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Killington - Pico Adventure Center

Killington - Pico Adventure Center
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Aug 2014 • Family
We are the type of people who appreciate Vermont in the summertime. We took the gondola and walked to the top of the mountain. What an invigorating experience looking over the beautiful mountainside.
Written September 2, 2014
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Adrienne N
Brooklyn, NY23 contributions
Sep 2019 • Couples
Came here with my boyfriend to celebrate my 31st birthday and had a blast!!! There were a lot of people mountain biking so the adventure center felt pretty quiet, which we loved since there were hardly any lines at all. Didn’t feel weird being there without kids, either. The zip line, the beast coaster, the soaring eagle... all highly recommended. We even squeezed in a little hike and got lost for a bit (our own fault/having too much fun) but it was honestly awesome! I had a really delicious veggie burger in the cafeteria, too, who would’ve thought?!
Written September 24, 2019
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Boston, MA50 contributions
Jul 2015 • Family
Wow - what a change! The new adventure center is great! 1. Segway tours with Chris are fun and exciting. Chris is an engaging, enthusiastic, and patient guide who clearly loves what he does. 2. The new flow mountain biking trails are fun for beginners (like me) as well as athletic thrill seekers (as my teenager attests). 3. Mountain Coaster is faster than others we have ridden. 4. Staff throughout is phenomenal - very courteous and helpful, and don't make you feel bad if you don't do something well. It's a very welcoming place to beginners who want to try something new. 5. Gondola rides and lunch at The Peak - outstanding. What a surprise our lunches there have been - the food, while a little pricey, is what you'd expect at an outstanding restaurant. Food, even french fries, are cooked to your order, menu is intriguing and creative (crab cake sandwich with miso slaw and aioli on grilled ciabatta; Cuban sandwich, burger with carmelized onions, VT cheddar and bacon; salads made with local ingredients, yum!). A fun day can be had by riding the gondola to the top on a clear day (best view east of the Rockies) with lunch at The Peak.
What a wonderful surprise the new adventure center has been.
Written July 27, 2015
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Massachusetts4 contributions
Jul 2019 • Family
We went to Killington Adventure Center on Friday July 5, 2019. We were a large group of 16 (12 Adults + 4 Kids). We reached the place noon and were told by the coordinator that the Gondola ride to top was going to close at 2PM for an event- so we quickly took a ride (which was a 2min drive from Killington Adventure Center). We stayed at the top for 45mins before heading back down since the adventure center closed at 5PM. First ride we went on was Mountain Coaster. We waited in line for 30mins and when it was our turn we were told that there wasn’t a 2nd person so to wait a couple of minutes more which was fine but ended up being 15min wait. Half way up the coaster stopped due to technical difficulties and we had to wait for 10mins for it to restart. All those were fine, technical issues happen and we enjoyed the rest of the day (Dual ZipLine, Rope course etc until the last Wreck Tangle Course. This is where things went haywire- at the end of the ZipLine 3 members of our group got injured due to not being informed of what would happen at the end of the line (ie. The ZipLine throws you off onto the large landing cushion). We understand that it’s a high activity course and doing it as our own risk BUT staff should inform participants what is going to happen exactly and how you should prevent injuring yourself. There also was nobody to give support at the end of the line and to help you off the landing cushion. This is unacceptable. I would retrain your staff not to leave the course unattended at all times to prevent future accidents/injuries happening especially where kids are involved
Written July 7, 2019
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Elise S
South Carolina3 contributions
Aug 2018 • Family
We arrived early afternoon on a day with no expectation of rain, bought all-day passes for 3 ($220), rode the coaster once (fun!!), and then all activities had to stop due to lightning in the area. They were closed then for the rest of the day as a storm passed through. They offered no refund or discount or anything for a future visit. So it cost us over $70 each for one ride on the coaster. The place is great; the ticket policy isn’t.
Written August 7, 2018
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Baltimore, MD50 contributions
Jul 2011
Somehow we expected more, especially for the price. It wasn't crowded when we were there and we still had to wait 40 minutes at the ugly climbing wall- plywood spray painted blue with rock holds- and there was only one girl working and five people waiting to use the wall. The mini golf course is in sad shape, greens are poorly maintained and the course is crowded (why? Because you don't have to wait in line to play mini-golf). The alpine slide is fun but beware! You WILL be rear ended by another cart if you're not going fast enough (or, like me, needed a minute to get accustomed to the cart, the track and the controls) down the slide. This is not a fun or memorable experience. Also, no purses, bags, backpacks are allowed on the slide AND there are no lockers in which to put your stuff. Of course, no one mentioned this to me and so I rode the whole way up the lift only to be told by an employee working the alpine slide that my bag could be sent down to the bottom by itself. When I got to the lift, I was screamed at by an employee who told me that my bag couldn't go down by itself and I had to go down with it. So, if you don't stay at Pico, there is nowhere to leave your bag and you must leave it in your car (which made me uncomfortable. Yes, I know it's Killington and there is no crime but I'm from Baltimore and I trust no one). It's a very small place with an (overpriced) snack bar and the whole place has the look of an outdoor day care center. Finally, there is one bathroom, located down a long and winding corridor inside the condo/village/store complex. If you go when it's crowded and you don't stay at Pico, use the bathroom before you arrive and make sure your children do too. Or you could just save your money and go somewhere else, I hear Bromley and Stowe are much nicer!
Written July 18, 2011
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Saint Louis, MO10 contributions
Jun 2019 • Family
Whole family loved our visit. Middle-aged parents and tween kids all had a blast. The best parts were the activities that we did together - the ropes course and the Wrecktangle stand out in particular. Definitely worth the money and the trip.

From 11-year old member of our group: It was a fun and Exiting visit and I would definitely want to do it again. What I especially liked about it was the roller coaster. What made the roller coaster stand out was that you could see the landscape while also enjoying the thrill of it. I also liked the Wrecktangle ninja course and the ropes course as well. To sum it up I think that the adventure center was exceptional.
Written July 7, 2019
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Joann Tavares
Fairhaven, MA24 contributions
Jul 2018 • Family
Spent day at the adventure park. Purchased all day pass tickets on line day before or visit. Saved $20 per ticket. Packed our lunch as coolers are allowed. Kids loved the rides as did I. For $12 extra purchased K1 Gondola 1 Round -Trip Ride up to the top of Mt. Killington. Had some snacks & beverage in the restaurant. Great views! Perfect day!
Written July 24, 2018
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Dracut, MA104 contributions
Oct 2017 • Family
I would not go out of the way to visit this adventure center. However, if you are in the Killington area, it's worth the one and done experience for most. Keep in mind to make a day of it as pricing rises higher that the Soaring Eagle for a single ride purchase. Also be aware, Killington warns of ride closures at any time for mechanical or weather related issuers. The day we attended, attractions were closed not due to weather or mechanical failure but because Killington could not staff what they advertise. All attractions were open for the first hour and then three abruptly closed and failed to open for the remainder of the day. Killington charged full price anyway and use the fine print as a crutch for their ineptness to follow through on their promotions. No surprises here, as corporate greed supersedes boasting advertisements and disappoints paying clientele.
Written October 9, 2017
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New York City, NY627 contributions
Sep 2015 • Solo
Wow. I was looking for a quiet weekend to decompress and get some writing done in Vermont. When I booked a room at the Killington Grand through Killington Central Reservations, the website offered a discount on a one-day all access ticket to the Adventure Center and the K-1 Gondola. With taxes, it was about $25 off the regular rate so I went for it. No regrets.

The Adventure Center lives across a short footbridge from the Killington Grand. For guests there, it couldn't be more convenient. I was surprised to learn that it officially opened earlier in 2015. The whole operation was a fairly well-oiled machine when I visited in September. My $55 fee gave me access to three Beast Coaster rides, three Skyeride rides, Terra-Maze, 2 hours on the Skye Ropes Course, a five-minute Skyejump, free Snowshed lift rides, disc golf (which I didn't partake in), and a round trip gondola ride at K-1 (a few minutes ride away from the Adventure Center). I didn't use all my available rides and I still spent four blissful hours at this kiddieland for all ages. Beyond the rides and activities included in my day pass, there are segway tours and mountain bike rentals. And of course, a restaurant and bar. There is no shortage of things to do for an entire day if you're up to it.

Beast Coaster:
A 4,800 foot long Alpine Coaster with wicked views and butt-clenching corkscrew turns. It's a total riot. Be advised -- if you're wearing a hat, remove it from your head and sit on it or you will lose it on the way down. The day I was there, a ride operator said that eight hats had been lost that day. Their plan is to keep the coaster operating during the ski season. When I asked about ice on the coaster rails, I was told that they were still working on the best solution for that issue. I would take a pass on the winter coaster experiment until they've survived an entire season without incident.

It's described as a combined trampoline and bungee jump system. Not exactly. Participants are harnessed to bungee cords, then raised up slightly above the tramp surface to allow for bigger air on each bounce. Five minutes is more than enough for a serious cardio grind. If you feel like doing flips, go for it. The bungees have you covered.

This one had the longest and slowest lines because each ride seats only two and takes about four minutes from start to finish. It's basically a seated zip line with amazing mountain views. The website claims it travels at 30 mph, and believe me, you feel every bit of it. You would be smart to pack valuables deep in your pockets or better yet, give them to your friends waiting in line behind you. If you get queasy at the thought of zipping backwards then forwards as much as 100 feet high with nothing but a seat belt holding you in, keep your eyes on the horizon. It'll be over soon enough, and then you'll be back for more.

Skye Ropes:
The most pleasant surprise of all activities at the Adventure Center. I knew what to expect with the "thrill" attractions, but the fun of Skye Ropes is that its dynamic, you're in control, and it lasts about as long as you want to be up there. Once you get harnessed in (you have to get outfitted with a harness inside the Snowshed Lodge first), an operator will give you simple rules to follow and then secure you and your harness to an overhead network of tracks that will save you from any missteps. The course is four tiers of crossing obstacles, some trickier than others. At points you may need to yield to other Skye Rope walkers, but it's actually a pretty fun communal experience among strangers.

The Terrra-Maze is what you look down on when you're working your way through the ropes course. It's just a 5,000 sq. foot maze on concrete. If you love corn mazes, this may disappoint you. But some kids may be into it.

Gondola Ride at K-1:
Technically, this isn't part of the Adventure Center proper, but it was part of my all day access package. After fully indulging in everything at the AC, I didn't have time to get to K-1 by 4:30 for the last gondola ride up. When I went the next day, an amazingly cool K-1 cashier let me go up for free since I had actually paid for it as part of my all-access package that expired. It's little gestures like that customers remember. Thank you, K-1 cashier!

Killington has struck gold with the Adventure Center. It's family-oriented, but it's also a great way for adults to spend a mindless day in the green mountains. If you plan to go there, I recommend staying at the Killington Grand, a quick skip across the bridge.
Written September 17, 2015
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