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Nanfeng Ancient Kiln
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Stanley C
new york611 contributions
Dec 2020 • Friends
It is a nice place to see an ancient kiln built during the Ming Dynasty (1500s). The entrance fee is 25 RMB. You can pay by AliPay or WeChat Pay. You can see a lot of ceramic/pottery. Also, there are different vendors available as well for you to purchase your own pottery. On the right side of the main entrance where you can go visit the restrooms, there are available shows for you to watch. (Maybe 8 shows). You can watch a clown make balloons and spin the colander. He also interacts with the audience. Afterwards, you can see a pottery master show you how to sculpt firsthand. Last, you can observe a calligraphy master at work where you can purchase his live work at 100 RMB. Very beautiful calligraphy in traditional Chinese characters.
Written December 30, 2020
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Yekaterinburg, Russia64,074 contributions
Apr 2018 • Friends
The signs posted throughout the area, use the name Ancient Nanfeng Kiln (not Nanfeng Ancient Kiln). Ancient Nanfeng Kiln is comprised of at least three areas, being a Ancient Nanfeng Kiln shopping area (no entry fee), Ancient Nanfeng Kiln Museum (entry fee), and Guangdong Shiwan Ceramics Museum (no entry fee). The shopping area is a few hundred metres long, lined with shops selling all kinds of ceramics, from relatively simple, low-priced to intricate and detailed higher-priced.

My favourite areas were the two museums. Guangdong Shiwan Ceramics Museum houses many fine pieces of ceramics, the majority of which I took photos of and will upload here. The Ancient Nanfeng Kiln Museum is larger and comprised of ancient buildings and relics of the ancient Guangming kilns used to bake the ceramics. The museum displays sow the development of the local pottery making industry and kiln development.

A Lucky Dragon Presenting Treasures mosaic is made from ancient pottery fragments, some of which came from a ceramics manufacturing site over 5,000 years old.

An ancient Nanfeng Kiln, called The Dragon Kiln, was built in the 1506 to 1521 period, and its fire has never gone out. The kiln is 34.4 metres long and has 29 lines of fire holes.

Before I commence my trips, I take a photo of my destination names in both English and Chinese. Then enroute, I’ll ask for directions whenever I am concerned that I might not be going the right way.

Travel Tip re toilets: There are many public, restaurant, and other toilets throughout Guangzhou. However, few supply tissue. Thus, to be safe, always carry an adequate supply of tissue. Most of these toilets are fairly dirty, have water for washing, but supply nothing to dry yourself with.
Written April 29, 2018
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Xinxing, Kaohsiung4 contributions
Oct 2014 • Couples
Planned this as a day trip from Guangzou. How to get there:
Go to the last station on Number 1 Metro (Xilang) and transfer to the Guangfo line. Exit at Tongji Lu Station at Exit D. The bus stop is right in front of the metro exit, and the bus is heading in the right direction. Take Bus 137 for ten stops (to end of route, drop 2 RMB in the box), walk 50 meters straight ahead and you are there. From anywhere in Guangzhou total fare is under 10 RMB but can take over an hour and a half in total.
Hotel touts were promoting a 98 RMB hotel called Super 8 Motel just down the street and we were very happy wiith the room - big, clean, comfortable, great for that price. We stayed a night as the area is interesting. Dinner at the hotel with live entertainment set the two of us back about 100 RMB including a beer. Foof above average.
Next day back to the subway on Bus 137, one stoptowards Guangzhou was Zumaio and the old town. Nice break from Guangzhou and not at all expensive.
Written October 4, 2014
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Singapore, Singapore124 contributions
Nov 2019
A good history lesson to learn about the origins of the making of ceramic. Be amazed by the hundred years old tree attached to the walls.
Written November 8, 2019
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Douglas M
Guangzhou, China1,973 contributions
Nov 2018 • Couples
Most sensible people will travel to Foshan on the GuanFo line of the metro and alight at ZuMiao, which just happens to be the name of the large temple (The Ancestral Temple TA review) near the station. Of course, SWMBO and I are not too sensible, so we took the coach from GuangZhou Bus Terminal to Foshan Bus Station.

Note: GuangZhou Bus Terminal is across the road from GuangZhou Coach Terminal and is the departure for ‘local’ destinations.

The fare was 14 Yuan each for the 45 minutes journey which gave me a glimpse of the suburban sprawl of west GuangZhou. The journey was somewhat ‘enlightened’ by the wailing of a young lady who was taking her boyfriend back home. The cause of the young lady’s grief became apparent when she revealed, the boyfriend or to be more precise, his ashes were in a little box on the seat next to her!

At Foshan Bus Terminal we crossed the road, ignoring the touts who for 55 Yuan would take us the Ancient Kiln, and caught the #134 bus which for a measly 2 Yuan each (paid with out GuangZhou travel cards) took us all the way to our intended destination whose stop is Tao Du Zhan (Pottery City Stop).

Foshan styles itself at Ceramic City. Look at the bus stops to see that someone has a little artistic imagination.

This bus actually stops the ZuMiao station, another buses that goes from ZuMiao to TaoDu Zhan is #136. Look out of the right-hand window for the very tall chimney about 50 metres from the road, that’s the stop.

Thanks to a very helpful lady we wandered through the pottery market and into the pedestrian shopping street that leads down to ShiWan park. We wandered away from the park and down the street and turned right and after walking about 100 metres in the bright November sunshine we came to the site’s entrance.

Entrance to the site is 25 Yuan, but they took pity on this poor, old, passport waving Englishman and let me in for free. Of course, SWMBO had to pay full price! She got a nice wrist-band but I didn’t. An English interpreter service available for 150 Yuan.
In we went. Unsurprising two Ancient Kilns dominate the site. In between is a flight of steps leading to a small observation platform. Well worth the climb. It’s a working pottery, as the 500 year-old kiln on the right is wood-fired a few times a month.

Confession time! I’m originally from the Potteries in England and in the parlance of my youth, this is ‘an owd pot bonk’, in other words an old pottery. Never mind old, this place is ancient! I watched two chaps stuffing stuff into the kiln, the stuff was nothing more than flower-pots. Just dried gray clay pots ready to be fired. Don’t expect to find fine China in this place!

We wandered around, the place did bring back memories of ‘owd pot bonks’, especially for some long-forgotten reason, the flights of wooden stairs. There are lots twee shops selling twee pottery. The buildings were probably housing for the managers or offices.

There’s the Lins’ family hall to visit. There’s a nice plaque outside about the place’s history. In fact, there are quite a few signs dotted around telling English readers about the site.

We watched the pot throwing or making demonstration. At the most, five-minutes, of throwing one pot! No eye-contact, no banter with the audience, he just threw one pot while another chap scooted the wheel around with his foot. Just as well it was free!
There’s a couple of small ponds so the fish got a feed. No cats, so the biscuits remained untouched in my man-bag.

There are toilets on site and there’s a couple of twee places selling expensive refreshments.

We exited via the back-gate by the manager’s waterfall. Popped out heads in to the free ceramic museum.

We then wended our way back to the other end of the pedestrian shopping street and retraced our steps back through the market (expensive was SWMBO’s verdict) to the TaoDu Zhan bus stop, but the one on the other side of the road.

Surprize! Neither the #134 and #136 stopped there. Luckily, the #121 bus went back to the Foshan bus station via ZuMiao metro station. Feeding the fish is always a good harbinger of good fortune!

Note: In GuangZhou, never expect a bus to take the same route on the return journey.

We got back to the bus station and SWMBO bought two tickets to GuangZhou. The price was now an astronomical 40 Yuan, apparently travel insurance is included. Yeah!

The bus was 30 minutes late departing. A few years ago, this would have been a loss of face but not now. ‘Take the metro if you’re in a hurry!’ was the attitude of the staff. Next time, we will!
Written November 8, 2018
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Chicago, IL132 contributions
May 2015 • Couples
A small segment of an old pottery town Shiwan (or Quarry Bay) in 16C China tastefully restored and preserved featuring a (still functioning) kiln using methods centuries old. It is good for an hour an a half with arts and crafts products spotted in various town homes. The kiln site in located right next to a museum and exhibition center, and adjoining the center is an entire street loaded with pottery shops large and small. One could find reindeer and Santa Claus at the right season sitting shoulder to shoulder with various buddhas, and in particular, Damo (c.500). There is a modest admission fee to the kiln. Museum is free.
Written May 18, 2015
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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia2,311 contributions
Apr 2012 • Friends
One should know that Foshan is the ceramic capital of Guangdong if not the entire China. People from the world over come to this city to procure all forms of modern ceramic products especially flooring tiles and sanitary wares. I too came here to look for the newest designs and with some free time on our hands; decided to see where it presumably all started. For starters; I think this is supposed to be call the Nanfeng Old "Kiln" (not stove!)

The locals also call this area "Figurine Street" and I can see why; as the rows of recreated old style shops sell nothing but clay figurines; from the tiniest (to decorate aquariums & bonsai planters) to life-size ones (to guard homes?) Some are downright tacky while others are practically works of art. You can also find ceramic vases, pots and decorative containers in all shapes, sizes and colors. Prices and quality vary greatly so select and negotiate with care.

Right next to this retail zone is the kiln itself with a well-preserved neighborhood of temples, homes, shops and artisan studios - it is all very rustic and charming and appears to be quite popular with local tourists and photographers. The maze of narrow alleys are ideal for exploring and discovery assisted with good English language signage. Unfortunately when we were there, most were closed and curiously deserted.

The Old Kiln itself is still there in all its aged glory albeit out of action but preserved for posterity. This is a nice place to spend the afternoon if you have time left over from your business meetings. Be sure to look for the gigantic fountain (overlooking the lake). It is fabricated from (of all things) toilet bowls and basins (hundreds of them!) It quite a sight to behold and indeed true to the idiom that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder!
Written April 21, 2012
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Ah J
Melaka, Malaysia122 contributions
Nov 2018 • Family
This is worth a visit just to experience the size of the kilns and the fact that they are still in one piece. The pottery and ceramics that are on view are amazing considering the old style and would even better some of the most technological factories of today. Around two hours is ample to go around and take in the history of the place.
Written December 3, 2018
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Pat L
Markham, Canada97 contributions
Nov 2018 • Friends
This is a very interesting place to visit ceramics artists and their work. They’ve a long history of kiln work and many small stores. There is a small entrance fee but well worth it.
Written December 1, 2018
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Frankfurt, Germany188 contributions
Dec 2017 • Couples
The visit is mainly about seeing artists at work and visiting their workshops. It is a whole park filled with activities. You can also do some pottery yourself. They give you a wristband so you can go out and come and if you want to do so, you will enjoy it even more.
Do not miss the Museum that is really nice and explains about the different technologies ( very little English posts) The place is about 15 min by taxi from the Metro station. There is also a bus but I do not know which one and I was told it takes 30-45 minutes.
The Kiln itself is something really worth seeing as Foshan is one of the centers of pottery in China and the Porcelain was invented here. It is a huge construction and it is quite interesting to see the model in the museum and understand how it works. Outside the street with the shops selling the stuff produced in the bigger factories of the town, you can buy it not , but it is really worth to look around. Get inside as the shops are full of nice things, lots of figures of people and animals and all funny. There is a lot of fruits made of clay that look as real and very nice. . The people are nice and will be happy to let you look around,
Written January 9, 2018
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