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Very good

Queens, NY1 contribution
just to get it out of the way. drinks are pricey. went in a group of four, two drink minimum, three drinks total were pepsi. drink bill came to $88 after tax and tip that's included in the bill.

tickets themselves were only $10 a person, that's cheaper than a movie in this city.

comedians were absolutely hysterical with the exception of the first guy who seemed very new to the whole thing. he wasn't boo'd off the stage but he seemed to end his own set early. there were some known and some unknown comedians. they did get on certain people in the crowd and that may have been one of the best parts of the night. the five people sitting in front weren't even laughing by the end of the two hours. however, everyone else was.

it was a great night. highly recommended and i will surely return.
Written August 3, 2009
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SUperheroine1 contribution
Aweful comedy
To keep it short, there were 5 comedians on the evening of June 21, 2008. None of them had any originality. They were giving the same insulting 19th century racial jokes. Their use of profanity was unlimited. The comedians need to be more prepared and tell substanible and interesting jokes. Fortunately, not all comedy clubs are boring and tell insulting jokes. If you want witty and original comedy, I suggest Dangerfield's Comedy Night Club at 1st Avenue and 61st Street - I was still laughing after 2 weeks. Going to comedy clubs could be a really fun experience!
Written June 22, 2008
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New York28 contributions
could be better
I enjoy watching stand up comedy on Comedy Central and thought this would be a fun thing to do with my girlfriend. I bought the tickets online and picked them up at the front ticket booth. As a venue, I wasn't impressed. There were a lot of cheesy flashy lights resembling that of a cheap casino and the guys in suits that greet you at the door were thugs and kinda rude.

Seating is general admission. You're given a ticket number according to when you arrive and they call your number while you wait in the lobby, which is basically a dimly red lit room. Once they call your number, you're escorted by the hostess to your seat.

Drinks were typical for New York, about $10 for mixed drinks and $5 for sodas. There is a 2 drink minimum per person. Finger food is also available. The waitresses were nice and at least 2 occasions throughout the show, remind you to tip them. However, there is a 18% service charge that is automatically put on your bill.

As for the show itself...well, the act that I bought tickets for were "All Star Comedians". I don't recall any of the comedian names nor did I recognize them. But supposedly, they have performed once or twice on national tv. While most of them were funny, most of the jokes were made at the expense of the audience. Meaning, the jokes were more about poking fun at the crowd, ethnicities, religions, rather than having a real act like you see other well known comedians on tv. Some of them were offensive too and you could see it on the faces of certain members of the audience..
There was actually a small group that left early cause the guy in the last act was basically, not funny, but rather overboard offensive.

Don't get me wrong, some offensive humor can be funny and some of it was, but I felt that's all the comedians had to offer. No substance. Needless to say, I was disappointed. I'd probably visit other venues before I go back again.
Written January 29, 2008
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Kemtpville, ON58 contributions
no laughing matter
My husband and I were approached by some guys in Time Square offering us tickets to the show for $10/person. It was our last night in NYC so we were not sure that we wanted to attend. By the time we decided to see the show, the salesman in Times Square weren't to be found. We went to the club where the Marquis quite clearly stated that shows were 2 for 1 Mon-Thurs. We had a flyer from the guy on the street that said the show cost $20. These flyers were at the front desk of the ticket counter at the club as well. when we tried to buy tickets, they refused to give us the 2 for 1 deal- telling us that the Marquis was incorrectly signed that day. The doorman refused several other possible patrons the same advertised deal. When we spoke to the manager she also refused to honor the advertising so brightly lit on the front of the club. The guy from Times Square that we had tried to find walked in as we were having a discussion regarding this "false advertising" when the manager finally agreed to let us buy the discounted tickets from the salesman. This was not a great way to start the show and we already had our reservations about what was in store for us just due to the inhospitable reception we had.
We understood there was a 2 drink minimum, per person. Interestingly enough, there were no prices for the drinks listed on the menu (but there was for the food). We were charged $5 each for a watered down glass of pop and $8 for beer (I have noticed that other reviewers were charged different prices for similar drinks). You cannot leave the premises until you receive a ticket from your server to prove that you have bought and paid for your two drink minimum because you have to show this to the bouncer on your way out. Again, really not a friendly arrangement. As a customer, I felt wholly uncomfortable the enitre show because of the atmosphere created by the previously mentioned elements. I felt like I was being cheated and intimidated.
However, this aside, the players were o.k. They were not the funniest comedians/improvers we have seen, however they tried to incorporate their interactions with the audience into the show, as improv usually does. We would probably give the show a 2.5 rating out of 5.
Written September 4, 2007
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Winter Park, FL11 contributions
The worst experience in New York
While visiting New York, My boyfriend and I were approached by a guy outside the TKTS booth near Times Square. He told us he was a performer at The Laugh Factory and they were doing an improv show that night and that it was going to be great. He cut us a deal and let us get 2 tickets for the price of one ($20). We had nothing to do that night and it was our last night in town, so we said "sure! great!" He warned us of a two drink minimum and we said "ok, sounds fine".

We get there and we realize that we signed up for "Family Friendly Comedy Improv". I wasn't too thrilled at the fact that it was family-friendly (I'm 23), but it still had a chance to be good, so whatever.

So we go in, we order a hamburgers because we were hungry. The menu clearly said they were $12. No problem. We also ordered a couple of beers, since the hamburgers aren't drinks. We watch the show. It's not funny. It's not even close to being funny. The audience laughs politely at some parts, but didn't seem too entertained. The performers' philosophies seemed to be that the LOUDER THEY TALK, the funnier they are. The only part I can even remember laughing was the few times they asked some kids to participate in the show. The kids were much funnier than the performers. The improv routines were trite and they were done with no talent whatsoever.

So the show was bad, no big deal, we wasted some time. Towards the end of the show, we didn't have the 2 drink minimum and the waitresses asked if we wanted bottled waters to take home to fulfill the minimum. We agreed to it. She brings the check. It was $60. Of course the burgers were $12 each, but the beers were $12 each as well. Twelve dollars for a beer! The waters? Six dollars each. So overall, we spent $80 on an unfunny travesty of a show and sub-par food. What a way to spend our last night in town.

So if you see a guy selling tickets to the Laugh Factory near TKTS, I suggest you run the other way. Maybe punch him in the face while you're at it... for me. If you want good comedy, go to the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in Chelsea. It's usually less than $10 and it's the funniest show you will see.
Written August 24, 2007
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New York1 contribution
The funniest place on earth!!!!!!!
Im 20 years old and I have lived in NYC my entire life. I have always heard great things about "The Laugh Factory" but when your a true New Yorker you tend not to go out to many events. On my fiance's birthday weekend we decided to go and check it out for our selfs and it was absolutely amazing. I have told everyone I know about the wonderful service, polite security and fantastic food and drink prices.
Written March 10, 2007
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