Koziar's Christmas Village

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Koziar's Christmas Village
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Gary K
Fort Lee, NJ54 contributions
Wonderful Experience
Dec 2020
Recently traveled to Koziars Christmas Village. What a wonderful experience for the entire family.
The place really came alive after sunset when thousands upon thousands of lights came on, as well as a multitude of animatronics. Though we attended after Christmas, the experience was great and the staff was pleasant.
Written December 28, 2020
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Sofia Mehta
Elizabeth, NJ43 contributions
Christmas village????
Dec 2020 • Couples
Honestly I don’t know what’s the hype about this place. I have been wanting to visit for years and was trying to convince my husband for the longest time. We travelled two hours to get there, paid 17 dollars per person and oh my...what a disappointment!!!!!! What is this???? A bunch of lights put together!?
So first of all,these are covid times and even tho there’s signs everywhere to keep distance people just do not care. We were in line to get in and people were almost on top of us. We kept distance from whoever was in front of us and then people just came on top of us. Very very irresponsible. Then when we get in there’s references to Noah’s ark and when Jesus died and resurrected ( Easter anyone???). I’m like what is this?? This has nothing to do with Christmas!!! Then we stopped at one of the stores and the woman kept asking us why we were already at the end...and making remarks “it seems you guys are in hurry, there’s so much to see” so much? Honestly I didn’t want to be rude cause I felt like saying “you know why this has been here for 70 years?” Because it’s frozen in time. Looks old, outdated, just a bunch of lights that I can see across the street on my neighbors. This is very very poorly made and expensive. Worst money I’ve ever spent.
Written December 7, 2020
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Melissa H
Bayonne, NJ1 contribution
This is what Christmas is about !!!!!
Dec 2020 • Family
My first time at the village with the family and it was enchanting ! If you have no clue what Christmas is then please come here!!! It shows everything that Christmas is ! I will be back next year! There is so much to absorb that one time does cannot fulfill! Long life Koziar’s and thank you !!! ❤️🎅🏼🙏🥳
Written December 5, 2020
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freeport NY366 contributions
Enjoy This Winter wonderland!
Dec 2020 • Couples
I’ll start with the negative. That is toward those who go to an outdoor facility and need to covid complain. I say to you, “Stay home!” Life is a risk. We do things we enjoy knowing that at times there is a down side. I don’t parachute jump. It’s not for me yet I do snorkel waters where the average may not and in conditions not for everyone. I will travel in planes now. I do wear a mask where I cannot social distance. My daughter just donated her kidney to someone in need. Would everyone go so. No but that’s ok. We take our own risks in how we live, play, ( I did demolition work noted to be dangerous yet I had five children to help support with my wife.
Ok, some take risks if they really want to truly live. Join them. We are free people, that is a wonderful part of our country. You are also free to keep risks down, then stay home.
Outside is the best place to be, masks or not. I am over 70 as is my wife and two friends we traveled with. We want our freedom and we can measure our risks, thank you.
I encourage people of all ages to visit this incredible Christmas Villagd. It’s hard to comprehend all that is in it. Bring with you a spirit of joy and the wonderment of a child.
This is a hard to believe place to celebrate Christmas of and in the heart. Just seeing the huge reflecting signs on the pond is gratifying but the host of story boards, little houses like African Animals celebrating Christmas, Train set ups, dinosaurs at Christmas, a kissing bridge, patriotic themes, silliness and no holding back in displaying the real meaning of Christmas.
This was our second time. I made discoveries I never saw before.
Best of all, it was fun, good for the heart and joy filled.
Get out into the fresh air. Take a risk of having fun.
Written December 3, 2020
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Irvington, NJ1 contribution
Amazing. Never miss it year after year
Dec 2020 • Family
Koziars Christmas village... My review is not about 50 year old lights or decorations, or the drive or the cost. To my family its about tradition. I have been going since a teenager and I'm almost 60... I had the largest Christmas animated display in Woodbridge NJ. And after I shut my lights off I'd drive to Koziars with my kids. Take in a tradition not just "oh its a place to visit" shut your phone, walk the paths , and relax ... I'm glad they kept their fathers dream alive and years later my kids and I are still stopping on the hill to take a photo of the entire area...you will too
Written December 1, 2020
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Philadelphia, PA1 contribution
Not worth the 1 1/2 hour ride from Phila.
Nov 2020 • Family
Just OK. The price is too high. Lights are nice but everything else is about 50 years old. Plus zero effort to control crowds and social distance. Worst thing - MASKS optional!!!
Written November 28, 2020
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New Jersey33 contributions
Nice Visit
Nov 2020 • Family
We decided to visit this attraction while driving to Hershey and enjoyed our short visit. The reason for only 4 stars was the price. For what you get, unfortunately we didn’t feel it was worth the price HOWEVER it’s definitely worth a visit if passing by. I would not make a special trip and drive hours to get here just for this though and we will not be making this a yearly tradition as it’s really worth just one trip BUT we enjoyed it nonetheless. We had 8:30 reservation time but we got there early at 6pm right as they opened and nobody was checking times. There were no lines of cars or waiting in traffic (Friday after thanksgiving) at this time, short line to pay and inside wasn’t super crowded yet. It was enjoyable but I can see where it would be a terrible experience of super crowded plus I would turn around if I had to wait to park. Some reviews said it’s nothing but plywood cutouts and while partly true, there was much more. In fact, the reviews were so bad at times that it was hard to make a decision to come but glad we did for a one time visit. The plywood cutouts were well decorated and had themes including several Christmas stories we read as we walked with the kids. The decorated barns were very nice and both the inside and outside trains were a big hit with my 11 and 7 year olds. Finally, the price for snacks and hot chocolate were extremely reasonable and almost cheap. The price is steep for a walkthrough like this BUT with such steep history and the crowds they draw, they can continue charging these prices. To me, if they had included free hot chocolate stations and cookies as part of my ticket, I would consider the ticket price worth the admission. Great job overall and plenty of beautiful photo opportunities. Come for your first visit if you are in the area but don’t come just for this.
Written November 28, 2020
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mary v
1 contribution
Kn95 wearer says go and enjoy!
Nov 2020 • Friends
Beautiful holiday spirited attraction. Management worked as best abled with crowds. It is wonderful to see management recognizing there are conditions where some are unable to wear a mask for alleged covid illness. We all know science does not acknowledge nonmedical masks as a valid protector.
I use kn95, so if there is a valid illness, I myself am protected.
I use a mask as a courtesy to others so my booger snots to not land on others, eh?
Go and know one is responsible for oneself. Most Pennsylvanians sneeze in in their armpits and elbows.

Go and enjoy
Written November 27, 2020
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1 contribution
2020 - yikes
Nov 2020
Was a little nervous after reading some of the previous comments but we felt confident with the precautions they listed on their website. We were wrong. There was no line to get into the parking lot but you had to stand in line to purchase the tickets and no one even checked if we had a reservation. They blocked off the paths so everyone moved in one direction and there was no one enforcing people to keep moving. No one enforced masks either- lots of under the chin, under the nose or no mask-wearing at all. We also saw tour busses and groups in the parking lot?? Going before Thanksgiving, even on the weekend, helped with the crowd but I would not recommend going this holiday season. The lights were cute but this has super spreader potential for sure.
Written November 23, 2020
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1 contribution
Nov 2020 • Friends
This place is a super spreader nightmare. We traveled almost 2 hours to visit and immediately were concerned with the lack of structure and enforcement of social distance. Masks are apparently optional and half were wearing them under their nose. Not to mention it’s just ok at best for presentation. It was weird and just kind of creepy. I will be self quarantining myself after stepping foot in this germ fest. Do NOT go.
Written November 21, 2020
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

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