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Located just North of Toronto, Canada’s Premiere Amusement Park truly has something for everyone. For thrill seekers, the park features 70 rides including 17 roller coasters and the all-new Yukon Striker, the world's fastest, tallest and longest dive roller coaster. And for families, the park includes 2 children areas with rides, games and live entertainment. In addition, cool off in Splash Works, a 20 acre water park or take in any of our world class live shows and special events. Each fall brings the return of Camp Spooky for kids and families by day, and Halloween Haunt's frightening attractions by night. And new for 2019, families can enjoy WinterFest, where the park will be magically transformed into a winter wonderland full of enchantment and holiday cheer.
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Inge H
Toronto, Canada4 contributions
On August 11, 2022, my husband and I took our 8 year old grandson to Wonderland. Due to the high cost of admission, this was something we had to save for and was highly anticipated by all of us. While the park is beautiful and the number of rides is huge, my opinion is this: the park encourages people to buy the Fast Lane passes, which doubles the cost of admission, so you can go to the front of the line. I find this EXTREMELY discriminatory to those who cannot afford this luxury. While we waited about 1 and 1/2 hours to get on the Leviathan for instance, people got on ahead of us in the fast lane thus making our wait time even longer than it needed to be. Another issue is the EXTREMELY high cost of food at the park: $10.10 for a 6 inch sub at Subway which on their website costs $4.99 and a 16 inch pizza at Pizza Pizza for $35.00 which on their website costs $16.99. In my opinion, this means that Wonderland is catering to and hoping that only affluent people attend.
Written August 14, 2022
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11 contributions
We went on a beautiful sunny Friday. Predicting this would be busy we bought a fast pass plus. Very expensive but we got a lot out of it - maximum ride wait time for us was 15 mins (which was rare. Mostly just walked straight on). The normal lines on the big 3 rides blew out to almost 2 hours!

The big 3 rides were so much fun and we got to ride them multiple times. Other rides were a bit hit or miss.

By far the biggest issue was food and drink. Luckily we hadn't had breakfast and ate early. By midday the lines for all food and drink was the worst I've ever seen (been to all Disney's, lots of universals, many six flags and a few non chain parks in Europe). Even if you wanted just a drink - up to 30 min wait assuming the register didn't break. Additionally it was hard to even find a place that was actually open. Can imagine for people who have waited 90 Mins for a coaster to then have to wait 30+ for a drink, it would really ruin the day.

Without fast pass plus, which is very expensive, our time here wouldve been awful/1-2 star. With it, it was a fun day, but hard to recommend without caveats.
Written June 5, 2022
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Ashton in Makerfield, UK114 contributions
I have visited a lot of theme parks across N America and Wonderland boasts 3 very good coasters which I enjoyed riding - the park is set in pleasant surroundings with a range of rides to suit all tastes from the thrills of Leviathon to kids rides. I would recommend the Fast Lane Plus if your budget can stretch - in the heat I wouldn’t have enjoyed waiting in line for the popular rides which I guess were around 45mins in waiting time today. I didn’t try any of the food outlets. This ain’t Cedar Point (not many parks are!) but is well worth a visit.
Written July 22, 2022
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London, UK3 contributions
I visited Canada’s Wonderland with my husband and children ages 8 and 11 on a weekday in August. Living in the UK, I’m pretty used to being ripped off, but this was something else!

First, the drinks wristband costs $20 each which gets you a paper cup (no lid or straw), warm, flat and watered down drinks (no ice), and a 15 min wait during busy times to get a drink. However lots of people just skipped the queue and filled up, whether or not they had a drinks pass. Signs indicated you shouldn’t use your own bottle for hygiene purposes although many did. For those who obeyed, a number of paper cups were used throughout the day which isn’t the most environmentally friendly option.

Park entry was £65 each, with an option to buy a fast pass at $135 or $150. Thank God we didn’t bother with the fast passes - all rides were shut for 90 mins due to rain/lightening (30 mins ahead of the storm arrival) with no refunds or rain checks. My kids were bored of the park after around 7 hours and wanted to go home.

We booked the premium parking option for $10 extra (expecting a long walk to the entrance). There were available ‘regular' parking spots literally just outside the premium area, a mere 5 second walk away, even though we only arrived at 12pm. I wouldn’t book this option again.

Food staff were generally lacking energy and seemed unmotivated, openly volunteering what a rip off their prices were.
Ride staff had a bit more energy, but they weren’t most efficient when it came to getting people on the rides, often leaving seats unfilled.

Dedicated thrill seekers with a fast pass would probably love this place, but it just wasn’t for us (a mixture of thrill lovers and willing adventurers).

There are plenty of amusement parks which are better or at least much cheaper - Torontonians may also enjoy this one being the local option but I wouldn’t recommend it to tourists as somewhere you “need” to visit.
Written August 21, 2022
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Justin M
1 contribution
For a family this an expensive outting that we were not prepared for first of all $200 for two adults one 7 year old is supposed to be a deal bought online to save $50......We first get to the park not expecting to pay for parking of $25 which should be included in the price as you pay for so much on entry! It's not like they have repaved or updated the parking so it's ridiculous to charge this fee. It was so hot out we go to the splash pad area we are she'll shocked to find out for a single locker it was $35 to fit are stuff in that didn't actually fit all of our stuff in it is absurd thievery on behalf of Wonderland!! After the waterpark were all hungry we grab food at the chicken restaurant we decided to share to save some money. 3 chicken fingers a handful of fries, a wrap and some fries and one beaver tails was another $50 this is with no drink. Thankfully we brought our drinks in as they $6 for a single water it's like they want you to pass out of heat stroke. This park is so overpriced its simply not worth it I do not recommend unless you have money to blow!!!!
Written August 8, 2022
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Toronto52 contributions
Terrible experience overall. It started with buying a 2022 pass only to experience a year when the water park wasn't fully open during the week earlier in the year and then the fire resulted in longer line ups in the remaining rides. Some rides like the Bat are rarely open. Silly rules like the Vortex that denied my 7 year old to wait another turn and not sit at the back because he was scared of the back but no we had to take the back seat or leave even though another couple jumped in wanting it. Very particular about where you store a stroller that's off to the side not bothering anyone during the Snoppy show but you have to stow it outside where you can't see it in the middle of a high traffic path where I think someone stole our food bag. After Labour Day apparently I find out that the 2022 pass is expired even though its still open and that I have to pay another 50 dollars for parking pass even though I have a 2022 pass and its still 2022! I tried renewing using the app when onsite at the park and misted the August special because the app kept freezing. Then missed the September one while in in line ups and spent two hours tediously inputting information but it would not accept payment as the system was down. So I line up at the ticket sales area with about a dozen people in front of me. There was only two booths and this family took both booths and took about 30 minutes to make a purchase because they kept changing their mind. I try to buy the pass and find out that it's 20 dollar less on the app. The young girl said the app and the website closed at 5 pm and recommend I just pay the extra money. I just walked away and won't be buying passes for my family of six.
Bottom line the park ain't what it used to be. Fast Lane doesn't work well as a system. Regular guests end up waiting even longer thanks to fast lane. The park's washrooms are filthy. No hand sanitizers. etc.
Written September 18, 2022
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Walter Lott
1 contribution
Attended the park in August 14th, 2022. Leviathan and the Bat were down all day, while Behemoth and Drop Zone were down from opening until mid afternoon. Thankfully we didn’t waste an extra $150 EACH on fast passes (non refundable) like many others did. Imagine a family of 4 spending near $1000 for a single day with park entry, fast passes, parking and extraordinary food prices only to find all the big ticket items closed? You could spend a day at Disney for that money! With the big rides down, all the lesser rides had long wait times that weren’t worth the ride itself. We left by 3:30 pm and we’re relieved to do so. Wonderland is looking tired and old (I’ve been going there since I was 10 years old and it is deteriorating annually) and clearly not enough money is being spent on maintenance. Ride the Mighty Canadian Spine ooops, I mean Mine Buster and you’ll be forced to agree. Another thing the struck me was the smell! Clearly the garbage contents had leaked from the bags into the surrounding can. The leakage was putrid and every time you were anywhere near a garbage you had to breathe through your mouth. Wonderland needs to step up their game otherwise they go from what was once a world class amusement park to a dirty fair. Come on Wonderland, reclaim your former self. I’ll not be giving them another nickel until I hear things have improved!
Written August 14, 2022
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David F
6 contributions
Honestly the worst experience ever. Got there at 9:30 which is 30 minutes before they open and there were hundreds of people waiting in line which I can deal with if there was a proper line up system. Literally watched countless teens just walk by the lines and sneak their way in and not to mention the families that did the same thing. Good thing your teaching your children to have manners and respect for rules !

Next, I thought we were in a pandemic ? There are no Covid protocols whatsoever being followed at wonderland. It’s a complete joke. It’s not like they don’t have enough money to employ a couple more teenagers at the lovely rate of $12 / hour when they’re charging $47 for a pizza or $25 for a small drink and small fry. Think about how much money wonderland makes and how big of a company it’s owned by and they aren’t one bit interested in doing anything to ensure people’s safety. Would love for them to be visited by enforcement officers.

I have a lot more negatives but I’ll end with this. Parents who train they’re kids to sneak through lines or bud in front of people should be ashamed of themselves. After what I saw today, I was disgusted. A 7 year old boy and his 5 year old sister walked through line up after line up saying they were going to meet their parents at the front. There were no parents and it was a complete scam to get to the front and not wait in the ridiculous lineups like everyone else has to. If I wasn’t with my son waiting in line I would have went to go find their parents who were probably enjoying themselves elsewhere doing the same thing. How does a 7 year old and a 5 year old have the brains to do this ? Because they were simply told to there’s not other l explanation.

Don’t go. And if you do go when the park opens and children are in school, go during the week, bring a lunch and be prepared to have your elbows out because the people I mentioned above will still be there.
Written September 2, 2021
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John Y
Ottawa, Canada10 contributions
Get the fast lane plus. It’s worth it to get the most out of your day. The staff are pleasant and polite. Hena operated the Skyhawk at around 5:30 pm on Aug. 19th. and after a brief shutdown, she was in charge of allocating guests to their seats. Hena was very polite, answered a ton of questions and kept guests updated on when the ride would restart. She was an awesome part of our day. Thank you!!
Written August 19, 2022
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Port Perry, Canada6 contributions
Sadly, Canada’s Wonderland was a complete waste of time and money on June 25th, 2022. This was our first trip back since before the pandemic, as two adults and four teens. The park was so unbelievably overcrowded that the kids only managed to do two rides in total over the span of an 8 hour visit!!! Management had no business allowing that many people into the park with next to no chance of being able to use the attractions. The crowds alone made it near impossible to walk from attraction to attraction nevermind the line ups upon reaching individual attractions.

Also, a few tips for others considering a trip there anytime soon:

The drink wristbands are an abomination. The refreshment stations where people can go and dispense a fountain drink are disgusting and not cleaned whatsoever. The syrups oozing out of them must be a haven for microbial growth.

The current policy for the park says that no cash is accepted anywhere, so we planned to buy preloaded debit cards in the park as the website recommends for the teens to be able to buy food/snacks with. But, we felt so stupid upon finally finding the kiosk machines that dispense these cards only to discover that the only way to buy one is with cash, which of course we didn’t bring because the website says no cash is accepted in the park!

The only saving grace for the day was a poolside cabana rental in Splashworks. My wife and I rented this as a home base where we hung out for the day while the kids tried to enjoy the park. The shade and separation from the overcrowding was welcomed, but we overheard so many of the Splashworks visitors complaining about the 4+ hour wait times even just for people to use the main pool area. At one point, the Splashworks staff had to issue announcements over the loudspeaker system to force all patrons in the giant pool to exit just so the hundreds of people waiting for their turn to enter the pool could do so.

Our day ended with our kids exhausted and disappointed that they weren’t able to enjoy the rides and they were also really disappointed that the hour+ line ups even for food service areas made the ability to enjoy those pointless too. Shame on the Wonderland Management Team for operating the park at this level of crowding when the staff and attractions clearly cannot accommodate! I recognize that businesses are desperately trying to recoup lost income relative to the many effects of the pandemic, but, Management at Wonderland has no business shamelessly doing so to this extent when their patrons cannot use the attractions. All total, we spent close to $1000 for the day (parking, park passes, drink wrist bands, cabana rental, etc.), and the kids got next to nothing out of the day for that expense!
Written June 26, 2022
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