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THE PREMIER ADVENTURE DESTINATION Treehouse World is a place to explore the newest and coolest treehouses around. Adventure awaits you at our unique activities including Buccaneer Zipline, Bungy Trampoline, Walk the Plank, Tree Climbing, and Archery Tag. And most of all, a place to have a ton of fun. Treehouse World is not just for kids – challenge yourself on our Valley Creek Aerial Zipline Tour – connect with nature! Look no further for fun things to do outside in West Chester!
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Very good

Darren L
Queenstown, MD657 contributions
Aug 2022
We were at a 6 year old birthday party. While I've not been to similar places, this seemed relatively well managed. Considering the issues many places are having with staffing, this was pretty well staffed - primarily with high school/college age people. They did seem to be well trained and very polite.

They apparently added a new, longer zip line that will appeal to older kids. Overall the activity ages were probably good for all ages through teens, but perhaps most popular with the 6 - 14 range. We did have as young as 4 who did most of the 'adventure' activities, where they wear a harness, and one adult who had fun. It does appear that the facility is well maintained. Much of the activities are in the shade.

It was a bit chaotic and will be challenging to keep track of your kids. Would have liked to see some sort of fencing around the perimeter with perhaps more controlled access to the whole area for safety and control. Also, the parking was a bit challenging and poorly marked.
Written August 21, 2022
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Hawley, PA98 contributions
Aug 2022 • Family
Myself and my ten year old son had a great time her zip lining and tree climbing. Seemed to be low on staff who were young kids but the lines did move. Some of the tree houses and the bouncing ride were in need of maintenance and a facelift. I would definitely visit again.
Written August 21, 2022
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Rachel M
Oaxaca, Mexico40 contributions
Jun 2021 • Family
Lovely outdoor adventure for the whole family. Themed tree houses to walk through. Bungee trampolines for all ages. Ziplines, tree climbing, outdoor play areas. Picnic tables for lunch.
Written June 27, 2021
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Christy W
8 contributions
Apr 2019 • Family
First, I should say that this place is absolutely adorable! It is clean and looks well kept. There are so many things to do, that normally it would be worth the price.

There is a treehouse playground area that is really great for younger kids. It is so safe that you don’t need a harness. The price to use only this, the Euro Bungee trampoline, and the obstacle course is $24.

To add 90 minutes of adventure activities, the ticket price increases to $35, which seems like a very fair price. Adventure activities include:
-Archery tag (which sounded really fun and probably would be, but that small facility certainly didn’t look very awesome in person. THIS ATTRACTION WAS CLOSED)
-Walk the Plank (this is a treehouse with a harnessed free fall jump off of a plank. THIS ATTRACTION WAS CLOSED)
-Tomahawk Axe Throwing (the website states that “We can open up the axe throwing range whenever there is a group of people who want to try throwing axes.” But, then again, they might not lol. THIS ATTRACTION WAS CLOSED)
-Buccaneer Zipline for kids (this is a 150 foot zipline for young kids. This is not the fault of Treehouse World, but my kids have done zip line tours which are a series of very high, very fast lines down entire mountains, on more than one occasion. This attraction was not on our list of reasons to visit Treehouse World. But, it was open!)
-Tree Climbing (This was a really cool thing we have never seen anywhere else. There were a series of ratchet straps around each climbing tree. The straps had “rock wall” hand and footholds attached. This attraction was open, too!)

All of the adventure activities close an hour before the rest of the park. That was disclosed on the website (or maybe I read it on FB. Either way, I did know that ahead of time. We arrived at 1:45, and the park closed at 4:00, which means the adventure activities closed at 3:00. I specifically asked if it was worth buying the 90 minute adventure pass at that time. I had heard the person selling tickets tell someone else that lines were pretty long today. I pointed out that it would not be worth staying in 30 minute lines for two attractions. He literally said, “Oh, no. Those are Hersheypark kind of lines. A long line here is like 8 minutes.” Perfect! We’ll try it. At that point, my son looked out the window and was excited to see the axe throwing area. We were then informed that it was closed today. He pointed out that the website states it’s only open “as scheduled.” I asked where we could find that schedule and he said it was not available, because they didn’t know. So, it’s open on a schedule, but there isn’t a schedule. Got it! Once I got home and checked again, I saw that the website states, “we can open up the axe throwing range…” I guess they CAN, but maybe they WON’T? That is definitely a distinction worth noting.

I briefly chatted with the kids, and we decide to try it anyway, despite the time crunch and the main thing my son wanted to try being closed. After we purchased the tickets, we learned that the Walk the Plank was also closed. It was found to be unsafe just today, and was “being fixed right now.” Last week was opening weekend for Treehouse World. They have been open for the season last Saturday, Sunday, and today. It is a little bit concerning that there was an issue that needed fixed immediately but wasn’t caught while they were preparing the park for a new season. There is likely a good explanation for this, but it does make me wonder. And regardless, one more attraction closed.

We head out to Archery Tag, which looked and sounded like another cool thing for older kids according to the website. I actually could not believe it was also closed. Treehouse World should absolutely be ashamed of themselves for selling tickets for Adventure Passes today when more than half of the attractions were closed with no intention of opening.

We did the Tree Climbing, where there were huge groups of scouts that took precedence over single family visitors. The attraction was really fun, but could not handle 50 people waiting for a turn. At the little zipline, we encountered the exact same problem. Apparently, 8 minutes is NOT a long wait time here at Treehouse World.

The last thing we attempted to do was the Euro Bungee trampoline, like the ones you might see at the beach: four trampolines where you wear a harness and are raised and lowered on bungee cords. We waited FORTY FIVE MINUTES for my two kids to jump. There were several very large birthday parties which took two of the trampolines, and one was not in use. The staff advised that they did not have a harness for that one. The fourth trampoline was the only one available for regular visitors, so every single child had to wait in line for ONE trampoline. We talked with other people in line about how nice and long each turn is. They were each 4-5 minutes, not including the time it takes to get weighed, harnessed, and set up. Finally, it was our turn! Coincidentally, the birthday parties finished up and another set was arriving. That allowed the staff to put my kids on the other two trampolines at the same time, to get them done before the next parties got started. I thought that was very nice. They acknowledged that we had been waiting a very long time. The girl in front of us had already been jumping for several minutes when my kids got got started. My daughter was brought down before two minutes was even up and that other girl was still jumping! I questioned why she was coming down before the girl who was jumping for five minutes already. He said, “Oh, we are bringing her down, too.” I assured him I was most definitely not asking him to bring the other girl down, but made sure he was very aware that I thought my daughter should have a few more minutes. He did not care, and made that abundantly clear. Meanwhile, I heard a strange noise at my son’s trampoline. It sounded like strong velcro being released, but I don’t actually know what it was. He made a sound of surprise and pain. He body was in a strange position and he said something happened to his harness. The staff member heard us talking about it, but was not concerned. I then specifically asked him to take a look, and he said it was fine. It hurt, and my son was not able to straighten his legs to jump any longer, so I requested that they just bring him down.

Then, I marched in to the office for the third time, and again expressed my displeasure regarding how this park is operating today. I tried not to take it out on the poor employees who did nothing wrong except show up for work today. Hopefully the message gets into the hands of someone who actually can do something about the problems. But, it might not make a difference. After all, they had to know they were selling tickets for attractions that were closed and did not care. They also had to know there were overbooked with large groups and parties. It was clear that they were extremely short staffed. I would guess things are much better when summer is in full swing and it is easier for them to be fully staffed. But to run a park the way Treehouse World was run today is completely unacceptable.
Written April 14, 2019
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Christy – Thank you for taking the time to write a review. As a family-owned business, we take pride in our park and hope that when it does not meet expectations, we are made aware of this. We have taken the time to assess all of your concerns and make the necessary changes within our park. For example, we have immediately implemented the change to close our rides down a ½ hour before close rather than an hour. We have also executed additional customer service training so our staff can enhance our customers’ experience in the park. Our sincere apologies for your disappointing experience with us and we hope that we can work towards earning back your business.
Written April 29, 2019
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The Helpful Reviewer
Rockville Centre, NY169 contributions
Aug 2019 • Family
We had a good amount of time for the activity’s like the zip line and walk the plank. One thing to mention was some kids were afraid to jump off the plank causing them to contemplate jumping for about 10 minutes which held up the line. Another time a girl wanted to be pushed off but they said they can’t for legal reasons and she stayed up there another 20 minutes. Overall a good experience.
Written August 25, 2019
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West Chester, PA64 contributions
Aug 2017 • Family
My daughter had gone here for a bday party and when I told one of my friends about how cool it was, she wanted to make it a day trip for our kids. After deliberating, we bought the $45 Super Adventure Pass (yes, a little pricey). That gives the kids access to everything as much as they want. If you buy things separately, they only have a limited number of times to do each activity.

The place is not huge but it's totally neat. Unique activity space. And I really didn't think we'd be there all day but we were! Between climbing trees, bouncing on trampolines, throwing axes, archery, playing in the treehouses, ziplining, and walking in the woods, it made for over five hours of fun. They really could have stayed longer. Our kids (ages 6-13) tried it all and then some. They absolutely loved it. Staff was super nice and friendly.

Things to note...summer weekdays mean camps. Just be prepared because that affects your access to activities. They were also having water issues so their toilet plumbing situation was not the best...but there's a port-a-potty on the grounds. It's also mostly in the shade! That was very nice on a warm day. And if you forget lunch? There is a local pizza restaurant that delivers on site! That worked out well for us.
Written August 5, 2017
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Philadelphia, PA172 contributions
Aug 2017 • Family
There are a lot of ways to climb into the trees and you can zip line. There's bungee jumping on trampolines. The rope swings (Tarzan roped) were very amusing as were the live chickens. The pirate house and train are cute. Overall, great time out with family and highly recommended for children 4-8 years old.
Written August 8, 2017
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Philadelphia, PA789 contributions
Jul 2017 • Family
We came on an overcast Monday in the summer so we didn't have any birthday parties or school groups to compete with. We practically had the place to ourselves.

It looks like a fun place for a birthday party. We had a play date here for something different & they had fun but not $32 worth of fun. I had to pay as a spectator which was advertised but once here felt more like another opp to make more money. The tree houses included in admission are nice but they won't take much time and then the other activities are all $5 more.

My kids prolonged their play with a game of hide & seek which they enjoyed but could've taken place in any playground.

I'd save my money or look for a Groupon.
Written July 24, 2017
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Bayonne, NJ1 contribution
Apr 2017 • Family
The kids and grownups all had an AMAZING time. The staff were friendly and helpful, the location is easy to get to, the surroundings are gorgeous. I can't say enough good things about Treehouse World. Go!
Written April 25, 2017
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Rania L
5 contributions
May 2016 • Family
Had my daughter's fifth birthday party here today. I couldn't bring myself to book a party at another weird, commercial place that leaves me filling drained. I happened upon Treehouse World while Googling different options and I am so grateful I did! It is such an amazing, magical place. And the staff were so friendly and helpful! It was wonderful watching the children climb up into the trees and run around the beautiful woods on an adventure. The Children's Grove is inspiring and I plan on doing something like it in my own backyard.

I also felt that the treehouse and structures are beautifully built and very safe. And although it has been raining for days here, the use of wood chips throughout the landscape kept mud to an absolute minimum. The activities offered outside of the tree houses are also incredibly fun.

Even though it is still fairly new, you can tell that a lot of thought goes into what they create and that there are master treehouse builders involved. I am so excited to continue to take my daughter here and watch it evolve and grow. We will most certainly be back!
Written May 7, 2016
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