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Broadway Theatre
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The Broadway Theatre is one of only five playhouses that front on the street named Broadway. It opened in 1924 as B. S. Moss's Colony, a premiere film house. The most notable film that played there in the early years was Walt Disney's Steamboat Willie which opened in 1928, and introduced American audiences to an adorable rodent named Mickey Mouse. The theatre went "legit" from 1930 to 1934, when it was re-christened the Broadway. From 1934 to 1940, the house was once again dedicated to motion picture exhibition, and offered the premiere of Disney's Fantasia in 1939. In 1940, however, it returned to legitimate stage production and, except for a brief stint as a Cinerama movie theatre in the 1950s, has remained in the business of showcasing live theatre ever since. B. S. Moss commissioned architect Eugene DeRosa to design the Colony as part of his chain of movie theatres, many of which also housed vaudeville. The large size of the theatre made it ideal for musical comedies.
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515 reviews
Very good

34 contributions
Jan 2020
Phantom of the Opera has been long standing at Broadway for a reason! The singers sound powerful and hauntingly beautiful and the actors were especially captivating. I absolutely love the dramatic chandelier drop and the misty rowboat scenes. I would definitely recommend it!
Written June 3, 2020
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4 contributions
Feb 2020
Absolutely a wonderful revival. It’s was true to Jerome Robbins and Leonard Bernstein. The cast was sensational. The voices great. Large screens recapturing and projecting the happenings on stage. The closing scene was not as powerful as the movie, but it was still moving. I enjoyed it.
Written March 21, 2020
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Park City, UT1,632 contributions
Mar 2020
We were especially delighted to see Patti Lu Pone again after catching her concert in San Francisco during the summer. She is extraordinary. But this reboot of a Sondheim 70's show is dated and a bit frantic. And I'm no expert, but the staging felt claustrophobic to me--framed by neon lights that were glaring.
Written March 17, 2020
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Maday M
Fort Lee, NJ236 contributions
Mar 2020 • Friends
Saw this show last night and I loved it. True Rita Moreno is hard to beat but the cast did a great job. The music was sensational and the dancing spectacular. I had heard the screen in the background was distracting and it just wasn’t true. I loved that it had originality even in a show that goes way back. If I could afford it I’d see it again in a better seat. I recommend this show highly. Maria, Tony and Bernardo sing with so much passion I got goosebumps.
Written March 5, 2020
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Raleigh, NC125 contributions
Feb 2020
The Broadway Theatre offered good seating with minimal obstructions of view for the new West Side Story. The set is an experiment with a large backdrop video screen (think IMAX) with the live characters on a relatively blank stage. Any seat in the house would be able to see. The female voices were strong and beautiful. Tony’s audio could be projected a bit more, so I was thankful to have orchestra seat tickets for that. Stop for dinner and drinks before entering the theatre as a plastic cup of so-so wine was $26
Written March 1, 2020
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Henderson, NV1,300 contributions
Feb 2020
The theater itself is pretty spacious and holds about 2000 attendees. But it's only partially accessible, so if that's a concern for you, don't buy balcony seats. For others, depending on the production, seat location might matter. I've seen shows here before, sat in the balcony, and found it best to use binoculars. This time for West side Story, I sat in the left orchestra. This iteration of the classic Broadway show, uses the dance to its fullest, so the minimalist stage set is recessed to the rear. The time isn't really the 1950's; it could be anytime current. So maybe the Puerto Rican and opposing gangs don't have the same relevance today. Though big screen videos try to pick up all of the stage action, it's really hard to see the sets except for those patrons in the close up seats. And another caveat: the performers were cast for their dancing ability, not their voices. Often the acting is drab and some singers have trouble hitting the proper notes. Especially with Tonight and Maria (though I saw the understudy in the lead role at this performance). But Shereen Pimentel as Maria does justice to the Bernstein originated music with her voice. Some of the fun, color, and liveliness of the older productions are missing here. Also missing is "I Feel Pretty". I did like the ending though. Better than the original stage production or the Natalie Wood film. So I think this show will go over better with a younger audience who are excited by the dance, tattooed bodies, and multi-media imagery.
Written February 25, 2020
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Jamie B
Brisbane, Australia132 contributions
Feb 2020 • Friends
This was the first of 4 Broadway shows I am seeing and I still have jet lag.
The show was awesome & I support the reviews which write that all seats are a good view...well except for the first few rows apparently.
I loved the dancing ...the scenes are slightly out of synch and the police brutality scene was filmed on phones by the actors in the 60s??
Very clever use of the onstage camera man and projection onto the sliding screens.
Note - the sexual assault and attempted rape scene need warnings if not to be changed completely.
Two wines cost $89. What the F??
Written February 19, 2020
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New York City, NY79 contributions
Feb 2020 • Solo
This theater is very pretty, although. ****FYI not handicap accessible*** The seating is very good, no heads blocking your view.
Nice clean restrooms. Friendly staff. Easy to get to. The Ed Sullivan theater (Stephen Colbert's show) is on the next corner.
Check out the new revival of West Side Story. You won't be dissatisfied.
Written February 11, 2020
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Ko Samui, Thailand2,328 contributions
Feb 2020 • Couples
West Side Story at the Broadway theatre was excellent. (When choosing your seat perhaps use the ‘view from my seat’ facility, then you’ll know where to sit & be able to see all the action). We sat front mezzanine & could see everything. The theatre itself is quite small. The foyer is tiny & there’s a fair amount of waiting around before you’re seated. No intermission was a bonus. Drinks are hugely over priced (a beer & a bottle of water $21). The show itself was fantastic. Wonderful acting, singing & dancing & I loved the modern spin with the camera man & mobile phones on stage. The ‘back stage’ sets of Docs & the sewing shop were inspired - I loved the attention to detail & being able to see it all on the big screen.
Maria has the most incredible voice & Anita’s dancing was superb.
I was worried about the actors slipping over in the rain, but what a sensational effect.
The group dance sequences were incredible.
Just a fantastic show & I’m so glad it has a modern twist.
I really enjoyed the show. Worth every penny (except for the beer).
Written February 11, 2020
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Lana D
Bethesda, MD28 contributions
Feb 2020
If you are sitting in the first five rows, you won't be able to see the action. Nowhere does it say that these seats are restricted view. The sets and action are pushed so far back on the stage, and the actors are constantly rolling around on the ground, what with stabbings and being in love and dancing low down and whatnot, that you are forced to watch the show on what basically amounts to an IMAX screen. I'd say we missed at least 1/3 of the show though we paid full price for tix.

I knew there would be incredible dancing, so I suspected the show would suffer in acting or singing. The singing actually was better than I thought -- the acting was pretty bad. The first mortifying example came from Thomas Jay Ryan (Lt. Shrank), who sounded like he was reading lines off a card. That was particularly unacceptable because Lt. Shrank never dances. At least hire good actors for your non-dancing parts! Everyone else ranged from passable to bad, with the exceptions of Tony (Isaac Powell), Maria (Shereen Pimental), Anita (Yesenia Ayala) and Bernardo (Amar Ramasar). They were all solid actors, which was good because they were the leads. Tony and Maria had great chemistry; both of their voices were fantastic and blended well. Anita had a nice, strong belt but it was impossible for her to be heard in the Quintet because everyone else was completely overpowering. This is definitely a dancers' show -- and while the choreo was good, it was not nearly as good as that in the movie. And I missed the snapping. Guess I'm a purist for snaps.

Another problem was that the show didn't know what time period it wanted to be set in. The language was of the 50's and 60's (seriously, the dialogue was almost word for word with the movie), the cell phones the actors used to film police and fighting were modern. The Jets were a mixed race gang, which is decidedly modern, so I'm not sure why Puerto Ricans would even bother them. There were cameramen roaming around on stage, which is fine and edgy I guess, but if you're going to stand between the audience and the main characters then no. Move. I can't see enough of the play as it is.

There is no intermission, which is bizarre since why wouldn't you want to make more money off of T-shirts and booze and give your hardworking dancers a break, but hey, not my problem. "I Feel Pretty," which takes all of 4 minutes to sing, is cut. Officer Krupke, which is usually done in the first half of the play while things are still a bit lighter, is comical in the movie -- here they've chosen to make it about police brutality, which is fine. I actually kind of liked that. But they put it right after the death of Riff and Bernardo, so to hear this happy, perky (because the music itself is happy and perky) little song even if it is done more seriously REALLY KILLED MY MOOD.

The rape scene with Anita is pretty brutal and I think there should be some warning before buying tix. TRIGGER ALERT!

Also beware of protesters outside who don't like Amar Ramasar (Bernardo) and want you to boo him over a scandal I later read about that is so convoluted and has so many sides to it that I'm not sure who to boo. But booing is not my style anyway. If I don't like something, I don't clap. Nobody at our performance booed. Just read up and figure out whatever it is you want to do.

Finally, because I could not tell who was who, the end was sort of hopeless. They carry out three bodies. SEEMS like the Jets carry Riff and Tony, and the Sharks carry Bernardo. What's great about the movie ending is that the Jets go to get Tony's body, and the Sharks rush in to help (it's all very obvious! Hey! What a great time to use screens! But there were none to be found then!), there's a bit of a standoff, but eventually they take him off together. Yes? Because Tony is something they have in common! He's a Jet, but he loves a Shark girl! A RAY OF LIGHT! So what is the message they are trying to say at the end of the play here? That no one will ever get along ever as long as every person lives? OK. Well, then all of the hope that Tony and Maria give us is ridiculous and all for nothing and seriously what a dumb way to end the show bringing out three bodies anyway.

But back to the IMAX. So here you have some great dancing. And then you have these screens in the background with some really distracting stuff. People say: Don't go if you're easily distracted. It's not that I'm easily distracted -- it's that you put so much stuff on stage at the same time that my eyeball has no idea where to go. This is one of the basic tenets of good design -- yes? Giving the audience a FOCAL POINT. Nope, not here. It's massive chaos. And why would you want anything to take away from the beautiful dancing right in front of you? There were times I thought the screen worked. I did like it during "America," when there were scenes of the Trump Wall, never mind that the Wall is not in Puerto Rico, but yes I made the leap. I liked it when Maria and Anita were singing A Boy Like That/I Have A Love. I liked it when it showed city scenes in the background which was quite clever. I did not like it when it looked like a freakin' rap video going on behind the dancers. I did not like it TAKING THE PLACE of action instead of enhancing it. I did not like how much the play relied on it to tell the story.

There is a lot of talent in this show. But, I don't think it's going to last long on Broadway. It's just too much of a mess.
Written February 8, 2020
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