Jessie M. Honeyman Memorial State Park

Jessie M. Honeyman Memorial State Park

Jessie M. Honeyman Memorial State Park
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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Pitt Meadows, Canada15 contributions
We love this park and I have been camping here since I was a child. The sites are pretty good - not as large as some State Parks but for the most part are nice and private. There are some new shower/bathrooms which are lovely. Lots of park hosts and a welcome centre to help you with firewood, ice and any information you might need.

There is no direct access to the beach from the campground but the South Jetty is a fairly short drive away. You have to climb over the dune but the beach stretches for miles.

Old Town is a nice place to visit - lots of shops and restaurants. My favourite is BJ’s Ice Cream parlour at the end of old town. “Oregon Trail” ice cream is the best!

The sea lion caves are 11 miles north of town and worth a visit. There is also horseback riding on the beach - they are just before the sea lion caves.

Heceta Head lighthouse is just after the sea lion caves and is also worth the visit. There is a nice beach which is sheltered from the strong winds.

Try out a dune buggy ride with Sandland Adventures. You can go in a larger, slower buggy or the smaller and much faster ride which is so much fun!

Rent sandboards and try skiing down the giant sand dune at Cleawox lake.

All in all, it’s a great place to visit with friends and family.
Written July 16, 2022
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The Villages, FL867 contributions
This is a large (400+ spots) well maintained heavily treed campground. The mostly level asphalt rv sites were off asphalt access roads, and the modern hookups were convenient and functioned properly. No WiFi, no OTA stations, no cable tv, and unlikely to have any sky for satellite. Verizon cell service was very poor (even worse on the weekend), so your hotspot will also be poor. It seems most people chose this park for its proximity to the dunes and the lakes in the area.
Written May 30, 2021
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1 contribution
Probably the best campground I've ever stayed at. Lots of campsites. I arrived without a reservation in late June (granted, it was midweek), and there were many sites available. Very reasonably priced, clean, and shady campsites with a picnic table and fire ring. Bathrooms were clean and modern. Great hot showers (included in campsite fee - no coins necessary). Camp staff were helpful and friendly. Lots of activities nearby, with the lakes, dunes and hiking trails. I highly recommend a stay!
Written July 17, 2022
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Tami M
Roseburg, OR81 contributions
Always enjoy our stay at Honeyman. We discovered a great beach next to the little lake (Clearwox?) there in the park that we played and swam at all day. Different than usual during COVID (ie no showers, reduced bathroom availability, no Jr. Ranger Program).
Written August 4, 2020
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Mary H
McMinnville, OR45 contributions
We visited the south jetty stop. We clambered over the dune, which requires some determination. The beach on the other side was almost empty despite it being a Saturday morning. We walked for two hours, only meeting a few people. Our dog ran and ran. Definitely a good time.
Written September 14, 2021
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Monmouth, OR75 contributions
We stayed two nights in Yurt #28 at Jessie M. Honeyman State Park. The yurt was great! It has a heater, 4 or so electrical outlets, windows and a lockable door. The bunk bed had a double on the bottom, twin on top. The futon made into a double bed. There was a table, coffee table and 3 wooden chairs. The covered porch area would be nice if it rained and there was a fire pit and two picnic tables. The park is close to the sand dunes and two lakes. It was a great experience and the cost was well worth it. The hard part is reserving one. It is my understanding that you can reserve them 9 months in advance and you need to do that to get the good (and probably even the not-so-good) dates. Yurt #28 was 100 feet from bathrooms with showers. We reserved them at:
Written September 10, 2012
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Albany, OR6 contributions
These rangers are ridiculous they definitely have power issues. Someone that has authority over this parks " security " detail should be informed. They run this place as if it were under 'marshal law'. Please don't take this as a rant but I do go to this park because of how nice & safe it is but the noise police a rude, offensive & down right Out of line. 2 couples 4 kids all over the age of 8 sitting around our campfire telling stories enjoying each other at 10:30 just finally dark were told to go to bed mind you we were not drinking not playing a radio sitting around our own fire told we were to loud could be vacated out of the park and fined. Absolutely unwarned & with reason we were talking as family!!!! I'm going to be writing to parks director when we arrive home. They should go back to having rangers that are there to patrol keep it safe but not make this park a 55 & over way of thinking it is for families which have children they may want to talk at nite at a reasonable level with there parents with out a prison guard this is a FAMILY TAX PAYED FOR park I would think they would promote family time and laughter from children!!! They need to replace head ranger with someone who doesn't dislike people with familes
Written July 23, 2013
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Neptune Beach, FL253 contributions
Honeyman is a large state park with many loops of campsites. It is also alongside miles of sand dunes that are truly impressive to hike around on. It's a good hike all the way to the beach, but it's also fun just to simply climb a nearby sand hill. Sunsets over the dunes are well worth enjoying. There is another hike in the opposite direction around a lake which is also a joy.

The downside of Oregon state parks is anyone can drive in at any time of day or night and cruise the loops. Evidently there are local residents who raid sites for valuables. We lost a very nice bicycle that was hidden from the loop road, and was left only for about 15 minutes one morning. Keep your car locked at all times, don't leave anything on your picnic table, and stay armed.
Written July 14, 2016
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Gig Harbor, WA176 contributions
We lucked out in getting the last available site in the park, booking very late. I had some concerns because it was in the H loop, which, based on other reviews, has a reputation of being very loud and filled with ATV'ers and heavy partiers. Although ATV's are not allowed in the park between May and October, people still said it was very noisy and not the place to bring your children. We stayed in July for 5 nights, in site 375, which is feet away from the ATV dune entrance, and it was perfectly peaceful. We had a fire almost every evening until around 10pm, which is quiet time, and I kept having to shush my kids because we were the only noise you could hear at all. The other loops are more treed and secluded, but in mid-summer, the H loop is fine. That being said, the sites in H are quite close together, especially at the backs of the sites where the fire pits are,because the sites fan out from the bathroom like pieces of pie, so you are up close and personal with your neighbors. As a side note, there are several places in the park where you can buy firewood,so itis convenient. The women's bathroom and showers were always very clean, with t.p., soap, and paper towels. They came to clean them every evening, but my husband said the men's was just,"OK." The showers are free, which is a nice bonus. There is a nice play structure for little kids (probably to about age 10 ... My 12 yr old was not interested.) there is a nature center there and there are activities for the kids to engage in, but we didn't partake. The sand dunes are something that everyone should see and experience at least once. They are amazing. It is very fun to slide down the dunes,but you have to have the right equipment. We brought sand/snow disks with us, but even waxed and on the steepest slopes (back thru the ATV entrance in theH loop), they just don't go. You can rent sand boards at a shack or at a convenience store just a few blocks from the park entrance, heading toward town. The prices are the same... $5 for 4 hours, or $10 for 24 hours. You also have to leave a $50 deposit per board. The convenience store sold wax for about $3. We had already purchased wax at the local Fred Meyer in the canning/jars/jelly section. You just need blocks of paraffin, and you pretty much need to wax the board every time you go down. Our kids and my husband enjoyed trying to surf. I had a blast going down the hills sitting on the board (I'm in my mid- forties.) Keep the wax in a ziplock bag and wipe the sand off the board before you wax. The sand gets easily embedded in the wax and makes it not work very well. Cleawox lake has a separate parking area (from the dunes/picnic area) and has a small,shallow, roped aff swimming area. The beach area was quite crowded, but the kids enjoyed it. They sell hot dogs, popcorn, ice cream, and ice, and there are vending machines, if you want some pop or candy. They rent paddle boats (up to 800 pounds - we fit our family with 2 adults plus 12, 9, and 5), canoes and kayaks for a steal... $5 for 30 minutes, $10 for an hour. This lake is nice because there are no motor sports,so it is safe to swim wherever you like and we saw a few people swim all the way across. We did not go visit the other lake where the motor boats are, so I can't comment. Now, about the wind. It is VERY windy here. When you are on the dunes, sand is pretty much flying everywhere,and depending on the strength of the gusts, can be pelting you in the face, eyes, you name it. You really can't have a picnic on the dunes because your food will be covered in sand. We parked the RV in the lot (which was never crowded at all, so was very easy to navigate in a big rig), and just went back to the RV for food/drinks. We hung out there all day yesterday, our littlest one playing with sand toys at the water's edge and our older two sliding and running down the dunes. We noticed that people came and left quite quickly... Maybe staying for up to one hour. I think it is because of the wind and the fact that you can't have any snacks/drinks, unless you like eating sand (and you will be eating sand for a while). The wind also made our evening campfires challenging,but thismayhave been because we were very close to the dunes,and there are fewer trees in H to block out the wind. I suspect the other loops are less windy. One gripe about the state park is that you have to haul your trash and recyclables to the front entrance. We were as far away as you can get,, so we just had to store our trash for a few days. I wish there were trash/recycle bins throughout the park. My husband was disappointed that there was no sewage dump at our site, but I think that is typical of state parks. I should note that our site was level and paved, and fairly easy to back into in a 32 foot rig. Overall, it is a place to come experience. Our kids had a blast. Rent sand boards and get wax. Be prepared for the wind (including a jacket, even in the middle of summer). Don't fear the H loop in the peak months when ATV's aren't allowed, but the other loops are nicer, if you have the choice. Enjoy.
Written July 12, 2013
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Kim S
Cottage Grove, OR1 contribution
I just got back from beautiful Honeyman st park. Initially we were going to be taking one vehicle. Due to work I ended up driving over separately. (We had 2 adults and one 16 year old and a 24 lb French bulldog staying in our site. We also had a group with us, 6 other people all had their own reserved spot. we all stayed 2 nights and had 4 spots reserved.) It was 930pm when I arrived at the park. There was no one up at the information booth and all the camp hosts were off duty at that time of night. I figured I would park in my reserved spot and pay the "extra vehicle" fee the next morning for the 2 nights I would be there. First thing in the morning around 8am I had a "polite" reminder note on my vehicle that I had to pay an extra vehicle fee. I attemped to go to the Hosts that were on Duty to take care of this right away. Out of the 4 hosts in Loop H that were on duty no one available to help me. So I went back to camp started to unload my things out of my truck. No more than 5-10 min I got "Harassed" to move my vehicle 3 times. I tried to explain my story, I was unloading my stuff and I will be up to pay extra fees when I was done. But I was cut off, made to feel picked on and bullied. Come to find out my Fiancé also was confronted when he first pulled into our reserved spot. Not even 5 min and camp hosts were on him to move the truck and quads onto the blacktop as he was unloading everything. He again tried to tell them he had just pulled in and started unloading things, and he would get everything settled, tried to assure them that the quads would be off the blacktop. So the 3rd time I got Harassed about my vehicle I had to take a bathroom break I was not even there at my own vehicle. My fiancé moved the vehicle down to "overflow parking" what he was told to do. I had to then walk back and forth a few times to finish getting my stuff out of the truck. A park ranger came by, I flagged him down, told him my story. He said it seemed very unreasonable and he would make some notes regarding customer service that I experienced. I finally found a camp host after all this her name was Terri, I approached her to tell her my story and let her at least know I had good intensions on paying for the extra vehicle and ask how do I go about doing this??? ohh boy, and what I got in return was an argument. Im still not sure how I could have approached this differently, to be HEARD not argued with. But I simply said my story that I got in late I wasn't sure where to pay I couldn't find a camp host. right when I said I couldn't find a host, she got very defensive and said "you cant find us because we are out doing things in the park, cleaning the bathrooms and taking care of the property" I didn't say anything about that at all. I tried to calmly tell her I felt it was wrong that I got TOLD 3 times to move my vehicle when clearly you could see I was moving things in and out. I was not blocking the road I was pulled into our camp spot. I showed her where we moved the truck, at that moment she did not say anything about paying a fee. So I thought, well its overflow parking, does that mean is it free? The truck spent the day in overflow parking, by 2:50pm I received a written warning from a ranger, saying I needed to pay???? what the heck!! Im trying to do the correct thing but no one is communicating what the correct thing is to do. I was so frustrated, I have NEVER had this happen anywhere to me. So I went back to Terri it was evening time. I thought I am going to approach this very nicely and simply show her the warning and ask her what do I need to do? This worked!! she was helpful, finally explained to me there was an envelope at these certain places in the park, that I fill out and pay $7 a night for an extra vehicle regardless if it is in overflow or at your camp spot, but it has to fit "on the blacktop"...taadaahh!! I finally got my answer. This was completely unnecessary and very stressful. Its not like I was doing anything horrible or committing any crime by unloading my vehicle. CALM DOWN CAMP HOSTS!!!!
Written March 8, 2015
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