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Very good

Dee A
Accokeek, MD78 contributions
We recently saw a comedy show at the Funny Bone. When we first arrived, we asked to sit at a different table and our waitress was very nice and helpful and we were able to change tables. Note: If you don't want to sit up front, don't buy your tickets as soon as the tickets go on sale; you are seated based on when you buy your tickets. Comedians Leonard Ouzts, Vincent Bryant, and Just Nesh were hilarious!! Good show. The comedy club is located in a nice area in Virginia Beach, and it's in a plaza beside nice restaurants, shops, and a small pavilion with live entertainment.
Written July 27, 2021
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Dascia G
Pittsburgh, United States4 contributions
My family and I reserved a few tables in advance. There was approximately 20-25 of us. The waitress continually told us that they were understaffed and that was the reason for our delayed order. We purchased three drinks, doubles, and three appetizers. We decided on separate bills. My appetizer was supposed to be chicken nachos but came out as shredded chicken and chips. I tasted one and decided that I didn’t like it. The waitress never came and asked us was everything okay possibly because they were understaffed and hard to find. One of our drink orders was messed up and we didn’t receive the correct order until it was almost time to leave. My bill came up to 99.00 dollars, for two doubles of Don and chicken nachos that I didn’t eat. The waitress explained that I should’ve said something in the beginning but how could I when she was so difficult to locate. I’m really disappointed with their service and probably won’t be returning.
Written July 19, 2021
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erica s
Hampton, VA1 contribution
My husband and I visit the Funny Bone often and spend quite of bit of money on the shows. We always order drinks and have a great time. This past weekend was a lot different. We chose to double date with friends and it will be the last time we go. Our waiter came to our table and took our drink orders. My friend ordered a specialty drink called Cupids Kiss. The server asked if she would like a single or double and she said single and he followed that by asking what kind of Vodka she would like. After getting the bill she noticed she had been charged for a double. At that point she said she needed to wait so we could get her bill corrected no biggie. So our waiter is nowhere to be find but another waitress Courtney stopped at our table and we caught her. We told her the situation and she said ok let me go talk to my manager. 5 min later she comes back and says she is the manager and that since my friend drank her drink she had to pay for it. Our question was how we would know if that drink was a double or single some places drinks are stronger than others. Courtney then told us the General Manager Rick was at the hospital and she called him and he said to make us pay for the drink. I asked her to call him back but she refused and later said she never called him or said she called him. She told us that "her" servers were all trained and certified and they didn’t make mistakes because she is the one who trained them. A couple behind us waiting to complain about that same server must have gotten it wrong as well. I am fine with a person making a mistake as we are all human but for her to attack us and say we are wrong, she is calling the police to come (which she did and the officer said what a waste of time to have him there) I have lost all respect for that club. Courtney was a poor excuse for an acting manager on shift and brings the business DOWN. We have sent several friends there for something to do while in town and brought many people with us. NEVER AGAIN!!! My advice is when an order is placed to ask to see what the waiter rights and then before you drink it ask for the printout of the register/computer order to make sure that matches!!!!
Written June 3, 2013
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1 contribution
Worst service I have ever experienced!! We showed up an hour early so we can eat dinner and then enjoy the show. After waiting a hour and half for drinks and an app (nachos) we finally gave up and went to bar for drinks. Nachos finally came shortly after with the original drink order. No plates came with nachos and 4 people were sharing. Waiter said he would be back with plates and he did 30 minutes later. We ended up canceling our dinner orders, as well as the table next to us did also. We all went home starving!!! But the best part is I ended up with a $70 check and it had gratuity added. Tried calling manager to discuss the experience but never called me back. It's been over a week and have left three messages!!! Horrible experience!!!
Written April 29, 2017
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Bryan H
Front Royal, VA1 contribution
I bought tickets on-line for my wife and I. This was part of a surprise 20th anniversary weekend that took months to plan. We now live 4 hours away, so this was specifically planned for the night in question. When we used to live in Virginia Beach (over 10 years ago), there used to be a small comedy club that didn't look like much on the outside, but had outstanding service and great shows. We weren't regulars, but we visited a few times during our many years in the area. I figured it would be a fun night. Unfortunately, this establishment appears to have no knowledge of customer service. On the night of the "big event", we arrived early, and waited in line. far nothing wrong. As i began talking to people around us, i discovered that many of the people in line already purchased tickets ahead of time, and thought they were in a line that was waiting for the doors to open. Mind you, we couldn't see the doors from our vantage point, because we were around the corner, and on the stairs. There were also people in line waiting to purchase tickets. After about 1/2 hour, i ventured forward to see why the line wasn't moving. What i discovered was that the doors were open, and anyone with tickets could have gone in. The line we were in was supposed to be for people who didn't have tickets. I returned to tell my wife, and the people around us, that we could bypass the line and go inside. Once inside, we were treated like third-rate citizens. Questions fell on deaf ears, and requests to sit at a table other than the one we were "forced" to sit at were ignored by unfriendly (not less-than friendly) employees. Okay, now we're inside and waiting for the fun to start..... Still waiting for the fun to start......Still waiting for the fun to comes our waitress. Instead of coming to our table, she used the people in front of us to relay information, and hand us our drinks, when they finally arrived. The show started a little late, but that didn't bother me. We never had a waitress check on us during the show; however, when it was time to settle the bill, she showed up. Again, we had to use the people in front of us. I had to hand them my credit card to give to the waitress.

SUMMARY: 1) There should have been signs (or employees) posted outside, directing ticket holders to the head of the line. 2) The staff that greeted us at the door need to understand that they are the first impression of this establishment. If they don't care, or if they're unfriendly, that sets the tone for the evening. 3 ) The wait staff: this may be their career, or it may be a temporary job until something different comes along. Whatever the case may be, they need to do their job to the best of their abilities, because any job worth doing is worth doing right! 4) It's apparent that management is sub-par, otherwise the service would have been better. 5) The show was great! I love comedy clubs, and i love live comedy acts. These acts did not disappoint. Some were local, and a couple were nationally known. Since this is the only comedy club that i know of in the area, they must think they have a monopoly on the business. We still have ties to Virginia Beach, but now we have to rethink or plans when we want a night or with friends and family.
Written February 23, 2016
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Judy F
Virginia Beach, VA1 contribution
We just went to the Funny Bone to see Carlos Mencia and celebrate my brother's start to college before he left. My stepfather paid full price for the tickets.

My brother was not feeling so hot that day, but he went anyway. He ordered ONE drink, but barely touched it and laid his head down on the table. The security told him that he couldn't do this and he immediately stopped. Instead, he rested his head on his hand and watched the show. Even though his head was no longer down, the man still came by over and over again, harassing my stepdad about my brother (who was feeling super poorly by now, but putting on a brave face) having his head down. even though it was no longer the case.

Everyone on the wait staff was starting to get irritated because Carlos Mencia had been on about two hours longer than he was supposed to be and I feel that their annoyance attributed to the bad behavior of EVERY SINGLE EMPLOYEE that we interacted with that evening.

My parents ordered quite a few drinks. They ordered the kind you pay top dollar for, with the glasses you get to take home. (They have a cupboard full of these things as proof of their loyalty to this establishment.) My brother was supposed to drive them home and was not drinking heavily. As I said before, he had about a quarter of one drink. They said that he was drunk and asked us to leave. We were astonished!! My parents were the only people with us who had more than one drink the entire evening! (I had nothing but a sprite the entire evening) We tried to explain ourselves and they wouldn't hear it. They just kept rudely telling us to go, so we left.

My stepfather returned upstairs to speak to the manager and she asked him what he wanted her to do for him. I guess he may have finally convinced her that my brother had done no wrong. When he asked her to apologize, she scoffed, turned her back on him and said "I'm just going to ask you to leave because there's nothing I can do for you"

(I want to say that I am absolutely astonished. I have worked in the service industry for seven years and have owned a business of my own for five. I would NEVER treat a customer this way no matter the complaint or request. Anyone in the service industry would have been disgusted by her behavior. This woman should be FIRED!)

When I tried to speak up and say that my parents had spent a lot of money there that night, and that they had each bought quite a few glasses, she scoffed AGAIN and said "I bet"...I can't make this stuff up folks. Then the boy that was with her literally pushed me out of the building saying, "goodbye, goodbye"

We will never go back here. I just can't even fathom the amount of disrespect shown by these people.

My parents LOVED the funny bone and have been supporting the establishment since it opened. It's where they've gone every time they've had an opportunity to go on a date or to plan a family night out. They will probably never go back either.

We're super disappointed and do not recommend this place. We were willing to forgive the tiny venue, the crappy looking stage, and the food and drink that is WAY too expensive, but the treatment we received here was atrocious. They need a major overhaul in every way.
Written August 13, 2015
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Richmond, Virginia, United States2 contributions
Stay Far AWAY from the FunnyBone VA beach. Had I not gotten a free ticket I wouldn't have gone. I ordered a beer and a soda for my friend and they charged me 15 dollars! 4 for the beer which I ordered and then 7.50 for a soda!?!?!?! I asked the waitress and she told me I ordered the Souvenir soda that came with a glass and unlimited refills. HOWEVER, I DID NOT order this drink. First off, had my friend ordered this drink my friend would've gotten refills IF HE could have tracked down the waitress who was AWFUL. When I asked the waitress about it she called me a liar saying I had ordered the soda, which in fact I DID NOT. I ordered a normal soda and didn't need a 7.50 soda with a souvenir glass. She never fixed the bill, or offered too. She simply dismissed me and brought me my check. On the check it already had the tip built in and i crossed it out and just paid my bill but they ended up charging me the tip anyways...and don't even get me started on the service. It took my 27 minutes to get my Bud Light. SERVICE SUCKS and the only way I'll ever be back is if I get a free ticket and will make sure NOT TO SPEND a dime in this place. STAY AWAY!!! The waitress was working the upper deck.
Written December 3, 2013
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Norfolk, VA27 contributions
The comedians were great, don't get me wrong. But there's a big opportunity in this area to open a class act club. The Funny Bone in Virginia Beach isn't it. The name is appropriate though since everything about the physical space and the staff makes you feel like you got a serious slam to the funny bone: a sharp shooting pain that bring tears to your eyes and makes you laugh only because it's a reflext, not because there's joy.

Again, the comedians were great. We saw Bobcat Goldthwaite, May 24, 2013. Alas, the club is not a class act. First, you walk up filthy looking stairs and stand around outside on a balcony that is drab and dreary. Entrance is, again, drab and dreary. The admission staff treat everyone like criminals. You get carded, everyone no matter how clearly beyond underage you are. Your shopping bags searched. Gee, sorry, don't bother to actually visit Town Center stores and spend money while you are here, you will just get hassled when you try to take in a show.

I had grabbed a cup of coffee before hand. We were killing time waiting for friends. As I entered I was told that I had to dump the coffee. Uh, OK. Class act. I don't even think Regal theater makes me dump my Starbucks! So, I step aside to drink down the coffee. Then, the doorman cards me again. I stood right next to him, drinking coffee! Pretty rude. When we went inside, there was yet another bouncer-looking type giving everyone the once over.

We didn't use the bar but from what I saw it was grim little affair of the red outdoor carpeting on the floor sort.

Once inside, instead of accomodating our group of five at a small table for four, we were forced to sit at two tables for four, split up. We found out why, later. Because they made the couple sit with another couple whom they didn't know. There was no way we would be allowed to push the table together for a table for 8 - and then invite the extra couple to the group, much as you might dine with people you don't know at a Japanese steak house.

We were packed in like sardines, hunched over our tables, trying to see. As with any sort of show where there is restaurant style seating, you often have to be able to turn your chair around to see. But the sardine seating they used made this impossible. So, instead of being able to comfortably enjoy the show, we couldn't. This has got to cramp their revenues because there's no way you want to order anything to eat under these conditions.

All in all, the place is an embarrassment to Virginia Beach's Town Center.
Written May 25, 2013
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Deon R
Jacksonville, FL2 contributions
I arrived at the show with a group of family members. However my mom arrived with her party moments before us and was seated. When I walked in the host asked me where my party was. I had explained to him that there were a few feet away from he. So he insisted that I walk in with them. So after waiting for them we were seated direct next to my mom's party. Therefore I moved my seat about two feet over to sit near my mom since she has a medical condition. I was told by a bouncer that I needed to sit closer to my party. At this rate I felt annoyed and controlled. I've visited multiple comedy clubs in New York and Las Vegas. And I have never seen anything like it. A night of fun turns into bouncers treating you like scum for patronizing this business. So after being told that I could not sit a near the table two feet away from my party of ten I threw my hands up and walked out. No refund needed nor wanted. I just wanted to GET FAR AWAY FROM FUNNY BONE.
Written December 1, 2019
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Salisbury, MD3 contributions
The venue and performers were SPECTACULAR! We had a great night of laughs with a party of 6. However, every individual in the group experienced such rudeness from staff. The greeter was rude when we came through the door. We joked (as we were 50+ years old) how refreshing to be ID'd. He just stared at us while we were attempting to be social and said, "I need your ID". Seriously, we were trying to pull them out of our wallet and make some polite small talk. So, we brushed that off thinking - maybe he's just a grouchy person. Next encounter was when we had our VIP tickets scanned. He could not have been more rude. We were all standing there in the group, silently waiting for him to scan and he asked twice if we were all there, both times we said, yep, we're all here and he literally said, well why didn't you say so? We almost thought he was joking until he rudely told us to just go be seated. Our waitress was horrible. She had to speak to take our order, but then rudely responded when we asked if the kitchen was closed or if there was a food cut off time and for refills. The worst part was after the show, we were in line to purchase merchandise and three separate employees were talking to everyone like we were all criminals! We were all standing in a line on the side of the hallway to allow people to pass by and on occasion, they would yell like we were in a lineup at us to stay on the wall. No one was even moving! We were just waiting to buy a t-shirt! It was so oppressive (I hate calling it that b/c it sounds like a liberal word with people who can't tolerate the world and we are definitely not that) that I looked at my husband and told him I felt like one of the 'guards' was almost hostile to me. I would usually read a review like this & think...hmmmm, wonder what they were doing to provoke it, wonder if they were drunk & disorderly & those poor staff members had to deal with idiots all night. But, we're professional adults. We didn't have an alcoholic beverage at all, we ate nachos, my husband is the Chief of Police, there were business managers in our group, Medical professionals - we're like, ordinary professional people who left feeling like we had been treated like suspects of a crime. This venue has brought great talent to the area. Now they just need to hire great talent to treat their paying customers with respect - like human beings. If you can try to not interact in ANY way with ANY staff, sit back & enjoy the show - you'll have a blast. If you need to interact with the staff, just remember to keep your eyes down, try to make your questions/comments very short & sweet, don't attempt to be social or kind - just be a robot and you may survive without being disrespected. What a shame.
Written September 26, 2019
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