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Very good

Oakley, CA14 contributions
I actually went to Info! Charlotte on a Trip Advisor suggestion and I am so glad I did. I came to Charlotte with my husband on a business trip so I had a lot of free time by myself and didn't know what to do here or where to begin. So, I walked 2 blocks to Info! Charlotte and the employees were extremely helpful and polite. Not only did they have any and all info regarding Charlotte, but info about other locations as well including areas East and West of Charlotte. My husband and I rented a car and drove to Asheville, NC which was recommended by Info! Charlotte. They not only had info on Asheville, but a suggested route to take there which was filled with beauty and even a stop at Chimney Rock.

Overall, excellent service and advice for first time or anytime Charlotte visitors. They even told me what bus to catch!
Written September 30, 2009
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Liverpool, UK277 contributions
Aug 2014 • Couples
It’s a sad thing to say but as a tourist to Charlotte from the UK, one of the first things we asked at our hotel reception was where is the local visitor information centre and no one knew!
It wasn’t just at the hotel reception either, we asked the same question of a number of locals and the tried and tested favourite of a local policeman. But still no one knew where it was or if Charlotte even had a visitors information centre.

We did however stumble across it during one of city walks and discussed this fact with one of the visitor information centre advisors. It turns out that Charlottes information centre has existed in the city for 15 years but very few locals knew it existed.

We found the centre staff to be very informative and really helpful. As you can imagine they have plenty of attraction leaflets to cover everyone's needs, wine tasting, boat trips, NASCAR etc, etc and went out of their way to help us book trips and gather additional information.

I can honestly say that if we would have found this information centre at the start of our vacation we would have had a plentiful itinerary.

Therefore, I cant recommend enough that you make the effort early on in your stay in Charlotte to call in here and have a look at what the city has to offer. It’s a lot more than you think.

We resolved the lack of visitor centre information at our hotel by passing over a number of leaflets kindly provided by the centre so that if any other tourists asks the same question they could provide the necessary information. Maybe if your hotel cant answer the same question you could do the same?
Written August 18, 2014
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Michael D
Green Valley, AZ85 contributions
Oct 2013 • Friends
I recently returned from a two week visit to North Carolina. During that time I spent five days in Charlotte and I must say, this is a city for everyone. From Indian trails to micro brewing, from indoor gokarts to Nascar, from theaters to restaurants, Charlotte has it all. I would highly recommend a visit to anyone.
Written October 10, 2013
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karoline m
Oslo, Norway30 contributions
Sep 2016 • Solo
I had to days in Charlotte. To HORRIBLE days! Do not visit this unfriendly racism place. Both of my days I was crying(and I do not do that often!) I was travelling on my own, visitng several cities in the states, but there was a whole another flow in Charlotte. First at the hotel, the receptionist did not know what for me as a tourist to do in Charlotte. She could not even say where I should go of the bus to go to the visitor center, or where it was located on the map. AFTER asking 10 different people in charlotte where it was, I found it. But everyone was giving me the wrong information, nobody wanted to actually genuine help me, people were just walking by and did not answer me. I FELT hopless! What a bed atmosphere, and being on your own and nobody is to rely on and dont feel they WANT to help you out is AWFUL? What kind of humanity it that actually? Very od for me. Even the unfriendliest city in Norway(Oslo where I work) is better than Charlotte. And that was why I came to the states - to be to surronded by friendly people for once! So after having a horrble day(!) and came to the visiot center, thinking I was going to get help around, was my TERRIBLE mistake! I was talking to a black woman, which had pink lipstift on her, and she was literally telling me that she did not wanted to help me and that I should talk to her collegue because I sounded a little frustated when asking her about stuff, just like a normal person. And then of course i started crying because this was the top of the boat, now the visitor lady wont even help me AFTER one hour looking around for this center that was HORRIBLE marked in the streets! AND THEN!!!!!!!! She !!!!!!! Started laughing at me SEVERAL times, at least 3 times, of me crying?!?!?! Who does that? What kind of cruelty is that? YOU should defently NOT work in a visitor center, if you are going to act THIS WAY! I told her that this is bullying! But she did not even apologize, just ignored me. I don't understand what kind of world I was in, everybody i know KNOWS that this is not normal behavoir from a humanbeeing. There was SO many ofter things that went wrong this day after this too, ALL the people i spoke with gave me the wrong information about shopping mall times or taxi cost or anything. from my 2 days speaking to maybe over 20 people only 3 people I can say was friendly. and the friendliest was actually a white woman. My worst feeling was on the bus home to the hotel the last day. A black busdriver DID not want to help me and answer my genuine normal questions about schedule time etc. I just broke down in the bus and said that this is racism and bullying(because he was much more friendly with the black people). Im from norway, I dont/we dont see black and white, we see only one nation together, and that makes me sick to my stomich I had to go through something like that. I will never visit Charlotte again! And will not reccomend anybody to do so!
Written September 15, 2016
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Glasgow, UK532 contributions
Aug 2013 • Solo
On the last few days of my vacation I ventured in for a map, and was overwhelmed by the knowledge and advice that the lovely ladies had for me. If you are going to Charlotte I recommend checking out both their offices.
Written August 29, 2013
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Syracuse, NY30 contributions
The employees were so nice and very helpful. They not only have a ton of information to see and do, but they also validate parking.
Written May 10, 2009
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39 contributions
Jul 2011 • Friends
The staff member at this site was extremely pleasant and helpful. Only caveat--she tried to give me a ticket to reimburse me for parking in the next-door parking garage for a few minutes, but the ticket machine had an error and refused to accept the voucher. There was no attendant, only the machine. The staff member apologized but could not refund my $3, and she mentioned that the machine had done similar things to other visitors. That machine is making a lot of money off of tourists!
Written July 29, 2011
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2 contributions
Dec 2014
Moved to convention center around the corner. Closed on the day we was the Christmas week. Charlotte is however a beautiful city and clean! Weather pleasant!
Written December 26, 2014
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Broadmeadows, Australia133 contributions
Oct 2018 • Friends
I've never had so much difficulty finding an info center, despite having Googled it and asking people for help once I knew that we were in the right vicinity. Finally, a helpful young woman in a museum was able to pinpoint its location.
Once found, we were given information that helped us plan the rest of our brief stay in Charlotte. Charlotte is a very pleasant place to visit with excellent bus services that took us everywhere we wanted to go.
Written October 24, 2018
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Charlotte, NC1,428 contributions
Nov 2017 • Solo
A small but helpful visitor center. Located inside the Charlotte Convention Center on the Martin Luther King Jr Blvd side. Provides a few racks of brochures about Charlotte accommodations, restaurants and attractions. Some useful walking guides too. There is also a small gift shop.
Written November 17, 2017
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