week later, my husband and I were at the store. Sallie Ann greeted us. Again, she was very nice. And, again, she was answering the 'phone. I wondered why she hadn't hired someone to do that. After all, any idiot can perform such a banal job. Why was she wasting her precious time and talent instead of helping people who wanted a reading with her? But, again, who am I to judge her? Perhaps her crystal ball was at a shop; needed some repair. Okay, now I'm being a bit mean. I'm sorry.

Fatima showed up. I told her that I wanted to go first (30 minutes for me, 30 minutes for my husband), but I wanted my husband to be present during my reading, and that I would like to be present during his reading. She said that she had already told me that she didn't work that way. Well, not exactly. Originally, I wanted her to read us together, this time I wanted her to read us individually with the other person being in the same room. Once again:" But, I already told you..."

Well, I didn't ask her to repeat (again and again) what she'd already told me, but to explain her reasoning. I mean, I'd gotten couple's readings and even group readings before, why was she making such a big deal out of it without offering any explanations?

Anyway, she and I went into the room. The first sentence out of her mouth sounded so- - - , that it rattled my brain. Believe it or not, I blamed myself. I thought that I had shut off my mind because I didn't like the woman. I said:" Although I consider myself an intelligent person, and although I understood every word you'd said, individually, all the words put together in one sentence, did not make any sense". She said: " In the next three weeks, or three months, or three years, you'll have to make a decision on if you're going to go this way or that way".

Knowing that we all have to make small and big decisions every day, I told her that it applied to everyone in the world. " Well, if you think so, I won't waste any more of your time" - was her reply. Then, she got up.

My husband was waiting by the desk at which Sallie Ann was sitting. I told him:" We just didn't click. Do you want to give it a shot? ". Before he had a chance to answer, Fatima said: " No". Obviously, she was pouting. I had dared to question her. How rude! (By the way, I'm one hundred per cent sure that my husband would have said :" No, thanks".) Sallie Ann did not utter a word.

And, I left something positive for the end of my story. Sallie Ann blessed a pendant for my mother - free of charge. I offered "little something, at least", she declined. Once again, thank you, Sallie Ann.
Written July 10, 2016
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Erin R
Scranton, PA14 contributions
Beautiful energy. Blessed to have gone.
Aug 2015 • Business
I adore Priestess Manbo Sallie Ann Glassman and Gary. The space is beautiful especially Ricardo Pustino's Marie Laveau right before the entrance. So many things are offered here. Not touristy. Healing. Very knowledgeable and credible people. Her art is beautiful and her gifts are divine. If you are In New Orleans definitely go!
Written July 6, 2016
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

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