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Neighborhood: Midtown
This is the iconic New York that so many visitors imagine before they visit - spectacular skyscrapers like the Chrysler Building and Empire State Building, iconic public buildings like Grand Central Terminal and the New York Public Library, and the non-stop hustle and bustle of the city streets. Fifth Avenue is a shopper's paradise where you can find every kind of store imaginable, with fashion brands ranging from the affordable to the ultra-fancy. Visit Rockefeller Center to experience towering Art Deco grandeur, and foodies will love the busy restaurants that stay open late in Koreatown. After dark, Midtown calms down a bit, but at any time of day or night it still feels 100% New York.
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  • 47–50 Sts – Rockefeller Center • 3 min walk
  • 5th Ave / 53rd St • 5 min walk
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Very good

Williamsville, New York386 contributions
An interesting experience.
Mar 2020
My husband and I attended a taping of this show last week and enjoyed our experience. I will explain the process.
All confirmation is done on-line, and you do not have a ticket until entering the building. There is no contact number to call to verify your information, so it seemed rather indefinite, but all went smoothly when we entered.
Outside, there is a sign indicating where to form a line. Most people were polite and followed this direction. However, several people had to crowd around the door, hoping for a quicker entry. This was very rude, and amazingly, they were taken in sooner. Trust me, this does not make any difference, as seating for the show is very random. We were told to be in line at 12:45, and you are promptly taken in at this time. If the weather is bad, do yourself a favor, and don't bother with arriving early.
You will be given a ticket upon entry and then will go through security. From there, you will be taken by groups in elevators to the next floor. Take advantage of the bathrooms before entering the elevators, as that is your last opportunity.
We were than taken to a waiting room and were there for about 45 minutes. There was seating for everyone, and again, some people refused to sit down and stood up in front, I guess thinkiing that they would get better seats when seated in the studio. Again, it does not make a difference!!! During this wait time, trivia questions were asked, and small prizes were given out. I answered a question and won a calendar. It was fun and the staff was entertaining.
We were finally admitted into the studio, and there were three sections of seats that were quite spread out. We were seated in the middle section, far side, in the fourth row. Not bad, for being in the last group to be admitted into the studio! You are told to put all of your belongings beneath your seat, so nothing is showing on camera.
A "warm up" comedian talks with the audience, and he was hilarious. He kept things moving between breaks, telling us when to clap, stand, sit, etc. I could have listened to him all day.
Several different segments are taped while you are there, and they are spliced into different shows. They tell you watch the web site to see when they will be on air. The segments are filmed before different parts of the audience, so it really doesn't matter (again), where you are sitting. We found the segments to be interesting - some lighthearted, some heavy. My husband even found them of interest, and was relieved that there were several men in the audience. Obviously, he was coming along for me!
We left the taping at about 4:15, which was a bit lengthy. Going in, we didn't know how long we would be there, as this information was not provided. You have to remember that this is a working set, and they have to get things right.
Dr. Oz was very focused on his guests and does not interact much with the audience, but again, it is his job to produce a good show. At the end, he does come around to each section of the audience, and a group photo is taken, which is later posted on facebook.
I hope this is helpful. Enjoy!
Written March 12, 2020
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Debbie M
20 contributions
Easy show to see
Dec 2019
This was an easy show to go watch as they don't take as many audience members as other shows we have been to and you don't have to wait in long lines. We really enjoyed our experience.
Written February 11, 2020
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Majlinda S
2 contributions
Horrible DONT go !
Feb 2020 • Friends
My mom and aunt were asked to be on the show because they were identical twins. They told us to get there at 2 pm, which we did. We didn’t end up going inside until 4 PM we had to stand outside on the sidewalk. Then we had to play “games” until they brought us in the studio. While we were watching the live taping you can’t even hear anything or see anything. I didn’t even talk about anything medical related it was all about microwaving food. Anyways is it microwaving food bad? They also promised us that he would take a photo and he never did all you heard him say is I don’t have time and he ran out. He makes no interaction with any of the people in the crowd. He just films each segment and leaves. I’ve been to life tapings for other shows which have been awesome! This was horrible. We didn’t get to leave until 7 PM and we were starving by that time. And guess what they didn’t even offer any light snacks. Why go to a show and wait that long when you can’t really hear or see anything and the host has no interaction with the crowd? Everything is so staged and boring I couldn’t wait to leave.
Written February 5, 2020
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Brooklyn, NY81 contributions
A fun taping to go to
Nov 2019
My review will focus on the experience of visiting the taping. There were a few segments taped today, and I'd have to say I disagreed with the "spin" on most of them, but I'm not reviewing whether this is a worthwhile show to watch.
We were admitted to the building immediately, didn't have to wait outside in the cold, which was a nice touch. Unlike another taping of another show which I attempted to see recently, there were seats for all ticketed audience members. They hadn't overbooked.
There was a comfortable waiting room for audience members, who were then called into the studio area and seated, and entertained by a "warmup" guy.
We didn't see a whole show being made, just several segments which will apparently be spliced into different future shows.
A TV taping is like a NYC industrial tour. Entertainment is what we do in this town and this is how one sees the work being done.
Written November 14, 2019
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irene s
2 contributions
is Dr. Oz detective wanna-be???
Aug 2019
or he has nothing else to do on his show, but promote all the different stuff, including his daughter's show.
it's kind of sad and pathetic show now.
Written August 30, 2019
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Lynn C
New York City, NY54,302 contributions
Not the best live taped show
Aug 2019 • Solo
This show might be better if it had legit celeb guests. Sadly, i came on a season premiere date and yet all that was taped was True Crime content. It was tough to watch, listen to, etc.. nothing medical was talked about at all. No good guests were there and no show giveaways like at The View, GMA, Live with Kelly or Strahan & Sara. The studio is really nice, but it was a long taping of bad content today when I went. And Dr. Oz takes a pic with the audience but no individual pics permitted with him, and no pics during the taping.
Written August 27, 2019
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Waldwick, NJ399 contributions
Okay day out
Apr 2019 • Couples
We went to see a taping of Dr. Oz on a bus trip from NJ with a local YMCA. We did not have to wait too long to get in and the show was okay. We would have enjoyed it more if there was a different topic for discussion. The taping we saw was for True Crime Tuesday and the subject matter just wasn't for us.
Written April 29, 2019
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Mary F
13 contributions
Nov 2018
Dr. Oz asked me to be on his show to talk about Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, which I have, and is listed as the most painful rare disease that exists in the world. I was in contact with his office. Made arrangements for transportation and then after sending a 6 month old photo they asked for a resent one. I sent my recent picture and all communication was cut off. They should be ashamed of themselves knowing what this disease does to somebody and promising to put up my gofundme to get me help. Truly the defiinition of fake.
Written April 2, 2019
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Johnny W
New York City, NY57 contributions
Interesting if you've never been to the taping of a t.v. show or to a live show.
Mar 2019 • Friends
For me personally, and I've been to several tapings or live shows over the years, the wait is far too long and that takes away from the overall experience. Also once you're seated in the studio, it's very confining. Would be very awkward to get up and go to the bathroom. The taping could go for two hours or longer, depending. Personally I was so glad when the taping ended and I could get up and go outdoors again. If you're someone who doesn't mind waiting in a line and then sitting around inside for maybe another hour before finally going into the studio, then you might enjoy the experience.
Written March 28, 2019
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Peru30 contributions
Interesting, fun morning!
Feb 2019 • Friends
A friend and I went to NYC for a short girls get-a-way, and requested tickets to Dr. Oz. Neither of us had attended a live taping before, so we were not sure what to expect. We were staying in midtown Manhattan and took the Subway down. It was a short ride and then walked 2-3 blocks from there to the studio. We found getting to the studio to be relatively easy. Use google maps to get there, it will even tell you which subway line you need. We did not arrive overly early to wait line. We got there right about 8:45 a.m. for the morning show. When we arrived, the line was formed and waiting inside the building. One tip: if you do think you will need to use the bathroom, it is a very small three stall bathroom for the ladies, so do that first, don't wait. There will be a line later just before you go up the elevators, and it will be the last opportunity to use a bathroom while you visit the studio. Our wait inside the entry level was not terribly long, everyone will eventually board an elevator to go up to the waiting room just outside the studio. There was bottled water available. The warm-up guy came out to greet the audience for a little bit before we were seated in the studio. He was funny, in fact I would have gone somewhere to see him do stand-up. He was just there to fill in for the normal warm-up guy. Looking across the studio - I felt like there was a mix of age and demographics evenly seated throughout the studio. The staff will seat you. This is true. Realistically, everyone attending cannot sit in the front row, or even in the first three-four rows, or expect to be guaranteed they will be seen in the background on television. There are at least a 100+ people there. I felt the seating was evenly placed in terms of audience demographics and we were in the third or fourth row. They may be filming multiple segments which may all be aired on different shows and you will probably not know when you leave when the segments will air. One of our segments was on stress and we did receive a book written by the author to take home. At the end of the show, Dr. Oz came around and took pictures with each audience section which will later be loaded on their Facebook page. We were there approximately four hours. If they have seats available for the afternoon taping, they may offer VIP tickets to come back for the afternoon show. We enjoyed the segments, and realized that it was a working show. They had work to do, we were there for fun. Overall, we both enjoyed it, it was interesting to see how a show is put together and I would do it again another time back in the city.
Written February 18, 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

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