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Seoul Spa USA
10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
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18 reviews
Very good

Baltimore6 contributions
Unbelievable Experience!!
Mar 2019 • Friends
My daughter and I just spent the day at Seoul Spa for a mother/daughter day for her birthday. Our first visit here was a recommendation of a friend and all I can say is WOW! It was the most interesting, cultural, unbelievable experience I have ever had. We did the whole experience - baths, body scrubs, massages, cucumber facial, scalp massage with shampoo, sauna room, Himalayan salt room, charcoal room and ice room - it was wonderful. And finished the afternoon with a terrific authentic Korean lunch. We will definitely be back!
Written March 3, 2019
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Baltimore, MD146 contributions
Off the beaten path... which may be repaved soon...😞
Feb 2019 • Couples
For all the time we’ve lived in Baltimore County... 15 years... today was the first time I’ve been here. I have to say, I really enjoyed myself and am a little regretful that I hadn’t come sooner. Traditional Korean jimijbang spa with sauna, poultice rooms and hot baths. While I didn’t have the chance to do a scrub, I will go back next weekend for one. This is not a high end spa, but one that culturally provides a service the community seeks out and for those who are newer to the Korean spa experience it is a special place to learn about the customs and services of a jimijbang. I had the pleasure of talking to a woman whose family comes frequently and who remembers a different time- when the location wasn’t so questionable and the spa offered even more services. I asked, on the way out, about a discount for multiple visits and learned that as a tenant they remain while a new landlord is making it hard to stay. Discounts aren’t an option as a result. I got the impression that they are the last vestiges of a more prosperous and fruitful time for the Korean community in Baltimore County. I sure hope they can stay and keep up the tradition...

Written February 3, 2019
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Beachwood, OH527 contributions
Worth the trip through the creepy mall
Jan 2019 • Solo
I had read the reviews and knew what to expect upon entering the mall; once you enter the spa, however, it is a completely different atmosphere.
I got there in the morning and decided to have a body scrub and massage. First I soaked for 30 minutes in the single-gender bath area--very relaxing. The body scrub was "vigorous;" it is done in this same area; it is not in a private room, but draping was appropriate.
After that I sat in the sauna for a little bit and then had an excellent lunch. It is possible to request a meal without meat if you are a vegetarian. It was the best Korean food I think I've ever had.
For me, this was about the cultural experience most of all. It was interesting, but not exactly as relaxing as a regular massage. If I'm in the area again, I think I would come back for the saunas, etc., but skip the body scrub.
Written January 22, 2019
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WAshington, DC81 contributions
Once you've been to Spa World in Virginia, this place pales in comparison.
Nov 2018
Once you've been to Spa World in Virginia, this place pales in comparison. NO BALE POOL :( few sauna options) And it's just WEIRD because it's the top floor of a building under construction, and very hard to navigate your way to the 'spa'.
Written December 4, 2018
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Owings Mills, MD69 contributions
Don't go if you have body issues or low self esteem!
Nov 2018 • Solo
First let me say that I am a dark black man. Raised in DC, living in Baltimore. You must be nude and not be ashamed of your body to enjoy the full benefits of this spa. I am overweight and because I played sports I was used to seeing naked men. I am also used to having a man give me a massage. Immaturity will do you no good here. This was my first time here, and I will be coming back regularly! It is well worth it! The only thing I would ask them to add would be a mani/pedi for men. I tend to think I am a clean person, but the body scrub massage told me that I could never get my whole body as clean as Mr. Yu did! Just visualize this: if I were a chocolate bar, then Mr. Yu had chocolate shavings all over the table and floor! This was the BEST, BEST, BEST treat I had ever given myself! I intend to do this once a month! The best $120 I have ever invested in myself! Black men, do yourself a favor - go and enjoy a entire day of what their facilities have to offer! I really believe that BECAUSE the mall is barren that that is what makes the experience even BETTER! I'd hate for it to get crowded with loads of people! There were a total of 4 men in the spa the whole time I was there! I told my girlfriend and her daughter about it and I will make sure that they go! Exfoliating your whole body, then getting a full body massage afterward was so great that your could've poured me into a glass! I was that relaxed! Go and ENJOY!
Written November 24, 2018
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Steve H
Baltimore, MD11 contributions
wonderful spa in a terrible location
Jul 2018
this is a Korean Jjimjilbang and the way it decorates is very traditional. I really enjoy the sauna and the Jjimjilbang. Actually, there are not many people there due to the location (inside a run-down (almost dead) mall with no functional elevator). This is actually good as you can really enjoy the whole facility yourself. If this spa is in Ellicott City or Columbia area, guarantee it will be packed. Give a try if you really want to taste a real Korean spa.
Written September 18, 2018
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Stevenson, MD154 contributions
Great Escape
Nov 2017 • Couples
If you have never been to a Korean spa, you need to try Seoul Spa. I've never seen it crowded, so it's a great place to get introduced to this type of experience. Getting to the spa entrance from the parking lot may have you second-guessing your decision, since the mall surrounding the spa is really worn down and feels abandoned. Don't let that fool you - press on and give this place a chance.
After receiving your spa outfit when you arrive and leaving your shoes in a shoe locker, you head into your gender's locker area, where you find the locker you've been assigned and take a shower in the open shower area (you can see it in the photo that's attached to the TripAdvisor entry). After your shower, you are free to relax in any of the different types of soaking tubs they've got in the same area, in addition to the saunas. All of this should of course be done without clothing, and sitting on a towel in the saunas. If you want to be really adventurous, you can get a scrub where someone will give you a complete body scrub from head to toe (make sure you're comfortable with the idea of that being done to you completely naked, and it may be slightly painful!). Once you're done enjoying that area, dry off and head back to the locker area to don your very unflattering spa outfit. Feel free to use any of the amenities in that area to dry your hair etc. When you're ready, head out to the co-ed area to meet up with any members of the opposite gender that are visiting with you. In that area, you'll find a variety of rooms of different temperatures, each with a different theme/purported benefit. You can enjoy those to your heart's content. There are also quiet rooms and dark rooms for napping, as well as a larger area where you can sit around and visit with others. In other areas of the spa, you'll find a gym, computers, various games, and a spa in the more Western traditional sense where you can get massages. There's also a delicious Korean restaurant in the spa, so you don't need to leave when you get hungry. With plenty to do here, the idea is that you would go and stay for several hours. It's easy to spend an entire day, all for a really reasonable price!
Written March 5, 2018
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Kris K
137 contributions
You must be ok with nudity ;) Best massage and scrub ever!
Aug 2017 • Solo
Three days out and my skin is still BEYOND SOFT. This spot was recommended to me by my wedding hair/make-up tech. She advised me that skin would pile up on the table as you got scrubbed -- and it sure did!

I was straight-up nervous...first time and I went alone. The rule I am taking away is SHOWER, when in doubt shower. Change baths, shower. Use the restroom, shower. The showers are located in the wet room along the wall. I have no clue how to get the water hot, so I did cold because I was nervous to ask someone.

I opted for the Spa Special and it was THE BEST 130 bucks I have spent on my body in a real loooong time. I was scrubbed til skin rolled off me, had a seaweed wrap on my face and was rubbed down by the tiniest women WITH THE STRONGEST HANDS. Glad my man picked me up after the session (12:20-2:00 on the table) because I was so relaxed I would not have been able to drive.

Notes: this is NOT a zen-like atmosphere...people talk in the baths, the massage ladies talk while doing their work, you will get bowls of water thrown on you throughout a scrub session and children are allowed in the zones. The bed I was on was slippery and every time I turned, I was nervous I would slip off, but my massage lady kept me safe. The women who work in the wet rooms wear undergarments or nothing at all. The female wet spaces are dated, tiles missing, fountains not working type stuff, but it is a clean and respectful environment.

** They will not let you wear your street shoes into the spa, have a pair in your bag that is clean...I went shoe-less and was more than comfortable with communal clean floors **

I read a post by Jon (below a bit) that helped me get the lay of the land and gear up for expectations. His post was spot on!!! Read his step-by-step notes. VERY Helpful.

Regrets: not showering as much as I should have, not giving myself more time (I missed the dry rooms, but plan on returning to zen-out in them).

Body Info: I am on the "modest" side of my body, this could not happen here.I was naked up on a massage bed with 3 other clients in the scrub space. It is not a place to cover up. Bodies and parts at every turn ;)

Final Thought: GO GO GO. This place is more bang for your buck than anything I have found in the 17201 you get to witness the crumbling of American Consumerism when you enter the shabby mall the spa is in. Just walking the empty mall is an adventure in itself. (Find the not working escalator, walk up it, spa at top)
Written August 9, 2017
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Alicia K
Sykesville, MD430 contributions
Jul 2017 • Family
Bring towel and flip flop.

Had to say that first. It was great! I love a place I have all to myself. Just want you to know. Sunday my daughter and I visited. We spent like 5 hours. We rested, washed, steamed, eat and played. So they have everything. Game area. Work out room. Steam and cold rooms. A resting area. Yes we did fall a sleep for an hour. Then the shower and bathroom. We washed everything, shaved, conditioned and just relaxed in the water. This Sunday we might have saw 20 people over the 5 hours. Most of the time the ladies shower was all mine.

Yes the place is in a dead mall. Beside that great place to visit. My kid and I had a great time. We will be back. Maybe get one of the other services.
Written July 19, 2017
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Alton M.
Randallstown, MD3 contributions
Great Place To Relax
Sep 2016 • Couples
My wife and I had a great time relaxing here in the heated rooms. The baths are ok just wish they had coed so we could enjoy together. But a great place to visit and never crowded when we go.
Written February 15, 2017
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