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Carolina Adventure World
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Welcome to Carolina Adventure World – the Southeast’s Largest Outdoor Playground. Spend hours riding the trails, get covered at the mud bog or hit the oval track. The choice is yours, and there are so many to make! Our fun family-friendly park offers 100 miles of ATV, UTV and dirt bike trails covering 2,600 acres. Rent a cabin or a yurt with some friends or family, or bring your camper and enjoy one of our RV sites featuring water and power hookups. You can leave the entertainment up to us with action-packed events and live music scheduled monthly. It won’t take y’all very long to realize why Carolina Adventure World will soon be your favorite place to spend your leisure time.
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84 reviews
Very good

Bill M
1 contribution
May 2021
After paying a $42.50 entry fee to ride I determined that was likely 100 times the trail marker budget for the last 2 years. Figuring out where you were was a nightmare. I had my 11 year old on her 4 wheeler and the struggle to stay on a easy trail was at times quite real.
The trails seemed pretty decent however there were some rather rutted out areas. I know everyone is here to off road ride but the morons that are just doing their best to stir up dust really need to be dealt with. Doughnuts in the middle of service roads and such is just a big PITA.
I think I would have enjoyed myself a lot more if I could have found my way around with out accidently stumbling across a sign that directed you to the parking lot.

If the weather has been dry the dust is unbelievable. Be prepared with goggles.
Written May 11, 2021
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Donald B
Inman, South Carolina, United States4 contributions
Jun 2017 • Family
I took my 14 year old son to CAW for a boys weekend. We carried 2 bikes and 2 atv's just so we could mix it up a little on the trails. The trails are AWESOME! Most of the trails are well marked and color coded to keep you on track and within your skill level. We spent most of our time on the "easy" and "moderate" trails although we did test the waters on the "most difficult".

The only negative thing I can say about CAW (and it will keep me from ever camping there again) is there was NO "quite hours" as stated in their rules and regulations. It was 3am before we could get to sleep because the group camping next to us was drunk, cursing and riding their side by sides ALL NIGHT LONG! Don't get me wrong, I know folks go there to have a good time but my son heard more F Bombs within 5 minuets than I did my entire childhood.

Bottom line, CAW is a great place to ride and spend quality time together but probably not the best place to camp with kids.
Written July 3, 2017
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Easley, South Carolina30 contributions
Mar 2017 • Friends
We have been to Carolina ATV for many years. They have changed ownership and have done some improvements on the campsites. They have also changed a lot of the trails, making them seem like logging roads instead of ATV trails. I am wondering if they are getting ready to open the park to jeeps..
Written March 30, 2017
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King David Cons... L
1 contribution
Nov 2022
Do NOT rent equipment from Carolina Adventure World! This was our first and last time we will ever go there. At our check-in, we were promised to be guided through, with an explanation, the lengthy paperwork- that never happened! At the rental equipment facility, we were told "by law" we were to watch a safety video- that never happened! On the trails, our son turned an ATV on its side causing minor cosmetic damage to the plastic siding. We alerted the staff immediately and drove the vehicle into the rental facility. The maintenance guy drove it down to his shop and promised to return asap with an estimate. While we were waiting, the rental equipment guy joked saying that the "estimate" would depend upon how much alcohol had been consumed by the maintenance guy. After a long while, the maintenance guy, who reeked of alcohol(!!), drove the same vehicle back and began spinning a story about how the vehicle must have rolled because he said there were "scratches" on the other side, which he said means frame damage, which he explained means $5k+ in repairs. We showed him before and after pictures of the frame proving his story falsified. We never received an estimate on site before leaving, and we were promised by the GM, Dillan, that no charges would be applied until we heard directly from them, in addition to him promising that we would receive a detailed assessment of damages. Within 1 hour of us driving off the facility property, we were charged an additional $2.5k to our credit card, in addition to the $3k hold they'd charged originally. We have yet to hear from anyone, but they happily charge up our credit card repeatedly and at their whim. Extremely unprofessional staff and it is obvious the maintenance crew have been trained to spin whatever it takes to find ways to falsify and inflate charges against their own customers.
Written November 27, 2022
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1 contribution
Mar 2020 • Friends
I've enjoyed going to Carolina adventure world over the last 5 years or so and up until we had an encounter with the so called "operational director." If you look up the definition of TRASH, it would have her picture and name! She acts it and looks it. First of all, she obviously doesn't do her job well. The website, what she and the cashier and the rental guy says are all different as far as return times. When we returned at the time the rental guy told us to be back by, she was yelling and berating him so loud and disrespectful that you could hear her smokers voice from across the other building. We went over there to speak with her and not only was she yelling at us, but she was confrontational and threatening. I kept asking her to lower her tone and she would just respond "haha you want me to charge you, I will," as if the late fee is going to break the bank. haha. My sis and I calmly spoke to her and told her, we figured since the cashiers told us one time but the guy who actually gave us the rental atv told us to be back another time that he would be correct. She yelled saying he is new and has only been on the job a week (we should've known that apparently, even though as the operational director, that would be her job, right). So, her incompetence became our problem- incompentence in training her employees was our problem, her lack of attentiveness to fher website where it clearly says the same return time as the rental guy was our problem too. Honestly, we paid nearly 300 bucks for 2 hours of riding, so who cares about a late fee...but the way she acted it became more about the principal. I would burn a pile of money in front of her before I paid it considering she was so disrespectful, unprofessional not just to us but the staff there. I feel bad for the employees who have to work with her. She lacks the skills of any good manager and it shows in the way her team and herself all operate. Thankfully, we have since found another place to ride and will not be back here.
Written April 11, 2020
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5 contributions
Sep 2021 • Family
This was our first trip with our sxs and what could have been a nightmare turned out AMAZING! We drove 2 hours from Charleston to realize we forgot the key to our vehicle. My husband left me with the two kids ( 5&2) while he drove 4 hours to get them. The kids and I loved exploring the area while we waited for him. The staff was also super friendly! We decided to stay the night and rented a really great cabin. It was clean and quiet. The trails were so much fun. At first they were hard to navigate but you easily get your bearings and understand the routes. Our kids definitely lived their best lives! We can't wait to go back. We did stay on only the easy trails with it being our first time and having two littles we didn't want to go crazy but, the harder trails looked pretty intense.
Written September 13, 2021
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Laurens, SC1 contribution
Mar 2017 • Friends
All the pictures you see on website are old.New management has made it the worst place to go.Charging to go in for a full day and it closes a few hours later.They are rude and think people will still keep coming but look at all the bad reviews and people that will not be back.Don't wast your time going to Carolina adventure world!!!
Written April 1, 2017
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Jessica Brakefield
1 contribution
Jan 2019 • Friends
If I could give this place less than one star after today, I absolutely would. To start with, my husband, myself, and our friends have had great times at CAW for a few years now. Today, their indisputable greed lost them our business.

Yesterday, my husband and two of his friends took our side by side down to CAW for the day. As luck would have it, shortly before 2:00 (this is important to know for later), a drive belt broke and they were stranded on a pretty muddy trail. In an attempt to save $200 (yes, $200 per CAW) to be towed back to the trailer, they called another friend to come and try to pull them out. Unfortunately, his ATV was not enough to get them out and they realized the belt would have to be replaced. At that point, they were told that CAW stops towing at 2:00-mind you, they stay open until 6:00 during the Winter months. I guess people don't get stuck after 2:00-oh wait, yes they do. Anyway, my husband unsuccessfully tried many other possible solutions before finally deciding that he would have to go home for the day and come back tomorrow with a belt. As he was pulling out, he told the person at the entrance about his situation and that he would be returning tomorrow. He also inquired about having to pay again just to come in, put on the belt, and drive his ranger home. He was told that he shouldn't have to pay and when he returned, to ask to speak with Vinny.

Fast forward to this morning-my husband pulls in and speaks to the young lady at the fence, telling her that his side by side is located on their property and that he and his friend are simply there to get to it, fix it, and take it home. He also had his four wheeler with him as his ranger was located on one of the farthest trails possible and he needed a way to get to it. He mentions that he was told to ask for Vinny in regards to not having to pay another drive/ride fee. The young girl calls Vinny, who then shows up in his truck but never comes to speak to my husband himself. He tells the cashier that he will go speak to Lisa and call her back to let her know. After waiting a few minutes, the young girl takes a phone call in which Lisa tells her that my husband does have to pay again as a driver and that his friend, who is there to help him-after working all night, trust me, he wasn't there to play-would have to pay as a rider. They then changed to say that his friend would have to pay as a driver as well since he would be driving the four wheeler back to the truck after the ranger was repaired. Neither of the adults in this situation had the backbone to actually talk to my husband and tell him this in person. Instead, they put a 16 year old (at most) girl on their front line to be the messenger-can we say cowards? So, $80 later, my husband was able to go in and retrieve his ranger and bring it home. I'm going to assume that Lisa made the final call on whether or not he would have to pay, since Vinny made it see like she had the final say-shame on you, Lisa. Your greed for your business or the business you manage lost longtime and faithful customers. That's poor business and that's being a poor example of a human. My husband was already frustrated at the loss of his day yesterday because of a broken belt, then on top of that, he had to spend an unexpected $225 on a belt, and then you just kicked him when he was down and made him shell out $80 more, for what? Do ya'll need the money that bad? Well, honestly, you may if that's how you treat your customers. I'm a firm believer of having to pay to play and trust me, my husband and I do not own things we can't afford to take care of in emergencies. But that $80 fee today was unnecessary.

For those who have stuck with me and read all of this, I would highly encourage you to look for another place in which to give your money. This business is greedy, selfish, and does not care about their customers as evidenced today. I hear The Broken Nut in Kershaw, SC is just as fun, $10 a day, and, if I had to guess, cares more about customer service than these guys. I hope this review has helped someone make a decision about whether or not to go to Carolina Adventure World.
Written January 2, 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.

1 contribution
Oct 2018 • Friends
New management is awful. This has filtered down to the staff members as well. No one really cares if you're there or not or if you have a good experience. We rented one bike online, but it was not available once we arrived (drove 2 hours). The one we did get kept breaking down. Took it back to the rental shop 3 times and they basically said sorry, you just have to deal with it. They refused to swap out for another bike.
There was a young girl (short, heavy set, blonde) at the front desk and this must be the first job she's ever had. First time she's ever had any 'authority' and was by golly going to show you! Go to Uwharrie ($5), Durhamtown, Busco Beach, Hatfield McCoy, Brown Mtn, Brushy Creek, anywhere but here!
Written November 15, 2018
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Michael K
3 contributions
Nov 2018 • Family
This place has gone down hill in recent years. It's very expensive, the trails are poorly maintained. The trails are washed out in many places, there are lots of deep ruts (12-15 inches), and many of the trail markers/signs are missing.
The teenage girls at the front desk were completely apathetic (and pathetic, bless their hearts). They didn't care that there was a problem, didn't offer a solution or alternative, and didn't even say sorry.
Not going back. Don't waste your time and money. There are too many other great places to go that cost MUCH less.
Written November 15, 2018
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.

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