Teton Wagon Train & Horse Adventure

Teton Wagon Train & Horse Adventure

Teton Wagon Train & Horse Adventure
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Robin P
Paris, TN31 contributions
Jul 2022
My husband and I went on this trip to celebrate my birthday in July. If you want to detach from life’s stress, this is the way. It’s 4 days and 3 nights free from cell phones and modern conveniences. The food was amazing…three delicious meals a day cooked over an open fire by the best cowgirl cooks. Your tents are equipped with memory foam mattresses and thick and heavy sleeping bags. Days are filled with trail rides and/or covered wagon rides, and activities at each camp (axe/ knife throwing, canoeing, hiking). At night you enjoyed stories, singing, and poetry around the campfires. Cant say enough about the cowboy crew and Jeff (owner and Wagon Master). They were amazing! They were kind, patient, authentic and it was very obvious they love their work.

We highly recommend this trip BUT expect to use a port-a-potty, have dirty nails, and not shower or bathe for 4 days! If you can do these things, you will have the time of your life.
Written July 15, 2022
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Daniel S
1 contribution
Jul 2022 • Friends
Great time. Plan on bring my son with next time. The whole crew was great. Plenty of horse back riding and story telling by the campfire. Made some new friends along the way. Would recommend for anybody who loves to camp. Especially off the grid camping and horse lovers. I would consider doing the bar t 5 covered wagon cook out as well. Ran by the same family and a great time as well. The wagon masters favorite saying is "strangers get off the bus at the beginning of the week and family gets back on the bus at the end of the week. And they truly do make you feel like family.
Written July 13, 2022
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5 contributions
Jul 2020
This was one of the best vacations of our life and I've been to 50 states and 9 other countries. Take thick sweats to sleep in and wool socks as it gets cold at night and don't forget plenty of bug spray for the mosquitoes - (the only downfalls). The scenery is majestic, the food perfect and they will cater to diet restrictions. The Crew and Wagon master are the best you'll ever find. Great times around the camp fire singing and telling stories. Jeff was the best! The horses are wonderful and many trail rides ahead for you. The cowboy coaster ride was great fun in the wagon. Learn to throw a tomahawk, rope and shoot; so much fun to escape life and play like a cowboy for a few days-highly recommend this trip, my husband wanted to go back the day after we left. Totally worth the price you will pay!!! What a Blessing!!!
Written July 22, 2020
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North Carolina5 contributions
Jun 2021
My kids begged to come back for a second year, and we didn't regret it! This family operation is a time-honored, well-honed experience that is unforgettable. My teenagers rode horses at every chance and there was always something fun to do. The sleeping bags and mats are comfortable and the food is delicious. Best advise: pack no more than what the list suggests and long sleeves protect from sun and mosquitos. Regardless of your comfort zone with the outdoors, this is an adventure you won't forget!
Written July 4, 2021
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Jamie A
Clearwater Beach, United States16 contributions
Aug 2020
This has been our best vacation yet! From Jeff's leadership to the crew - we felt like part of the family. Daily horseback riding, amazing views, stars like you have never seen, story telling, singing, entertainment, great food, and the company made this an unforgettable experience. A year later we still talk about this trip! My son (who was 9 at the time) LOVED every minute of it - he rated this trip above Disney World. His ability to play, hike, ride horses, help with chores and learn about the area made a lasting impact - he will be back in 10 years to work if Jeff will have him!
Written July 5, 2021
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Princeton, NJ41 contributions
Aug 2019
Our family (children ages 10 and 11) loved this experience. We will talk about this for the rest of our lives. There are so many things that make it so great... 1. No electronics (electricity or running water for that matter!) so the fun was 'natural'. 2. Our normal comfort levels were challenged. We had limited camping experiences in our family before this trip. 3. The people you meet on the trip are amazing. We left as friends for sure. 4. Jeff and his crew provide such an amazing culture. From the campfire stories to horseback riding, his crew was there to make it a great day for us all! 5. The food was great! Kudos to the cowboy cooks!

I highly recommend this adventure!
Written January 18, 2020
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Sue S
Lafayette, IN43 contributions
Jul 2022
This was an excellent opportunity to get off the grid and spend a few days surrounded by God's beauty. This was an awesome experience--horseback riding, campfire songs and stories, hiking and more. Jeff Warburton and his crew make you feel like part of the family. This trip is very family-friendly. This is primitive camping, so it may not be for everyone, but we loved it!
Written July 14, 2022
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New Lothrop, MI4 contributions
Jul 2022
This was a trip of a lifetime! My husband and I took our two grandsons ages 11 and 10 1/2. We all had an amazing adventure. There was a lot of firsts for these two boys and they loved it! The crew and food were excellent.
This is an off the grid rustic adventure so be prepared to soak in God's many wonders!
Written August 10, 2022
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Tarpon Springs, FL56 contributions
The best vacation of my life! I have taken more than a few, but none can compare with the quality and diversity of this trip. My only complaint is it ended too soon. They give you the choice of just the 4 days on the wagon train or a whole week. We chose the week.

Our adventure began by checking into the Painted Buffalo. The staff was extremely pleasant and helpful. Our room was spotless and the beds very comfortable. Best of all it was close enough to town to walk virtually everywhere, yet very quiet for sleeping. After checking in, it was on to the Rodeo! I don't know what was best; the chili-cheesburger, watching the locals or the actual riding and roping. They made it look so easy, though obviously it takes unbelievable talent. The next day we had a fabulous breakfast at Bubba's, then jumped on an All-Trans bus with our wonderul driver, James and it was off to Yellowstone. James was extremely accomodating, stopping to allow photos whenever we encountered buffalo, elk, moose, coyotes and eagles, which was quite often. He was also very knowledgeable about the wild flowers which lined the roads spreading off into the infinity of the surrounding prairies leading into the majesty of the Tetons. James kept in close contact with other drivers to assure we reached the park just before Old Faithful let go and what a spectacular event that was! Then we had 90 minutes to walk around and have lunch. The ride back was just as enjoyable, especially the waterfall area James selected and the store with the best ice cream I've ever tasted.

We made it back to town with plenty of time for dinner. We went to the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar first, but the staff there bordered on rude and the place was about 85 degrees. We left and headed to the Silver Dollar Restaurant instead - great choice! I had the elk chops, which were delicious & not at all gamey. My husband had buffalo ribs and sweet potato fries, just as delicious if not moreso. The service and ambiance were superb.

Monday morning brought about the greatest part of our trip. It was the beginning of our Teton Wagon Train Adventure! The wagons were ready to roll and the horses were saddled. I rode a very gentle white horse named Misty. My husband rode in the wagon. Our hosts, Jeff and Chris multitasked with getting us all underway while discreetly assessing our riding abilities. (Having done quite a bit of riding, I was later allowed on Ginger the Apaloosa, a much more spirited horse and an absolute pleasure to ride.) The crew definitely made all the difference. Jeff & Chris have a truly soft-spoken gentle firmness that kept even the more rambunctious children in line with simple requests. The multi-talented ranch hand named Squirrel drove the 2 draft horses, "Daisy" & "Duke" who pulled one of the passenger wagons. He kept everyone entertained throughout the trip with his jokes and again at night with his exceptional singing voice. Squirrel has a few other talents which will become obvious enroute that I can't tell you about here. You'll have to take this trip to discover these for yourself. Robert, Erin and Rainey worked with the trail horses. Erin and Rainey are excellent role models for young girls, proving that a woman can be strong & smart, yet feminine. Robert stole the hearts of all the younger women there with his gentle good humor and Hollywood good looks. Joseph stole a few hearts as well. Though he seemed to be the strong silent type at first, he showed his true talents later on as "Buckskin, the mountainman." That's another surprise you'll have to take the trip to learn more about. Caitlyn and Jacquelyn, whom I affectionately nicknamed "The Lyn Sisters" were our cooks and they perhaps took the best care of us of alll!

Once in camp, we found our tents already set up for us. We were told to remember our tent numbers as these would be our homes over the next 3 days. We also received numbered sleeping bags complete with sheets, pillows and the softest of pads to go under them. I had been apprehensive about sleeping outside as I usually don't sleep at all when I camp. Not so on this trip! I have not slept this well in over a decade. I didn't wake up once all night.

Our first dinner was a hearty beef stew with irresistably delicious homemade bread. You must try the homemade raspberry butter. On that bread, it's a dessert in itself. Dinner was followed every night by dessert though. One guest had a birthday so they brought a professionally decorated cake complete with candles! They also had ice cream to go with it, though how they kept it frozen all day is beyond me. Once dinner & dessert were done, it was time to build up the camp fires. Chris & Jeff brought out their guitars, then they and the whole crew regaled us with camp songs and cowboy poetry. The stars came out in such a brilliant multitude, just remembering the sight pulls at my heart & stings my eyes right now. When the last group straggled off to bed, the crew went into action hanging garbage out of the way of the bears, putting out the camp fires and whatever else they needed done to keep the camp running perfectly. They're the last to bed and the first to rise, yet always cheerful and ready to help. Amazing!

The next morning coffee was already heating even though those of us still on EST were up with the sun. They Lyn Sisters had bacon, eggs, french toast, fried dough and camp potatoes ready in no time. After a hearty breakfast, we broke camp. The crew was everywhere helping at every opportunity. We traveled for a few hours to a new sight. Camp was quickly put back up by guest & crew and the days activities began. The 4 canoes were in constant use while others swam the lake or went on trail rides. Some simple hiked around enjoying the wild flowers. A few deer ran throught the camp later that evening.

Hopefully, you get the idea now. The peace, the quiet, the cameraderie, the scenery, the horses, the crew and even a friendly camp dog all rolled together creating our own little mountain paradise the like of which I have never before even imagined, let alone experienced. When you go, (as you must put this on your list of "Things To Do Before I Die") pack light! Being these: insulated coffee mug with top, water bottle with a holder, a hat, 3 pairs of light weight long pants, 3 light weight long sleeved shirts, 3 t-shirts, 1 sweatshirt, 1 rainjacket, 4 pairs of socks, 4 pairs of undies, 2 pairs of boots, insect repellent, sun tan lotion, a flashlight, a camera, 4 disposable pre-soaped washclothes, 2 hand towels, a nail clipper/cleaner, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss and a comb. That is all you need. This was the greatest trip of my life. Do not miss this!

Thursday after our "Cowboy Send Off" we went back to the Painted Buffalo, showered up and went to the salon for a 1 hour message. Ryan has magic hands and I left a half inch taller than when I went in! Friday morning was shopping time, followed by rafting at the JHWW (Jackson Hole White Water Rafting Company) from 12:30 until 7:30 pm. The first part of the trip is a scenic float. It was so gentle we were served lunch on the raft. Then we suited up in wet suit tops and booties and did the class 2 & 3 rapids. I highly recommed that you "ride the bull." If Tom is your guide, consider yourself extra lucky. He knows just how to get in and out of those rapids. Once we were done, we were brought back to JHWW where they were grilling. We were served steaks tender enough to cut with a plastic knife and wonderful salads. It is BYOB, so be sure to stop for something while you're shopping that morning. Saturday morning was shopping time, then back to the airport. I highly recommend Delta through Salt Lake City and avoid United through Denver Airport if you possibly can. We experienced and heard some real horror stories about flying United through Denver that spanned 10 days of travel. These were not isolated incidences. A customer service rep at the United desk actually lied to me telling me there were only 2 flights to Jackson Hole daily and since (through their fault) I had missed mine at 8:30 am, I would have to wait for the 2nd at 6:30 pm. This was such an obvious lie, it is absolutely absurd. We did get out earlier when I discovered the other 4 flights and confromted this young man in the presence of his supervisor, but that too is another story.

Teton Wagon Train Adventure - don't miss it! Everything that you see on their web site (---) seems to be too good to be true, but is actually understated. For this trip to be any more perfect, I'd have to be dead and in heaven.
Written July 3, 2006
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clemson912 contributions
My family just returned from our first trip on the the Teton Wagon train. I traveled with my wife and 2 daughters(8,4). I won't go into the specifics like the previous review but our experience was overwhelmingly memorable. We were interested to see how this would work with 2 young children. Safety was stressed from the very begining. Our girls are not that high maintainence so they could adjust to the different situations. There was something they liked to eat at each meal. We brought a few snacks for them but they probably weren't necessary. The girls had plenty of time to ride horses and also make friends with other young kids. The crew really made this trip a memorable time. As I said earlier safety is stressed and practiced in the many changing situations. That made it easy for my wife and I to enjoy the trip with our girls. The food at each meal was really more then I expected. Great tasting and plenty of it. There were more horse riding opportunites then I expected. I went on 6 different rides. The horses were friendly. I rode one horse, by choice, on 4 of my 6 rides. The tents were comfortable. My family had no trouble going to sleep each night. My advice is to bring some light weight long sleeve shirts and pants. There are no ticks or chiggers but plenty of mosquitos. The crew really makes this a memorable trip. They were friendly all the time. They seemed to be enjoying themselves and it showed. Well worth the money. I would expect to pay more for that level of service. There was nothing done halfway or so it seemed. I haven't mentioned the scenery but it is overwhelming. We filled 3 disposable cameras on our trip. On the bus ride back to town my wife and I were trying to decide which family and friends to bring with us next time we go. We will go back and wholeheartedly recommend this experience.
Written June 25, 2007
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