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Very good

Hertford, UK13 contributions
Sunday shooting
Jun 2016 • Couples
The people who run this club are devoted and professional. Get there for 10.00am don't be late. A very important safety talk is done at the start. You will then be firing .22 caliber bullets at a target in no time.
Written June 28, 2016
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Cronulla, Australia1,078 contributions
St Marys indoor shooting
Apr 2016 • Family
My daughter wanted to do something different for her birthday so 6 of us went along to learn how to handle and shoot a Pistol

This turned out to be one of the best days out we have ever had

we were all shown how to hold and fire 3 different pistols it was interesting and fun

The chap showing us how to use each pistol could not have been nicer

I would refer this day out to anyone it was a amazing
Written May 21, 2016
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Narbonne, France21 contributions
Well worth a visit
Aug 2015 • Family
Well worth a visit. Very professional staff, excellent safety briefing, close attention given to the novice in the group at the firing range - we'll be back next time we come to Jersey. Very reasonably priced at around £15 per adult. Highly recommended if you want to try pistol shooting. However, the range is small, places for visitors limited - so get there REALLY early for the compulsory safety briefing - we tried first on the Saturday, but were only five minutes early so all places had been taken. We arrived thirty minutes early on the Sunday, and success! We secured spots.
Written September 2, 2015
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Manchester, UK2 contributions
A hidden gem on the North coast of the Island
Aug 2015 • Couples
My wife and I arrived early for a Saturday shoot. Met by friendly staff who delivered an excellent safety brief to the group which was made up of visitors with some or no shooting experience. The facilities are very good and the staff are very experienced and professional. One to one guidance is given to those with no firearms experience and everyone enjoyed the relaxed but safe environment. The pistols are easy to use, with no recoil and are great fun to shoot. At under £15 per person this was really good value for money, especially as this cost is for legal fees and ammunition and that the dedicated and enthusiastic staff are all volunteers.
Written August 23, 2015
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Mike Phoenix
Cheshire, UK186 contributions
Safety is all - but the experience really is great !
Jun 2014 • Business
I've been a sports shooter for too many years, and I've seen many, many clubs in my time.
This club is without doubt one of the best I've ever competed at.

I appreciate that there are some negative comments posted here recently, but sadly, it's difficult to deal with inadvertant latecomers and overcrowding and still ensure that the sport is run safely. True - here's no need for rudeness, but you have to remember that shooting clubs are run by volunteers - and they are always a rare commodity.

This club caters for all sections of the sport, which is a triumph in itself. Please don't be put off by the negative comments - I'm sure they're well intentioned, and clearly they've been upset, but I can only go on my personal experiences and those of my friends and colleagues. Over the years (visiting from England) I've never had a bad experience here- the layouts are great, the company welcoming, the coaching superb and the safety second-to-none!
Written March 15, 2015
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Sarah W
Falkirk, UK31 contributions
Needlessly unpleasant man
Mar 2015 • Friends
This past weekend, my friends and I went to the Jersey Pistol Club to take part in the 10.30am shooting session. We'd called up beforehand to inquire and check timing. We were told to turn up at half 10. My friend, who did the phoning, specifically asked if we could book for five people, and she was told that's fine, just turn up at half 10.

So, we arrived on the Sunday morning and headed in at about 10.25. The man, who had clearly already started his safety briefing, just stared at us as we came in. Once we'd sheepishly made clear that we were there for the 10.30 shooting session, we were gruffly told that we were too late, the class is full and we'd have to come back another day. We needed to turn up early "like everyone else".

He was so needlessly unfriendly and made us feel like we were getting a telling off from a school teacher. Also, I do not understand why we were told to be there at 10.30 if he planned to start earlier than this. Poor form.
Written March 10, 2015
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Stonehouse, UK17 contributions
Aug 2014 • Friends
Took son to this place last year and had great time - emailed secretary to thank him. This year we looked to repeat the experience and having been so upbeat about it to dads and sons in our hotel, 4 of us looked to go on Sun 3 Aug 2014. Son and I went up to club on the Sat just to check visitor shooting was still on and check in time. Yes still on and arrive by 10.15 for pre-briefing. Son and I plus another dad and his son who came on our recommendation arrived at 10.10 - entered the briefing room and noticed that briefing was in progress. We got a very abrupt 'you're late' from the chap briefing (same chap who had been very pleasant last year - not mentioning names). Pointed out that we were 5 mins earlier than time he had given us yesterday. Then got a very peremptory ' well the room's full, you won't be shooting, so you can go now'. I have never been talked to in such a rude way in front of a room full of people, my son and 2 guests. Virtually speechless! I think he then recognised my son and I had been before as he said we could go round to the range and see if the range master could fit us in but that our guests could leave as they wouldn't be shooting. Upshot, my son did shoot but I retired apologising profusely to my guests. What this chap's problem was I don't know but his attitude in public was appalling - even 34 years in the military hadn't prepared me for that reception! Summary - this can be a brilliant experience but, first, arrive very early and, second, just hope he is in a decent mood.
Written August 27, 2014
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Sharon A
Scotland, UK6 contributions
Aug 2014 • Family
My son and husband went to the club on Sunday 3rd August. We was there for 9:50am and only by the skin of our teeth did they get a place. The website won't let you book, so my advice is get there as early as possible otherwise you will be VERY RUDELY TURNED AWAY by the instructors. Although the experience of it was very good and they enjoyed it, the staff are extremely rude, and I mean rude, to a point I nearly got up and walked out. I understand that you HAVE to listen to instructions as these are real guns and bullets, but there is a manner that should be used and after all we are not in the army. There was one gentleman who was obviosly disabled, you could see this, and the man in charge very rudely said "you're not shooting are you?,well can you move and let someone else sit down" The man very obliging got up and moved. To say my blood was boiling was an understatement. Once the tutorial was over and we had witnessed the man rudely turn about 10 other people away, we was led to the shooting range where we then sat for 1 and half hours waiting for their turn to shoot. It is a great experience but be prepared to be shouted at, talked down to, man handled. I witnessed one instructor literally slam a young lads hand down in frustration on the table because he was using the wrong hand to pick up the pistol. If they don't want to do the job, get someone who does. I got the impression it was a chore and a pain for us to be there and for them to have to teach us. Good luck and I hope youhave a better experience than we did.
Written August 10, 2014
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Laura M
Beverley, UK7 contributions
Very rude owner!
Me and my partner visited jersey for a week and on the Thursday we emailed asking when they where open so we could come and have a try, they replied saying to come down on Saturday or Sunday, we went on Saturday to be told that it was closed due to a competition and after telling him that he said to come on Saturday he said "well yes but it does day that we are closed on our website" and then said that we could go tomorrow as long as we got there before half past ten! So the next day we go up and got there for about 10.15 to be told we should have got there earlier and he has too many people and we can't do it in a very rude manner and just walked off disregarding us. This has put me off even trying to go back as the atmosphere was not good at all! Waste of time and petrol trying to get there!!!
Written August 3, 2014
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Dear Laura It is unfortunate that you were unable to shoot at the club and we apologise that you feel so strongly. Unfortunately we get very busy during the summer with visitors to Jersey coming to the club to try pistol shooting which cannot be done on the mainland. We always advise visitors to view our website calendar before coming up to the range so that they do not have a wasted journey and to ensure that they arrive well before 10:30 on a Sunday so that we can ensure we have enough spaces for them to shoot - our website says this in many places. The Jersey Pistol Club is a club managed and run by it's members and is not a business. All range staff, instructors and safety officers are volunteers and the club does not operate for a profit - the man you refer to as the owner was probably our club secretary who, free of charge, drives from his home on the other side of the Island several times a week to run the safety briefings we require all visitors to undertake before being able to shoot. Often we will have upwards of 10 or 15 visitors at the range ready to undertake that safety briefing before 10:00 in the morning and any subsequent arrivals, as you have found out, are normally turned away as we simply cannot safely handle numbers in excess of that. We do not know how many visitors we will get on any given day and therefore the advice is always to arrive as early as possible. Our range has capacity for 15 simultaneous shooters and that includes regular members as well as first time visitors - we would never expect our paid up members to give up their time to allow a one time visitor to shoot as it is they who fund and manage the club. In order to accommodate additional shooters would require an additional safety briefing which would mean it is unlikely that those shooters would be on range ready to shoot before midday allowing for the previous group to finish. This would require the 3 or 4 volunteer range officers and instructors to keep the range open beyond the standard opening hours such that those additional shooters can be safely supervised, often that involves 'off duty' range staff being dragged in to help - this is not something we are prepared to ask our range staff to do as they commit a substantial amount of time to the club and shooting in Jersey in general as is. Our club is open to the public, local and visitors, because we want to encourage the shooting sports and allow the public to experience something they cannot readily do elsewhere in the British Isles. We do not operate to make money and will never sacrifice safety or the goodwill of our qualified safety officers and instructors to allow visitors to shoot, particularly if they are never likely to become club members. It is a shame that you and your partner have felt the need to leave two individual reviews for a what in effect is a single visit, that we seem a little unfair. We have had many thousands of happy visitors to our club over the 60 years it has been running, we are sorry your visit has not matched up to expectations.
Written August 6, 2014
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Beverley, UK46 contributions
Rubbish, rude
Went on Saturday for an introduction to the club when got there a tournament was on and the guy we spoke to was really rude and abrupt. He said it was on the internet and you should have looked! And come back tomorrow (Sunday) Before half 10 for an introduction safety briefing. We returned just after 10 and a briefing had already started we waited for it to finish and the guy said you were too late and he hasn't got time to do anything for us and basically fobbed us off even though we said you said get there before half 10 and we were in plenty of time. But got nothing from him. The guy was rude and obnoxious avoid like the plague not helpful or friendly.
Written August 3, 2014
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