Serengeti Resort Safari Ride

Serengeti Resort Safari Ride, Bergheim: Address, Phone Number, Serengeti Resort Safari Ride Reviews: 3.5/5

Serengeti Resort Safari Ride

Serengeti Resort Safari Ride
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9 reviews
Very good

Peggy M
Houston, TX11 contributions
Beware of the Ostrich!
Dec 2017
This safari is so much fun. Riding in the golf carts viewing the wildlife was fun. The ostrich attached our drinks in the golf cart...thinking the soda was delicious. Bird's eye view and feeding the giraffes from the tree top loft guest room.
Written November 18, 2018
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Carrie M
Corpus Christi, TX99 contributions
Amazing Place
Apr 2015 • Couples
What a memorable experience we had! To be able to go in with the animals and feed them and interact with them was simply Amazing! Wish it were still open... Loved this place
Written March 10, 2016
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Ginny M
2 contributions
Fun but won't do it again
Aug 2013
We arrived and the staff was very kind but it room smelled awful, like sewage. I later found out there was only one other family on the property and they never offered to move us. The pool seemed very dirty which I assumed was just because it's the end of summer. The rooms seemed very dated.
We had a living social deal so for the price we paid it was worth it however I would have been very unsatisfied if I had paid full price.
The animals were fun to see and feed. The giraffe was very friendly and the zebras were beautiful. My kids loved the golf cart rides.

Written August 26, 2013
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Corpus Christi, TX64 contributions
The animals make it worth it!
Jul 2013 • Family
Negatives: My family just visited the Serengeti Resort at the end of July. We stayed in the Hill Top Cabin, which had a lot to be desired! It was clean, but a bit rustic. We did wake up to dead doodle bugs all over the floor, glad they were dead. It was really more like camping, which I think we were under the impression it would be more "resortish" than camping. Which was fine, I think we just anticipated something much different after veiwing the website. The pool smelled like well water, which stayed on your skin after you got out, and it didn't seem very clean. No smell of chemicals, so we were not quite sure if it was chemically treated. We were going to ask, but then opted instead to visit the Guadalupe State Park and play in the river there. It is only approx 3-4 miles down the road.

Positives: The animals!!! The giraffe and camel can be hand fed. We nicknamed the giraffe "Jeffrey" and he was the sweetest thing ever! My daughter and I fell in love with him! It was amazing to come face to face (inches apart) from a live giraffe! To say the least it was nothing less than awesome, and made every negative worth it!! The zebras were so beautiful, they would get very close, but would not eat from your hand. They would signal for you to throw food on the ground by coming close, looking at you and when you put your hand out they would lower their heads to the ground and repeat that action until you threw it down for them to eat. The camel pulled a half full bottle of beer out of the drink holder in the golf cart and drank it! He proceeded to throw the bottle down when it was empty. It was hilarious. The kiddos loved feeding the Ring-tailed Lemurs each morning and evening. They love grapes!! They will take them right from your hand and they are so cute to watch. We could have done without the ostriches, they are obnoxious!! We dodged them every time we went out to feed. The zebras do their best to keep them at bay - but they are very stubborn and persistent creatures! They should have them in a separate fenced area so you can enjoy feeding the other animals without their constant instrusions!

We were able to take our own food and drinks. We never ate at the resort. It's not that we didn't want to eat there, eating times were just never convenient, especially with two little ones. The menu looked good, however, it was a bit pricey! The lodge looked very nice. We had complete privacy there, staff is very polite, courteous, and accomodating, but we never saw one of them unless we went to the office. We would like to go back again sometime, but next time we will stay in the bungalows which overlook the range where the animals graze all day. There is a huge glass picturesque window with a deck you can sit out on and observe the animals. Little ones would have loved that.

No matter what - if we never go back to stay, we will be back to feed the animals. We just found out that you can pay for a cart rental and go on the range to feed the animals even though you are not an actual overnight resort guest. But I would lstill ike to try to reserve a bungalow some time in the future.
Written August 2, 2013
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Lisa P
San Antonio, TX16 contributions
Drive a Golf Cart, Feed Animals
Jun 2012 • Family
We bought a Living Social deal for this, so we got it pretty cheap. My husband and I and our two children climbed into a golf cart with bags of food to feed the animals. It was actually a lot of fun. My husband really enjoyed driving around himself. The kids loved seeing and feeding the animals, although the ostrich was a little too aggressive. Since it was a self guided tour, we went back to see the giraffe again and again. The kids loved it! It wasn't too hot, because the golf cart moves quickly and there is wind in your hair. But, you get all dusty, too. We loved it, but we probably won't do it again because of the price. If the grandparents come, we'd have to rent two golf carts and that would double the price. It's kind of expensive without the living social deal.
Written May 7, 2013
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Austin, TX27 contributions
Animals the Big Draw, Of Course
Apr 2013 • Couples
My wife and I camped here with two other couples using the Living Social deal recently. I had very little idea what to expect, but I was surprised to see the area designated for tents was very small and we were wedged in next to groups with small children. That was discouraging to me but it wound up not being a problem. No one complained about us staying up three hours later than everyone else chatting around the fire.

The highlight was, of course, taking the golf cart out for a spin with the animals. Having grown up in North America I have had very minimal exposure to giraffes, ostriches, camels, and zebras, so it was pretty crazy driving right up next to the animals and having them eat out of our hands. Don't come here expecting to see hoards of animals; the "big ticket" attractions were one giraffe, one camel, and two zebras. But it was cool for what it was. It would be nice to see it expanded in the future, as I'm sure is the resort's goal.

We only ate breakfast here. The food selection varied between the days, but overall it was very standard continental breakfast items. The waffles were good the one day they had mix out.

I appreciated the hands-off approach by the staff. I was continually surprised how they pretty much let us do anything we wanted.

The big negative here was the wedding being held on-site. Once the wedding guests arrived late in the afternoon Saturday, pretty much the entire venue catered only to their needs and all the amenities shut down for the other guests. We had planned to do their on-site wine tasting but that too was shut down for the wedding. A staff member told us earlier in the day we should definitely go check out the after-party once the wedding dance officially ended, but that message must not have been communicated to the rest of the staff as we were not welcomed.

I had a good time at the Serengeti Resort, but aside from the novelty of the African animals I'd find somewhere different to camp next time.
Written April 14, 2013
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Dewey Owens
Bulverde, TX182 contributions
Safari wine tasting, food, and music festival fell a bit short.
Mar 2013 • Couples
Great venue for resort. wild animals were ostriches, dromedary camel, ring tailed Lemurs, and a giraffe. Music venue was country, cowboy, modern, etc. There was a gambling hall '(for fun)' set up also. Wine & beer were available for tasting/purchase w/tickets provided with entrance fee or through purchase of tickets on site; various wines/wineries from Texas & other states/countries were available for tasting/purchase. Various venders were present for food purchases; numerous children's rides were available for use; a petting zoo with some 'safari' animals was available for children as well. Food identified as available w/ticket purchases was very limited during the daytime, when my wife & I were there (11:00 A.M. - 4:30 P.M.). Vinegar/oil mixtures with a slice of bread or a backery item were all whiich were available for tickets provided w/entrance fee. Hay rides to see safari animals were available; ample parking was also available. I didn't see any handicapped parking. People working madee it enjoyable.
Written March 9, 2013
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Austin, TX14 contributions
Pay half-price, lower your expectations, enjoy the golf cart ride
We visited for a self-guided safari tour that we got for half-price via Living Social. The Serengeti has 1 giraffe, 1 camel, a handful of oryx (I think), 3ish ostrich, a herd of deer, and no zebras. That's it, folks. Not a safari IMO. But, we had a blast driving around the ranch on the golf cart. (safari cart=golf cart)

We arrived right at noon (when they open) and the animals were completely disinterested in our food. Perhaps there is a better time to visit? The only two we could get even remotely close to were the camel and the ostrich. Don't hand-feed the ostrich, ouch!

If you want a safari experience with tons of animals, go to the Fossil Rim Wildlife place in North Texas. That was great, and only a little more expensive.

BTW, we didn't spend the night but looked inside the tents and bungalows and were shocked at the price-vs-reality comparison. As a "resort," this place is overpriced even at a 50% discount!

Oh, one more thing... the lodge is decorated with a large number of trophy heads, including a giraffe. Something to know about if you aren't a big hunter.
Written April 8, 2012
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Lindsey K
Buda, Texas, United States1 contribution
Waste of money for Safari. Beware, its a venue only!
I did not stay there but only did the "safari" ride. You essentially rent a golf cart for 50 dollars and we saw a total of 6 species. Yes, 6. A giraffe, some antelope, some larger antelope, ostrich (3), lemur (2), one camel and an african cow that wasn't even supposed to be in there. It was horrible -- the actual site that you tour on, (on your own there is no one with you to discuss the safari or animals with) is maybe 10 acres. HORRIBLE. I have been on other Safari rides that are WAY better. We also walked around the the site to see where you could was nice, but there isn't really dining that we noticed except some pre-made sandwiches and canned cokes, plus you are in the middle of nowhere, with NOTHING to do. This should not be marketed as a safari tour - its practically fraud -- it should be advertised as a venue only. Don't waste your money, unless you are getting married out there.
Written April 7, 2012
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