Kauai Kunana Dairy Farm Tour

Kauai Kunana Dairy Farm Tour, Kilauea: Address, Phone Number, Kauai Kunana Dairy Farm Tour Reviews: 4.5/5

Kauai Kunana Dairy Farm Tour

Kauai Kunana Dairy Farm Tour
Enjoy a guided tour to Kauai's only dairy. The tours last about 2 hours, include light breakfast, refreshments, fruit tasting, and cheese tasting. Advanced bookings are required.
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85 reviews
Very good

Patricia G
Le Roy, IL11 contributions
Jan 2020
This farm is a great place to visit for all ages. Our group ranged from 2 to 60. We all enjoyed holding the baby chicks and goats. The granddaughters got to feed the big goats. A lot of great samples of fruits and juices. My favorite was sampling the goat cheese. We got to sample 6 different kinds. All were good. You can buy them there, but going to purchases mine at the local farm market. Our guide was very knowledgeable about the different fruit trees, very interesting.

It was a little hard to find. Probably need a bigger sign to where to turn, but worth trip.
Written January 3, 2020
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New Jersey63 contributions
May 2012 • Couples
After reading the reveiws, iI siad "we couldn't pass this up..Organic, family run, goats.".I am rating this a 4 star for it is family run, (delightful, passionate, and informative owners), great goats, and fun in the sunshine, However, for myself and my husband, it was just okay..(sorry for writing that, here is why)
1.) Lots and lots of kids. If you have children, Please go..Lots of fun for them. For us older folks. it was very distracting Couldnot concentrate on the tour. Found the young ones were just running around. If you have a 4 year old and above, this is perfect. The younger ones didn't get it and, again, distracting.
2.) The food is communal. Tons of little and big hands reaching in for the food. I food this unpleasant, just me, but. couldn't eat any of the delicious looking cookies, bread or cheese.
3.) Best part for us..Holding the baby goats.. Make sure you hold a goat!
4) I It is a bit expensive for us for the value was just okay, however, it you have kids, again, great place to take them for a 2 to 2 1/2 hour tour.
5.) Tours on Monday and Thursday starting at 10 am (FYI)
If all of the above doesn't bother you, then definitely go!
Sorry to have to write such a mixed bag of a review, however, I wish someone had written one for me so that I may have made a different choice, I was a bit of disappointment.
Written May 29, 2012
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I am sorry you were on a tour where there had been a lot of kids booked. We understand that kids are a distraction when not properly looked after, and we have made some changes so that we won't have an overload of kids on the tour. We do want people of all ages to be able to enjoy the farm, and we gladly open it up to kids of all ages in hopes that the people that come on the property will be considerate of us and the farm. As far as communal samples, we try to use as less packaging as possible, but I will now have spoons in the sample and hand them out myself instead of letting people reach in. And the cheese samples we do tell people to use new spoons with each sampling, and we provide enough spoons for that to happen. As far as your value, perspective is everything. We provide a lot of information on a wide variety of things from goats to farming, and hope that all the knowledge is valuable in some way. But not everyone values knowledge. (We are one of the lower priced tours on the island FYI) Thank you for your review, I am sorry you were "a bit dissapointed" we do try and please everyone!
Written June 10, 2012
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Ian W
Port Coquitlam, Canada2 contributions
Jun 2012 • Couples
Ryan and Sarah gave a very interesting and educational tour with lots of tme to interact with the goats as well as learning a great deal about local flora and fruit. Everything tasted wonderful - especially their specialty goat cheeses. The following night, we had dinner at the Kaua'i Grill at the St. Regis Princeville and our first course came entirely from this farm - all the veggies and the cheese - great to see the support for a local farm - super fresh!

The tour lasted close to 3 hours, which we felt was about 30 to 45 minutes too long - the group sort of straggled around at times. Aside from shortening the duration a bit, our only suggestion would be to remove some of the abandoned farm equipment and other implements - would be a much nicer "look".
Written June 13, 2012
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Orlando, FL32 contributions
We stopped by this afternoon and were told they don't do farm tours any more and haven't in several months.
Written March 9, 2013
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San Diego, CA7,292 contributions
Jun 2011
I always hate posting a negative review but I almost felt obligated to for future people that are thinking about going and on the fence about it. The TA posts are all overwhelmingly positive but I'm going to go against the grain and offer another realistic perspective.

No doubt the owners, Ryan and his wife are really good and genuine people. It's easy to see that they are hard workers. When I called to make the reservation, they answered the phone and quickly confirmed the reservation and then emailed me directions and a confirmation a few hours later. They were booked for the week I called so we booked for the following week (today).

With the #1 rated thing to do we figured it would be a bit more than it was and the positive reviews were so over the top positive, maybe we were going into it with higher expectations.

First the positive.... they started out the day at 10 AM with fresh cookies and fresh breads (banana bread was my favorite!). The cookies were delicious and were chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin combined. Also, they served fresh lemonade which was also great. Definitely no one is going to complain about Sara's cooking as she is a great cook!

Also, the kids LOVED the interaction with the goats. First they took out some baby goats and let the kids hold them and take photos. Also, they had leaf branches so people could feed the adult goats. Everyone loved that and no complaining about that. That type of thing is what we were expecting.

However, that is about the only interaction with animals you will find and really it wasn't much time. The rest of the time is mostly going around and Ryan talking about various types of avocado trees they have on their grounds. It wasn't interesting for the vast majority of people and people were super bored overall.

Kids were getting restless and they will NOT enjoy that part. Kids don't care about the history of an avocado tree. I heard many kids (at least 5) asking their parents if they can go home. And a few families left early during the tour as their kids were so bored.

Surprisingly there were many families without kids which surprised me. I can't see paying over $70 for a couple for this. And even with kids I think it's fair you need to know going into this your interaction with animals consists of only a few minutes with goats. Definitely that will be the highlight of your trip.

They did show some chickens and roosters but anyone that comes to Kauai knows you will see these all over the island. Also, something which I feel is important to point out is I thought it would be more of an intimate experience but there were a lot of people. When I asked someone about it she admitted that they accidentally overbooked as there was some mix up. So take that part with a grain of salt and maybe it isn't an every day type of thing but something that I experienced so I will point it out.

Again, Ryan and his wife were extremely friendly and very nice. I just felt that people need to know going in what it's like. Yes, you will enjoy the interaction with the goats but that is a very minor part of the trip. You will spend more time walking around and having explained various types of avocado trees, plants, flowers, etc. Kids don't find those types of things interesting and almost all of them were bored most of the trip besides the goats.

I'm not saying it's not worth doing. But I think people paying $35 per person need to go in with realistic expectations so they won't be disappointed while you spend the majority of time talking about various types of trees.
Written June 27, 2011
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Irvine, CA9 contributions
Sep 2012 • Family
I visited the Kunana Dairy Farm Tour last week while visiting Kuaui. While we enjoyed the cheese, I feel like this tour needs some polishing. It's a small, family-run business, so I get it that these are the actual farmers and not formally trained guides. The farmers are extremely knowledgable and passionate about their farm. Nice people, tasty treats, but pretty pricey for the experience.

The Good:

My kids enjoyed petting and feeding the goats and chickens very much. They also enjoyed the massive spread of cookies, pumpkin bread and fresh lemonade upon arrival.

It was neat to try Avocados unique to this island. They tasted different, in a good way - seemed more nutty - I enjoyed that.

Fruits, Cheeses and goat by-products were for sale (lotions, lip balm, etc).

It was neat to see the facility and taste the different goat cheeses and Feta this family-run farm produces.

The goat cheese was absolutely delicious. Visit the farm toward the beginning of your stay on the island so you can buy and enjoy the cheese on crackers at your hotel during the rest of your vacation.

It was fun to see the list of all the hotels that order cheese from this farm.

Areas That Really Need Improving:

The tour was WAY too long. My kids are 8 and 10 and they were only engaged while around the animals and treats.

Food samples should be in a cleaner area. Not just spread out on the wooden picnic table that has ants on it. The tupperware was kinda iffy, too. Everybody just slathered their bodies with bug spray and sunblock and now these hands are plunging into the samples - there should be toothpicks in every sample.

Too much information. I don't need a history lesson on botany or goats or organic farming. A simple, "these are our citrus trees - we have lemons, limes, grapefruit...," would have sufficed. Instead our tour stopped for a very long time at every tree to discuss the merits of it and occasionally try a sample (one small piece per person straight out of a tupperware bowl). It was frankly, about an hour longer than it should be.

The tour took about two and a half hours. Our tour guide had no idea about the pacing for the tour. Hint: when people start wandering off and looking at their watches it's a sign that the tour needs to move along. We spent the first 45 minutes at the table area near the goat pen - hearing all about the different kinds of goats, their many differences, how much they are pampered and living a "stress free" life (because stress affects the taste of the milk and cheese according to them) and discussing the trees in that part of the property (there are over a thousand kinds of avocados, let's discuss them) and learning about the benefits of the disgusting noni fruit (sometimes used to treat certain kinds of cancer! They seriously said that.) My kids were already looking for other things to do. I don't blame them. Seriously, this is a small orchard, backyard chicken yard, and a vegetable garden. A little time (maybe 20 minutes total) was spent in a milking area (at a non-milking time - milking occurs after hours) and the cheese-making facility. My kids would have loved seeing a goat being milked. They tell you that the goats get milked in the early morning. How about a little video showing the process?

Unless your kids like goat cheese or feta, unsweetened grapefruit or avocados, bring snacks.

This was over-priced. Unless you are staying on the east or north side of the island, it is a trek to find the farm. It was $40 per person for adults and $10 per child under 12 years. It cost our family $100 to do this. And then you can buy their products.

I would suggest shortening this whole tour to closer to an hour and focusing on the product. Sample the fruits and cheeses together at the end. Charge $25 or $30 at most. Keep the information short and sweet. Answer questions while moving on to the next thing.

These were nice people running the farm and I understand that farming is a very hard life. It was obvious that they were doing the best they could to bring in extra business and perhaps feel that a 2.5 hour tour is necessary in order to provide a $40 value.
If they simplify the tour by shortening the length of time and focus on the food produced rather than the farm itself, this would be much better. I would suggest a quick stroll through the orchard, skip the produce field, more time on the cheese-making part and finally end at the sampling table that overlooks the goat pasture. Drop the price a little and this place would be a fun little excursion. We felt that our time would have been better spent on the beach.
Written September 6, 2012
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Los Angeles, CA155 contributions
Dec 2011 • Family
I LOVED the owners of this farm, and I hate to say this but it was not quite what we expected. You never saw any goats get milked and never saw any cheese making. They let you taste a small bit of goat cheese from a shared cup the size of a silver dollar and never even gave a cracker to cleanse the palate. They served lemonade and cookies at the beginning and gave little bits of fruit samples but it was a 2-3 hour tour and consisted of mainly looking at fruit trees and some goats in the pasture. I probably would not recommend it. If it was 1 hour and $25, then maybe more worth it - but we were a bit dissappointed....
Written January 5, 2012
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Aloha and thank you for you candid response. I just want to clear up a few things. First off the tour starts with the holding and petting of baby goats. Then after we tell you about several of the different trees we have and the history behind them, we head to the miking mamas where we explain the different breeds and you get to hand feed them and/or pet the milkers. We also explain how we milk the goats only twice a day because it is hard on the goats to milk them any other times of the day, so that is why you don't see the goats being milked, unless of course we started the tour at 5:30 AM. After spending the first hour feeding, holding and petting the goats, we then walk you through our orchard and let you sample any fruit we have in season. This is a sampling, so the portions are sample size, but the fruit is avaliable for purchase at the end of the tour. After we walk you through the orchard and explain some of the exotic fruits we head to the cheese making room where we explain the cheese making process, which is a three day process, and it is against health department regulations to have cheese being made while visitors are walking through the certified kitchen. We then sample the cheeses. We have 7 different varieties, so family style sampling is the most efficient way to sample the cheeses. Once again this is a sampling. If we ever run out of samples, or there is not enough for everyone, we get another sample cup out so everyone has an oppurtunity to try the cheeses. No we do not offer crackers so that you can get a true taste of just the cheese, without the taste of crackers muddying your taste buds. And the cost is only $35 for the 2-3 hours of education. We could cut out the gardens and orchards and just do the cheese, but our farm is soo much more then just goats, we like to share it all. Sorry if we gave you too much information, and not enough crackers. Aloha
Written January 22, 2012
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Kaneohe, HI28 contributions
Jul 2011
I must completely agree with californiano's review....
The owners are genuine and wonderful people....
The tour is $35 per adult, kids are free. For us, we brought along grandma, so we paid $109 total... I thought this was a bit steep for what it was... I probably would not recommend to friends or family.
They served us very delicious cookies and breads with yummy lemonade.
Very minimal animal interaction.
Tour the farm on foot... Learn about flora and fauna growing on the farm... Taste fruits and honey and stuff in season....
Our kids are 4 and 1 year old and we left 2 hours into the tour as it was way too much talking for our kids. They got very bored.
Lots of bugs, and it's very hot. Wear sunscreen and repellant.
Wear covered shoes, the tour guide got bit by a centipede.
Written July 28, 2011
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Susan ESL teacher
Winnipeg, Canada445 contributions
Jun 2015 • Family
Took this extensive, inexpensive tour today and it was a highlight for both adults and young children.nnot only were we greeted with fruit, homemade pumpkin bread and Lillikoi lemonade, we then had a tour through their fruit trees, sampling as we went along in addition to a great tour about the goat so herd they have and the cheese making process. W live the fact that as the only dairy, they sell to restaurants and farmer's markets.son and daughter in law and a limited number of workers are with Mother who does most of the work with the goats. We had an opportunity to hold baby goats..all of us even the 4 year old. At the end of the very unrushed tour we had an opportunity to sample all the cheeses and their macnut pesto and their honey. We never felt rushed and Ryan chatted with everyone and answered any and all questions. Their prices are very reasonable and Sarah is a great baker with wonderful varieties of cookies, pumpkin bread and granola. They are the only dairy on the island and if you have an opportunity to take the tour do so!
Written June 9, 2015
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Southworth, WA108 contributions
Nov 2011
We thought this was an odd thing to do in Hawaii, but we were so glad we went. We got a great overview of the operation of a small organic goal dairy and produce farm plus lots of delicious tastes -- very special avocados, passionfruit, apple bananas and goat cheese with various flavorings. We saw how the fruit grows and learned of some of the challenges of farming organically in a tropical environment. At the end were able to buy some of the products made at the farm, including noni lotion, goat milk lotion and avocados for $1 each. It was all so unusual and so good I wished I had purchased more.
Written December 9, 2011
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