Mombacho Volcano

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Mombacho Volcano
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Sydney, Australia3,766 contributions
Unforgettable views!
Nov 2020
Mombacho Volcano is a distinctive figure which can be seen from almost any part of Granada. Located just 10km outside of Granada Nicaragua, this is an extinct volcano with its own unique habitat and cloud forest. For the best views of Granada and a whole lot more you must do a hike at the top of Mombacho Volcano! We came across plenty of wildlife on our volcano hike, like howler monkeys and the guardabarranco, the national bird of Nicaragua. Best of all we were rewarded with spectacular views of Granada, Lake Nicaragua, Las Isletas, Volcano Masaya and Laguna de Apoyo.
There are 3 hiking trails that you can do at the top of the volcano:
• Crater Trail – This is the easiest of the trails and does not require a guide. It can be done in 1-2 hours, is 1.5km in distance and includes a couple of lookouts with stunning views over Granada and Lake Nicaragua
• El Tigrillo Trail – This trail requires a guide
• El Puma Trail – This is the most demanding of the hikes and requires a guide
There is an entry fee for Mombacho Volcano for entrance to the park and an additional price for the specific trail you want to go on. The cost of entry to Reserva Natural Volcán Mombacho as at November 2020 was $5 USD for foreigners and $4 USD for locals. You also have to pay an additional amount depending on the trail you decide to walk once you have reached the top. We chose the Mombacho Crater Trail. This was a further $2 USD for foreigners and $1 USD for locals, bringing the total entry cost to $7 USD and $5 USD respectively. For the tougher Mombacho Tigrillo trail and Puma trail, you need to walk with a guide and these will cost you more for both the trail and the guide. You also have the option of taking a truck up to the top, however this will set you back $22 USD per person.
Written September 26, 2021
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Houthulst, Belgium9 contributions
Insanely expensive & rude tourist trap made with one purpose: to rip people off...
Mar 2020
This vulcano is nothing special, yet... they ask INSANE prices!!!!
20$ PER PERSON!!! Just for a 15 min ride up and down!! this is insane considering u pay 3$ to drive for 4 hours from one city to another for example...
PLUS the drives up and down are like 4-5 times a day so if u arrive at the wrong time u might have to wait 2 hours or more .... even tho its a 15 min ride they let u wait!!

WAAAIT this isn't all!!

U still have to pay to do the crater walk then.... that only takes 30min!! so more then 20$ for something that takes 30 minutes to walk...

IF u want to do the longer trails, guess what??? U HAVE to take a guide ... = even more money!!! even tho it's so easy to navigate..

I asked If it is possible to take the transport up and walk down for 10$.. no this isnt possible....

He said it is possible to walk up and take transport down for 10$ .. because he knew I wouldnt do that... PLUS u have to pay 5$ to walk up and down!!! so I would have to pay that aswell!!!! that would also have been 15$ insane..

So I just paid and regretted it immediately .. While driving up in an almost empty car we passed so many people walking up this insanely steep roads sweating and dying and they didnt care.. (it takes 2 hours to walk up!)

while going down they saw 2 girls walk down alone and they did pick them up for a free ride.... (while some passengers just paid 10$ for the ride down) pretending to be good while im sure they passed em on the way up.. then a bit further 2 guys walking and didnt stop..

There are so many better options than this insanely expensive rude tourist trap...
Just DON'T DO IT..
Written April 22, 2020
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Frome, UK88 contributions
Jan 2020 • Couples
I loved this place. To get the opportunity to stick my head over the ridge of a caldera and see the magma churning below.....just amazing.

The museum on the way up was interesting and well worth a visit and if you're into geology the lava fields are exciting. Don't know if the visitor number was the maximum when we were there- I guess so but the was plenty of room for everyone. All part of my Nicaragua high.
Written April 4, 2020
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Ocala, FL346 contributions
Lots of nature not much wildlife
Feb 2020 • Friends
Natures walk to see a high altitude rain forests. Lots of plant life. Didn’t see any wildlife . Maybe early morning or sunset the animals will come out
Written February 18, 2020
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Sandy B
Kingsport, TN43 contributions
Get ready to “rock ‘n roll” up the mountain!
Apr 2019 • Family
Catch the early “bus”—the open air transport that grinds its way up almost a mile of winding roads through coffee plantations and rainforest. Take one of the trails from the reserve hostel, keep going to the overlook and look down below at the peninsula with 365 islands ....formed when where you stand exploded years ago when Mombacho erupted. The peninsula you see was the lava that flowed out into Lake NICARAGUA. Continue on the trail to an open field with even more fantastic views. Look around and enjoy the orchids and ferns at every turn. If you’re quiet you may hear the growl of a jaguar or the grunts of howler monkeys. Watch carefully as you ride the bus back down the mountain—-that’s the Pacific Ocean and the well-known Volcán Santiago at Masaya that appears through the breaks in vegetation. Sometimes the temperature drops so you may need a jacket.

Be advised! Anyone with back or neck problems need to be aware that the “bus” ride up and down the mountain will jerk and jostle you. You might need to miss this incredible journey:(
Written February 14, 2020
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Marianne F
Sydney, Australia70 contributions
Stunning El Tigrello walk in cloud forest at top of volcano
Feb 2020 • Couples
We did a morning walk on the Tigrello track with guide 'El Tigre', who was incredibly knowledgeable and enthusiastic. The cloud forest is beautiful, the crater views terrific when not in the cloud! The walk took us about 3 hours but that was because our guides were happy to go slow and look for wildlife and tell us about the forest, plants, and history. We'll worth a trip, we thoroughly enjoyed it.
Written February 6, 2020
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Polzeath, UK40 contributions
Beautiful views well worth it
Jan 2020 • Couples
Boyfriend and I did a tour from our hostel. Was about $30 each I think. We were taken to the base of the volcano in a shuttle. Waited there a while, met our guide then took the lorry van thing up. That was terrifying! It felt like we were driving nearly vertically up the volcano and were in first gear most the way. The vehicle is totally capable and they do this all day long but I’d like me you have a thing about heights then I’d say try not to look behind you. Coming down is worse.
Once up there we walked around for maybe hour and half. The easy walk around one crater. We saw a snake and a sloth! Beautiful views. Really cool being able to see Masaya, Laguna de Apoyo and lake Nicaragua all from there. Great guide. Good pace. Good price.
Written February 3, 2020
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Matt P
9 contributions
Nice hike shame about the expensive shuttle
Jan 2020 • Solo
I took a local bus from Granada heading to Rivas and jumped off at the crossroads by the volcano. A short walk up this road leads to the office where you must pay your entry fees.

The prices for the hikes are not too bad if you have enough people for the guide fees required for the puma or el tigro trail but the real rip off is the 4x4 shuttle to the top of the volcano for around $20pp

I opted to walk the 5k road and do the creator trail which cost me $7. The hike up wasnt too bad and the creator trail was nice - very easy. I had the view point to myself for some lunch and just missed a large group who had come up on the shuttle.

Fairly cheap to do yourself without organising a tour as long as your up for the hike up and down the steep cobbled road! My advice would be to set off early.
Written February 2, 2020
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Gloucester, UK1,218 contributions
Great View of The Two Volcanoes in the Lake
Dec 2019
Two smoking volcanoes and several large craters are here. the view of the volcanoes is awesome set in the lake.
Written January 20, 2020
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Winnipeg, Canada43 contributions
Give it a pass
Jan 2020
I don't like to diss a pathetic tourist attraction in an impoverished country but cloud forest yada yada unless you like having your bones shaken and drudging through a bush, i'd give it a pass. We didn't see anything of note. The view is great however.
Written January 8, 2020
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