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Carolina Adventure World
Take 2600 wooded acres of land, bring in developers who are as concerned with preserving natural beauty as they are with bringing a unique family recreation park to the area and you have an idea of the Carolina Adventure World vision. We are the Southern anchor of the world's largest playground with National Whitewater Park and Carowinds to the North and Myrtle Beach on the East.
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Great family fun
Sep 2021 • Family
This was our first trip with our sxs and what could have been a nightmare turned out AMAZING! We drove 2 hours from Charleston to realize we forgot the key to our vehicle. My husband left me with the two kids ( 5&2) while he drove 4 hours to get them. The kids and I loved exploring the area while we waited for him. The staff was also super friendly! We decided to stay the night and rented a really great cabin. It was clean and quiet. The trails were so much fun. At first they were hard to navigate but you easily get your bearings and understand the routes. Our kids definitely lived their best lives! We can't wait to go back. We did stay on only the easy trails with it being our first time and having two littles we didn't want to go crazy but, the harder trails looked pretty intense.
Written September 13, 2021
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Mike K
1 contribution
Tons of fun!!
Sep 2021 • Friends
We had a blast today 4wheeling at CAW!!
The prices were good.
The staff said it was busy BUT we really never seen many people on the trails... That shows how big the place is!!
Recommend for 16 and above!!
Trails were dusty, Bring a bandana or something and goggles!
Written September 11, 2021
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Bill M
1 contribution
Fairly Decent
May 2021
After paying a $42.50 entry fee to ride I determined that was likely 100 times the trail marker budget for the last 2 years. Figuring out where you were was a nightmare. I had my 11 year old on her 4 wheeler and the struggle to stay on a easy trail was at times quite real.
The trails seemed pretty decent however there were some rather rutted out areas. I know everyone is here to off road ride but the morons that are just doing their best to stir up dust really need to be dealt with. Doughnuts in the middle of service roads and such is just a big PITA.
I think I would have enjoyed myself a lot more if I could have found my way around with out accidently stumbling across a sign that directed you to the parking lot.

If the weather has been dry the dust is unbelievable. Be prepared with goggles.
Written May 11, 2021
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Frederick, MD2 contributions
Horrible dangerous riding experience.
Nov 2020
I would give this place even less rating if is was possible. This is perhaps the most dangerous place I have ever ridden in my life. My son and I were there the Saturday after Thanksgiving, November 28, 2020. I should have known based on the line to get in the it was going to be crazy but we stuck it out and paid our fee and parked in what was a sea of riders, thousands for sure and not a bit of social distancing or a mask to be found in the parking lot. Gear up and get a map. So this place has rules but I don't think they are enforced at all. The two things that bothered me most were that helmets were required at all times and no drinking. Well, at least half of the riders had no helmet and also had coolers full of beer and were actually drinking and "riding" if you want to call it that. In addition, the trails were horribly marked so entering the wrong way on a one way trail was a real possibility. It was also clear that trail maintenance had not been performed in a very long time so ruts were very deep and the drenching that had happened the day before didn't help because it was very muddy but that wasn't the bad part, lack of maintenance was very disappointing. We rode for a few hours and packed the hell up and got out of there before someone got hurt.

If you want to spent more than $40 a day to ride with drunks with no helmets on poorly marked and maintained trails this is definitely your kind of place. It's certainly not my style. This place is not safe and should be shut down. I managed to find that at least one rider died there in February 2020, 23 year old man. The police should get involved due to all the drinking and operating on the trails. Do not go, its dangerous and horribly undermanaged.
Written January 5, 2021
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1 contribution
"OPS director" =trash and poor experience
Mar 2020 • Friends
I've enjoyed going to Carolina adventure world over the last 5 years or so and up until we had an encounter with the so called "operational director." If you look up the definition of TRASH, it would have her picture and name! She acts it and looks it. First of all, she obviously doesn't do her job well. The website, what she and the cashier and the rental guy says are all different as far as return times. When we returned at the time the rental guy told us to be back by, she was yelling and berating him so loud and disrespectful that you could hear her smokers voice from across the other building. We went over there to speak with her and not only was she yelling at us, but she was confrontational and threatening. I kept asking her to lower her tone and she would just respond "haha you want me to charge you, I will," as if the late fee is going to break the bank. haha. My sis and I calmly spoke to her and told her, we figured since the cashiers told us one time but the guy who actually gave us the rental atv told us to be back another time that he would be correct. She yelled saying he is new and has only been on the job a week (we should've known that apparently, even though as the operational director, that would be her job, right). So, her incompetence became our problem- incompentence in training her employees was our problem, her lack of attentiveness to fher website where it clearly says the same return time as the rental guy was our problem too. Honestly, we paid nearly 300 bucks for 2 hours of riding, so who cares about a late fee...but the way she acted it became more about the principal. I would burn a pile of money in front of her before I paid it considering she was so disrespectful, unprofessional not just to us but the staff there. I feel bad for the employees who have to work with her. She lacks the skills of any good manager and it shows in the way her team and herself all operate. Thankfully, we have since found another place to ride and will not be back here.
Written April 11, 2020
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1 contribution
The please is being destroyed by the Side X Side’s
Mar 2020
If you ride a motorcycle or ATV turn around and go somewhere else. If you have a side X side, then this is your place! The ruts are sometimes 3 feet deep and the mud is outrageous!! Absolutely no grooming, which leads me to my next question; why so much money for a day pass? It’s not like the money goes to any kind of upkeep! This place should be renamed to Carolina Side by side motorcycles may need not come! If you ride a motorcycle and you need to come to this place wait for a drought and deal with the dust!
Written March 15, 2020
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Greensboro, NC125 contributions
Once is enough
Nov 2019
As an avid off road rider, i have been to a lot of places in the last 30 years. Finally made the trip to CAW - not unhappy I went but doubt i will go back. Entry to the park could be made much better. There were trucks lined up on the main road waiting to get into the entrance. Some non customers didn't want to wait and passed on a blind hill to get around the line. Very dangerous situation. Took us 20 minutes from the time we initially stopped on the road to get up to where you pay your $40 entrance fee.
The Pros - The park has a nice building with a grill, place to sit, bathrooms and a store to purchase things like helmets etc. There is also a separate bath house. Also looks like some neat cabins you can stay in overnight. Trails are decent but wouldn't rate them more than average - main roads could be maintained a bit better.
The Cons - First of all, no enforcement of rules at all and never saw any type of ranger or anything of the sort. Speed limit in parking lot was 5-10 mph - half of the people obeyed, the other half were wide open, doing wheelies or donuts near peoples vehicles, Signs everywhere that said helmets required but there were numerous people out on the trails without them. The thing that I least liked about the trails were the trail markers. Hard to figure out where you are going in a lot of cases. Many of the trails are two way. Meeting a big side by side coming by you at 30-40 mph is a bit disconcerting on the bigger roads. Even the one way trials are poorly marked. I didn't always feel comfortable going around blind corners. I always follow the rules on trails but even my group of 4 people met several people on a one way trail - when we got to the end we realized WE had gone the wrong way (how would all four of us miss the one way sign?) We never found the motocross track - asked one of the people that worked in the main building and she said she didn't know where it was which i thought was odd.
Overall, happy i went to a new place to ride. Just doubt I'll go back to that one.
Written November 10, 2019
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Michael H
Oil City, PA80 contributions
They tried to accomodate; but at $5.68 per night, they kind of fell short
Oct 2019
thI was looking for a place to set up my camper for the night. Apparently Carolina Adventure World had an ATV event going on, including a night ride. The front gate could only put me at an overflow parking lot for the low fee of $5.68 per night. (stay with me folks, it gets better). The transmission in my pull vehicle went out, so I called their night number and was told that they could not help me. I went to some of the campers and asked for assistance and received it into the overflow lot. That night I had a lot of ATVs and loud music until 02:00. Knowing that I was intruding into their word I did not make any hassle about that. The next morning the tow truck arrived to pull me out of there and was required to leave his license at the gate.
Written October 19, 2019
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2 contributions
Zero trail maintenance + greed = Go anywhere but here
Jan 2019 • Family
Went for a group ride on a Sunday. It had rained earlier in the week so I expected some mud but it was ridiculous. It was obvious that trail maintenance was long overdue on every trail we rode. First family ride in a brand new expensive side by side, but after this I would not bring even my most worn out rig here unless I just wanted to finish destroying it. Let's talk money: One 4-seat side by side - 2 adults, 2 teens. Charged $160 entry fee, just because the teens might want to drive it too. News flash CAW - only one person can drive at a time, so the park isn't any more crowded, it's not like we brought 4 separate rigs. For $50 a person you can ride all year in West Virginia...on a system that is more fun, better maintained and 10x bigger. Ride Hatfield in WV, help their local economy instead of this place. Not the same CAW as it was 10 years ago...don't bother. Oh yeah, and to cap off a horrible ride - had a note on my truck that it was illegally parked in a camping area and needed to be moved immediately to the main lot...when there were probably 10 trucks in the entire parking lot at that time on a Sunday evening. Seriously, I think they buried customer service somewhere out on the trails and forgot about it....
Written May 10, 2019
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Brandy H
1 contribution
Will Not Go Back!
Apr 2019 • Friends
Went for a day of riding, recovery staff very rude and unprofessional. Tried charging an insane amount to tow me 20 foot to the parking lot. Added to the fact they did not recognize the year membership I purchased months ago, this place is a waste of money. Trails are decent, but not worth the money.
Written April 23, 2019
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