Dolphin Dock Day Trips
Dolphin Dock Day Trips
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Dec 2022 • Friends
Guys if you’re a hardcore fisher person, this may be for you. If not, think twice. There are 12 seats inside that the whole crew sits on. The rest of the interior is covered with cots. For the 8 hour excursion you gotta go out at least 2.5 hours, then you’d no more than get a line in and when you weren’t tangled up with another angler waiting to get unstuck, you were reeling up to head at least another half hour to another location. Omg, if you just want to dabble in fishing this is not the vibe. Understaffed. The guys won’t help bait a hook for you, which on every other charter, they will happily. Lots of seasick people trying to sit uncomfortably on a cot for a total of 6 hours drive time to get 2 hours of lackluster fishing.
Written December 28, 2022
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Don T
Kyle, TX113 contributions
Nov 2022 • Solo
No comments from staff regarding the lack of catching fish on this 12 hour red snapper, Texas state trip. The captain did not put us on fish, that is his job. There were about 20 passengers, and under 10 fish caught including about three snappers. The seas were extremely rough, and the boat very small. All that can be expected from a fishing experience, but when the trip ended, no one, I repeat no one, from their staff anywhere made any comments about the lack of catching fish, and that they wish more would have been caught. We paid about $160 each for this 12 hour trip. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect at least some comments from the staff regarding the lack of catching fish, and even some minor apology for that. Again, it’s a captains job to put us on fish and he did not do it.
Written November 3, 2022
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Aimee W
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Sep 2022 • Friends
It was a good time! We caught a dozen or so odd fish- red season was over. Rough waters kept us in the bay. It was ok though- we had a great time. Temps were cooler, so the whole day was pleasant! The crew was hilarious- and we had a fun time!
Written September 28, 2022
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Hilo, HI80 contributions
Aug 2022
This is the review for La Pesca, 9 hour trip on Tuesday 16 August 2022. The trip began with a threat of a bag search prior to boarding. It seems you are not allowed to bring any water or food onboard. With this being my first trip, I went with the flow. I believe with the charter at only half capacity, they tried to conserve fuel and put us in two spots that were not producing. It took over two hours of cruising to get to these spots. With these spots not producing, the captain decided he would take us on a long trip to another spot. During this trip, he was pushing the boat at a high speed for its hull design. We suffered hours of a rough ride and water splashing on the decks. He did nothing to prevent the boat from climbing one wave and slamming into the next, jolting all passengers aboard. Total fishing time could not have been much more than an hour with about 7 hours of boat ride. Since the captain was running low on time, he decided he would fish to limit out the boat quickly. This caused some people not to catch fish but they were able to take 2 fish home. These fish were small and the fee for that day totaled at least $130 dollars plus the monopoly they had forced us into to purchase food and water. I will never return to this company for a charter. I suggest you do some research before you use this service.
Written August 17, 2022
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Raleigh B
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Jun 2022
I may have had a bit of fun trying hard to catch fish even if it was only one... which is what I say if this charter had any standards, but no let's crack down on people bringing their own food and drink on board with them because we want their money from our concessions (most of which aren't reasonable anyway let alone charged more than grocery prices). I can get by that, but this one crew member smoked during the trip for a considerable amount of time, then continued afterwards along with one person who got off the boat and did it while the same crew member did it, both of whom were feet away as I tried to preserve my fresh air filter being masks, but I wasn't even safe getting my picture taken by another frivolous swine who started smoking in the process. Two to three people I deal with just to fish let alone spend so much time to get hardly any. F*** this!
Written June 25, 2022
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Crissy J
14 contributions
Jun 2022
We booked a 4 hr trip for our family of five (8, 10 & 13yr old kids) June 2022 based on a friend's recommendation. I stumbled across these reviews 2 days before leaving & was very nervous so I felt compelled to review our experience.

We were on the St Paul with Captain Mike. I think the crew members were Josh, Matt & Ryan but don't hold me to that. We arrived around 7am & were quickly checked in. Anyone over age 17 is supposed to have a fishing license. My husband & I were able to get them in town the day before. We loaded up just before 8am. We had a mix of families, men & women on our boat....30-35 customers & I believe they said capacity was 40-45. Unfortunately we were almost last to board & therefore didn't get a seat. We stood near the back for an hour ride out there & back which wasn't horrible but next time I'd try to get on earlier & grab a seat. We got some instruction once we stopped & had 2 hours of fishing. You bait your own hooks & drop your lines in (hanging bait bins were available every coupleof people with mostly shrimp but also some fish pieces). The crew was hustling around the entire time helping remove catches, untangle lines, etc. Our family caught a lot of smaller fish...catfish mostly, one trout & one redfish too small to keep but we were pretty steady reeling catches in so that was fun. The crew had some of their poles off the back of the boat. If they catch something they grab a nearby customer to reel it in. The guy next to us got to reel in an 8 foot hammerhead which was very cool & exciting. It was released but another man caught some type of smaller shark he could keep. We were happy to catch anything & seeing two sharks up close made for an awesome experience for all of us. There were concessions on board...bottled water, snacks, beer, etc that was reasonably priced & a bathroom on each side of the boat. Even with so many people on board I always felt like a crew member was nearby when needed & they took time to interact with the kids on board while riding out/back which was so nice. As we neared the end of the trip the guy who seemed to be lowest on the totem pole did come around with the Wilson ball for you to drop tips in. Is it cheesy? Sure, but they worked hard & I had planned to tip anyway so it didn't bother me. If they didn't highlight the opportunity to tip I'm sure many people wouldn't do it so I don't fault them for it. The total catch for our trip was not as fruitful as the pictures online but maybe it was just timing. We had one keeper we opted not to take but they did say you could have your fish cleaned for .40/lb there at the dock.

We all took dramamine before boarding but there were probably 5-6 people that did get sick & looked miserable for the whole trip. I would definitely recommend taking something if it's your first trip out. We also had a chain smoking customer upwind on our side of the boat. He wasn't allowed to smoke while we were stopped but made up for it on the way out/in. Anyone who wants to smoke should be courteous & do it at the back of the boat.

It was a fun family experience for us & I was really happy with our crew. I'd recommend Dolphin Dock to others.
Written June 16, 2022
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Lubbock, TX6 contributions
Jun 2022 • Friends
Some friends of ours have been deep sea fishing with Dolphin Docks multiple times, so we organized a church trip, and ended up having a great time and maxing out on bull tiger sharks and red snapper. We did a 12 hour trip, and the first half of the ride was super choppy, 4-5 foot swells that tossed the boat around, but the crew was helpful and calm. The water did calm down some the second half of the day, and the ride back was so much smoother. Even with being sea sick for the first 4-5 hours of the trip, I had the time of my life, and the captain and crew did awesome about dropping us right over some great spots. I had never been fishing before in my life, and this was a perfect way to be introduced to the sport! We anchored in one spot where we were trying to catch some red snapper, and after 5-10 minutes of trying with nothing, the captain took us to another spot where we got a fish almost every drop. We’re going to go on a 36 hour trip next and make a tuna run.
I highly recommend these guys as they are helpful, knowledgeable, and made our trip worth it!

If you think you’ll get sea sick, take two non-drowsy Dramamine the night before, and two the morning of, and it will help so much!
Written June 8, 2022
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Jil M
1 contribution
Jan 2022
We went out on La Pesca for the 36-hour trip. A break in the weather made for excellent seas and great fishing weather.
That was the end of the good part…

The boat is about 50 years old, and it shows. From the overpowering Diesel aroma in the bunk room, to the non-stop flushing toilet that we were told not to put more than 2 square sheets in at a time or it would flood out, to the deafening roar of the engines, you’re sure to always feel more than uneasy about your safety. Sleeping comes with a real fear of CO2 poisoning as well as the bilge waters sloshing up through the decking (are we sinking?). Don’t get me wrong, we’ve roughed it in some pretty bad places on the hunt for fish, however, this one takes the cake.

Any fears of sleeping below deck can be solved by sleeping on the top deck, laid out across the benches on 4 tables that seat 4 people each. Yes, that means only 16 of the 26 people had a place inside to sit. Well almost, because the crew took up half a table with their backpacks. So, less than half the paying customers had a place to sit (inside) at any given time. It was cold, but in the warmer months probably not an issue as there is seating outside on the rails.

Speaking about paying customers, paying only gets you on the boat. They don’t advertise this, but we learned towards the end of the trip (of course) that a hundred spot will get choice positioning as well as the crew handing you their rods with yellow fin tuna already on them. The crew went as far as to clear out a section of railing for these folks up on the bow! Yep, one group of 4 left with about half the tuna caught, which left a lot of empty-handed fishermen. We’re not sure if this an industry standard, or unique to Dolphin Docks, but it sure puts a sting on the wound of not catching any tuna for a $400 trip. The crew really lost out, because we would have tipped a LOT more (and I mean a lot) than $100 had we caught some tuna on this trip after waiting weeks for the weather to clear.

But, at least they have hamburgers. Well, only 15… for 26 people over 36 hours, that’s two lunches, and a dinner, and they brought 15 burger patties for 26 people. The “cook” seemed genuinely surprised that people wanted to eat so many burgers. On a plus, they never ran out of beer despite significant pressure from their customers. I guess if you can’t catch a tuna, catch a buzz. By trip’s end, the galley had been run through and there was but a few packages of peanut butter crackers left. I highly suggest bringing your own meal plan.

From the several leadership and workplace culture classes I have taken throughout my career, I can safely say the culture aboard this boat needs adjustment and it starts with the Captain. He had what felt like a general displeasure towards the customer, and it bled down through the crew. He would cut through everyone to go get his rod and do his thing, in his spot without so much as simple pleasantries.

For the crew, simple questions like why are we bottom fishing (this was a tuna trip), were answered with short and non-sensical responses, as if they didn’t have the time to talk and then ran off to tend to their own poles. Not how you treat customers.

I hope they’ll take some of the cheeky remarks above to heart and work towards taking care of the customer a little better.

Lastly, they didn’t vent/deflate most of the Red Snapper that we brought up and just tossed them back (out of season). Even as I said “wait I want to deflate it” the crew member took it from me and tossed it over and his comment was “there’s so many of them” and a shoulder shrug.

Then the Captain took one of the bigger Red Snapper and scored it several times with a fillet knife, and put it on a large hook to try to catch a Mako shark with. They were successful in catching a shark… but, I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to use an out of season fish as bait. They didn’t even acknowledge my question on the matter. Again, this is a workplace culture issue starting with the Capt. We’ll have to let the fish and wildlife department handle the legal piece.
Written January 31, 2022
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11 contributions
Jun 2021 • Family
Lack of information by the rude and caustic crew.
Very disappointed!! I would not recommend this trip for a Family. Unless you plan on eating the bigger fish the crew catch - return it to the sea as they will charge you to filet it back at the dock!! And railroad you in to doing it! Felt cheated!
I don’t like leaving negative reviews but I feel other families should be warned.
Written June 29, 2021
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Kelly D. F.
14 contributions
Jun 2021 • Family
We had an excellent experience! The shop promised and delivered. We were able to take home the legal limit for each fisherman. The staff was friendly and caring. Each passenger that had seasickness was checked on and passively monitored by staff. The crew helped pull in the catch as quickly as they were able. Would highly recommend for your next deep-sea fishing excursion.
Written June 11, 2021
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