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6:15 AM - 9:00 PM
6:15 AM - 9:00 PM
6:15 AM - 9:00 PM
6:15 AM - 9:00 PM
6:15 AM - 9:00 PM
6:15 AM - 9:00 PM
7:15 AM - 5:00 PM
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Ant H
2 contributions
Aug 2021
This place is an absolute disgrace, i called the phone for 2 weeks to try and book in with no answer, once i arrived for my stay vaction as its called, i went into the place to see if i could book to be met with a snotty receptionist who informed me i had to call..., unless i paid a membership for each adult attending then we would have to pay to enter! i do not recomend this place i hope the managment read this as the place is losing a lot of money!
Written August 21, 2021
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Ana P
3 contributions
Aug 2021
Just had the most ridiculous class at 11.30am with Rebecca and what she's calling yoga. I've been doing yoga for years, with 5 or 6 different teachers at different levels. I've done Pilates and broga which is like a fitness version of yoga. Never have I ever seen anything more absolutely ridiculous as today, and an instructor who was more interested in checking her phone throughout the class, laughing and commenting on the rain outside than actually trying to run a class and watch over people. The poses were not making any sense, the sequences were incorrect, she went to balancing poses and child poses at random times, likely whenever she wanted to check her phone, there was no warm up, no stretching, no instruction, nothing. by the way, this is just asking for an injury. She was so careless it was like taking a class at Fawlty Towers with Basil as the instructor. The surfaces are not suited for what she's doing and how she's doing it, long periods where you are on your elbows, knees and wrists with no oversight of time. I got so upset it took all the effort not to ask her what is she doing? Is there any way you could actually get a suitable teacher or someone who wouldn't be so negligent?! I feel like asking for my money back as I was really looking forward to doing yoga again, having just moved into the area. Today I came home with bruised elbows, painful wrists and more tense than before I left. I spoke to the reception afterwards and all they said was, oh we never got a complaint before. Well no wonder when no one even knows what yoga is supposed to look like!
Written August 8, 2021
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1 contribution
Aug 2020 • Friends
Swimming pool is clean and covid 19 rules r getting keeped. All staff r great. Even though when lane over taking is not allowed staff try there best to move people out of lanes that r not suited to there speed. A big shout out to the life guards Terry, leon and young blond lass a as when I was the last 4 weeks I have seen he ask swimmers to move lane if there swimming is not the same as the rest he can not make anyone as this is against there human rights but he did request other lifeguards have done this to I just never seen there name badge . Reception were friendly and very helpful when i asked about the diffrents rules even thought the young lass Dawn did not know she did tell in a friendly if i asked one of the life guards they would be more tha happy to help which they where. Overall a massive shout out to this pool for being open and sticking with the covid 19 rules great job all.
Written September 27, 2020
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John B
Sunderland, UK22 contributions
Sep 2020 • Family
Due to all restrictions going on, we called on Monday 31st August for availability on Tuesday 1st September. We were told there was space at 3.15 for a 45 minute slot, so decided to book. We asked if there were any changes due to Covid and got told that social distancing must be adhered to. Fair enough. With it being the last session of the day, we asked if we had to be out by a certain time (because we have ourselves, a 1 year old and a 4 year old to get ready but were told we "won't be rushed"
We turned up at 3.05 and there was a queue but that is to be expected. swimming was fine and went to get ready. When using the shower in thw family changing room, we were told repeatedly to turn the shower off (even though NOBODY had said otherwise and there were NO signs or indication that you can't)
Then at 3.07 (7 minutes after leaving the pool) we were told to hurry up off a member of staff. This was rude and when we advised that were told we wouldn't be rushed all we got was "speak to a manager"
On the way out, we spoke to a receptionist who said that showers aren't allowed to be used. when we asked why NOBODY had told us or put any notices up, she just kept repeating herself. As for being rushed out, we were told we had 15 minutes to get ready and should have been advised this, but when I informed her that at 3.07, we were told to leave, she just (again) kept repeating herself. The thing that really annoyed us tho, is not ONE person apologised for being misinformed
Very rude customer service
Written September 2, 2020
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Neil B
United Kingdom10 contributions
Aug 2020
I joined the double width fast lane that had four head up breast stokers already in it. I swam a 100m and for one of the lengths I had to overtake them all and when I returned to the wall I was stopped by Terry the lifeguard who told me overtaking was not allowed. I said that was fine but he needed to do some lane management and perhaps move one or two to slower lanes.
He was totally aghast at this and told me I should let him do his job and instructed me to swim off. I wanted to see what he would do so stayed at the wall. He told one other swimmer that as he was swimming slowly he should consider moving to another lane. The swimmer ignored him and that was the grand total of Terry's lane management.
I swam a length but had to wait at least 20 seconds for a sufficient gap to swim back, there was no way I could swim a continuous 50m.
I asked Terry if I could leave for a refund while he argued with me about how he had dealt with the situation. Getting the refund was the only positive.
A special mention to Graham the duty manager who has zero customer service skills. I hope Graham can get some customer service advice from his colleagues at reception. And of course Terry who is a terrible representative of Haven Point and targeted me to make his job easier.
Written August 31, 2020
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Newcastle upon Tyne, UK7 contributions
Sep 2019
This was my first visit to Haven Point and I was very impressed. The reception staff were friendly and knowledgeable, and answered all our questions about membership most efficiently. The steam room/sauna area is great, with its own hot and cold showers, lounger chairs and a drinking fountain, and all spotlessly clean.
The swimming pool was divided for swimming lessons, lane swimming and leisure, and I think we struck lucky, because it wasn't too busy for lengths swimming.
Everything is clean, huge changing area, and free hairdryers. What more could you want?
Written September 12, 2019
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Newcastle upon Tyne, UK124 contributions
Jun 2019 • Solo
I went to try out the swimming pool on considering a membership. The pool was busy and this was in an evening. People were swimming next to each other talking which isn’t helpful when your tying to swim and they are leisurely knocking into you. You could see a gym class above from below in the pool but I never tried the gym so can’t comment on gym facilities. The pool and surrounding areas were clean and showers readily available, I would return again but maybe at a different time.
Written August 31, 2019
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Laura M
6 contributions
Aug 2019 • Family
My disabled daughter loves this pool. Visited today and came across the most rude and unpleasant receptionist I have ever met. Firstly she snapped my head off about how they do not accept Max cards even thought I have used it there before and it is a registered Max card facility. However she insisted she was right and I was wrong. After swimming the exit gate was open and as my daughter walked thru she closed the gate whilst my daughter was half way thru. To stop her from being injured I pushed the gate where she started with her mouth again about how I shouldn’t push the gate?! Like I was a child at school getting wrong! This time I retaliated and questioned if she would rather my daughter be chopped in half?! Stupid woman! It’s really put me off returning and I have been here many times prior with no problems. She clearly must have trained at the same place as GP receptionists train and I should know being a practice nurse myself. Disgusting attitude! Should be sacked!
Written August 27, 2019
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Sunderland, UK652 contributions
Aug 2019 • Family
Been here today with my two grandsons and they loved it especially the slides wasn’t too busy even though it’s school holidays the food is also nice in the cafe and staff friendly and helpful
Written August 20, 2019
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nicola b
Sunderland, UK152 contributions
Jul 2019 • Family
I visited the swimming baths today with my sister and both of our sons and I honestly have to say how impressed I was. The changing area was very very clean!! And the staff were constantly cleaning. They also stopped people who had shows on in areas they weren’t allowed which was a refreshing change actually so well done. The kids loved the slides (checked the time it took them to get down each town) it was very very packed but actually didn’t make our time bad.the staff really should be proud of themselves because they were chatty and helpful when we asked for Info and joked with the kids.

They also had a huge inflatable which the kids loved HOWEVER I need to mention how well the staff did whilst the inflatable was in because not only did they have staff in the pool incase needed but the young lad on the side of the pool didn’t take his eyes off whoever was on it. I can honestly say the staff were amazing.
Written July 31, 2019
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