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Sands Casino
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Very good

New Jersey580 contributions
My husband and I recently went here for the first time on Friday July 29. The parking is free and the garage seemed to be well lit. Once entering the casino it has an open and simple layout and you can't get lost . The ceiling has the exposed beams from the factory days. We are nonsmokers. The smoking section is one half of the casino which seems to be right down the center. The smoking section is VERY smoky. When you sign up for a players card you get $5.00 free play. Now for my observations. A Godzilla movie could have been filmed here. The casino had sooooo many people just sitting at the slot machines and eating their packed lunches from a plastic bag from home or napping!! Not playing!! If you were playing at a machine they would gather around you and watch you play. Hate that. We spoke to a slot attendant and she was very friendly and told us that they bus these people from Chinatown and majority of them just hang out or walk laps around the casino and they are so tired of telling them to get up from a machine if they are not playing. I found it rather annoying that when I found a machine I wanted to play it was occupied by one of them just sitting there.
The machines I prefer playing were located in the smoking section. The machines are very tight here but we managed to walk away with more money than what we came with thanks to the WOF and SATC. The CW do come around frequently and the drinks are free to players. All the employees we encountered were very friendly .
On the plus side if you earned three points playing between 12 and 4 you earned a free early bird meal from the Carnegie Deli or St.James Gate Irish Pub. We went to the Sands Card Counter and asked the woman if we qualified for the meal and as she was checking our cards an Asian woman who felt she didn't have to wait on line, walked over to my right side and pushed on my arm ,not once but twice !!! Excuse me, am I taking too much time??? I told the woman at the counter what this woman had done and she told her in her own language to get back in line and wait your turn .We earned our free meals.So we chose the Carnegie Deli.

The ladies bathrooms were clean and well stocked .
Overall experience........... We wanted to see this place. Drove 1 1/2 hours to get there. Very smoky Didn't like the atomsphere and clientele. Comp dollars were easy to rack up and we used every one of them because we would never return. We prefer Atlantic City and The Borgata.
Written August 3, 2011
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Berkeley Heights, NJ192 contributions
Have been a preferred player at Sands Bethlehem for a number of years, but management is not addressing the Asian issue adequately. Every time I have asked about why there are so many Asian Buses brought in I have been told that they are big gamblers. This is not what I have seen. Most are walking around the casino aimlessly, or sleeping at machines preventing them from being played, spitting in garbage receptacles, watching you play, eating at machines, stealing from the casino, (yes I have seen them stacking up ashtrays in the smoking section, and putting them into bags), rummaging through the garbage, and generally annoying playing customers. I used to enjoy going to Sands about once a Month, but this situation is getting out of hand. Other casinos in PA have banned, or at least limited the amount of busses being brought in. Why can’t Sands figure out a way to identify the actual players within this group and provide the benefits they deserve to them, and limit access to those that do not play. Management needs to step up to this issue. Maybe they should walk around the casino floor when the Asian buses are in, so they can see for themselves what their customers have to deal with.
Everything else about the property is great, but because of this one issue, I will be eliminating or limiting my trips in the future.
Written October 29, 2018
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New Jersey17 contributions
I have always enjoyed going to the Sands since it opened. I like the new feel, new machines, new food a new car! Eventually the new feeling winds down and it becomes comfortable. I go about once a month as it is alittle over an hours drive. It is more convenient than A.C so that helps for traveling. I unfortunately do not win; probably haven't won in about a year....what is that telling me???? It is a gamble.....
Once thing that has really irratated me of late is the overcrowding of Asians that are brought to the casinos by bus. A majority of them do not play; they just come to hang out, take up seats in the marketplace and eat their own food. They have poor hygiene habits like spitting in the water fountains or ash trays....disgusting! I have gone on different days, daytime, nighttime and its the same crowd. I have noticed alot of people complaining about the same. To me the casino has made a poor choice in who they cater to. I am beginning to not enjoy my trips as I used to because of this choice. Even the hotel website/rewards is written in Chinese! Hope the Sands cleans up things before it gets worse! Sorry use to be favorite casino.....
Written April 16, 2014
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Jolie B
Carteret, NJ45 contributions
Conditions are worse under new management. They clearly have no regard for good patrons! As if the change in services weren't bad enough, you are exposed to unhealthy, unsanitary and unclean habits allowed by people that are not even there to gamble!!! No disrespect to other Asians, but a large population sit around eating, drinking, charging their phones, watching movies, and throwing peels and other food remains all over. They spit on the floor or in garbages right next to you! Dont ask for someone to move because you are confronted or made to feel awkward. They hawk to see if you leave change in the machine so they can swoop in and cash it out. The worst is I actually witnessed a woman washing her feet in the bathroom sink one at a time as she draped her socks on the sink basin where I needed to wash my hands!!! I attempted to share these disgusting experiences with security and was told there is nothing they can do about it. They have no respect to attract and keep a desired clientele! Shame on them for allowing this. I wont be surprised if the next bout of coronavirus is caught here.
Written February 11, 2020
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Cosby Cock Tale
1 contribution
Place is still a dump despite efforts to clean it up. Employees are now wearing t-shirts that say "Dealer" or "Cleaner" and they only allow TWO people per table game. Mount Airy and CT & AC casinos allow three people per table game. So they inconvenience 33% of the table game players instead of spending the money to install the plexiglass dividers?

So you have to deal with impatient gamblers standing behind you every second and hoping you lose so they can take your table spot. Get with the times Wind Crap, spend some money on Plexiglass dividers and be like the rest of the gambling world!
Written August 20, 2020
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Bridgewater, NJ1 contribution
you have to be mad at your monet to go to this place. i was told by a floor person that the slots were ripping people off. when he brought it up at a meeting he was told to be quiet and just do your job. he told me this himself. so if you want to give your money away give it to the red cross, at least they might give someone a blanket.
Written March 16, 2011
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Shawangunk, United States3 contributions
My wife and I have been staying and playing slots at Sands Bethlehem PA.for many years and have witnessed many staff changes over the years as well a decline in guest services and slot play. We came to Sands after being regulars at Trump Taj Mahal AC for better than 25 years and less at Mt. Airy, Yonkers, Monticello and many other casinos on and off. With the slow deterioration of the Taj Mahal and greedy Carl Icon who did not appticiate his employees or his steady patrons the end was inevitable and many people suffered. And so we became loyal to Sands. For a couple of years the Sands provided great services and fair play on the floor. About two years ago it was noticed the rapid decline of fair slot play, a reduction in guest services and once again staff turnovers. Our host was always doing her job by providing services to her guests as well as bringing in the whales. Two years ago after a good run, we noticed a rapid decline in slot payouts and a pull back in guest comps. This was indicative of sos with all other casinos. In the last two years playing almost Exclusively at Sands in the high limit slot room, I can honestly say with a ton of money spent on the slots absolutely no returns on payouts. Zero. Casino is on the take and they make it obvious. As one reviewer stated they should be looked into but apparently the fix is in with the State Gaming Commission. With our experience in casino slot play it is inconceivable that the amount of money played by guests and the return of zero equals fair play. The final straw for my negative review was this past Saturday nights one night stay. Upon awakening Sunday morning and going downstairs for our usual cup of coffee for what once was a comp continental breakfast for guests was no more. Low Class!!!!!. COD baby. Dumped one thousand dollars Saturday night with no return and not even a cup of coffee and put you on the curb. My wife and I immediately went to the Players desk placed our players cards in an envelope handed it to a supervisor to forward to our host with our the reason for our disgust and will never ( underscore) return to the Sands Casino. We absolutely do not recommend anyone attend this venue in light of what appears to be another dropout casino with a policy of take the money and run. PURE GREED!!!!! Sure to get a lot of lip service from greedy administration on this review.
Written January 15, 2018
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Bethlehem, PA1 contribution
I had a terrible experience staying at Sands Casino. There are many homeless Asians bussed to the casino everyday from NYC. They sleep everywhere in lobby and food court and outside areas, spit on the ground, wash themselves in public, take over the restrooms, are rude, rest heads on food court tables, etc. It is not clean or appealing.

It was NOT a pleasant experience and when I asked an employee what the deal was, she responded saying "their bus will be here soon and a lot will leave".

When will this casino see that it is turning away paying customers constantly?
Written October 15, 2018
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Ramesh B
Allentown, PA1 contribution
I am a frequent visitor at Sands which is going to change now. In the past 7 months I have lost a minimum of $17,000.00 loosing $500/00 $1000.00 up to $1700.00 on a single day. All I could remember winning from this casino is just $1800 on one day in Dec, other than that rest all the days they took my money. The odds of winning here are very very less as these guys are very greedy and don't even give the play for your money. They robbed me in a row for 20 times.The more you go there you end up losing more before you have any kind of win. I knew they were robbing me but I believed that atleast some day they will have some concern & I will be able to recover atleast some money. The more I went there the more they robbed me. My advise to all of you is, never enter this sick place. You will never recover what you lost. Go to Sands only if you want to loose your money. All casinos do rob but Sands is a master and leader in robbing. They don't even give a play for your money. You are not going to enjoy your visit.
Written January 19, 2015
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Sarasota FL14 contributions
I wrote a review several months ago and felt this casino should receive a zero rating. I thought I would give it another chance hoping that conditions have improved but upon my return I must give it a NEGATIVE 10. The place is dirty, food is horrible particularly the buffet, table games are crowded, BJ dealers, especially the male and some female asians are totally surly, rude and many can barely speak English. The comp program is a total joke. The place is overrun by Asians who are bussed in from NY chinatown. They all smoke, think nothing of bumping into you, cutting into lines and are just totally nasty and rude. They must be lowest of the Chinatown low class. Go to any of the other Pennsylvania or NJ casinos and let the Asians take this one over and turn it into a worse dump, if possible, than it is! It will eventually shut down just as the Sands did in Atlantic City. I will never come here again and suggest that you avoid this place like the plague.
Written August 28, 2011
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