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Andrea P
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Jul 2021 • Family
We were looking for one more thing to do on our trip, so we decided on this tour last minute. It was fine and was something for us to do.

We were on the lower deck because many people were on the trip and the top was filled with customers. There were two college-aged girls as the driver and crew member, and I was a little surprised that both were on the lower level while the majority of the passengers were on the upper level of the boat.

We made it safely to the island. I do see how this would have been scary for small children because it’s dark and young people jump out at you. It seemed like most either screamed or said, “hello.” I think they tried to do their best to make it scary, but the scariest part was the anticipation that something might happen.

I was surprised how fast we went because in our area when it says “no wake” it means no wake or you could be ticketed.

A boat ride is always a fun thing, the haunted island was fine, and it was something to do, but if you’re going to spend $100 for your family of 4 (don’t forget to us the coupon because that does save quite a bit), maybe consider a sunset cruise or a different option.
Written July 12, 2021
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West Fargo, ND139 contributions
Jun 2021
My family hates Halloween so you could imagine my surprise when my wife randomly signed us up for this attraction. I thought she was joking at first but she said she wanted to do something different with the kids (age 10 and 8) that we had never done before. Well this was certainly different. We signed up for the 9:45 pm time slot which didn't become available until the day off. I think they create new slots during the day when others fill up. (some hotels also have 20% coupons for adults). The Ghost Ship meeting place is next to the Riverfront party scene and across the street from the Ghost Ship parking lot.

When you get there you'll have time to take pics with a skeleton and then wait on some benches before boarding starts. Expect a lot of people! Our ship was completely sold out. At 9:45 we promptly boarded a two level boat where half the passengers sat on the roof outside and the other half sat inside. As the ride started into the darkness a ghost story could be over the sound system (although it's a little tough to hear).

As we approached our destination I was expecting there to already be zombies or something on shore but there was nothing. This experience is actually very contained and you don't see any live actors or theming until you start wondering in the woods and caverns (which is obvious when it begins). We got out of the boat and I was very surprised to see a giant bathroom and some kind of convention center at the site. We waited for about 15 minutes next to the bathrooms before our herd of people started walking into the woods. This is when the attraction truly begins!

During the walk you'll encounter neat special effects and a cast of about 20 actors (who scare you on the way out and the way back in different costumes) trying to scare you with pop outs and haunts. Overall I thought the attraction was pretty high quality with some really neat effects. The narrow cavern is also really fun to walk through. Warning! There are some SUPER narrow parts where you can hit your head on a rock so be careful! My 8 and 10 year old were terrified out of their wits but in the end we all really enjoyed the experience. I highly recommend this attraction if you visit the Dells a lot and just want something different to do! I wouldn't say this is a must see Dells attraction but it's definitely fun and exciting. Also, if you go you must go when it's completely dark out or it won't be as much fun. Enjoy!
Written June 21, 2021
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Bismarck, ND37 contributions
Jul 2022 • Family
Lots of fun and put a twist on what could be just a boat ride. Recommend going at twilight so you can still appreciate the views of the river and the walk through the gourge. Staff and actors were pretty good with some neat affects and scary stuff.
Written July 14, 2022
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Metro Minneapolis-Saint Paul, MN5 contributions
Aug 2022
August 14, 2022. I started my day with Upper Dells tour, and in the afternoon did the Original WI Dells tour. During the those tours I heard about this ghost boat tour and finally purchased a ticket for 8:45 PM the same day (Aug 14, 2022)

I am not talking about the actors. They did a good job, even though it is not scary for me. I am specifically mentioning the personnel who manage the group on the Canyon. They were pushing people around to hurry them up. Especially when one of these personnel pushed me I asked his name to write a review here...he shouted saying "Don". This is unacceptable as if this has happened somewhere else other than on tour or when I was not on a vacation, I would be pressing charges on this person.
He came and apologized me after 15 minutes, with a statement saying "I am sorry I thought you are someone else". I did not accept this apology as I believe it is made up, the logic here being

1. Who is the someone else he thought of? Some other customer (there are probably 50 - 60 people)? Or one of his colleagues? Either way its wrong.
2. I am a brown person (who has an accent) and I was wearing a special cap that lights up. There is no way he could have thought I am someone else.

When I mentioned him, I dont accept your apology I am writing a review, he got further mad. This kind of personality behavior is unacceptable. Provide a PROFESSIONAL customer service, and if you make a mistake and want me to accept an apology for it, be genuine. Rather than making things up and expecting someone to forget it.

I strongly condemn this behavior. And as I mentioned if I was not on a long vacation and/ or if it has happened at another place, I would be pressing charges on this person.
Written September 6, 2022
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1 contribution
Jul 2021
At first they open up earlier boats- 8:15, 8:45... As those fill up, later boats open up. I waited and got a later trip (we went at 10:15) I don't think they always go out that late, depends on how many people keep buying tickets. In my opinion, this was cool because it was really dark by then. I thought that made it more fun and scary. The boat ride was cool to do in the dark going each way. It was my wife and I, along with two 14 year old girls. The girls were ridiculously overly scared, and we just went with it and it was really fun. If you are looking for crazy psychotic level scares, this may not be hard core enough for you. But we just embraced it for what it was, and really had a good time. Things lurk in the dark, creep up out of nowhere, jump out and scare the bejeebers out of you, scream loud and charge toward you. They never touch you. I recommend distancing yourself from people in front of you a little bit. It gives you a chance to get got by the surprises and scares, without seeing it happen to people ahead of you. We just hung a little bit back from those in front of us and you just walk the path and see what happens or comes for you. Really cool environment in the canyon like setting and overall had a great time. Cool costumes, actors and lights and misty creepy effects. Really enjoyed the laughing, the scares and my girls just having fun and being so scared but enjoying it! Found coupon in a little hotel book for 20% off. Took the cost of the 4 tickets down from 115 to 92. We really enjoyed it! Scary enough for us and fun!
Written July 7, 2021
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Girdwood, AK78 contributions
Aug 2021 • Family
The kids had a great time and even the five year old (who is pretty fearless in general) was not overly spooked. They do warn against taking young kids but in this case the warning about a pretty long walk was more pertinent. Tip—if you are a fat ass grandma with a bum hip don’t be the last one off the boat and therefore at the back the pack up the canyon. If you sit in the front on the top you will be last off. Trying to catch up with a snarling zombie on my heals and 1000% humidity is a bit much. The actors did get way too much in the faces of my older grandkids which I didn’t appreciate —If you have COVID concerns.
Written September 11, 2021
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20 contributions
Jun 2021 • Family
We have been to the Wisconsin Dells several times and done many boat rides. This was definitely a unique experience. It was fun being on the river at night and riding through the narrow canyon was pretty cool. The hike through the woods was kind of scary for our 9 and 11 year olds but was pretty tame as far as haunted attractions go. Our kids have never done a haunted house before so this was a fun way to show them what it's like. The actors did a good job and there were some pretty cool effects.
Written June 28, 2021
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1 contribution
Aug 2020
On the website it sounds like a long boat ride filled with spooky historic tales. There was one garbled tale, on the boat ride, which you could not hear over the boat engine. It’s when you board that you first hear of the long haunted walk with actors jumping out but not touching. There was little to no history in the entire thing and the walk would have been better with torches and no actors (who were great at screaming and creepy-factor popping out) because the rocks were gorgeous. The walkways were also uneven and poorly lit in places. I would not have minded paying for what was advertised but not what we were given. Change your website description or change your tour.
Written August 6, 2020
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michigan323 contributions
Jul 2021
This was very well done. I do like haunted house attractions and the best thing about this was that it was outdoors in a huge canyon and not limited to a building with everything crammed into a small space. It's been 40+ years since I was in Cold Water Canyon which used to be a stop on the regular upper dells boat trips along with Witches Gulch and Stand Rock. It was my understanding that Cold Water Canyon was owned by a privet party and leased to the dells boat trips and the lease ended years ago. It was nice to get back to Cold Water Canyon after so many years, even if it was dark.

The boat ride takes about 15 minutes to get to the canyon. I took the first trip at 8:15PM and it was plenty dark on July 26th, and even darker in the canyon. This was very hot and very humid, the type of weather that you sweat and get all clammy the minute you walk out the door. They advise you get to the launch 30 minutes before the trip. This launch is in the original upper dells boat building and you have to walk up and down the winding pathway inside that building to get up and down to the river from street level. No elevator. I am almost 63 with bad knees and ankles and overweight with a mild heart issue but I was able to do it by pacing myself in spite of the heat and humidity.

Once at the canyon you have to walk up some stairs and also down and up many pathways. Everyone with any heart or health issues needs to be aware there is a lot of walking up and down trails so know your limitations and since it is somewhat self paced, stop and rest or walk slow if you need to. There are several set pieces with many special effects. Not only are there dummies throughout but also live actors that may come up to you or sneak up behind you or follow you, often making scary comments. This is a haunted attraction after all.

There are lighting effects and even though it is dark, the pathways are lit well enough to see where you are going. One effect that I especially likes was when there was a dip in a wide area of the pathway. The lighting made it look like you were walking into a swamp with the water getting deeper and deeper (as the path dipped) until it was up to your waist. Very good effect. When you reach the end, there is a building with actors that give a bit of a scare legend performance with light effects and images shown on a big rock wall. The path going back to the boat is different so you aren't seeing the same things as you did going in.

Again, going back to the boat was strenuous with walking paths that went up at pretty steep angles and then back down to the water. Of all the stops along the river on the tours, this is the one with the most up and down paths, probably the longest too and quite the workout. Be aware of your limitations for sure! If I ever get back to the Dells and I am able to, I would do this again hoping for cooler weather!
Written August 6, 2021
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Munith, MI5 contributions
Jul 2021 • Family
This was horrible. Let me start by saying that this is not scary at all. The actors (apart from a few funny ones) simply scream at you when you walk by or act as if they were drunk. There was only gypsy that was funny, and bubbles the clown was witty and amusing. Apart from them, everyone one else was boring. Also, the tour guide walks behind you and tells you to hurry up for the majority of the “haunted trail.” I should also mention that the ship ride back was awful. Our “captain”, that didn’t even look old enough to drive a car, hit a rock and broke an engine and the boats steering equipment. We then spun in a circle and hit the rock wall of the canyon. We were stranded for around 30 minutes before another boat came to tow us to the docs. When we demanded our money back, they acted annoyed!
Written July 11, 2021
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