Little Bird Foot Spa

Little Bird Foot Spa, Westhampton Beach: Address, Phone Number, Little Bird Foot Spa Reviews: 2/5

Little Bird Foot Spa
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8 reviews
Very good

Jodi K
Roslyn, NY20 contributions
I don’t usually write bad reviews.
Jul 2021 • Friends
This place is awful. I went with a couple of friends for massages. One masseuse answered a phone call during the session. My masseuse pushed me around like a piece of meat. No idea how to give a massage. No one spoke English. Wanted extra money for “organic oil.” Not going back.
Written July 17, 2021
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suffern, new york3 contributions
Jul 2021 • Friends
The masseuse actually answered his cell phone during my massage. No one speaks any English at all. Will not return. Ever!!
Written July 17, 2021
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Linda R
1 contribution
Awful and filthy
Jul 2020 • Family
Awful! Filthy and they don’t give you what you paid for. I went with my son to have an hour facial, 1/2 footrub. , 1/2 Back massage. They massaged our faces then put the face mask you get in any store on. Left that part of the bed and went to massage our feet . WOW. They used one bucket of water to wipe our faces down. ( they put us in a couples room, why I don’t know.) nobody spoke English and I couldn’t make them understand they didn’t do the back massage and we only got 45 minuets of a two hour appointment. NEVER AGAIN. The place is filthy.
Written July 26, 2020
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White Plains, NY151 contributions
Ok foot spa without some of the add ons
Jul 2017 • Family
I'm not sure why this has gotten terrible reviews. It is your basic foot spa and the foot massage was pretty good. What I missed was the little things many other foot spas do to enhance the experience. There is no bucket of hot water to soak in at the beginning, no shoulder, back or arm massage to start or end the session, no hot rocks. Just basic, get-down-to-it foot massage. It was fine.
The place is clean and quiet . There are regular massage cubicles and people seemed to be using those too, so I guess their full service massage must be ok too.
Written July 31, 2017
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Bedford, New York3 contributions
This place is horrible....
Sep 2016 • Solo
The first time I went in I had "reflexology" which was really just turned out to be a foot slather....Yuck! They asked me if I wanted "organic oil" and at the end they charged me an extra $2 for the oil. It was nothing close to reflexology. I doubt these people are licensed Massage Therapists. Also, when I left I gave a 20% tip which I thought was overly generous and then one of the men chased after me and showed me the fine print which stated that I had to leave a larger tip!! I was annoyed so I told him to bugger off. Being new to the town and a big fan of massage, I went back on a later date and tried a body massage with no oil. I couldn't wait for it to end. This place sucks .... I'm perplexed as to how it stays in business.
Written September 30, 2016
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Havre de Grace, MD33 contributions
My favorite!
Dec 2015 • Solo
I've been to both the Westhampton Beach and Southampton locations during the summer peak and dead of winter. They're very popular spots and I've been lucky to just walk in each time - but I would strongly recommend an appointment. Chinese Reflexology is not a Swedish or deep tissue massage so you can't go in with that mind frame. Once you do experience it you will be hooked! I took my father once who only likes deep tissue but after his foot reflexology he couldn't believe how relaxed he was and that it was over! I recommend the hand and foot as they release so much tension you didn't know you had built up in your body. Certain pressure points help my migraines so to me it's homeopathic! Give it a try - you won't be disappointed!
Written December 31, 2015
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Westhampton Beach, NY5 contributions
Completely Unprofessional
Aug 2015 • Family
Charged more than face value for the gift certificate saying he sold it at 20% off so user has to make up the difference because he charges more in the summer than the winter. Made us get up 20 mins into the hour because he was overbooked- were LITERALLY kicked out. He also said he makes a lot of people leave early because his rent is so high. Insane experience. Do not waste a cent of your hard earned money in this place and NEVER buy a gift certificate.
Written August 7, 2015
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

402 contributions
Little Bird has broken wings...
Jul 2015 • Solo
This is a perplexing review as I had two visits with two VERY DIFFERENT experiences. I visited Little Bird Foot Spa at the beginning of the week after somehow straining my foot. It's an open room facility for the most part, with numerous beds lined up beside each other and no partitions between the beds used for foot rubs. However, upon walking into the spa, there is no indication of this, such as a big "Quite Please, Massages in Session" sign at the check-in desk. As a result, people come walking in talking pretty loud, without even realising that everyone in the place can hear them. And even though there are plenty of tables/beds available, they tend to pile everyone up towards the front with no empty beds in between customers. I ended up having two older women on each side of me; one who spent the entire hour gasping for breath in my hear. Of course she couldn't help this, but the establishment could have avoided the interruption by placing her a little farther down the row of tables. Because the tables are so close, it also makes you feel uncomfortable about saying anything during the massage, like, "Excuse, but you are breaking my back!"
Having said all of that, the first massage was pretty good. It did feel a little rushed, but it was also relaxing and therapeutic. I like a more therapeutic, deep tissue massage,(if it's done right) and detest swedish massage. That's why I marked mid to deep intensity on my chart. I felt better after the first massage and recommended it to several of my neighbors/family. For the price, I felt like it was very good deal.I chose the #5 combo for $49.00 I recommended this page to Trip Advisor with the intentions of giving a good review (It takes a really bad experience to make me write an unfavorable review)
That's why I decided to visit a second time at the the end of the week. AND THAT'S WHEN EVERYTHING WENT DOWN HILL...
There was a different woman at the check-in desk and I was given a young man instead of the woman I had previously. I didn't see her or I would have requested her. Within the first 5 min., I knew I was in big trouble. He literally rubbed one spot in a circle on each of my shoulders for approx. 3 minutes each. There was no rubbing of surrounding muscles and it felt like he was rubbing on a nerve ending. It was extremely uncomfortable. He didn't rubbed between my shoulders like the previous woman, only the same spot on each shoulder. I finally had to stop him and politely ask that he please move to another spot, but he didn't speak English, so the girl up front had to come and interpret for him. She explained what I wanted, but he just never got it. After rubbing a couple of spots on my arms and popping the knuckles on each of my fingers, he moved on to my feet and began doing swedish massage, even though I had marked a higher intensity on my chart. Arghhh.......It felt like he was reading an instruction chart: Rub spot A for two minutes, rub spot B for three minutes, etc.
I hate to hurt anyone s feelings, but it was SO BAD that I finally asked to speak to the girl up front AGAIN and asked if I could change my hour massage to a half hour. She said "No, that I couldn't change once I booked a full hour. At that point, I offered to pay the full price and just leave. (All of this while everyone around me was trying to enjoy their massage). It was so embarrassing. Instead, she brought over another girl and gave her instructions in a different language. I don't think she spoke English either. She began rubbing my leg so hard in one spot that I think she actually bruised the muscle. She then she moved to my feet and began using swedish massage! At least it wasn't as bad as the first guy and there were moments when it would have probably been relaxing, but I was so stressed out at that point that I couldn't enjoy it. I have to tell you, I've had massages all over the world. My mother used foot reflexology on us beginning when we were children. This was absolutely the WORST MASSAGE EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE! I left feeling stressed out and disgusted and after all that, they charged me full price! Even after telling the girl that it was a HORRIBLE experience! Did she really not figure that out already? They should have been extremely embarrassed! She told me that next time, I could request the first girl. SERIOUSLY?! When you have an experience like that, THERE IS NO NEXT TIME! I didn't have the mental strength to argue with her, I just wanted out of there. I tipped the last girl 20% for trying, because it was an awkward experience for both of us. Tip to Little Bird Spa: When you can't deliver your services as promised and you know a REPEAT customer has had a bad experience in your spa, due to no fault of their own, YOU DON'T CHARGE THEM FULL PRICE! They write bad reviews and never come back.
Based on my first experience, I would have liked to give this place a good review, but based on my last experience, I just can't do it. Too many people read and trust my reviews and I wouldn't want ANYONE to have a similar experience based on my recommendation. Sorry.
Written July 14, 2015
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