the South Path of the Silk Road

the South Path of the Silk Road, Hotan: Hours, Address, the South Path of the Silk Road Reviews: 4/5

the South Path of the Silk Road

the South Path of the Silk Road
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Very good

nathan l
Zichron Yaakov, Israel883 contributions
not easy but worthwhile exploring the ancient traditions and folklore
Sep 2018 • Friends
this path is less visited by foreigners, it is not easy, not every place you are allowed to visit, because of authorities restrictions, but this is the true silk road path where Marco Polo passed, donwt miss
Written December 21, 2018
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Ashdod, Israel662 contributions
Don't miss
Sep 2018 • Friends
It was a very nice experience about the real Silk Made process. You see the real think. Beside the shop, you don't feel you are in a "touristic" place. Don't miss.
Written November 16, 2018
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Feifan S
Nakafurano-cho, Japan26 contributions
Not outstanding just a bit meh
Oct 2018
I came here as a combo going to imam asam mausoleum. Taxi cost 150. I spent 45min here. To be honest I was very underwhelmed compared to experiences I’ve had at other silk factories in other countries. Kind of missing the tourism revenue making opportunities. The girl who guided me through also didn’t know the answer to some of my questions and told me she’d only been here 20 days which was frustrating. She’d chat to the weavers for 5 min in ughyur but then not translate to Chinese so it just seemed hard to really embrace what was going on.
The silks were pretty but as a backpacker I came away empty handed and a bit meh as there was no way that I could contribute to their business as there were no tangible commodities for me to buy.
Written October 15, 2018
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Voorschoten, The Netherlands1,568 contributions
An educational excursion, worthwhile to visit.
May 2018 • Couples
1. The Atlas silk handcraft, or completely the “Hotan City Jijya Liren Atlas Silk company limited” is located in Jija, on the road X658, north east of Hotan, 37° 10’3.50”N, 79°59’54.40”E. It was 13 kilometer by car from our hotel in the centre of Hotan.
2. We visited this silk handcraft on a day in May 2018. We had organized a car with a driver for 300 yuan to see the most important sites in the surroundings of Hotan and visited this silk handcraft, the Mazar of Iman Asim at the end of road X658, and then returned this road to visit a carpet factory. We visited the silk factory with two persons, as individual travelers, for an hour (from 11.15 – 12.15) what is enough time.
3. A visit is a good way to see the traditional process from the silkworm until the weaving of the fabric. In this process we have seen that some women and men do a lot of hand- and footwork for making silk products.
4. On the site, with lanes covered with grape plants for shade, we visited some small buildings in which we wondered how they could produce in there such a lot of silk products. We wondered if the production is completely produced over there….
At the end of the visit we (of course) could buy silk products like scarfs. Undoubtedly relatively expensive, but plenty of choice.
Summarized, the handcraft is an educational excursion and very worthwhile to visit.
Written June 8, 2018
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Hong Kong, China1,967 contributions
How silks are made
Feb 2018 • Friends
Interesting factory cum mini-museum that shows everything about silk and its trade. You can even see how silk threads are extracted from cocoons and how cloths are weaved by traditional method.
Written February 19, 2018
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Barcelona, Spain229 contributions
The Silk Route dream being replaced by a bustling activity
May 2017 • Friends
Go there, and go fast!! because the South Silk Route is disappearing as the North Silk route has already disappeared.

Of course, no more camels transport goods through the dusty caravan paths that link the oasis cities. Now, a route (G315) go through them, so trucks have replaced camels. No more donkey carts, replaced by electrical tricycles.

What remains is the hospitality of Uygur people. The tea sipped at the court of someone who just saw you smiling to a kid, and invited you to enter they home, to have a tea and some local pastries.

What remains are the desert landscapes, the seas of dunes, the stop at a truck restaurant which replaces the Caravanserails to have some specied lamb.

In my opinion, you can skip Kashgar, which is a brand new city (although built on what we can call a "reinterpretation" of the old Kashgar), you can skip also Yerchen (if you are a foreigner, you probably will not even find an accomodation ready to accept you), you should avoid Hetian, and really start your trip in Nija, going East, or in Golmud (if going West, to sip the last drops of a dream country).

It is not an easy trip, people does not speak not ony English, but they are not able to read Chinese, so, an automatic translation app is usually, worthless,

If you like the adventure, make the trip

And make it NOW
Written May 26, 2017
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Bangkok, Thailand163 contributions
Amazing things no one is seeing
Apr 2016 • Solo
As I went around seeing the sites in Hotan and Kuche, I couldn't believe that no other foreigners were there. Hotan is where Buddhism first arrived in China, it is where Jade is still found in the river, there are ruins all over the place, plus it is one of the only places you can go camel riding for more than 30 minutes at a time. It is a natural environment. There are things out there that haven't been discovered yet. The museums are great, and they are still practicing some of the crafts that made the silk road great. It is well worth seeing. I did a day tour with Kurban, who runs southernsilkroadtours and he was excellent. He can also do camel trekking and tours of other areas. He is a great find.
Written July 20, 2016
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true brit84 contributions
Southern Silk Road Development zone
Apr 2014 • Couples
Having travelled the Southern Silk Route for several years the changes are amazing. A mere matter of twelve years ago the eastern part had no roads connecting the oases and it really was an adventure. These days with a road connecting every oasis you can get round the entire Taklamakan Desert in no more than a week. Whereas it used to be a very cheap option and you could stay pretty much anywhere, these days government requirements mean that foreigners are watched like hawks and have to stay in three star places with minimum prices of around £10 a night. It's certainly not an off-beat destination any more and surrounded by plastic furniture, chandeliers, flat screen TV's, and hot and cold running water, you could pretty much be anywhere in the world....apart from of course the raining dust, hot fresh flat bread every morning and the amazing bustling bazaars. These days you have to pick your places and what you want to do if you want to really get inside the heart of the Uyghur people and their lives. There are a few tourist sites worth visiting where they don't rip you off. Steer away from the centuries old walnut tree in Hotan where you have to pay to walk around a beautiful tree which is fenced off. Steer away from Buddhist caves which cost an arm and a leg to visit...but make a bee-line for village markets, main mosques on Fridays around noon time, and village lanes where you can wander at will and maybe even get an invitation in for tea. The renovation of Kashgar is a pleasant surprise and it's certainly worth a visit despite the rumours that it' s all been rebuilt. It has of course, but wonderfully tastefully and in keeping with the age old Uyghur styles. It's also worth remembering that after a few months nothing really looks new here any more and within a year the place will look as dishevelled and the nicest possible way! As it always has. Definitely a trip to do. There' she added bonus now of being able to take a bus directly from Ruoqiang (Uyghur-Charkalik) to Golmud. There is a direct bus which takes twelve hours every afternoon around four O'clock local time ( two hours behind Beijing time)
Written April 24, 2014
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