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Cinetopia Progress Ridge 14
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Very good

Portland, OR271 contributions
We were expecting a great dinner and fun experience at the new Cinetopis location. Unfortunately, the food was mediocre and the service poor. After waiit staff kept walking by our table, ignoring us for 15 minutes, we had to flag down a manager to get table service. By then we had to rusht hrough our dinner to get to the movie on time. IThe food was okay but not great. The theatre seats were comfortable but we got stuck waiting for them to change our drinks (which we brought with us from dinner) into plastic glasses. Considering the added cost to tickets, this was not the experience we expected. Dave your money and pass on the meal!
Written May 1, 2012
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Brian K
Portland, OR15 contributions
Thursday night visit. They need more employees. The bar was slow, ordered 2 drinks and it must have taken 10 minutes. Only about 20 people in the bar. The snack bar was the same way. Went to the GXL theatre. Wasn't an overwhelming experience. Thank goodness I had a groupon to reduce the cost. This was my first time to a theatre in years and I'm not sure I'll come back
Written October 12, 2014
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Poitiers, France306 contributions
I love, love, love the theater! The butter bar is amazing (think garlic jalapeno white cheddar popcorn)! The choices for the theaters are fun. Having said that, for a place that did so much to ensure the viewing experience is pleasant, they've done little to ensure the dining is the same. Even though the whole restaurant appears to be a bar, happy hour is only in the bar area, which is pretty small with very few tables. If you can't sit there, you will pay twice as much for basically the same food. Prices are comparable to downtown, while the food is mediocre. An $11 nacho has no meat (that's extra), the fish in the fish taco tastes fishy and is one tiny pinky-sized strip of fish buried in cabbage and sauce. The waitress took our food order, left before we ordered drinks and never came back until the food was done. When we were done eating, it took over 30 minutes from the time our bill was brought to us until we were able to finally leave. One of the worst dining experiences I had in the area - stick with the theater only!
Written February 13, 2012
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Oregon40 contributions
Went here today to see the new Star Wars movie with my kids, 8 and 6. I consider this movie to be a kids movie as do most people. Most adults would not choose to see this movie for a second time after seeing it after the first release right?

There was a manager or something in the theater doing a tour of some sort to a large group of investor looking types. Prior to the movie starting, they put on some previews that were completely inappropriate for the audience. The worst was the Woman in Black preview, which is a horror/suspense movie, which I checked later is PG-13. My kids were terrified. They are a bit sensitive.

I had to get my kids out of there very quickly. They saw about 1/3 of the preview before I realized what it was. I was so furious. I told a technician that it was completely inappropriate. He said that it was not part of the normal previews and only for the tour. Great. I don't think that matters very much as my kids were still in there and they were still showing them in that theater. Another employee agreed that it was inappropriate, but didn't do anything about it. The manager apologized, but didn't seem to care very much and didn't do anything about it. He said that the preview was appropriate for the age group. I couldn't disagree more. I was still furious and they didn't do much of anything to make me less furious. It seems like if you already have a bunch of bad reviews and have spent about a zillion dollars on your building that you'd want to make your customers happy or at least try to appease them for an egregious mistake. I'll be telling my friends and you about this don't they know??

Maybe they should have showed these in a theater with a PG-13 or R movie. I would have understood that completely. At least then I can anticipate what would be shown to my children. My kids were so scared that they didn't want to go back in the theater until the movie started. The kids are still talking about it.

Other than that, the place seems OK enough. We enjoyed the movie and the sound/screen were both very nice.

Someone told me that the chairs are very comfortable. I didn't find that to be true at all. The leather chairs are too firm. There is a large crack between the seat in front of you and the walkway where an old person could easily catch their foot and break their neck or hip in the dark. Seems like a bad design, but I'm not an old person and it's their lawsuit waiting to happen, not mine, so no skin off my back. Also, the place feels cold and a bit warehouse-y. Definitely not homey and warm like I feel at Bridgeport. Lastly, just looking around the room a bit, it seems in a bit of disrepair in the theater we were in for such a new building. I noticed all of these things before "the incident" so this isn't just sour grapes.

I'll never go back there. They don't care about their customers. I'll stick to Bridgeport.
Written February 11, 2012
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Hawaii25 contributions
On October 28, 2015, we paid Premium Prices to view an "Aliens" Double Feature. Online, this theater chain claims to be a "Premium Theater Venue". Sadly, we found it to be far less than adequate.

Telephone Reservations: Totally Impossible! Tried calling their restaurant 3 times (at 5:00 PM) to make dinner reservations before 7:00 PM showing. Each time I called I was re-routed to a telephone answering machine! When I FINALLY reached "Customer Relations" I was instructed to "call restaurant back and leave a message". Are they kidding?

The Staff: Once we arrived, they were far too busy talking amongst themselves to take the time (on 2 occasions) to answer questions. Actually observed 3 theater staff members hiding in the dark in our theater exit lobby talking on the cel phones during work. Tacky and unprofessional!

The Theater: Unclean and cold! The seats were small and uncomfortable, and actually slanted forward towards the floor...we had to "push" with our legs during the screening to avoid sliding onto the floor! What gives with that? Spilled popcorn and foodwas abundant in theater lobby and our auditorium.

The Food: Horrible and unappetizing selections. My wife ordered "Chicken Tenders & French Fries" The Chicken was rubbery and undercooked and the Fries tasted rank and state...probably friend in overused oil. UGH! I ordered the Chocolate Cake (only thing on menu that seemed appealing) and it arrived tasting stale and was difficult to cut with fork because it was well past the time/expiration date that it should have been served. They actually served my cake in a bowl! The price for both; $40.00!

We won't be back!
Written October 29, 2015
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Jessi Y
Portland, OR5 contributions
Horrible expediency number one: my boyfriend and I decided to get here early for drinks at the bar. 20 minutes. No one even took our drink order. They were pretty busy so i could have let that slide, but people that came in after us got their drinks before anyone even took our order.

Terrible experience number two: I placed a food order 45 minutes before my movie was suppose to start and was given a buzzer to let me know when it was ready. 15 minutes after my movie started I was still waiting. Finally went up to the counter to find out what was going on, and found out my food had been sitting out on the counter for almost half an hour. Buzzer never went off. They had to recook it. Said they would bring it to me in the theater. Missed the first part of my movie and when they finally brought the food, they didn't bring a tray. Had to try and balance everything on the arm of my chair. Spilled it everywhere.

Will not be going back to this theater any time soon.
Written June 24, 2015
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Tigard2 contributions
Went to go see 300 Rise of an Empire. Got there early at 7:00 pm for 8:00 pm showing in Living Room Theater. I wanted to kick back and get some dinner. The ticket guy told me seating is not until 7:30 pm. I waited around in the lobby for half an hour and came back at 7:30. When I entered the theater it was half full.  At that point kinda frustrated not to get the seats I wanted and rush ordering my dinner, so I wouldn't have to eat in the dark. I politely ask the two ladies next to me what time the got seated, and they said around 7:12 pm. I spent about $40 for food and the movie and got a sub par experience. The sad part is I live in the neighborhood and use to enjoy taking my family there. Iv'e been in customer service all my life from furniture, construction, cars, and real estate. You can have a fancy building with neon signs but it   
you don't have great service your business will fail. I am willing to allow management to reconcile the situation, but it most likely the review will stay so others don't have to be mistreated. To put more salt in the wound the movie had technical difficulties and the curtains never fully opened all the way. Once a loyal patron but bad service is never an excuse for a fancy sound system and leather seats. Please give better training to your employees.
Written March 7, 2014
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Las Vegas, NV30 contributions
We got this as a gift for Christmas this year, so being movie junkies we were looking forward to having a great movie night at this "unique" movie theater.

Redeeming our gift certificate we went inside and had about 45 minutes left until the movie started. So we decided to grab something to eat and drink at the Vinotopia. BIG MISTAKE!

We tried to order something at the bar (naive as we were) and got told that a waiter will take our order in a minute. After 20 minutes, not having seen a waiter taking any orders, we left, heading to the movie theater. They were completely overwhelmed with the amount of people being there!

We didn't know that the grand auditorium is nothing else but a totally normal movie theater, nothing special, no EXP sound, only 7.1. So we asked if the movie we wanted to see (Hobbit 2) would be played in one of the other theaters. The answer from the guy after he looked at us as if we would be from Mars was just "no, only in the grand auditorium" and then turned away.

Well, OK, so we would have needed to watch a movie we don't want to see to be able to experience the "uniqueness" of this establishment. So far ...

We took our seats and I headed back out to get some food, since we were still hungry. The girl at the counter was super-grumpy, didn't say anything but "who's next", was slow, and had a look on her face as if tomorrow wouldn't exist. The people waiting in line behind me were talking about it already since I was stupid enough to order a pizza slice (turns out a fancy pepperoni pizza is not available), a hot dog AND a drink ...

The seats in the theater were uncomfortable since they are kind of rocking, but you have to keep putting pressure against the back to lean back. My wife had a hard time and hated it. I kind of skidded down forward and had to dig my heels into the ground not to slide off of the chair.

However, after the movie we decided to try and get a drink since we had a $9 voucher for a drink. Well, turns out they redeemed only $6.50 because it is towards only 1 drink which was the price of our drinks.

At least this time we got our drinks quickly since there were no people in there other than a few at the bar.

We are movie junkies and go to the movie theater on a regular basis, but this was the first and last time we were/are visiting this theater. We had an hour drive to get there but we both were extremely disappointed and it ruined the evening and the good intentions of the gift given to us.
Written December 31, 2013
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Portland, OR93 contributions
We have been to Cinetopia a handful of times over the last couple of years and typically had fine experiences. But recently we decided to go to a matinee showing on a weekday. Apparently that was our first mistake. From the girl working the snacks counter to the so-called customer service window, we were let down greatly and treated rudely. (Even an e-mail to management went completely unanswered.) You might be able to get away with that if you're running a hot dog stand, but not when you're charging over $20 for two matinee tickets in a down economy, and an arm and a leg for any sort of food & beverage. While our visit was probably not the norm for most, it doesn't bode well for the future of this local attraction.
Written March 19, 2013
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Beaverton, OR1 contribution
This place has a good concept but it is obvious since I have tried many times over the last several months that they don't have chefs, dining staff or servers that understand how to run a restaurant or food service. Last night was the last time I will patronize. Thought we would have coffee and dessert so they couldn't mess that up as previous visits had. WRONG! Took forever to get coffee and were told by server that we could use knife and fork wrapped in napkin to stir cream in coffee. We asked for spoons however, When spoons came they were ice cream soda spoons. Desserts were terrible. Key lime pie had freezer burnt taste and apples foster was not... It was raw slices of apple in a bowl with cinnamon sprinkled on. Apple crisp that was to be in the dessert along with caramel was non existent. Dried up slice of apple peel was garnish and soupy ice cream. No caramel. When is this place going to hire chefs and servers who know how to serve and attend to guests. If not soon, they are going downhill slope fast. Food in theater ordered requires a 15% gratuity tacked on but never arrives before movie even it you just order a beer. Ridiculous! I'm done with this place. at $7.95 for a bowl of raw apples and soupy ice cream and $3.50 for a cup of coffee you have to beg for and use a fork or knife to stir cream with unless you want an ice cream soda spoon you had to beg for. Go out to a real restaurant and enjoy yourself. This place just frustrates what should be a nice evening out.
Written August 12, 2012
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