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Cookology Recreational Culinary School

Cookology Recreational Culinary School
Cooking Classes
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11:00 AM - 7:00 PM
10:00 AM - 9:30 PM
10:00 AM - 9:30 PM
10:00 AM - 9:30 PM
10:00 AM - 9:30 PM
10:00 AM - 9:30 PM
10:00 AM - 9:30 PM
11:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Hands-On, Recreational Culinary Classes for children and adults.
Suggested duration
1-2 hours
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Very good

Amy S
Leesburg, VA35 contributions
Mar 2013 • Family
not for experienced chefs. Our chef instructor was nice and had adequate instructions but when asked where he studied his response was basically on youtube and by working in a restaurant. He also added that he loved the food network shows.

We enjoyed the class and our date but if you are looking for more intense class this might not be it.
Written March 6, 2013
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Maria O
Manassas, VA7 contributions
Dec 2019 • Couples
Awesome experience with Chef Javier! He was excellent and gave everyone individual attention.
My husband and I took the Pasta By Hand: Pappardelle alla Bolognese class. It was a great time. Food is awesome very tasty, for the price and event its actually very reasonable.

We are very excited to take another class soon with Cookology! Chef Javier rocks!
Written December 4, 2019
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karyn A
Sterling, VA57 contributions
Jul 2018 • Family
I signed up my daughter (12yrs old) and her friend for a week of summer camp cookology in July. At first she was a bit apprehensive because she had been to a party and didn’t like the pizza that they made. She was so excited everyday about all the dishes and things that they learned in one week. She is now my Chef and cooks us dinner with so much confidence. Best money I ever spent! I signed her up for another week of camp plus signed myself up for an adult class. Looking forward to the class myself. She learned Knife skills - and is now very confidant with holding and using knives. She learned Mongolian beef, teriyaki chicken (made all the sauces from scratch) - our favorite entree to cook now. She also made caramel flan, fortune cookies, and biscotti, etc, made an awesome very tasty tortilla soup, ravioli and parmigiana chicken and other entrees and desserts. I saved most of the recipes as everything was quite tasty. I highly recommend both adults and kids to try (especially the kids since it teaches and encourages them to expand their range of food selection/taste).
Written July 12, 2018
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Centreville3 contributions
Oct 2012 • Couples
First of all the owner (Maria Kopsidas) of this company doesn't know how to run a business, she was rude and insulting on the phone. My wife and I received a $150 gift card for our wedding, when we went to use it the other day it said it was for $65. My wife called the company to find out what was going on and was told it was already redeemed and there was nothing we could do.

I called back to talk to Maria who was less then helpful or sympathetic, spouting off their gift card system and records are one of the best in the industry (yet they have no way of knowing who redeemed. Their system uses a 4 # gift-card and you can type in any # while registering for a class, obviously someone just type in ours. I have already told Maria I will be contacting the BBB and will take legal action if needed. As a business owner she should learn to be more considerate to a potential customer.
Written October 8, 2012
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Chantilly, VA21 contributions
Apr 2012 • Couples
If you actually want your recipes after the class (which is part of what you pay for), don't waste your money. I took a class back in April and after 4 attempts, I still haven't received any resolution. I had high expectations given the ratings, but they've really dropped the ball and simply don't seem to care about earning repeat business. Buyer beware!
Written July 2, 2012
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allen H
Haymarket, VA33 contributions
Jan 2013 • Couples
Going to a cooking class and expecting a fine experience will leave you short here. The Manager sits at a computer and plays on line. The Teacher reads from the menu and hardly knows more than the students. There was not enough food for 6 students, there was not enough pots, pans, measuring cups, spoons. Nothing to keep your area clean(napkins were added at the end of the class) and several times students had to share or combine in order to complete the meal. When anyone had to wait for a cooking spot the instructor went ahead without them. The general lack of care was evident. For the amount of money this costs it was vastly overpriced.
Written January 24, 2013
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Washington DC, District of Columbia4 contributions
Aug 2012 • Solo
I cannot comment on Cookology's cooking classes but I am initially put off and not interested in going because of their customer service. I received a gift card some time ago and have not had a chance to use it. I called to inquire about using it now as there is no expiration date listed anywhere. The lady that answered the phone was very short and would not even dialogue with me on the issue of there being no expiration date listed. I think that if you have a gift card to a local business and they fail to put an expiration date on it then they should honor the customers card. That would be good customer service. However, after she told me that it was no longer good she ignored my comment about the expiration date and hung up on me while I was in mid sentence. I'm sorry, but that does not make me want to hurry in if they are going to treat a potential new customer that way. Even if there was NO way that they could honor my card (which I highly doubt) I would have appreciated being treated like they valued me as a new customer interested in trying out their classes. I did not get that feeling AT ALL and really cannot believe that she hung up on me. Just had to say my two cents on that....when a business fails to have good customer service thats a major turn off
Written August 20, 2012
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Jason L
Reston, VA4 contributions
Feb 2014 • Couples
My wife and I took the pad tai class over Valentine’s Day weekend. The staff was very nice but a few things bothered me:

1. Our chef (Jeff) was extremely disorganized and spent much of the class hunting around the kitchen for utensils and cookware (this may not have been his fault). Half of the burners in the class did not work, which really screwed up the timing of the class. Jeff was researching how to make these dishes while he was giving the class. He was not prepared!

2. There were not ample to-go containers, which most people wanted. Chef Jeff actually rinsed out his Gatorade bottle and used it as a to-go container for one of student’s soup. This was disgusting and probably in violation of several health codes. The bags they gave us were used plastic grocery store bags. I think it is good they are recycling bags, but wrinkled up used plastic bags look very unprofessional.

3. We had to ask for the recipes for several weeks. We have still not received them.

I’m not sure if I would try Cookology again. Perhaps this was just a bad experience, but why waste my time and money to find out. I would like to say that other than the chef putting soup in his used Gatorade bottle, the rest of the facility seemed very clean, and aesthetically pleasing.
Written March 5, 2014
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Sterling, VA10 contributions
Oct 2013 • Couples
Recently I did a date night class and I wish I could get my money back. The instructor was disorganized and rushed. We didn't get to make some of the food that we were supposed to make. We were supposed to grill steak and all we got to do was season it. The instructor cooked all of the steaks himself and overcooked them so they were beyond well done. He seemed to want to make everything easier for himself. Our class ate together at the end of the meal and most of us had food that was too salty. Several of the desserts tasted and smelled bad.

Also things weren't the most hygienic when it came to distributing the food items we worked with. I was grossed out that several of the class participants were licking their fingers and then we picked out food to prepare from one platter.
Written October 19, 2013
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Chantilly, VA195 contributions
Aug 2014 • Friends
Let me first premise this by saying I have been to this school a few times before (a few years ago) for more appetizer type classes (not in the main kitchen) with an instructor (no longer there) who was fantastic! We had a great time, so when some friends asked us to do a couples thing for Cookology's Date Night class we were excited to do so. We are not beginners and are very comfortable in a kitchen, but any new techniques or good recipes are worth a fun night out with friends - right?

Not right. End excitement. This school has a great idea with extraordinarily poor execution.

- You can purchase any bottles of the wine they sell and drink while you cook – absolutely awesome idea! We had a nice bottle with other couples in the class. The dinner comes with a glass of wine as well, whatever is pre-selected to go with the meal.

- Our instructor (who seemed very nice, though not very knowledgeable) began the class by stating that she had never made any of the recipes before, but was sure they looked good on the internet. Repeated it twice more during the session. Wow, really? Strike 1.

- The instructor breezed through the class never pausing to see if everyone was caught up or ready to move onto the next step or even accomplishing the current step correctly. There were lots of beginners in the class who were constantly asking "what did she say?" "how many of x or y?" or "which recipe are we on?" since there was no real instruction. The instructor moved quickly from one thing to another, paying more attention to the chalk board recipes, probably because she had never made them and barely seemed to know what to do herself.

- Impossibly dull knives made it a misery to cut and prep any of the ingredients. I will also group in the impossibly dull microplanes which we didn't get any lemon zest from for our marinade. (One of my friends saw a knife sharpener at the end of the class, pointed to it with a question mark and the instructor commented that she had never seen anyone use it – eeek!!)

- There is ONE Roboku (food processor) for an entire class, 8 couples. It took forever for us to make our potato paste (ack!) as we waited one by one to complete the task (I heard several mumbles of annoyance around the room).

- New skills? Don't expect to learn a single one. Watching her didn't seem to inspire any questions either, nothing seemed overtly skilled.

- Basic cooking of sautéed green beans = FAIL. Fresh green beans with a bit of oil, garlic, onions and tomato sauce. Sweat the onions and garlic, add beans and tomato sauce, cook until done, those were the instructions. No and no. You NEED water and lid to the pot (or par boil them or SOMETHING!). Once a few couples had burned their uncooked beans to the bottom of the pan did the instructor indicated you could add some water. Internet search sautéed beans, you need water, a lid for the pot and time to steam cook them.

- The "dessert" was honey and sesame seeds (a Greek type of candy, I think); the instructor told everyone to mix it up, bring it to a boil and put it in a greased pan to set and be cut later. Um, you need a candy thermometer to bring the honey (aka sugar) to the correct temperature in order for it to “set”. Notably at the end of the meal prep the honey sesame "candy" poured onto a plate, no cutting necessary. Yuck.

- We cooked pork kabobs on their open grill – awesome! I love grilled meats. I do not know the temperature of their grill so when I asked how long we should cook them I was told “until you think it looks done”. Seriously? Now, I personally could gauge doneness by pushing on the pork, but again several couples in there were beginners so they were A. not learning anything, B. possibly poisoning themselves or C. eating overcooked dry meat because they were scared to take it off too soon.

- Recipes were sent via email promptly after the class, within 3 days.

Look, I know this review sounds whiney and wayyyyy too long, but I wanted to be specific about my complaints instead of just “this sucks”; however, for $130 ($65/person) you/we should all expect a lot more for our money and if I can save someone the hassle then I am happy to do so. Also, if you are truly a beginner I don’t think this place is for you – unless $130 with little learning is something that you are looking for on a Saturday night. There are a lot of better options in the NOVA area; I suggest trying one of those. If you look at my other reviews I am not a complainer, in fact, most of my reviews are glowing because I truly look for the fun in places I go and try. The only fun I had was with our friends and it was of our own making. The only reason I didn’t give this 1 star is because there is a great idea here, it just needs someone to care enough to execute it correctly.
Written August 27, 2014
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