Parrot Mountain & Gardens
Parrot Mountain & Gardens
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6 contributions
This place is amazing!! Went with my family of 5. Me, my husband and and our 3 children 14, 5 and almost 3 year old And we all loved it so much!

Wear comfortable shoes, definitely hills and lots of walking. Wear comfortable clothes. Bought the serum for the birds to pretty much attack you and drink it up. Highly recommend we were all cracking up!!

If you can’t do steep hills you may want to look into the driving golf cart tours. Just walking into the place is intense with the steep hill you are standing in line to pay for the tickets.

Arrived right when it opened. Planned to go eat after. Definitely do that. When we were leaving around noon the parking lot was mobbed. Not sure anyone else could fit. Opted to not eat there. Way to small decided to go to BBQ BUSTN BUTTS after. Only a few min away. Best BBQ around. It was a great day!
Written August 13, 2022
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Olney, MD397 contributions
We went to Parrot Mountain & Gardens, the 3 littles (7, 4 & 2) and spent about 3 hours there in total, that included a lunch break. The drive up to Parrot Mountain was entertaining in itself (never been up a hill like that before), but once we conquered the hill we came to a beautiful entryway and oasis amongst the Smokey Mountain.

The park is gorgeous and well maintained, with beautiful flowers, plants and architecture with a Mediterranean vibe to it, it's really appealing to the eye, very nice. We enjoyed seeing the many types of birds on display and the information on them is done very well. The variety is more then just your typical bird aviary at a zoom, this is a bird aviary on steroids, with a chance to get your picture with Parrot's even sitting on your shoulder or arm and feed nectar to some of the birds, these features are an extra cost.

You can tell the people that work here really care about the place and have put a lot of time and effort into it being a great time for us guest. The park is on a side of the hill, so there are some hills to walk up and stairs, but if you are hiking in the Smokey's while visiting you should be fine, it wasn't exhausting or anything. I did notice they have golf carts they are willing to take you around on if you think the hills are to much (the carts may cost extra), but our 4 and 7 year old did fine even with those little legs.

The park has lots of scriptures in different places in the park and it was cool to read them and be reminded of God's goodness in such a beautiful setting.

The nursery was really cool, getting to pet and feed and even have the birds jump on our fingers, hands and arms and was great for taking pictures, even our 4 year old did a great job. The eating area is lovely and very well done, super relaxing with a fountain and just a gorgeous view, the restaurant on site is typical burgers, hot dogs and fries, they have more than that, but you know stuff like that, nothing fancy. Super clean bathrooms and man that store has more bird stuff then I could ever imagine possible, t-shirts, birdhouses and everything in between, really cool stickers by the way.

All in all we had a great time, the boys loved parts of it and at other times they didn't enjoy it much, they were scared of the big birds sitting on their hands, because there are signs throughout the park that say birds bite, but they still got in the picture. It's a great spot, my only critic is we felt it was a little pricey, for what you get, as even are 2 year old has to pay admission, wish they had 3 and under free, but not at Parrot Mountain, so we felt it was a bit much, $15 a person would be great for what you get, but we would recommend it, even know we didn't feel like it was the greatest $20 dollars per person we could have spent, we are happy with our time there and would totally recommend it to others.
Written September 27, 2020
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Belinda H
Midland 2 contributions
From the moment you arrive exotic birds everywhere of all kind it’s so beautiful & peaceful. My parents who are older would never have been able to walk the grounds without the help of a tour guide with a golf cart. The driver was wonderful took his time with my parents as my 2 boys & I went at our own pace. One of the best parts is that they sell all kinds of birds your able to hold them hang out as long as you like. These are some birds you can hold inside some you can not. All the birds outside you are not able to touch or feed signs everywhere but it was wonderful to get up close get pics & talk the them and the birds didn’t feel threatened at all we got many pics with them some of them talk back to you such beautiful creatures.
The gift shop is cute smaller than what I expected but had some really cute Things.
This place is beautiful we highly recommend going to see it.
This place is literally on a mountain the parking lot is slanted the place is kind of on a slant also so if you are older, in a wheelchair, have a hard time walking I highly recommend to ask for help. They will bend over backwards to help it’s so worth the trip.
We are definitely going back!!
Written August 31, 2022
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Dayton, OH34 contributions
Disappointed to be spending money on this place. It gives off the feel as severely restricting birds and parrots and their movement. Lots of the parrots are in tight quarters that don’t look suitable for habitats. Additionally, birds are packed on top of each other in the petting/holding location. Tickets are incredibly expensive and it’s unclear how or if this place does what’s best for animals. They also put religious nomenclature throughout their park and advertising which I found to be bizarre.
Written July 2, 2022
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Sebastian S
1 contribution
I'd like to preface this review with I am no expert on birds but after visiting Parrot Mountain I'm not sure if many people who work there are either. Other than it being extremely hot outside today my family and I were having a fantastic time while visiting the park. Until about the time we got to the nursery, it was still pretty early in their work day so they were setting up a display cages and when my family went into the room. As soon as we walked into the room you could not help but notice a cockatoo screaming at the top of his lungs. When I looked over to see why the cockatoo was being so rambunctious I saw one of the employees standing next to the bird except she was holding a baby cockatoo or it was a much smaller bird about half the size of the cockatoo that was yelling. After looking for a moment I realized why the cockatoo busy yelling the girl was holding the smaller cockatoo towards the larger one and a larger one was biting at the small one fighting at it trying to fight it and yelling bloody murder. The small one just looks scared and kept trying to move away from the larger one but she just held onto it and made sure it got closer, it almost looks like someone playing with a cat and a cat toy. It's at the mall cockatoo was petrified it was obviously not a part of the play it was the toy. And the smaller cockatoo trying to evade the larger one only angered the larger one more but that just seemed to encourage its Handler. The woman holding the cockatoo was just laughing whenever the larger one bit at the small one it wasn't my place to say anything but then another employee walked over and moved the screaming cockatoo away from the girl and the younger one and the other two employees almost in a bullying tone just told the girl who moved the larger cockatoo "what they like playing like that." Up to that point my family and I have had a like I said a fantastic time to Parrot Mountain but after seeing that my children who aren't really children anymore very uncomfortable and honestly so was I. Watching someone who has been entrusted with these birds use them like sadistic playthings just it felt like it went against Parrot Mountain theme of sanctuary for birds and spreading the good word of the Lord. The whole atmosphere in that room felt like a bullies playground with two of the employees tormenting the birds and ganging up on their fellow employee whenever they showed concern it was just a very uncomfortable setting for me and my family so we decided to leave. I truthfully cannot recommend any one of my friends visit this location after witnessing what I witnessed in the nursery of all places where they keep the babies. I hope that Parrot Mountain can do better for these young birds by not letting an employee turn them into aggressive people resistant animals.
Written June 19, 2022
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Tyler G
1 contribution
This past week my wife and I decided to take our first vacation together as a married couple and since we live in Kentucky we decided to just come down to Sevierville. We of course did all of the major typiacl tourist stuff like go Dollywood, down town Gatlinburg and everywhere we went we asked the locals what attractions really stood out to them and a lot of people suggested parrot mountain. We had never heard of it but my wife is crazy for birds her grandma had one growing up and she's been hooked ever since. Anyways on Wednesday we decided to visit and it was first that is. She loved the bird garden with the beautiful parrots and fun friendly cockatoos and the burger I got from the deli was one of the best I've ever had, but then we got to the nursery. I had been told by the staff that we could actually purchase some of the birds and I was over the moon because like I said my wife had always wanted one and I love seeing her happy. She fell in love with this baby cockatoo and I wanted to inquire as to what the price was but the staff where far less than helpful. No one had greeted us when we walked in and I was surprised to find out that it was actually two young women who I had seen in the room on their phones for the whole hour we were in there that were supposed to be keeping track of the room. We had seen children running around, the door kept open for any bird to just fly out and neither of them even flinched at this, I figured it's not my place to say anything to them as I am not their employer. I could've handled them being in their phones if they hadn't had been so rude, I tried asking about the price and the girl with the brown hair (her name was Amanda or Olivia one I can't remember which) completely ignored me to scroll mindlessly on her phone and the other girl was too focused on holding her favorite bird to even look my way when I asked her. I would've loved to have gotten that bird for my wife we can't have dogs where we live and don't plan on having any children so money was no issue I just couldn't find anyone willing to sell it to me. Overall she had a great time and that's what matters but it was heart breaking watching her have to walk away from that bird and I hope they can find some staff who will actually put in the work instead of being paid to he rude to customers and play on their phones.
Written April 8, 2022
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.

Chattanooga, TN2 contributions
We really enjoyed our trip to Parrot Mountain. My husband has health issues and unable to walk long distances. Sharlene was superb in helping him navigate through the various stations to our rented golf cart. Joel, our driver/guide, was very thoughtful, informative and kind. Sharlene even had Joel call her when we got close to the nursery so she could "run up there" and bring a few birds to the golf cart for my husband to enjoy! Let me tell you, these two people went above and beyond to be sure my husband was able to see everything. The gardens are beautiful and I liked the "petting nursery". If they know ahead of time that you are coming, and you have health issues navigating uphill or walking distances, let them know - they will meet you in the parking lot and take you to the entrance in one of their carts. You will really enjoy the beauty of these gardens and birds.
Written June 2, 2022
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.

Ashley E
1 contribution
When we heard about a parrot sanctuary a mere 5 miles away from where we were staying in Pigeon Forge, we were curious. Then we drove up the driveway and were greeted by a veritable rainbow of parrots and we were hooked!

At first, we walked the exhibits, interacting with the various birds. We learned quite a bit about the different breeds and the secret garden was gorgeous.

Then we made it to Parrot Alley, where parrots of various shapes and sizes were waiting to interact with you! The staff was incredibly friendly, but it was definitely the birds' show. I walked up to a gorgeous pink bird, who not only got onto my hand, but then put her head on my chest for cuddles!! She was soft as a snowflake and it was a transcendant experience.

We finally moved on to the nursery, where you could interact with baby parrots, who demanded you pick them up. One even started trilling after me. While a parrot is currently out of my price-range, they do sell baby parrots.

All told, we spent three hours in the calm and peaceful establishment and not a second felt wasted. But, the interactions we had with the amazing creatures will stay with us for a lifetime.
Written May 6, 2022
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Sherri V
Milwaukee, WI20 contributions
The staff and place was beautiful. The location was easy to find and it literally was a mountain. The parking lot was very steep to walk up. When there was a ramp to push our stroller up but again very steep. We called ahead and they did say that the facility was accessible. When we got to where we paid we saw there were golf carts you could rent for an additional $60 for the park. We thought about it. We have 2 people in our family with walking disabilities. But I didn't want to spend over $100 to see some birds. That didn't include the $30 to get your picture taken with the birds or the food to feed them. I ended up not going through the pathway to see most of the birds and the staff was so kind to just let me wait while my family went through. My husband told me that the path got even more hilly and steep and he was so thankful I didn't go because he knew I wouldn't have made it. While there, they had a giant rainstorm. I would highly recommend bringing an umbrella just in case. The birds I did get to see where just beautiful and well cared for. The grounds were gorgeous as well. My kids loved seeing the parrots and the picture turned out cute. Over all it was fun if you are physically able. If hills are hard or you don't want an exercise for the day- maybe not your thing. But if you are able- it is beautiful. Also, there was a wonderful staff lady there named Terry. She was very helpful and sweet. She represented the company well.
Written June 12, 2021
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4 contributions
What a great place! I will be back to this bomdiggity adventure! Whether you have a couple hours or a full day, there are plenty of birds to visit in an open air environment. The birds appear to be healthy, non-stressed and well cared for. Several of the parrots are "rescue" birds where owners could no longer take care of them. It was fun to hear what the birds said: lots of pretty bird, hello... and several other vocalizations that I will leave for you to explore!

The signage in the area with 1:1 human to bird interaction is excellent as you know exactly what birds are comfortable with human contact (feeding and holding). My personal favorite of the day was Bob the Cockatoo- as the day of our visit he just wanted to be gently pet. Bob's handler demonstrate Bob's roller coater riding skill as well as his acting skill (plays dead).

There is a nursery where young birds from the Parrot Mountain breeding program are available for interaction and purchase (wrt the latter- in all fairness to the birds, do your homework wrt raising parrot species. They live a long time and going to a home ill prepared for their needs, including positive attention, would be a disservice to such lovely creatures).
Written March 28, 2021
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