Betty's Music Bar
Betty's Music Bar
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  • Tiffany R
    Kingston upon Thames, United Kingdom19 contributions
    Incredible night after night!
    I just want to say a massive thank you! Coming here most nights was one of the highlights of my holiday! Although it’s definitely there fault I woke up with a hangover every day! Firstly - great value for money with the drinks! I was astonished at how little we payed for how much we got! Incredible! Mel was incredibly polite with us the entire trip and knew us by name! I love going to a bar where they can greet you by name! It makes you feel more welcome. Secondly, what a great voice Leanne has got! Honestly watching her sing and blast them notes out was amazing! She’s an incredible host and works so hard to keep everyone smiling and happy, the best part is she really feels the mood for the night and helps you choose songs to that vibe! I love that! Just like Mel, Leanne also incredibly polite and fun to be around, again knew us by name, and always said hello and bye! The friend of mine I came with is not a karaoke fan! He’s not a singer and doesn’t enjoy listening to it, after I convinced him the first night, he was the one dragging me back there, even he was loving it and nearly got up to do a song (next time!) I even bought friends who I knew out there to the bar, and they even came back again without us! Honestly we thank you guys for making that one of the most enjoyable experiences!
    Traveled with friends
    Written December 28, 2017
  • Neil M
    4 contributions
    Best bar in Cala Egos!
    Bettys is absolutely amazing! We receive a warm welcome from Leanne and Mel every time. Best bar in Cala Egos by miles. We will be back in August, Bettys!!!! Can't wait!
    Traveled with family
    Written June 15, 2018
  • JRDeane
    Trowbridge, United Kingdom22 contributions
    Must go to place
    Many happy evenings here during our 2 week stay @ Rocamariner Leanne & Mel are great hosts & keep the place rocking with some great karaoke love it
    Written June 11, 2018
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Very good

Jackie Z
Bristol, UK32 contributions
Jun 2015
What a rude bar manager! We were a group of females on a girls weekend away. We are all in our 50s and 60s I hasten to add. On our first night in the resort we were dissuaded from going in here by a couple who'd just got chucked out for dancing while the karaoke was playing. On our last night we decided to have a final drink in here before returning to our villa. Ok, we were being boisterous, but it was harmless fun. The lady behind the bar stormed over and told us to keep the noise down 'because of the residents in the apartment upstairs'. What?..... Maybe she should consider turning the venue into a library. When we expressed our disagreement to her suggestion, she accused us of using her bar for a late drink. Well of course we were! She was the only place left open in the street and she sells booze. What does she expect. Lighten up lady, and get a sense of humour. Enter here at your own peril!
Written June 18, 2015
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Faye P
Kidderminster, UK65 contributions
Oct 2017 • Couples
My mum, stepdad, Fiance and I visited here last Tuesday (3rd Oct) and thought it was lovely... the outside area is great - we went in to order the drinks and I was greeted by the most miserable barmaid ever. She just gave me 'yes' or 'no' answers the whole time and didn't smile once!!
We did have an ok night though and thought we would go back on the Thursday for my mum's 50th birthday as my stepdad wanted to sing Karaoke for her birthday and he has never done it before!!!
Again, greeted by the same miserable barmaid - we ordered bottles of Mahou and only got back 'No Mahou' and gave us no indication of what beer they did have left very helpful... We finally managed to get some drinks and sat down.
Once my stepdad had chosen a song I went and requested it only to be told it 'wasn't right for the night' - It was Kaiser Chiefs - I Predict a Riot and that we needed to go pick another more suited for the time of evening which was 'cheesey stuff' apparently, he could only sing I predict a Riot if he was able to 'put on a show'?!?!
I thought the whole point of Karaoke was to have a laugh... no matter how old/young/talented you are - I obviously got it wrong!
We then picked out a more 'cheesey' soug and went for 'Bruno Mars - Marry You' and were then told we were too late to sing as the bar shut at Midnight. There was then an announcement straight after we sat back down to see if anymore singers wanted a go before the bar shut!!!
We felt very unwelcome here and unless you were a 'local' or next xfactor star you weren't really able to have fun here. We left our drinks and went to Bongo's next door which was a lot more fun in our opinion!!
Written October 8, 2017
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.
We are sorry to hear that you did not have a good time at our establishment on the occasions that you visited. As is often the case for businesses in general, you chose to tell Trip Advisor, rather than us. This denies us the opportunity to improve your experience. As you were sitting outside, it was a shame you didn't notice the signs advertising our three draft lagers- Carling, San Miguel and Kronenbourg. We also stock a number of bottled beers including Corona, Coors Light and Desperado. Failing that, we offer standard and fruit flavoured ciders. We are the only bar in the area to offer three draft lagers. However, you are correct - we do not serve Mahou. Our reviews show that the vast majority of customers are satisfied by the range of drinks on offer. The miserable barmaid you refer to is the owner of the bar. On both nights you visited we were very busy. Our primary concern is to keep queues to a minimum on nights such as these. The owner also recalls that your manner was a little rude when you were informed that we did not sell Mahou. We manage to please 99% of our customers. However if Mahou was your main requirement, there are other establishments in the area that would fulfil your need. I am glad to note that your experience wasn't so terrible as to stop you from returning a second time. Our host remembers your request to sing. We differ from other karaoke bars in that singers are not always called to the stage in order. We like to create a 'karaoke show'. Likewise, should we feel that a particular song is not right for the evening in question - we like to suggest an alternative. It is better for the singer and better for the audience experience. On the night you visited, the clientele were mainly of retirement age and enjoying songs more along the lines of 'Sweet Caroline'. On a different night, your choice would have been perfect. This is where our host has such a difficult job -ensuring the night flows properly and managing what will (and won't) work on any given night. When you asked for 'Marry You' by Bruno Mars we simply didn't have it. We have thousands and thousands of song choices available but on very rare occasions, we are unable to find a song. Our host offered you alternative songs by Bruno Mars but you chose not to take up this offer. You were categorically not told you couldn't sing. If there are gaps in the schedule. Our host would always inform the audience that there was still time to request to sing before the end of karaoke at midnight. We are legally required to finish at this time. We look forward to welcoming you back to our bar and giving us the opportunity for you to have the same excellent customer experience that the majority of our patrons enjoy - I refer you to over 150 Trip Advisor reviews for details. Likewise, you will also see that our Social Media page is full of hundreds of happy customers. So we do get it right most of the time!
Written October 9, 2017
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Harleigh D
1 contribution
Oct 2018 • Friends
Went to bettys bar for a casual drink and a sing a long with my best friend, the time was getting on and bettys was coming to a close soon, as it was the first time me and my friend have been out to explore the night life, my friend asked the bar man were we could go after bettys closed to carry on with our night?, my friend came back over to me, were i went to pass her her drink back when the bar lady came over snatched our full glass of wine out of hands and told us to get out!, we asked why, she told us to just get out and leave..with confusion we did as we was told. Later on that night we meet a group of ladies who also was at bettys that night who said they was rudely spoken to because they was apparently only cheering on their own group of friends when they sang on the karaoke and not the lady who runs the bar!, they soon chose to leave the bar as they said the atmosphere came sour and unwelcoming. we later moved on to a much better bar to be told by the locals bettys is known for their rude attitude towards customers. This made me and my friend very upset and angry that we was treated like this for no reason at all! And will not be returning to bettys in the future.
Written October 15, 2018
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.
I am so very sorry to hear that you did not enjoy your Betty's experience. I remember you, vividly. You definitely seemed to be excited that this was your first night. Very excited! So excited that other customers commented on it. Repeatedly. So excited, that you jumped on stage to dance with a drink in your hand, surrounded by expensive speakers, sound desk etc. So excited that you explicitly told me what I could do when I asked you not to bring you drink on stage. There was talk of physical violence but I know you didn't mean it, you were just 'excited'. You were indeed asked to leave when your excitement became too large for our modest business to cope with. I am glad you found the local late night bar and nightclub. It is open until very late, has a large dance floor with no boring old rules about dancing with drinks as their expensive equipment is in a raised, closed off area. They are also able to have their music VERY LOUD...which is great for excitable people who want to be VERY LOUD too. Cala Egos and Cala d'Or is a very small community and I previously worked in the venue you ended up in, my reputation as a loyal former employee precedes me. Our community here is very small. We are all supportive of each other's businesses. We are not just neighbours, we are friends. So I will take that part of your review with a pinch of salt. We have had three negative Trip Advisor reviews in five seasons of trading. Out of thousands of customers that we have served, that equates to a tiny, minute percentage of people that left disappointed. Over 220 reviews on Trip Advisor have a total opposite opinion to you. I also refer you to our social media page where you will note that you are the only person to EVER leave a negative review. On publicising this review, we received a plethora of comments and private messages from our regulars (customers who return year on year) saying how well they remembered you. They weren't complimentary - sorry! Ordinarily I would invite you to visit again however we cannot cater to your requirements and would suggest that a late bar/nightclub would suit you better. Many thanks for taking the time to post this review. We will keep striving to achieve a 100% satisfaction level and take every criticism as an opportunity to learn.
Written October 16, 2018
This response is the subjective opinion of the management representative and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

GaznLee B
Greater Manchester, UK15 contributions
May 2019 • Couples
Called in this place as I had read reviews about it and thought we would give it a try. The woman who runs the karaoke is so far up her self and rude, not welcoming at all. After choosing a song to sing I asked for a little more volume and echo on the mike at to which she said this is how I have it and it’s my mike so literally the answer was no. Her attitude was appalling and so rude considering that to the effect we are coming in to this place buying drinks and effectively paying your wages !!! It’s much better further down the road at Sparkles 👍
Written May 15, 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.
The 'woman who runs the karaoke' is also known as the owner, just for your information. That would be me. I am wondering at what point was I not welcoming? You asked me about the choices of songs available, I directed you to our karaoke book with suggested song titles and also informed you that I had 40,000 further songs on my system. Granted, not the 120,000 that you are used to (as per your equally complimentary social media review) but we get by! You asked me to look for Ken Dodd's 'Happiness' which now seems like a cruel joke as you appear to be anything but happy! Song found, located, performed by a member of your party. All seemed well. So much so that you went on to sing a jaunty little swing number. Rather well, may I add. Alas, this is where things took a turn. You were unhappy with the microphone volume and effect that was on it. Happiness turned to grumpiness. I am restricted with my levels and setting due to a very very very long and ongoing situation with our local council. Along with everybody else in the Balearics and Spain as a whole we are bound by the restrictions of our licence and also to keep our sound below a specific, measured level. If not, I am at risk of a €3000 on the spot fine. To counter this, the microphones in the bar are set at a consistent voume, with a particular type of effect/reverb. Please feel free to google this to read countless news stories of bars having to close due to this issue. My co-owner and I both previously worked at Sparkles and frequently recommend it to our customers. It's a great place to continue the party to until late, so I'm delighted that you found it more to your tastes. I note that you own/run a pub yourself and also seem to have reviewed the very same pub here on Trip Advisor. Isn't that against Trip Advisor's rules and regulations? Does that also then invalidate the integrity of your review of Betty's? In any case, I wish you well in your future singing endeavours and should you wish to visit Betty's again you will be assured of a very warm welcome.
Written May 16, 2019
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Dave E
Liverpool, UK13 contributions
Aug 2015 • Friends
Had a fantastic time in Betty's thanks to Leanne and Mel who make everyone so welcome. Great atmosphere and great karaoke from 6 to 60 everyone is welcome to sing. Leanne has a brilliant voice and Mel and Leroy work so hard at the bar. We will all be back again next year to exercise our vocal chords. The Liverpool Lungs. Viva Las Vegas xx
Written August 9, 2015
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Stratford-upon-Avon, UK1 contribution
Jul 2014 • Family
Leanne & Mel make this bar a brilliant experience. They are welcoming, engaging & top hosts. Both have the ability to make each person in the bar feel like the most important. The customers are seen as mates not just a way to make cash.

This bar will definitely be a holiday highlight for all who visit & I intend to return again.
Written July 20, 2014
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Joe F
1 contribution
Aug 2019 • Family
Can’t believe someone is going to moan about this place for the owner (who’s a great singer by the way) singing a few songs.

Been to Betty’s plenty of times as my Auntie has an apartment out there. A lot of people go just to see Leanne sing but she certainly doesn’t stay on for 5 songs. Everybody who puts there name down gets the chance to go up.

Friendly staff, great with kids, brilliant measures with the spirits and fantastic atmosphere.

Would recommend to anybody to go visit!

Written September 14, 2019
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Stoke-on-Trent, UK2 contributions
Oct 2018 • Friends
We’d heard of the famous Betty’s and as we were unsure we nervously visited on the second night of our holiday, WOW what a welcome! we were instantly welcomed into this great bar! They were really busy but made us feel included and special straight away! We never looked back and went every night afterwards. Amazing atmosphere, great drinks prices, super friendly bar service from mel and her team and fantastic hosting on the karaoke from leanne.she is a legend! The music system is amazing! Everyone is included and catered for it always feels like one big international family! A clean, safe environment. You will leave as friends. 10 out of 10! A fantastic find. (And we were all inclusive at our hotel but couldn’t wait to go and pay for a drink the bar was so good)! !, we’re already looking at going back as soon as we can for a week just to revisit this fantastic place. Go and visit if your staying in Cala egos (a two minute walk), 5 mins in a taxi from Porto Pedro or Cala d’Or.( cheap as chips on price)! It’ll make you holiday I promise! Well done girls, see you soon xxx
Written October 16, 2018
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.

5 contributions
Aug 2018 • Couples
Betty's bar is a friendly fun bar for all the family. You will have to sing whoever you are, young or old or good looking like us. The hosts Leanne and Mel were great, lots of laughs and lots of drinks. We would definitely visit again if Leanne and Mel promise to do addicted to love on stage (hilarious). We would highly recommend a visit.
Ang and Al.
Written September 2, 2018
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Isle of Man, UK2 contributions
Jun 2018 • Family
This bar is by far the best in Cala Egos. The staff (Jamie and Gabe) are fantastic and funny. The music is fabulous. Sing alongs are an every night event. Leanne is a fantastic entertainer and singer and Mel manages the bar in a welcoming but chilled manner. My five year old son loves Betty’s as he is made so welcome. Betty’s simply can’t be beat for entertainment, a great atmosphere and lively people. Can’t wait to go back. It is our home away from home!
Written June 15, 2018
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