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Jenns W
Vancouver, WA3 contributions
Can't wait to come back again.
Dec 2020 • Couples
Our second time here. We Our second time here. We shared our 8th anniversary at the beer spa last week. Very cool new remodel with a relaxation room. We arrived at 5:00 pm and stayed close to 11:00. Lots of great beer "Deschutes" and the best Pretzel ever. The tubs had flowers and hops and smelled incredible.

The owner Mike was so much fun to be around. His recommendation to stay at 5 Pine resort was spot on. We really appreciated Mike's willingness to stay late and drive us back. We look forward to coming back next year!
Written May 6, 2021
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2 contributions
Dirty, Unclean, Uncomfortable
Apr 2021 • Couples
Do not believe any of these former positive reviews. This place is a dump and has not been maintained for quite some time. Disgusting, filthy, unprofessional. This was the worst "spa" experience I have ever experienced. The owner, Mike, never stopped talking and is full of himself. The bathroom was filthy and had no hot water. There was dirt, dust, and grime everywhere with old pretzels and balloons on tables. Floors had not been swept or cleaned in who knows how long. There are no longer massage therapists, and from what I can gather from Facebook reviews, Mike's former mate, Sally, backed out of their partnership/business. There are no operating beer taps. He only offered us canned or bottled Deschutes beers that he said were limited release, but they definitely were/are not...had every single one of those beers before—and then a soak in his filthy "cedar" tubs. He said he used UVA light to disinfect the tubs and not to mind the sandy grime on the bottom of the tubs. At least we wore swimsuits, but I felt so gross that I showered for almost an hour when I got home. This place and experience was horrifying. He also made my partner pay up front before services were tendered—never do this—this is not proper spa etiquette. He never had us sign any disclaimer documents prior to appointments and said that he records guests' conversations😮😳. Served us cheap food from down the street and handled it from the to-go boxes to our plates. Also, gave me a to-go bottled beer. All of these practices are so illegal and against health code. Do not go here. I had the heebie-jeebies the whole time and should've walked out after seeing the state of the restroom. Mike's a swindler and a liar. Shut. It. Down.
Written April 26, 2021
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Bend, OR14 contributions
Soaking with Beer
Jan 2021
I purchased the anniversary package at Hop in The Spa in Sisters, Oregon. It is the first hop spa in the US. When we arrived we met Mike, the owner, who was cheery and couldn't wait to tell us about the spa and the hops. We were offered a craft beer or barrel-aged whiskey made by the local company Deschutes Brewery. 
Mike explained the roots of how the Hop in The Spa came to be, the benefits of the hops we were going to soak in, and his new venture with Larid coffee products. It was very interesting and we were excited to soak. While we sipped on our delicious drinks he provided a charcuterie board to munch on. 
We then proceeded to the best park, the hops soak!  We had a private room with 2 gorgeous cedar tubs. You have the option to wear a bathing suit or birthday suit. Considering the various sizes of the hops we opted for a bathing suit. The water was perfect at 101 degrees and it was interesting, but it maintained its heat for 90 minutes while we soaked. During that time Mike offered us drinks, food, and music. It was the most relaxing spa soak I have experienced and I have been to many spas. The hops were soft and spongy and the oils they released help with inflammation, muscle aches, and tension. That night we both slept like babies and my partner's leg pain completely dissipated. After we were done, we wore robs out to the front areas and were treated to Laird coffee and hot chocolate. We even got to watch some football and surfing reels.
Hop in the Spa was an amazing experience and right in our backyard. I can't wait to try it again. 
Written January 10, 2021
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Beaverton, OR218 contributions
Snow day out
Feb 2019 • Friends
I had purchased a gift certificate through Groupon for my sisters birthday present to come here. Neither one of us had ever been here before so I thought it be kind of fun. When you first go inside you are greeted by two people who run the place. You get to enjoy a brew and get a little history on the place as you wait for your tub to be ready. Once inside your room they play some nice soft music and the lights go dim. Super relaxing, kind of funny to see hops floating around in the tub. It’s very rejuvenating and something fun to try. I actually had fallen the day before, I felt better after soaking in the tub. I would definitely try it again. Unfortunately they only have one room with the tubs in it and I understand that they are making more rooms with tubs. The beer was good the soak was good I will be back.
Written June 30, 2019
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Leah L
Beaverton, OR327 contributions
Amazing and Unique Experience
Feb 2019 • Couples
I read about this place when I was looking for some I found this while searching for spa experiences in Oregon and Washington. I like day spas and I like microbrew so combining the two was not only very intriguing but compelling as well. My husband booked it for us for my big 5O birthday celebration. I knew we would be soaking in tubs and that he had added a massage but I had no idea what the full experience would be like. When we first arrived one of the owners took us to a minibar in the back and talk to us about the chemical aspects of the microbrews we would be enjoying. I thought it was super cool that he often gets the beer before it is widely available to the public. Once we told him generally what we liked he recommended a couple of different beers for us and he was right on in terms of matching or preferences. They also get special glasses that are made especially for the particular type of beer. In the near future he said he will have taps that deliver the beer at the appropriate temperature. That experience in enough itself was super cool. Then it was time to go for a soak. I loved everything about the location and look of the tubs. It had a very romantic and intimate feel to it but would be good for anyone as you have the option of going as nature intended or wearing a suit and the rooms are private. My husband is not a tub person so it was a little harder for him to deal with having things floating in the water because he won’t even go in a lake. I found it very amusing he found a way to get all of his hops at the end of the tub. He asked me if we were going to have a shower I thought and I told him no why would he need one? Anyway if you have someone in your party that isn’t a bather or is squeamish about feeling anything on their skin you might prepare them ahead of time. Then it was time for the massage and I have to say it was the best massage I’ve ever had. I really like massages and get them quite frequently but I’ve never had an all over body massage that was quite as. thorough. I literally left there feeling so relaxed. After we have the option of going back to the minibar for either another glass of beer or this amazing coffee that you would have to drink to totally understand. This is like the next level amazing coffee that has a special process where the owner has teamed up with someone that is going into the coffee business. If you really want to treat yourself I would say run don’t walk and get yourself hooked up with the spa experience here. I went to Disney’s spa which is one of the top in the country and I would rate this one up on par with that after adding the points for uniqueness. Loved it!
Written February 9, 2019
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Amy Q
29 contributions
Random find
Jun 2018 • Couples
My husband and I were driving to Bend, and I was looking at the signs of businesses as we passed them. "Hop in the Spa"? We pulled over and checked it out. "America's first beer spa"? We took some pictures in front of the sign. I had noticed that the open days did not include Tuesday, which was that day. But, the neon sign said "open ". So we took a chance and went in. A couple had cancelled their appointment for a soak and tubs were ready for us! How serendipitous! Beer, pretzel, and the tubs themselves are quite lovely.
Written January 13, 2019
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Bend, OR4 contributions
Disappointed in the customer service for an expensive outing
Dec 2017 • Friends
It's the customer service I didn't care for. I set up my appointment for a friend's birthday, then wanted to upgrade to add another person to our room, plus another beer and another pretzel. At first they didn't have a problem telling me the upgrade prices, but when I told them I bought the original package on Groupon, the owner immediately got agitated, to the point of unprofessional. He made me feel like I had done something wrong by purchasing this on Groupon and was practically robbing him of his livelihood, because I wanted to upgrade and pay MORE. It made no sense. I stated that I asked a simple question, but he went on about how he was by far Groupon's favorite business to deal with, but that people purchasing his package from Groupon keep trying to work the system. It was very confusing.
I had already purchased it though, so I decided not to add another person and just, instead, took my friend for her birthday. The owner talked about how he had the widest variety of Deschutes brews around, but then couldn't supply us with the first 3 or 4 we asked for (pretty mainstream IPAs). We decided on some beers and he brought them to us with one burnt preztel (which he apologized for, but didn't remmedy in any way), then just sat there talking at us and telling us his story while we drank our beer. When it was finally time to get in the tub I asked if we could have another beer to relax in the tub with and he obliged, but then charged me for them.
The tub itself was lovely and smelled like all the magic that hops can be. Too bad the owner made it feel more slimy than relaxing.
Written May 31, 2018
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Portland, OR80 contributions
Nice but too expensive
May 2018 • Couples
We went there for my birthday. It's a funky little place with only one room with two tubs...this is probably why it's so expensive. The tub soak was nice and we got a history lesson on the startup of the company which took 1/2 hr. Only ONE Bavarian pretzel is provided with one beer each. You have to split the pretzel between you and there were no napkins provided. My hubs kept commenting that he needed a napkin. Privacy is there when you are bathing, but you can hear the owner answering the phone and people coming in just on the other side of the wall. The massages at $100 per person and were good, but with tip it really added up to nearly a $500 trip! We will NEVER do that again. It also took way too long (3 hrs) and we had to cancel a BD dinner reservation back in Bend.
Written May 17, 2018
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Redmond, OR122 contributions
Different experience
Nov 2017 • Couples
I venture to believe that most of my friends have never done anything this... the concept is very intriguing and cool... soaking in a tub of hops... If it was in a different type of a location, such as a large spa, it would be a better experience instead of such a small house, turned storefront... it would be a huge bonus to be able to take a shower after you are done soaking.
Written January 29, 2018
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Caitlyn C
San Francisco, CA203 contributions
Dec 2017 • Couples
We found Hop In The Spa on Groupon and are so glad we did!!

The proprietors have a fantastic back story that they will share before you soak. It’s unreal and makes you feel good about your visit. There are so many wonderful healing characteristics of hops that you’ll be glad you learned about.

My boyfriend and I booked a 30 minute soak and added on a few beers and a pretzel. They let us choose our own music (through Pandora) so we could fully enjoy our soak.

Yes it was weird to sit in a tub of hops, but it was also a great experience. We ordered pints of beers for our soak (nominal additional price), and had towels, tissues, and a cool water bottle if things got too hot.

Hops will get EVERYWHERE! Girls - I wore swim bottoms, which you don’t have to do, but I did to avoid the inevitable hop invasion. Also - to enjoy the full experience, don’t wear makeup! Splash your face with the hops!

I can see spas of this kind blowing up over the next few years. Go! You won’t regret it and will only think of franchise opportunities when you leave.
Written December 30, 2017
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