Platinum Tours of Maui
Platinum Tours of Maui
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A luxury tour of the Road to Hana. Our buses were originally designed for a maximum capacity of 24 standard touring seats, we removed all 24 and replaced them with 14 luxurious, custom-designed captains chairs. A spacious, luxury ride. Views from outside broadcast into the bus via HD video. Our latest addition to the luxury fleet include fully customized Mercedes Benz Sprinters, 9 luxury seats for max comfort. All vehicles fully stocked with complimentary beverages and snacks. Well-thought-out breakfast and lunch menus for your dining pleasure.
Wailuku, Hawaii

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69 reviews
Very good

Donna G
Oaklland ca41 contributions
Apr 2014 • Family
I knew that the number one adventure for our family was to explore Hana;get to the top of the waterfalls where the seven sacred waters spill into, swim in the cave and experience the Road to Hana. I also knew that our family vacation ,( we are 57,55,18,16 and 14 years young ) would be miserable if we did the drive ourselves. I knew this because many of our friends said it was really tough, exhausting, winding,horse shoe turns and 52 miles, one way roads and bridges. My husband was not convinced we needed to go to Hana or hire a tour since we had a rental car, so,I had to be in charge of putting this trip together and be wise in selecting the tour company.
There are quite a few good companies but they didn't go to the seven sacred waters and the vans were like the airplanes, tight seating and the food was a set menu. Since we would be in the type of party bus for 12 hours , I knew that we wanted comfort and private Famliy time. Our son is off to college in the fall, so this is a special memory to create.
Our concierge at the Ritz Carlton, showed me the brochure for Platinum Tours of Hana and explained it is a New company and she has gotten excellent reviews/reports from other guest. So I paused because Shelly knows what would be best for us but this was twice the price of the other tours which are good but not what we wanted. We wanted to hike,swim, eat what we selected and be comfortable and have a excellent guide. I looked it up on tripadvisor and there were no reviews, it is a New company and the past customers did not review, I think they rely on the concierge services.
My concierge was so helpful and helped me call Platinum to,get a better understanding of what we could do, customize our trip and meals. Napula spoke to me and was so knowledgable and helpful. In fact, she is a " local girl" who is so bright, beautiful and professional. After 5 minutes I saw my husband and kids were completely delighted and excited about our adventure to Hana! Why? The party van is large leather type captain seats, beautiful wood floors, a mini bar customized for traveling, with ginger tablets to avoid car sickness (they work, wish I had gotten the name) Burt's insect repellant,lots of great munches, chocolate covered macadamia nuts, Hawaiian chips, drinks, wipes ect. And just us and Napula and Connor, the driver and great local, as well. Young energy and a fresh feeling was the vibe !
We started with a delicious breakfast and then got on the road. Since we began early while Connor was driving we all fell asleep and enjoyed sleeping in our comfortable seats and listening to music eve my kids like. You can bri g your own iPod and they can play your list. And the kids charged their phones. We woke up dazing at the remarkable rain forest, and amazed by the beauty of the roads, bridges and very different side of Maui. Relaxed, vey few people compared to the rest of,the island and a first.
Napula called the parks and the sacred waters were closed because of the big rain. She had advised me of this the day before so I was prepared for that and we had other plans which I was excited about as well. So we hiked to the top,of the water falls, and that hike was remarkable because I never hiked through a bamboo forest before with level walking platforms . It was truly amazing and I only wish I could have stayed there longer. My 18 year old son said he felt nature at the waterfalls. We all loved the hike and got a good work out, which we needed after sitting in the van for a couple of hours. We had lunch at Travassa and this is where I really knew it was well worth the huge cost to have Platinum. The other tour bus was there and I saw them and the buffet lunch they had. It was all very unappealing for me. I saw we could have not hiked with them, nor wanted to sleep on the van or have our super comfy seats, or eat that limited buffet. And we were headed to the caves to swim in fresh water and springs and those tourist were not fit to do that activity as a group. So I knew given the sheer work of driving the roads to Hana, finding the trails, designing meals for us our own family time and most important Napula and Connor were competent and bright. I could rest and enjoy the ride!!
Spend the money, yes spend the money because we will always remember this adventure and the pampering was over 12 hours of personal and customized care. We wish Platinum the very best and salute you for upgrading the options for your tourist to travel the Road To Hana!!!
Written April 21, 2014
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Chicago, Illinois10 contributions
Jun 2014 • Family
I cannot say enough positive about Platinum Tours, and our guide Andrew. Our family group, two adults and kids 8-12, did a private tour. Andrew picked us up in a nice Mercedes van for an all day tour. We started with breakfast at Charley's, Willie Nelson's place that was featured on Food Network. Then off to the Road to Hana. 600+ curves, often one lane on the edge of cliffs. It is fair to say I would not have wanted to drive it myself, and there is no way I could have enjoyed the sights if I had.

This tour is so well planned. Andrew talked through with us every step of the way where we were going, why we were skipping some of the usual tourist stops, etc. He made clear what is important to know ahead of time: the road to Hana is not about the road, it is about the stops along the way. Without a professional guide, I don't think I would have even found some of our favorite places.

Andrew was just terrific. Perfect demeanor for adults and kids, and knowledgeable about the island's history and flora and fauna.

We saw sights we will never forget.
Written June 18, 2014
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Andrew P
Denver, Colorado, United States41 contributions
Jan 2017 • Couples
We booked a private Road to Hana tour during our honeymoon, initially through another company. Unfortunately, the owner of that company took ill, and he had Platinum take over our tour. At first we were very nervous, as Butch had only 5-star ratings. While we were in contact with Platinum, they diligently worked with us to be certain their experience would match our expectations, and they absolutely did.

As with any company and experience of this nature, so much is dependent on your guide, and our guide was Dave. He is exceptionally knowledgeable about the islands, and especially Maui and the Road to Hana. There was nothing we asked Dave that he couldn't answer. Additionally, the stories Dave told us about Hawaiian religion, language, history, and current events were both informational and entertaining. He is so warm and friendly it just seemed natural to spend the entire day with him.

Thank you so much for an incredibly memorable day. We highly recommend Platinum Tours, and would especially encourage you to request that Dave be your guide!
Written January 13, 2017
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Kara H
1 contribution
Feb 2018 • Friends
VERY disappointed with this company. After spending weeks researching the most inclusive and most comfortable tour to take my friend and I on the Road to Hana, we selected Platinum Tours. We agreed to pay more for the "luxury" and amenities this company promised. I corresponded with the company by email and paid in advance for a full day group tour. The day of the tour (our second to last day on Maui), we waited patiently outside our hotel to be picked up. After an hour, my friend called Platinum Tours and they informed him that our tour had been canceled, without notice. They really offered no explanation and said there were no drivers available to take us out that day. We checked our phones and emails and confirmed we had not received any notice. Platinum Tours basically acknowledged that they did not notify us and tried to pass the cancellation off as weather-related even though it was sunny out with only intermittent rain in the forecast. After multiple phone calls (they had to consult with “management”), they finally offered us a half-day tour for the day we left Maui, which obviously did not work and was little consolation as we wanted to go to Hana, not halfway there. We had another excursion scheduled for the next day (our last day on Maui), so the day we scheduled was the only day we had available to go. They did refund our money, but the refund was presented as though they were doing us a favor.

After calling multiple other tour companies that had already departed for the day, luckily, we were able to tag along with a friend who hired a cab driver who took us on the beautiful Road to Hana (it was sunny almost the entire day, by the way). However, we could not have been anymore upset or let down by this company, especially after taking the time to research and determining it was the “best” option. I understand that things come up to cause a cancellation, but what is most frustrating is that we had no notice until over an hour after we were supposed to depart and therefore no opportunity to book another tour. If you would like to actually see the Road to Hana, do not waste your time or money with this company.
Written March 2, 2018
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Saige B
Hong Kong, China2 contributions
Apr 2018 • Friends
We booked a private tour for 4 with this company after doing some research online because it seemed like the best one. Do not be fooled!!!!! Not only did they pick us up late (for our last day of activities) their 'luxury fleet' consisted of a dated and worn vehicle that looked like it had barely been cleaned after the last group of passengers. YUCK. Hana was absolutely beautiful (!!!) but beware of this company and book with someone else! Definitely not worth the $$$ in my opinion.
Written April 1, 2018
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4 contributions
Dec 2014
I'd like to start by stating I have previously traveled to Maui on many occasions and have done the trip to Hana in our own vehicle. This time around we chose to take a tour bus for convenience and as their brochure advertised we would be treated to special stops of scenery that we had not previously visited. It was also my mothers first time visiting Maui, so we assumed this trip with Platinum tours would be excellent based on the reviews. First our driver was a little late picking us up. They stated a pick up time of 6:20 but didn't arrive until 6:30. 10 minutes late was alright as we were picked up very last. Then we were driven to Kahului to switch drivers which I thought was strange. The new driver which I can't remember her name, only that it starts with an N was very nice and knowledgable of the Island. However, what we didn't like was the constant nausea from the turns on the bus. All of the hidden locations and special stops we thought we would make from the brochure never happened. We actually stopped more on our own trip without having to wait for others to finish and get back on the bus. The tour was basically just driving the highway and back with a couple stops for photos. They didn't even take the group down to the black sand beach when we stopped there. Instead the group was directed to the blow hole and caves. The televisions on board the bus didn't work and she constantly left the AC off which made for a miserable ride. It was so hot, it felt like a sauna in there! Everytime we requested she turn on the AC it would be for about 2 minutes then she would shut it off again. Then at the end of the day we were shuttled back into town to meet with the original driver who picked us up in the morning. I want to say his name is William, but I really can't remember because I was so concentrated on being sick the whole time from the bus ride. I also forgot to mention I'm 5 months pregnant, so I couldn't take any anti nausea medication to ease my sickness. I do know he was a manager since he stated that to us in the beginning of the day. We were the last to be dropped off and it was like he was in a rush to get us off the bus. He was literally going 15-20 miles over the speed bump at our resort. I flew out of my seat and landed so hard it felt as though I took a hard fall and my mothers arm got banged up so hard it's now bruised. For $250+ pp this was definitely not worth the price. I would never in my life recommend this company to ANYONE!
Written December 30, 2014
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Saint Louis, MO3 contributions
Oct 2016 • Couples
My husband and I booked this tour on our honeymoon for the road to Hana. We both wanted to enjoy it instead of getting stressed on the treacherous drive. Our guide was David and he was phenomenal!! He was kind and courteous and knew everything about the island, the flora, the cliffs, the legends. Since we were the only two on the tour, he even took us the entire way around Maui instead of going back the way we came. He knew all the good spots to stop for pics and was a good photographer himself. Oh and the van is very spacious, comfortable, and clean. We really can't say enough great things about this tour and our driver. Just book it! You won't regret it!
Written October 28, 2016
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16 contributions
My family and I were really psyched for a day of "luxury" in our journey to Hana. By day's end, we were left with nothing but nausea from the windy roads in a bus and no more knowledge than when we started. There was no working microphone in the van, no screen working as advertised, and all in all a day that we couldn't wait for it to end. Our guide must have been a last minute fill in as he marched to the beat of his own drum. He was impossible to understand and lost our parties interest in hour 1 of our 10 hour trip. This was not a cheap trip. I don't like to ever bad mouth a tour guide as I Will always give them the benefit of the doubt. I blame the tour company. They were late to start (arrived at 825 when they said they would be there at 8) and clearly they were unorganized. Every day on maui is precious. Please make sure you don't waste a day as we did with this forgetful and passionless tour. A guide is everything. Choose yours better than we did.
Written December 29, 2014
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David J
Chicago, IL7 contributions
May 2014 • Couples
We greatly enjoyed our Road to Hana tour from Platinum Tours Maui. So much so that I am adding this review, which I almost never do. Napua and Carlos were terrific guides. The customized Mercedes Sprinter van was very comfortable. Sit-down meals for breakfast and lunch were great: breakfast at Willie Nelson's Place Charley's in Paia, and lunch at Travaasa Hotel in Hana. Many stops for photos, bio breaks, banana bread, shave ice, and sightseeing. A very well thought-out tour, and very well done. We are happy to recommend, and thrilled that our hotel concierge showed us this alternative tour.
Written May 24, 2014
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Lyra L
Manila, Philippines1 contribution
May 2014 • Family
Personalized and worry-free tour to Hana. Napua and Conner exemplified the true Hawaiian hospitality with utmost meticulous attention to every detail of our journey. Definitely the best tour experience we have had in the last 10 years!
Written May 23, 2014
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