Mt. Lushan National Park

Mt. Lushan National Park, Jiujiang: Address, Phone Number, Mt. Lushan National Park Reviews: 4/5

Mt. Lushan National Park
Mountains • Historic Walking Areas • National Parks
A place of striking beauty, Mount Lushan combines spectacular peaks, lakes, cliffs, waterfalls with important Buddhist and Taoist temples.
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Very good

Sandra L
5 contributions
Lushan Mountain
Oct 2021
Such a stunning place, but be warned ... the bus ride up and down the mountain is horrendous. Comfy bus and all that, but so many sharp twists and turns. Take a sea-sick pill before going. (I'm serious - it's THAT bad!)

Once you're up there though, it's really worth it.
Written October 6, 2021
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Yekaterinburg, Russia64,074 contributions
Power-boating on the lake
May 2020
We came to enjoy jetting across the clear blue lake waters. The water was chilling, but combined with the oxygen rich air, provided for a fun invigorating outing.
Written May 31, 2020
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1 contribution
good place
May 2019 • Couples
Very good place suitable for go with loved ones. Cheap for travel. Easy transport. Beautiful scenes.
Written June 17, 2019
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Singapore, Singapore7,488 contributions
3D2N itinerary in Lushan
Mar 2019 • Solo
Let me share with you my experience in visiting Lushan.

Day 0 is primarily for transportation to Lushan.
Transportation: First, head to Jiujiang Long Distance Bus Station. There are many buses going to Lushan, bus fare 16.50 rmb, about 1.5 hours ride. Bus will first make a stop at Tourist Service and Transfer Centre for visitors to purchase the Lushan entrance ticket 180 rmb. The bus will end at a big square in Guling Town (牯岭镇). This is also the interchange to take the sightseeing bus for the eastern and western routes.

Accommodation: Travelers will most likely stay in Guling Town, which is actually at the top of Lushan. There are many hotels, restaurants, mini-marts in Guling Town. As for me. I stayed in Lushan Tianjie Villa (廬山天街別墅). Please see separate review of hotel.

Exploring Lushan: It is highly recommended to purchase the sightseeing bus card, 70 rmb to visit the various places of interest in Lushan. There are 2 bus routes - eastern and western routes. See one of my photos for the bus routes. The main interchange connecting these 2 routes is at the big square as mentioned above. The bus card is valid for 7 days, unlimited rides. To take the bus, a female staff will scan your card and fingerprint and she will call for a bus to come. Inform the driver where you are going, else he may skip the stop if no one is alighting.

My 2 days itinerary is as follows:
Day 1 - Eastern route. Places of interest are Five Old Men Peak (五老峰) -> Sandiequan, 3-Tiered Waterfall (三叠泉) -> Hanpo Pass (含鄱口) -> Lushan Museum (庐山博物馆) -> Lushan Conference Site (周恩来纪念馆) -> Meilu Villa (美庐别墅)

Day 2 - Western route. Places of interest are Huajing, Flower Path (花径) -> Ruqin Lake (如琴湖) -> Jinxiu Valley (锦绣谷) -> Heavenly Bridge (天桥) -> Immortal Cave (仙人洞) -> Big Heavenly Pool (大天池) -> Suspension Bridge (悬索桥) -> Black Dragon Pool (乌龙潭) -> Yellow Dragon Pool (黄龙潭) -> Lulin Lake (芦林湖).

Please see my separate reviews for each of the above places of interest. I spent the entire day to cover the eastern route while only half a day to cover the western route. Hence, I took the long distance bus back to Jiujiang in day 2 afternoon.

If you have only 1 full day in Lushan, I recommend you to visit the major attractions, i.e. Five Old Men Peak, Sandiequan, Huajing & Jinxiu Valley. If you find this post helpful in planning your trip, kindly click "Helpful". Thanks so much.
Written April 28, 2019
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Jeffrey B
Townville, SC22 contributions
This is a beautiful example of China’s incredible history
Aug 2018
I visited Lushan Park early August. Temperature was very warm, and crowds were large, but the beauty of this historical place is breathtaking. I was the only westerner that I saw while I was here. That being said, I visited the park with my Chinese friends and that made the visit very enjoyable, even though it seemed like we walked 10 miles every day (we did not walk that far, but be prepared for steep rock stairways meant for small feet). When you get into the heart of China, I compare this to Yellowstone Park in the USA. Very beautiful country!
Written August 6, 2018
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Rachel W
Jerusalem, Israel17 contributions
Mount lushan resort from nanchang
May 2018 • Solo
Getting up to the mountain -

As I had a flight coming and leaving from nanchang, but couldn't find much information on how to get to lushan I'm posting my experience here. -

If your coming from nanchang or nanchang airport I recommend taking a train to lushan or jiujiang, from there there is a shuttle bus company that has busses going up to the mountain and busses in the mountain.
What I did - I arrived at nanchang and took a taxi to what I thought would be near by - yongxiu, then figured out that was a bit out of the way and took a train to lushan. I took the bus from the company right by the train station - a one way is 20 yuan, or it can be included with the shuttle bus system that goes around in the mountain - and the whole fare is 130 yuan. That's the pass I got.

The way up is long and windy but I recommend taking the bus it's affordable and wasn't too bad, a taxi driver tried offering his service for 300$! I'm glad I didn't fall for that.

An entrance fee to the mountain is 180yuan - a separate fee from the transportation. The bus going up stopped on the way at the visitor center and we all got off to purchase the entrance ticket to the mountain.

Sleeping accommodations - Once up in the mountain - there are plenty of hotels and hostels, no need to look online for near by villages etc. - I didn't book in advance and just showed up and got a room for 300 yuan, I know hostels up there were about 60 yuan but the hostels were all booked up at that time.

In the mountain you can use the shuttele bus system. There are two main companies offering there service, the one connected to the bus coming up from the train station or another called 'lushan tourism' - I used the first but it had limited services, it didn't go to all areas so I recommend using the second one.

Attractions in the mountain - there are plenty of nature areas. You get a map going up. I did - the five man peak hike, waterfalls, botanic garden, and old houses that are museums.

I hope I included all important information, the mountain is magnificent and once you're up there it's easy to figure out.
Written May 1, 2018
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Kalpesh P
2 contributions
A beautiful hill station and perfect get away for couple
Jan 2017
Had been here in 2009. Its a perfect getaway for romantic couples.
There is a lot to see and do.The mountains here are beautiful and any one would fall in love with the nature here.There were some very old 1000s of year old trees which also add nostalgia .In addition the American Villas also say lot about the past 2 centuries.
Written December 13, 2017
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Yew Hong Ng
Singapore, Singapore196 contributions
Beautiful Lushan from different angles and at different time
Dec 2016 • Solo
It was a great trip up to Lushan. I spent 3 nights here and did not manage to do everything. This is a general review of the whole place - I have more detailed reviews in the different attractions which I visited in Lushan.

To get to this place, most people came from Jiujiang. There are buses from the Jiujiang Long Distance Bus Station which is not far from the Jiujiang Train Station. Note that we are talking about the Jiujiang train station, not Lushan Train Station. I paid 16.5 CNY for the bus fare at the bus station - there are no schedules, the bus leaves every half an hour or so, or when it is full. When I was in Lushan, I also saw a bus station selling bus stickets to Nanchang, so there should be the same service from the bus station in Nanchang.

The ride up Lushan was horrible. I heard that they are building a cable car, so choose the cable car if you are there in 2017 and it is ready. Note that there already is a cable car at the Sandiequan Scenic Area - it is possible to enter Lushan from the Eastern Gate and walk up to the Sandiequan Waterfall, before climbing up to Lushan, with a cable car towards the top. Don't do this as well, the walk up is very very tiring. I've also heard of scams where tourists from Lushan Train Station (which is where you will likely arrive at if you come via high-speed train) were promised a ticket to Lushan and a ride there, but actually the ticket is only for Sandiequan and they will leave you at Sandiequan which again is a horrible way to ascend Lushan. Keep to the normal North Gate. Taking the bus from Jiujiang, you will be asked to get off at the North gate to purchase a ticket - 180 CNY. This ticket works for most areas and you are not likely to need another ticket unless you really explore every corner of Lushan. You may notice that many other passengers do not need the ticket - don't worry it is not a scam, Jiujiang residents do not need a ticket when they go Lushan. The guard will check their ID instead. Once you have the ticket, get it checked by the guard and board the same bus. Now prepare yourself for the worst ride ever. The drive up Lushan consists of many bends and curves and the drivers seem to be in an ego ride to display their driving skills. It is best if you go early in the morning before breakfast. Otherwise, have a plastic bag ready. Get some sour plums or something to help you tide through the ride.

The bus will let you off at the start of the Guling Town - this is where you can find more frequent rides back to Jiujiang. After this stop, the bus will continue deeper into Guling Town for those who have not found a hotel. I had already booked a hotel prior to the trip, so I sat in the park near the getoff point and took some time to recover from the ride. After that, I spotted KFC and went to get a meal there, and especially appreciated the hot tea. I then went to my hotel, and was given a helpful map of Lushan - it was in Mandarin and I did not ask whether there was an English version. I've heard that the bookshop (which is near KFC) carries maps as well. I was also advised by the hotel to get a bus card for Lushan. You can get one at several points in Lushan mainly around the Guling Town area. The main interchange is near to the point where the Jiujiang buses stop - on the left hand side there is a tunnel, at the end of which is the interchange. There will be people there to direct you to the ticket office. The card costs 80 CNY and can be used unlimited times for 7 days. I found it very useful. To use the card, go to any of the bus stops, show the card and inform which stop you are going. They will scan the card and your fingerprint, and they will call for a bus to come. Tell the driver where you are going as well, as they tend to skip stops.

My recommended sites to visit would be:
1) Wulao Peaks and Sandiequan for long hikes (3-4 hours thereabout). Wulao Peaks is good for getting a good view of the area around Lushan, while Sandiequan is really just to see the waterfall, which was very beautiful.
2) Hanpo Kou for sunrise. This is where you are supposed to be able to see Poyang Lake, but the clouds would more than likely prevent you from seeing it. Actually it is difficult to see the sunrise from Hanpo Kou if you stay in a hotel in Guling Town. There are two ways - stay at the Hanpo Kou Hotel, which is 15 minutes hike away from Hanpo Kou where you can see the sunrise. Or, I heard that you can arrange with taxis or cars in Guling Town to pick you up early and send you up here for the sunrise. If I were to do this trip over again, I'd stay two nights in Guling Town, and one at Hanpo Kou.
3) Xian Feng for sunset. Xian Feng is a peak along the Brocade Valley walk in between the Flower Path (Hua Jing) and the Fairy Cave (Xian Ren Dong). Anywhere along this walk would be good for sunset.
4) Dalin Road for a walk through town down to the Ruqin Lake. Dalin Road is on the left as you come down the road from the Dicos in Guling Town, with a bank marking its start. You will pass by many beautiful old houses along this path.

The Chinese crowd tend to keep to the well beaten path and choose not to go all the way. For example, I started the Wulao Peaks with a group of Chinese tourists and they started turning back at the second and third peaks. By the last fifth peak, only a few high school girls were with me, some of them complaining to the rest for making them go all the way - but all of them were awed by the beauty of the last peak when they reached.

If you don't get the bus card, it should be fine but be prepared to do a lot of walking. Essentially, think of Lushan as a mountain where there are a lot of hiking tracks, many along the mountain sides giving you great views. Connecting these are roads which the bus take. There are many youths who will take these roads without using the buses so you will not be alone if you don't take the buses.

For food, I'd suggest keeping to KFC and Dicos, which are both available in Guling Town. Local food are too salty and spicy with tough meat and little vegetables. There are also a few bakeries near KFC, one of which I tried and was good. Most of the time I ate at KFC+Dicos, or bought bread which I eat back in the hotel or pack as lunch for a long hike. There are many convenience shops around Guling Town where you can buy bottled drinks and even tea-in-a-cup which is a styrofoam cup with powder milk tea in a bag inside. My hotel room had an electric kettle so it was nice to have tea at night and in the morning. The two local restaurants I visited for noodles and set meal rice were a let-down. I'd also note that drinks along the way anywhere in Lushan are usually reasonably priced so there is no need to carry big bottles of water at the start of every day.

If you want to buy tea, on the way to Sandiequan near the bus stop, there are some shops that will allow taste testing, and which has good prices.

I'd like to also note that I've heard from fellow travellers that the hotels they were in did not provide any toiletries or electric kettle. Mine did (Wuyue Scenic Hotel, check my reviews of it a well) but it has its flaws.
Written December 8, 2016
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Bahrain177 contributions
Lushan !
Sep 2016 • Friends
Where chinese wrote allot of poems about this place. Its a very famous place for chinese and almost all chinese know about this place as they hear poems.about how beuatiful this place is in the schools. But not reallly knowns to foreigners. I recommend visiting this place. Clean air, clean water and beautiful sceneries !
Written September 14, 2016
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Xiamen29 contributions
Xi Hu (Lake)
Aug 2016 • Solo
Beautiful lake near Gulingzhen. Early morning or late evening is the best time to visit so you can get the wind free views.
Written August 20, 2016
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