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Very good

Ralitsa I
2 contributions
Aug 2020 • Family
The slides are nice and there is attraction for the little kids as well. The nearby restrooms were closed so we needed to go all the way to the entrance where there was one. I'm not sure if because of Covid, but only one restaurant was open, and no one came to take our order for 40 min!
Written August 25, 2020
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David L W
Alness, UK105 contributions
Jun 2017 • Family
After having spent several holidays in Sunny Beach I had never been to this attraction before, mainly because my now ex-partner couldn't swim and didn't like water, but after taking my 50 year old son and 19 year old grandson with me it was the chance to visit this attraction.
On leaving our hotel. which lays on the southern side of Sunny Beach, we only had to walk around a couple of hundred metres to a bus stop, and there we waited for only a few minutes before the Aqua Park's free bus service arrived to take us to it, though there is a donations box inside, and a few small coins made the driver smile in response.
With me being of the older generation, over 70, the cost of entering the attraction was far less than that of those not retired, which helped when someone is on a pension., and my family, who had been out to Florida the previous year told me that this attraction, though not quite as large as the one they had used out in America, was in their view excellent in both the types of water slides and far cheaper than the American one.
There are attractions to suit all ages, and as I am also disabled I decided that the 'Lazy River' would suit me rather than the nearly vertical drops some of the higher slides had for the more daring to go down. And I also took advantage of both the wave pool and one where jets of water are switched on at regular intervals to give your body a gentle massage.
The park has several places where you can buy food and soft drinks to help keep you hydrated in what we found was a really scorching day, and full use was made of the sun-loungers and parasols placed all around the different areas that by the middle of the day were seeing lots of people enjoying just laying there so as to have a rest before tackling another of the water features.
We spent just over 6 hours at the Aqua Park before we decided that we had all better head back to our hotel, once again a free bus service both collects people from all the different parts of the resorts on a time table, as otherwise we would have run out of sun tan lotion and suffered accordingly.
Will we being going back, well that's a silly question, as it really was a fun filled day that we would have happily paid more to go to, and my being a widower with a family that has grown up and have children who are also now grown up, just watching younger children really enjoying themselves in the water brought back memories of when I was very young and my parents took me to the seaside, where the only water attraction was the cold sea and sand to make sandcastles with. Yes, oh to be young and fit would have seen me going down some of the more daring slides and being deposited in a flurry of water at the bottom.
Written February 2, 2018
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manchester8 contributions
Jun 2014 • Family
so many attractions to suit all ages if you dont like the slides there is plenty of pools to use they have even got a bar that you can swim up to as you enter the park to save you from carrying money around with you they provide you with a wristband and you decide how much money to put on the band so when you want to buy food drinks and ices you scan your wristband and the money is deducted you then get a balance of whats left to spend
Written April 20, 2015
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James C
7 contributions
Jun 2017 • Family
We booked this water park for 7 adults and two children it cost us 323 levè all in for the full day. We went on Saturday the 17th of June, now we knew that it was giving a wet day so we decided to go and book into the water park as we thought it would be a good chance to do it as it is giving a bad day anyway. However we went into the park and walked about it to see everything first before we got changed, then we all went into the lazy river to start off our FUN day, but next thing you know an announcement came out over the speakers saying the park is shutting down due to weather (at this point it was spitting) so we all were confused and walked over to the entrance. At the entrance there were many other families there giving off about why shut it down when it's spitting (please note...not once did we see a sign saying anything about this, or we weren't warned/told about it when entering) everyone was outraged as we were all literally in the park for 25mins at this point. Everyone began to ask for their money back and pointed out that they've never seen this on signs, in the booklet or told at the gate etc. But the staff were having none of it and pretended to not understand us all. The manager then came out and was rude to us all, and then started saying something in Bulgarian to his colleges and laughing.
So to sum this place up I would highly recommend to everyone to stay well clear of this place as the staff and manager are rude 'money grabbers' and wouldn't even give half of the money back. There are plenty more water parks around nessebar so go to them instead.

Please note that this is my first ever 'bad' review! But what happened that day was a joke and they deserve to have this all pointed out.
Written June 20, 2017
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Charlotte B
Wolverhampton, UK3 contributions
Jun 2019 • Couples
Yesterday on 12th June me and my partner had visited this water park for the second time, the first being in 2015 which was a really good experience so we were so excited to go back and do it all again.

How wrong we were, the main water coaster which is huge and incredibly scary even for us but so much fun at the same time seemed to have safety precautions (such as a netted cage over the first big drop in the slide) added since the last time, making us feel a bit better but also wondering if anything had happened to prompt this.

On the slides there are signs stating which coloured wrist bands can go on the rides together such as blue (adult) with yellow (small child) or red (somewhere in between) with yellow or blue and blue, however all of the rides signs clearly say NO YELLOW AND YELLOW RIDERS TOGETHER! obviously due to the weight and size of two small children it just wouldn’t be safe for them to ride together. However we soon realised that there are NO COLOUR CODED BANDS and everybody has on a blue band, none which indicate children’s age or ability to ride without an adult or not.

It was around 4 o’clock and we’d had a great day so far, the slides over the other side of the park which were mainly run by female lifeguards were perfectly safe and being watched properly and cautiously with whistles being blown to indicate when it was safe and proper supervision by all of them so I can not fault the females in that sense.

So we decided to go back on the water coaster one last time, we had a great run on it and went the fastest we’d ever been so thought, let’s do it again, just one more time!! We made our way up the to the top of the slide, in front of us there were two young boys each with a small frame which in my opinion would have been ‘yellow riders.’

The lifeguard was sat on a pile of single rubber rings and couldn’t even see over the top of the slide. However this is their job and nothing had happened the previous times so you just assume they know what they are doing and have some way of knowing or seeing how the ride is running but he was so laid back and didn’t seem to care how small these boys were.

He told them to go and then quickly hurried us into the starting position, at this point all we can see is the entrance tunnel to the slide and nothing else, your life is in their hands at this moment. We whizzed down the first drop and back up again, as we were going through the tunnel my partner had an instinct to put his hands out as to slightly break, however even with this the slide is incredibly fast. I am a 5’6 female and my partner a 5’11 male so you can imagine the weight and force of our double rubber ring on this slide. Coming out of the second tunnel and onto the second drop we realised the two little boys were stuck there in their craft unable to move due to lack of momentum because of their shape/size.

IT WAS HORRIFIC AND TRAUMATISING!! I will never forget this near fatal crash, we hit the boys at such force that they both flung out of their craft into the side of the slide both crying, one of the boys was bleeding from his neck and head. We jumped out of our ring after being stopped by the impact.. Seconds later as we were reaching for the boys to pull them up to us and get them off ANOTHER craft had been sent down despite all the shouting and frantically waving to try and get the lifeguards attention! The next craft was luckily two young girls they whizzed through us all knocking the little boy back into the slide, hitting his head again! They carried on through us and were not injured. We then realised we had seconds before we were going to be crashed into again and we needed to get these boys to safety. We pulled them up to us and slid them down on their bums as we followed. I will not go into detail but I have never seen that much blood pouring out of a child’s head, he was so so brave and we tried to distract him and bring him to first aid. We walked round the perimeter of the park in order to find their grandparents and a first aider, at no point in that walk around did any staff member or life guard even notice or offer help, intact I don’t remember seeing anybody but park-goers all of which looked horrified at what they were seeing.

There is nobody watching the bottom of this slide which is not safe, however if the lifeguard had stood up so he could see the rest of the slide he would have realised but instead was on his phone and just seemed to guess when it was safe. The little boy had his head glued and neck cleaned up, if they had flung off the slide I think it would have been fatal and this crash was such a near miss that lifeguard is lucky to not have caused a death that day! Absolutely disgusting, the first few staff members did not seem to care what happened. After finally finding and telling the manager along with the presence of the boys Nan’s he apologised however THE LIFEGUARD RUNNING THE SLIDE WAS STILL UNAWARE AND HADN’T EVEN BEEN TAKEN OFF THE SLIDE! I was trying to stress how much he needs to come off that ride immediately but nothing was done and the English was very limited. The other little boy wasn’t hurt luckily, however he may have some pain come at a later date and the scars for both of these boys will stay forever as it was absolutely terrifying! My back started to really hurt at this point and I asked for pain killers and made a report of it in the first aid book. We demanded our money back as to which the manager nodded and said he was so sorry, he also agreed to fully refund the two boys and their grandparents.

We went to the front desk with the manager to get back our money, my partner had gone to collect our bag with lunch in (which you cannot take in, if you have dietary requirements you will be hungry all day, only fruit and water allowed) whilst I waited getting our money back. The two women on the pay desk were mocking me in Bulgarian and laughing at me!!! I could not believe it, at this point I was so angry and couldn’t help but say something, how dare they!!!! So unbelievably rude! That accident could have been a lot worse and the thought that we may have killed two little boys even though it wouldn’t have been our fault brought me to tears. We had our money back and we’re both shaking all the way to the hotel. Both mine and my partners backs are stiff and hurting from the impact and are both still in shock.

I hope that lifeguard was sacked shortly after however I’m not 100% sure he will be. The manager seemed to be the only one to care however he was still very relaxed about the whole thing.

Written June 12, 2019
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Dear Charlotte B, We are extremely sorry to hear about your experience. We are familiar with this case and we would like to assure you that there were disciplinary actions taken place for the lifeguard in question. We would like to assure you that the lifeguard is already fired and he will never be working for the company again. Please accept our sincere apologies and we hope to see you again. Warmest Regards,
Written June 19, 2019
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Sunny Beach, Bulgaria1 contribution
Aug 2018 • Family
Must say we enjoyed the slides and the lunch (we went to the restaurant) - I suspect safety is compromised at this park. I had noticed during the day that the staff interview must for lifeguard must be small set beautiful young girls with bad attitudes who didn't actually seem to be taking account of safety, seeming bored and annoyed with customers, leaving the young children's set with one who only blew whistles and spoke nastily to children coming down slides in 3, when clearly a staff member should of been at the top of the small slide moderating the flow - instead of leaving it up to under 5's to work it out and then give them a brisk telling off at the bottom - as to the bigger slides where a of flirting was going on, but not much attention to safety by my observation, a little wave of the hand while looking elsewhere to indicate time to go - eye rolling when my 2 nieces struggled into the double float, just a bit of clumsiness, but no help offered, just mocking.. at least some of the boys did help the floats take off, the girls would watch as people struggled to get the floats going at the beginning of slides - off course the slides and exhilaration are great - but not worth the end when my 5 year old son had lost his wrist band, which we hadn't really considered too much - he was behind me in the turnstile and suddenly not with me - I found myself at the peril of these gangster style staff, big grown bulky men, quite a few of them, whom i'd not seen during the day, (presuming the recruitment team for the beautiful girl lifeguards) demanding 10 l for the lost band, they wouldn't let him out and were really mean to him and me, he started crying by which they relented a tad and then let me back in to comfort him and have a go at finding the said wristband - I didn't have my purse as my sister had it, she had tried to come back in after me, call me ect and they refused her.
I was so intimidated by these staff, I had already spent big in the park through lunch and souvenir shop and the way they treated me over the 10l was off the scale - at the front I found my sister (by this time my child is really upset) and she passed me my purse and I was escorted to the ATM, with this gangster guy at my back while I got the cash - a truly horrifying experience - I would never go back to such and establishment and will be checking out the other parks as their are 3 around here - on the mini bus free shuttle - the driver was a bit of a sweetie, very scant English, but that bus would not pass an MOT seatbelts not working and a real run down bus, which in hindsight was the first indication of the firm we we're dealing with, these are not people I would do return business with
Written August 8, 2018
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David L W
Alness, UK105 contributions
Jun 2018
Another hot blazing day in Sunny Beach saw my family and I heading to a place we had really enjoyed last year. Unfortunately this year there are some of the staff, mainly Lifeguard's, who seem to have lost the ability to take into account that some visitors, like myself, have mobility problems and the way that they speak to some customers borders on the point of being downright rude, making one wonder if they had ever been taught any customer handling skill, and in particular caring for the elderly and disabled customers who help pay their wages.
On being driven to the aqua park from the pick-up point, in minibuses that would possibly fail an MOT back in the UK, on my getting of the ramshackle transport I unfortunately slightly twisted the ankle of my bad leg, and this eventually became so bad that rather than spoil my family's day out I decided that I would return to our hotel where I had medication to help ease the problem.
What caused me to write a damming report was that due to my leg injury I could only use the Lazy River ride, but only with help from my family. Just as my family returned after 5 minutes they found that the large air filled buoyancy float they had found for me had been taken away by one of the rudest lifeguards who totally ignored my explaining as to why I needed it, and that my family were on their way back to help me get on the lazy river. The float was snatched away by the Lifeguard, who told me I could not have it, and he then handed it over to a young person who already was carrying a smaller float, but had seen the larger one next to me, seeing as I am on the larger size at this water park, as I waited for my family to return.
This action, along with my leg problem meant that instead of spending a day relaxing and enjoying floating around on the river ride it ruined my day after paing 100 Lev for the 3 of us to spend some time together. There were also no minibuses available to take me back to where we had been picked-up from, so I'd to pay another 20 Lev to get a Taxi back to my hotel.
Written June 19, 2018
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Dublin, Ireland53 contributions
I have been to many of these throughout Europe so i have ple ty of metrics to go off.

Its decently priced for what you get but there are not a huge amount of slides on offer.
The park itself is very clean and tidy and when i was there the queues where very short. Gift shop prices were excellent too.
Written May 11, 2019
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Josh P
2 contributions
Aug 2017 • Family
Great rides! But be aware of un even pathing!. With my excitement to get to another attraction, I managed to trip and severely injure my big toe. Considering I was looking forward to this day all of my holiday I was extremely disappointed and upset to say the least. I hobbled back to my sunbed with tears forming in my eyes. Completley ruined my experience of this water park. Ps, always where your flip flops when walking from each attraction. Please see pictures below for evidence.
Written August 9, 2017
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Blackburn, UK26 contributions
Jun 2014 • Friends
Action Aquapark has plenty of pools, waterslides and other water themed attractions. Though they had plenty of waterslides, I spent most of my time here in the large swimming pools and in the lazy river.

They have a few snack bars dotted around the park and they also have a little petting zoo which is a good extra attraction for children but I personally think that the area that the animals are kept in is too small and it needs expanding.

We booked through an excursions shop at a very reasonable price, Action Aquapark is great value for money.
Written March 29, 2015
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