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Neighborhood: Midtown West
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  • 50th St • 9 min walk
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Very good

Kimberly D
Russell, Canada52 contributions
Sep 2019 • Couples
We booked these tickets on three weeks in advance and were lucky enough to o get priority tickets( meaning we would definitely get in). We arrived at 2:00pm and were the fourth couple in line. We ended up sitting second row centre. It was unbelievable. First row is reserved for VIP hand selected people. ( not us) We stood in line from 2-5:30pm , so wear comfortable shoes. We were outside until 4:30 and moved inside to a separate holding area and to wait a little longer. They give you a bathroom break row by row before the show starts because once you are in your seat you can’t leave. Show was over at 7:45pm. A big time commitment in all but worth it.
Written September 28, 2019
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Steve D
Orlando, FL62 contributions
Feb 2016 • Couples
First off, the fact that this is a free taping is amazing! Waiting in line for the tickets was a pain, but again it was free, so worth it. Friendly staff, funny warm up comic, house band was wonderfully entertaining, and Stephen was a stand up guy. He had a question and answer session with the audience which showed how truly witty and funny he is. We happened to get in on the day that he was taping promos for his live show after the Super Bowl, so we were featured during a 15 second spot during the game. Definite bragging rights!
Written February 8, 2016
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Jan R
South Bend, IN152 contributions
Jul 2014 • Family
If you are lucky enough to get tickets you must go! Stephen is even funnier in person. The room inside is tight but still worth it. We waited outside with people who didn't have tickets. I don't think anyone who didn't have tickets got in so it there is much of a line don't waste your time.
Written November 14, 2014
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Colorado Springs, CO72 contributions
Oct 2014 • Couples
We took a trip to New York specifically to see this show before it closes. We followed @DailyTix for months waiting to get a date. We were told that people line up "as early as 4pm" and we were #13 and #14 in line after arriving by 3:30. It's true that you are not sat by order of arrival, but my boyfriend and I were dressed nicely and were given middle section, isle seats. The experience was fabulous. We have been watching The Colbert Report since it began, and it was amazing to get to see him perform in person. His charisma is only barely contained by the screen, and getting to see the studio was such a treat. We were prepared for a long wait, but we were kept entertained by talking to those in line with us. I even caught a Wriststrong bracelet!! If you can go, GO GO GO, you will not regret it.
Written October 20, 2014
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Noelle B
Bellevue, WA11 contributions
Sep 2014 • Couples
We traveled from Seattle just for this show - and it was completely worth it. Even if you've managed to get reservations (follow @dailytix on Twitter for ticket releases), you are NOT guaranteed a ticket. You need to do the work of standing in line, alongside many other very excited Colbert fans, to guarantee tickets for you and your party. (The party can arrive anytime up to 6pm - but you should probably be there by 4. We got in line at 3 because the guest was Bill Cosby, and were #s 16-19 in line. That got us seats in the middle section, aisle - behind the VIPs.)

Be prepared to be LOUD. These are free tickets, so you can do your part and be the audience monkey they need for the energy. It's fun. The warm-up comedian, Paul Mercurio, was consistently funny (we saw him at the Daily Show the day before). The staff is friendly and clever. The waiting room is small, and you'll be standing for at least 45 minutes unless you claim an early seat on one of the benches. It's cold when you first go in, but the many bodies warm it up. And the only bathroom is here - one person at a time, so be prepared to wait (and you can't go again once you're inside the studio). You can't take pictures once inside the studio - this was the one disappointment for us, since the Daily Show encourages pictures inside the studio, pre-show.

And as for Stephen Colbert himself - he exudes happiness and energy and fun. Before the show starts, he makes sure to explain that he's playing a character during the show, and that he wants to humanize himself with a few questions. During the show, he regularly confers with his writers and staff, and ALWAYS has a smile. He is simply ebullient, and brilliantly executes his lines. Even when he screws up - and he did only once during this show - he plows right on with a wink and a smile.

Good fun all around - if you can go before the show wraps up this December, do it!
Written September 29, 2014
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Madison, WI24 contributions
Sep 2014 • Friends
Overall, I am really happy I was able to see the show before Colbert moves on to The Late Show. And now that I have, I don't have any desire to catch another one of the limited episodes left. They do good work, seem proud about what they do, and are, at The Colbert Report, at work. Seeing behind the curtain once was terrific and it hasn't heightened or lowered my inclination to watch the show --

As the person I am, I didn't like all the plugging. "Cheer really loud. Laugh hard at the jokes. Don't sit down right away when Colbert comes out. You make this show; you're not here to watch, you're here to participate." If you want a laugh track, make and use a laugh track. All the "acting" bestowed on me several times over stifled my viewing experience. Let me enjoy the show -- Stephen Colbert is good at what he does, I'll laugh.

Also the studio is freezing.

How to get tickets:
1. Follow @DailyTix on Twitter & activate notifications (tickets become available at odd and varying times)
2. Click on the link in the tweet and fill out the form (on The Colbert Report website)
3. Confirm your reservation via email; you should get a second (success) email verifying that you have reserved a ticket
4. On the day you reserved, show up to the studio; the show does tickets first come, first serve.

Side Thoughts:
Wow, is the Colbert Report white, middle-aged men. Ninety-three percent of the crew at the taping I went to was such -- the women of The Colbert Report did ticketing, stood around the stage, and/or were make-up artists. I believe people should have their jobs based on merit and skill, not overtly on their gender, race, age, etc. But it was interesting the numbers stacked so neatly into a statistic that is a real problem.

There is also a bit of pandering as far as where audience members are seated. Throughout the fairly long getting-your-ticket process, the staff was clearly scoping out front seat candidates and placed people for optimum diversity/extroverted qualities. It is a television show after all.
Written September 22, 2014
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London, UK1,188 contributions
Aug 2014 • Solo
If you have a ticket you need to get there early like 3pm to make sure youre at the top of the que.

If you want to get standby tickets then there were people already queing for stand by tickets at 2:30.

Both people with tickets and those waiting standby stand in the same que which initially extends away from the blue marque along past the fence. When its time the staff go along the line and pull out the standby people and take their details. The ticket people then go into the blue marquee.

Even though youve waited since 3pm you wont get the front row as this will be filled with VIP guests and they do a lottery where they randomly pick around 6 people from the que and give them front row seats.

When you file into the theatre they dont fill up each row at a time, for some reason they seat randomly. I ended up in the middle of the middle section, the guy after me was sat closer to the front but on the right hand side. I dont know what influences this.

Its a really long day, made worse by the fact that yorue queing since 3pm then you que in a different place then you go into the holding room inside the building which is really hot and claustrophobic. Youre in here for over an hour and it became unbearable for me and a couple of other people I saw.

Its a great show, Im glad I did it even though that holding room in the August heat made me feel a bit off.
Written September 5, 2014
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Mel M
Toronto, Canada15 contributions
Jul 2014 • Friends
When I learned that Colbert was taking over for Letterman I had to see the Colbert Report live. If you're not a fan I would't advise doing it as it's a pretty long process. It's very hard to get tickets and we waited for a total of 5 hours before the show actually started. Totally worth it for a fan but might not be if you're not one already. Though if you're not a fan of the Colbert Report you should probably give your head a shake 'cause the man and his crew are brillant:)
Written September 2, 2014
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Low I
Seattle, WA12 contributions
Jun 2014 • Friends
My brother and I were incredibly lucky to catch the report on the last day of our visit to NYC. We did not get tickets in advance nor did we start to stand in line hours before the taping began at 7.30pm. We were simply trying our luck and waddled in around 5pm to leave our name for stand-by tickets. We were told to come back at 6pm to check if we made it - you are given a number on the wait list (we were about 8 or 9) so no waiting in line! I recommend checking the guest list before trying your luck as you will probably be more successful when lesser known guest are on the roster. The studio is on 54th street a little ways past 10th Avenue - a short walk from Times Square. The streets will appear pretty empty as you pass the studio but DO NOT be deceived. The crew has worked out a clever little way to hide to queue under a narrow canopy that circles the building. Those with tickets will enter first, then if there is still space, the doorman will start calling the names of those on the waiting list. When we went on the 24th of June, everyone on the wait list got in! Hurrah!!!

Those who are fans of the report - do not miss this! He will only be with us that much longer =(
Written June 26, 2014
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Birmingham, AL1,723 contributions
Jun 2014 • Couples
We were so excited that they would be taping when we were there! We did at first have a hard time getting tickets because they had already released their tickets. I finally learned how to get tickets at, which was very helpful in getting our tickets. We arrived at 3:45 and were #s 35 and 36. At a little after 4 they checked our ids and let us into a waiting area outside the studios that is covered. At around 6pm, they started letting us into a small waiting area (after going through a metal detector) where they played Colbert Report segments and had one mens and one womens bathroom which were very popular. There was lots of waiting until the 7:30 taping time, but they had free water, and it is worth it for a fan. They call you in by # order. It looked like to us that groups of 3 had an advantage for the front row, but I could not tell any other reasoning for seating. At first a comedian came out to laugh at everyone. Then, Stephen came out to answer questions. I was prepared, so I was the first one to raise my hand and was called on first. He also flung out wrist strong bracelets, which I was super excited to get one of. I was not super excited about his guests, but he was who we came to see anyway. He did not disappoint, and I am so glad to be able to see him before he goes on to the Late Show.
Written June 24, 2014
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