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Webster Hall
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A lively, loud and frenetic dance club where you have a choice of four floors to try the latest steps.
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Neighborhood: Downtown Manhattan (Downtown)
How to get there
  • Astor Place • 3 min walk
  • 3rd Ave • 4 min walk
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123 reviews
Very good

Montreal, Canada242 contributions
Decent venue! In terms of decor it's really beautiful and nicely laid out. Ornamentation is cool, nice big venue with an upper gallery, bar upstairs and downstairs.

Down side: coat check at 5$ per coat, that's a little expensive. Beer at 15$, that's a lot expensive. Getting into the venue went relatively smoothly, but security guards were intense and a bit rude.
Written March 15, 2022
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Marty S
Princeton, New Jersey, United States105 contributions
I went to the Drive By Truckers show. It was my first trip to Webster Hall. The views of the stage are good. The hall has character. There is a balcony that is open to general admission.
If you are opposed to standing for a show, this is not the place for you.
There are stairs to reach the main ballroom and additional steps for the balcony.
The staff is very helpful. I left my hotel room key at security. When I went back to see if they had it, they knew about it and retrieved it for me.
Written February 24, 2020
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2 contributions
3-4-04 to 3-7-04(and last spring/summer)If you haven't been here, go. I read some slightly mixed reviews of this place and wasn't sure what to expect. We ended up loving it. It has a great atmosphere for men and women.Hugh (and I mean big) club with seven rooms and every type of music you want to dance to. Seriously, if you can't find music to dance to here you probably need to stay home. When you go in, walk around or you won't even realize how big the builiding is.The crowd (on Thursday night and Saturday night) is really mixed in age, was equally 50/50 male/female and very different backgrounds so if you don't bring a partner you will have zero problem finding one to dance with/hang out with. And you will have zero problem--some of the guys are alittle pushy, but its a club and you expect it to a point. It was more flattering than annoying and they were just there to have fun too.For the ladies--go Thursday if nothing else. It was beyond fun starting with a 'male review' show just for the ladies in one room. You also get to skip the cover charge and drink free until midnight. (and they were pouring top shelf liquor-I was happily shocked) After the show, stay in that room or hit the six others and dance until 5am plus.For the men- pole dancers and a wet t-shirt contest in one room. You don't get in free but it was something cheap like $10 reduced.Fwiw, the male review/wet t-shirt contest were not as 'skanky' as the image implies. It was a lot of fun for everyone and done with a great sense of humor and fun.Rooms--Hip hop, 80's/90's mix, techno, salsa, and I have no idea what was in the others. I'm guessing what I heard in one was trance, but I'm not sure. We stayed in the 80/90's and techno, both of which were really big rooms to dance in.The coat check is tight. Once you pay ($4), you can't get your coat until you're leaving or you have to pay again. (so put your lipstick in a skirt!)The smallest rooms were the hip hop and salsa. They were pretty crowded and a tight area to dance in. But I don't like small areas so it could have just been me. No issues in any of the other rooms and the place was packed.Cover charge ranges up to $30, but its worth it so we didn't even blink after the first night. (we ended up going multiple nights)Be ready for a pat down and to get kicked out if you're in a fighting mood. Security was on top of their game.Feel free to email if you have a question or want to hear about some other NYC clubs that we've been to. :-)
Written March 8, 2004
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Glynis C
New York City, NY1 contribution
I gave this review two stars because I love the artist. Quite frankly, this venue is for people who have no standards for accommodations. If the ticket was $20, then I would have endured with criticism. But these tickets were over $65 with all the admin fees added. Webster Hall is legendary but standing room only with small teleprompters just ain't cutting it. When they freed some space to move closer, the VIPs stood directly in front of us. All I saw was the man's hat. The bathroom was so far, when I couldn't wait any longer, we made an exit. There were so many people sitting in the lounge who had limited mobility, dressed up all fancy, and couldn't manage the stairs or the standing. Come'on Webster Hall, do better!!
Written January 21, 2020
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Cathleen S
Harrisburg, PA8 contributions
My first visit to this beautifully renovated historic venue, the main ballroom accommodates 1500 including balcony, it was a good experience, large enough for a good crowd but good sight lines, good sound. This is standing only. Plenty of staff around, they were friendly. Several bar areas with full bar. Waited outside in a line until the venue opened.
Written February 8, 2020
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New York City, NY1 contribution
Before i say anything else -- DO NOT GO TO WEBSTER HALL. It is a cool venue with lots of floors and music, but the HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE customer treatment cannot be ignored. The bouncers are completely rude, and judging from these reviews, Webster Hall probably knows and does absolutely nothing to change that. Besides the bouncers, I had an awful experience there and definitely won't be going back. This is what I wrote on their facebook wall, which the deleted, unsurprisingly:

"I just want to say that webster hall was one of the worst club experiences I've ever had. First of all, my friend won a promotional contest on twitter and was supposed to have an open bar at 10 for him and 4 of his friends. Not only did you change the time of the promotion which is extremely unprofessional, but he was not on the list despite having told you ahead of time he would be coming. Also, he emailed ahead of time to ask if it was okay he brought a copy of his ID since he lost his a few weeks ago, and he is from out of town so could not replace it in a timely manner. You told him that was fine. When he got there, no one knew we were supposed to be on the list, and no one knew that he had special circumstances regarding his ID. There was a huge debacle which would have been non existent had your team been better communicative and prepared, like any other proper bar establishment of your caliber. He showed them proof of the email on his smart phone, and was still treated in a suspicious and unprofessional manner. NOT ONLY THAT, but you confiscated one of our guests IDs and wouldn't let her in, despite it being her actual ID. You took it without even asking for any other identification, such as a credit card or college ID, and would not give it back. AND- while we were waiting in line, the bouncer made snarky and condescending comments about how we looked. As far as I'm concerned, Webster hall is at the bottom of my list for places to go, and I hope no one else supports you with their money. Please, go ahead and delete this post. It will only continue to prove my point that you have terrible customer service and take no means to improve it."

Another rude worker messaged me with a condescending, response. She did not really try to rectify any of my issues, nor did she even apologize until I pointed it out to her in my own response. She says she "tried to make good twice" on my issues, which in reality what she did was defend the webster staff for their entirely unacceptable behavior towards paying customers, and brushed off my problems by saying I could call during the day. Yes, you're right, obviously only people can help me during the day, which is why you are able to respond to my facebook message at night with unhelpful remarks. She also REFUTED what I said in the post, saying that my friend WAS on the list and that my other friend's ID must have been taken for a valid reason-- um, no, he wasn't on the list and her ID was taken for no reason. THAT'S THE WHOLE POINT OF MY WRITING A COMPLAINT. It's completely insulting that instead of trying to fix my experience with Webster, she contradicted my entire statement as if I hadn't been present and was making up the entire situation. Hey, Webster, maybe you wouldn't need so many stupid promotionals on twitter and facebook to persuade people to begrudgingly make their way to your venue if you simply improved the quality of your staff and maybe worked just a little bit harder to communicate amongst each other? No, I guess that would make too much sense.
Written July 30, 2011
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Ithaca, NY1 contribution
I spend $40 on tickets, and the security staff denied me admission. Their reasoning: "No reason. They are allowed to deny me. It says so on the ticket." Not only did they deny me but the supervisor I spoke to was drugged up and he publicly insulted me on the street; his assistance claimed: "oh he's high on pain meds because he got his wisdom tooth pulled out" but honestly he was just really drunk.

They told me to go online for a refund. I have talked numerous times with the establishment and they refuse to give me a refund and they told me that it's impossible that their manager told me I could get a refund.

Wasted $40. Rude clientele. Worst place you can go to in NYC.
Please don't make the same mistake I did!
Written July 8, 2014
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Carl W
Los Angeles, CA1 contribution
My band was booked there on a tour. During our set, I saw a security guard shove a girl (very violently) off the stage and I also saw another punch a fan in the face. We stopped the show early and refused to play. Afterwards, I confronted both security guards and told them if I ever saw them do that again, there would be serious consequences.. They just laughed. So my singer decked one of them out of anger and the other proceeded to pummel him. My drummer (being a BJJ black belt), wrapped him up like a pretzel and was about to break his arm due to the armbar he put him in.. The security guard started to cry. It was a fitting end. We made sure our fans that were hurt were refunded their ticket money and were given a ticket to a better venue. I can't believe this place is still in business. We boycott this place and many of our friend's touring bands and our record label as well. History or not, Dylan or not, I hope this place burns.
Written February 21, 2016
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McKenna M
2 contributions
Overly crowded, rude security, etc. I was dancing with my friends for about 15 minutes when a man came up behind me and stabbed me in the leg with a needle. After turning around and screaming he proceeded to run away. Immediately I left the dance floor, not feeling well, and told a bouncer what had happened. He simply said, "not my problem kid." Long story short I ended up in the hospital for the rest of the night. How someone was able to get a needle past security is beyond me. If you are a female and concerned about your safety DO NOT go here. Lots of sketchy people inside. This was my first nightclub experience and now I am absolutely terrified to go clubbing again. Thanks Webster Hall!
Written February 3, 2016
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada2 contributions
We were 8 Friends who paid a total of $ 2,000 (250 $ each) for their New Year's Eve party on December 31 st, 2011. We booked what they called a "PREMIUM VIP Table" in mid-December, which did include in their explanatory bullets points a "6 hour Open Bar from 8 PM to 2 AM" on the day we booked. When we got to the venue on a 31st, there were no "Open Bar" for us, those who paid for the most expensive bundle. Frustrated, we when online on our cellphone to take a look again at their web site, to realize that they had removed the bullet point mentioning "Open Bar" from the Premium VIPs... WHAT THE ?????
The "6 hour Open Bar" was still showing for those with "Silver Tickets" that worth less than what we had. However, all the bartenders and staff told us that "No one in this bar tonight has Open Bar... Everybody has to pay the full price for drinks inside...".

Are you realizing... They not only fool the customers in changing on the day of the event whats included in the bundle of what you paid for, but they don't even honor what WAS advertised and IS STILL advertised on their web site. Not to mention that they were supposed to give each of us 8 a "FREE 2012 Webster Hall membership Card, a CD, a T-shirt" and more which we of course never received.

Oh yeah, Cream-On-Top, there were a total of 7 toilets, notwithstanding men or women, for the ENTIRE bar, which fits tens of hundreds of people, in which I include the single toilet reserved for the ~ 150 VIPs
With a "toilet doorman" that accepts outrageous bribes from people to cut the lineups, which were as you can imagine unacceptably long give the ridiculously low number of toilets. It took on average 25 minutes of toilet lineup before you can actually "go"... every time you have to go...

Bottom Line : They are FRAUD ; I highly DO NOT recommend this bar.
Written January 3, 2012
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