Enchanted Rock Cave

Enchanted Rock Cave, Fredericksburg: Hours, Address, Enchanted Rock Cave Reviews: 4.5/5

Enchanted Rock Cave
8:00 AM - 10:00 PM
8:00 AM - 10:00 PM
8:00 AM - 10:00 PM
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An interesting cave located within the Enchanted Rock State Natural Area.
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jonny s
2 contributions
May 2020 • Friends
The negative reviews on this page are by people who did little to no research. Do your research, get a reservation and don’t blame the parks for the system they have that is the most fare to park goers. There’s so much to do at enchanted rock... hike, rock climb, hell there’s even a cave to beat the heat in the summer time. The summit trail for sunset/sunset is the best part about the park, you can see for miles in each direction. Please don’t let the negative comments keep you from this gem, again get the reservation ahead of time and make sure the date is correct(happened to me once) and you’ll be golden!
Written May 5, 2020
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Bryan, TX28 contributions
Jul 2020
Enchanted Rock CAVE is a granite cave within Enchanted Rock Park. The photo shows the beginning of the cave. You can enter it from the top of the rock and look around a bit. And it's was much cooler inside than outside. But towards the back, you can DESCEND into the more difficult cave - bring a flashlight and wear sneakers! You will climb a bit, crawl a bit, and spend thirty minutes at least in the pitch black before emerging on the backside of Enchanted Rock. Then you need to climb back to the top and descend the rock. I loved the adventure, but it's not for the wimpy.
Written June 17, 2021
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Michelle A
Houston, TX360 contributions
Aug 2014 • Couples
After hiking up Enchanted Rock, we decided to take a climb through the cave. You can find the cave on the opposite side of Enchanted Rock from the summit trail. The cave entrance doesn't look like much - it is pretty small. Be prepared with very bright flashlights and shoes with really good grip. You will be crawling, climbing, sliding, falling a little and avoiding spiders but it is worth it. We had such a fun time. Make sure to follow the white arrows - they will lead the way. It does get very slippery down there so make sure to watch each step!
Written August 19, 2014
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Julie M
Georgetown, TX8 contributions
Mar 2015 • Family
I am a disabled veteran and disabled veterans get in parks free. When I approached the man to pay for the ticket for my daughter, I told him that I was a disabled vet. He wanted me to show proof that I was a disabled vet !!! Who carries their disability paperwork with them wherever they go?? Plus the site did not mention that I had to bring paperwork to prove my disability. Even after I showed him my military ID card, he charged me full price. Who does that ??? I was soooo insulted that I knew right away that I would have to leave negative feedback. Such a horrible way to treat our veterans. I will never go there again and I will discourage all vets from going to a place where they will not work with you and you have to prove your disability. So uncalled for. Just a horrible experance overall....it just ruined my whole trip that I drove 2 hrs for. Never again. Avoid this place at all cost...not veteran friendly !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Written March 19, 2015
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Boston, MA32 contributions
Dec 2018
So, my boyfriend surprised me with a day trip outside of Austin. We went here and it was quite an experience. I was wearing converse and jeans (as I really thought we were just going to explore the city) and that’s where my first mistake was. We climbed enchanted rock no problem and it only took about 15 minutes. Not bad, not bad. But then my boyfriend mentioned that there are caves. Well, I love a good adventure, so I convinced him we should do it. We found them fairly easily (just keep going over the summit almost straight back but more on the right). I decided to jump right into the first cave, which seemed fairly easy as it only took a minute to slide through. Little did I know, this was not the beginning. There were people outside this hole in the ground and, I thought naively, this won’t be that bad, it’ll take 15 minutes and we’ll be good. This took us about an hour. We slide down into the abyss and there was no going back. My shoes has zero traction, we only had the flashlight from our phones, and we were each carrying a water bottle. Pro tip: don’t do anything I previously mentioned. Bring shoes with good traction, bring a flashlight, and bring a bag. We were behind this couple, which was fine, but they took there time. So finally, they let us go ahead. Now up to this point, we were 45 minutes in. I’m tired, wet, and hungry. The guy behind us mentions were almost done, so I’m hopeful. I go ahead and I see the bright pink arrow, that’s been guiding us, point directly down. My eyes follow the arrow into complete darkness. I can’t see the bottom or how far of a drop it is. My boyfriend comments that it looks like I could go above that and drop down past this other rock, which I’m more willing to do because there’s more visibility. Pro tip #2: follow the bright pink arrows, they tell you exactly how to get through the caves. Me, the idiot, goes over the rock. I look down and it’s almost straight down 7-8 feet and I can’t turn back. I slip (converse shoes are not to be worn in this cave) and I plummet down screaming at my boyfriend for suggesting I go this way. While I’m falling, instinct kicks in, and my feet fly in front of my stopping my deathly descent. We made it to the end, but honestly it was scary and dark and I hate being that ill prepared. If you have a comfortable opinion of death, then this cave is for you. Enjoy!
Written December 16, 2018
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Magnolia, TX116 contributions
Jul 2014 • Family
My teenage boys love exploring the cave. On our first visit to Enchanted Rock, we weren't prepared. They went into the cave, but quickly decided it would be better to go prepared on our next visit. Since then, they always go better prepared. We made our 4th trip this summer and they've enjoyed going through the cave every time.
You do need to stay hydrated at Enchanted Rock and bring extra water everywhere you go. Headlamps or flashlights are a necessity. Hiking boots that have good tread to keep from slipping are best to support your feet and ankles while walking on rocks and through areas in and out of the cave. Go through the cave with at least one other person - I wouldn't go alone.
Written August 4, 2014
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Austin, TX1 contribution
Apr 2014 • Family
We took our four children ages 7, 8, 10 and 16 through the cave. Be prepared with good shoes, head lamps and lots of water. Some of us didn't have the best shoes, and only my husband had a headlamp. We held onto our flashlights, but as a mom is was difficult for me not being able to see all the children and not knowing what was ahead. Even our 16 year old daughter needed help in places, so that left us telling the little ones to be still and not move until we got back to them. Of course, they didn't always listen. If you have claustrophobia, it's better not to enter the cave as it's very tight maneuvering in some places and the progression is fairly slow. If you lose your light, it's completely dark, and there are only chalk arrows telling you which way to go. FOLLOW THE ARROWS!! Once we came out of the cave, we were on the back of the "mountain", so it was quite a hike getting back. It was a nice hike, but we were already tired and dirty. Good fun, just be prepared!
Written April 28, 2014
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Cedar Park, TX75 contributions
Mar 2013 • Family
The cave is an experience, that’s for sure. You twist, slither and climb your way along in the cold, wet dark, trying to spot those magic white arrows that point the way out. Meanwhile you’re thinking - they DO lead out, right? I didn’t miss a turn, did I?? My kids (7 and 10) were a good balance of terrified and excited; I admit I may have fallen heavier on the terrified side a couple of times trying to get them across the bigger gaps…. Claustrophobic? Hiking with little kids? Carrying a huge backpack? Skip the cave. Want that extra adrenaline kick, guaranteed to make the cave your kid’s “what I did on spring break” essay? Pack a flashlight & see you on the other side. A nice quick video sneak peak here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f9LCapEbMt4
Written March 18, 2013
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Haslet, TX181 contributions
May 2019 • Couples
We climbed Enchanted Rock and traveled through the cave. It was $7/person to enter the park and there are trails to the summit (don’t do the loop trail if you are want to go to the summit). Once you arrive at the summit continue to the top of the rock. You will walk down the back side where you will find the cave opening (see image below). Once you are in the cave someone has spray painted pink dots and arrows to help lead the way. You will need a headlamp once you are inside. Be prepared to get dirty and to squeeze through some tight spaces. Some rocks will be slippery if it has recently rained and hiking
shoes will make your caving experience more enjoyable. Once you finish caving you will climb back over the rock to the summit or you must bushwhack down if it has been raining. We would not recommend if you are not in good shape, have a large body frame, you are afraid of tight spaces and don’t have a sense of adventure. We had a great time only wish we had checked the weather since we bushwhacked through pouring rain, thunderstorms and lightening.
Written May 4, 2019
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Matt S
Humble, TX498 contributions
Mar 2015 • Family
We went in March with two families including 5 preteen-teen kids.

Its not an easy cave hike
Its not guided
Its not for claustrophobic people
It is fun
You will feel like you are a hard core spelunker

We all made it in one piece, but you definitely need to have sturdy shoes and a flashlight........because it gets very dark.

If you cannot physically crawl through a manhole sized hole then you should not go.
Written March 30, 2015
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