Philipsburg Manor

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Philipsburg Manor
10:30 AM - 3:00 PM
10:30 AM - 3:00 PM
10:30 AM - 3:30 PM
10:30 AM - 3:30 PM
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Philipsburg Manor is a living history museum, where visitors enter the year 1750, when the Manor was a thriving milling and trading complex that was home to 23 enslaved individuals of African descent.
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Morristown, NJ30 contributions
We went to the Philipsburg Manor Legend Weekend festivities this year for Halloween. I wasn't overly impressed, but I wanted to explain why, in case anyone runs into the same circumstances next year -

The weather was really really miserable. We had booked tickets in advance for one of the night-time tours through the grounds. I was a literature major in college and actually wrote a lengthy paper about Washington Irving, so I was really excited to go. Despite the bad weather, the website indicated that the tours and entertainment would go on regardless, so we drove up from North Jersey in the dark and rain and wind and cold :)

Sleepy Hollow itself wasn't much to look at in the dark. I had been hoping we would get there earlier to check out the graveyard and old Dutch church but we had a family commitment that kept us from doing so, so I can't really comment on the surrounding area.

The event itself was kind of a let down. I did really enjoy the oral re-telling of Irving's Legend of Sleepy Hollow at the start. They managed to keep the campfire lit even though it was raining, and the wind and darkness added a creepiness factor. There didn't seem to be many people around in costume...the witches, which I had read about, were nowhere to be found. There was just a small band playing, some (but seemed like not all) of the parade puppets/costumes were on display (inside the buildings), and the headless horseman was out in the pasture. My boyfriend and I walked around a bit and then stood in the rain, looked at each other, and asked "is this it?" It really took us maybe 10 minutes to see everything. It just really wasn't worth it in the bad weather - so if you are considering going next year, I would recommend waiting til the week of or a few days before the day you want to go and check the weather. It really wasn't worth the trip up there and the cost of the ticket for what we saw.

I bought my tickets early because of the rain-or-shine promise, which I assumed meant that you would get the same quality entertainment and information in bad weather as you would in good but it seems like they really down-sized a lot of it. Just learn from my mistake :)
Written January 12, 2009
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Mentor, OH1,360 contributions
Cannot comment on this outside of the Halloween events provided in October. But, if you're into Halloween, this is THE place to visit! It was unlike anything I've ever experienced.

The grounds are turned into a haunted delight with mazes, creatures, live sculptures and a headless horseman that is an absolute hoot! We stood along a fence to get into the maze and every so often the horseman on his black horse would run through the pasture. We were so delighted and laughed so hard we could hardly stand it.

One of my most memorable experiences while on a vacation. LOVED IT!!
Written July 6, 2019
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Doylestown, PA68 contributions
This review is for the 2013 Horseman's Hollow, an attraction which my husband and I have been attending since it first opened four seasons ago. Disclaimer: we're NUTS for all the Historic Hudson Valley Halloween attractions and have been members for the past 2 years. This year, we skipped the Blaze and went straight for what we thought we be some spooky adult fun. Wrong. We invited friends for the 8 pm show on 10/19 and I have to say we were severely disappointed by HH this year. :( What happened, old friend?

Perhaps it was an "off" year after Sandy ruined Halloween for everyone in NJ/NY last year. Maybe there were budget cuts or something, but there were hardly any live actors to be found during the 20 or so minutes it took to walk through. I scare quite easily and only jumped once - at a speaker buried in the hay, no less - so it was even more disappointing that no one seemed to be making an effort to do any scaring at all. The actors we did come across seemed like they were instructed to help control crowds and were more or less phoning in any performance...sad. In years past, the entire creative cast has been fantastic! Also wanted to make a special note: wasted opportunity for a big scare with the cannon victim. That's all I'll say...

While I applaud the attempt at crowd control, they really need to do something about having hordes of people exiting as you're making your way down the path to the second ticket scanner. The way is narrow and it ruins the anticipation to see a bunch of glum faces that don't look scared at all. Do not send so many people in at once! People will wait if they want a good scream. The whole thing felt rushed. Also, why did they feel the need to expand and space out the sets? It lost a lot in translation. Now there's a ton of standing in line and waiting around among cornstalks/encampment tents where nothing happens. Don't get me wrong: the sound and lighting is superb as always but when there's no payoff for all the anticipation, it can't help but fail to meet expectations. 2011 was the year it peaked, sadly. Even last year you could sense that with popularity comes great disappointment.

Does anyone else think they are trying to be more family-friendly by reducing the "gotcha" moments and making places that should be claustrophobic and dark, well-lit and free of scares? The best part - the disorienting "bag tunnel" - is now as bright as a moonlit night. Come on! If you can't see where you're going, it's that much more terrifying...and no one popped out at the end so boooo all around.

Better luck next year, HH. We may take a year off until you work out the kinks and get back to being the best-produced haunted attraction you were in 2011.
Written October 21, 2013
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North Bergen, NJ111 contributions
This was my daughter's third time going and my second and this was by far the worst. To be clear this was not just an off night, It has gone downhill each year.

The staff is rude and disinterested all the time, but las night worse than ever! They herd you like cattle from the moment you get there. The tickets are timed and don't bother getting there too early because they line you up according to time and since they way oversell you will get in late no matter what. You can't get in 10 minutes early but they have no problem holding you outside in the cold 1/2 hour after your start time or more.

Sat,Oct 6th we had 8:30 admission. We got let in 8:55. There was a lot of walking with absolutely nothing but some lanterns and lame props. The garden of Living statues had one Full size angel and she did nothing but stand. So onward.....walking and nothing. Meantime, we keep encountering security casually conversing on their radios which was a real mood killer. There was something going on with fire engines at the manor but they were not dealing with anything like that in the attraction. Finally we catch up to a group of about 4 people near the corn maze and that's when the herding began in earnest. It was so bad the few actors they did have had no time to reset themselves so even my husband, who jumps at any thing, was not the least bit surprised. At one point one of the less than scary or impressive corn people got in our face and told us to move the line! He was not scary just plain rude and the laughable part was there was no one behind us. We had just slowed a bit so we could give the actors ahead a chance to rest so we could get a little shock value for our 25.00 bucks (27.00 that night) Not a single scare all evening . Empty skull throne where the Horseman sat last year.

I have been too all sorts of haunted attractions including many local high school drama club endeavors and they were a lot better! Save your money and go to one of those. Shame on Philipsburg Manor for putting this shabby event on and treating people like this,. The ladies that worked the gift shop were very nice but the staff working the attraction was awful. I honestly feel like we have been robbed of $125.00
Written October 7, 2012
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East Aurora, NY445 contributions
We really did not know what to expect. This is a pre-Revolutionary War farm, done in period costume. A nice mill. Lovely buildings. But all this pales to the real story. Slaves made this place run and the owners right. The story of the slaves is very well done, real empathy. But the old documents listing real people as chattel property to be bought and sold, selling children away from parents, brings the slavery issue front and center as only a dispassionate list of items can do. This tour is good for all ages and is good for the ages. By all means go.
Written June 28, 2019
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Joseph T
Huntington, NY57 contributions
My family loves Halloween, so it was inevitable that we would find ourselves in Sleepy Hollow this past October. We started our day with a tour of Sleepy Hollow Cemetery where many notables are "permanent residents." I love the Old Dutch Church and its graveyard, not only because it is beautiful and historic, but also because it is here that we met the Headless Horseman for the first time! He was terrific....very elegant!! He came to us on his horse and patiently allowed my family and other tourists to take several photos with him. We met him again at Horseman's Hollow at Philipburg Manor. We have been to many haunted attractions, and I must say, this was the best. Walking through the lovely grounds of the manor on a fall night was a treat made better by the many "horrors" we encountered on our path! This is very professionally done and beats just about every Halloween attraction I have visited! Sleepy Hollow and Salem, MA are best seen in October, when history and horror join forces to entertain the thrill seeking visitors!! One word of advice...Free parking is far from the attraction entrance (Horseman's Hollow), so it is better to pay $5.00 and use the lot across from the entrance...
Written January 20, 2014
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Westchester County, NY9 contributions
I live near P'burg and have been enjoying it for years. The setting is pleasant, and the site, which focuses on slavery in the North, intelligently interpreted. There are live animals and interesting special events.

Some of the costumed interpreters are fantastic. Others, however (and the people at the desk, for that matter), could do a much better job at making visitors feel welcome and valued. Some (I stress some, not all), treat visitors like a nuisance and proffer loud, public scoldings for those who violate unwritten, unarticulated rules.

I think part of the problem is that the site is run as a house museum/living history site hybrid - though what's what is far from clear. Still, if they need to run the site in this challenging way, the onus is on the management to enforce rules without rudeness - and reel in those on the front lines who can't (or don't want to) get the hang of this. Museums of course need standards, and they also need to protect the historical treasures in their care. But as an ex-museum employee myself, I KNOW this can be done with tact and kindness.
Written November 9, 2009
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Syosset, United States130 contributions
We got locked out of the Rockefeller site and then took the tour of the Philipsburg manor. What luck! I am tired of seeing what these ultra-rich did for their lifestyles in the 1900's! This tour is set for the 1750's. many authentic items. Tour the settings of how his slaves lived and worked and how he did, to some degree since he only came there to oversee. His original house! His mill..STILL in operation. They will show the actual grinding of corn or wheat! How he was one of the WEALTHIEST people in North America in the 17490-1750. How they produced wool, linen. REAL TIME showing. How wheat was thrashed in the barn! and who did it. Take your kids too! This was real-time, hands-on demonstrations with REAL old equipment.
Written June 24, 2018
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Florida175 contributions
We're just back from a weekend in Sleepy Hollow. We did the Horseman's Hollow tour on Sunday night. As a woman in my 40's, I'm not a big fan of being scared out of my mind and being chased by chainsaws anymore. If you want that, go to Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando. Horseman's Hollow isn't like that. In fact, it's just the right amount of scary but the perfect amount of costuming, atmosphere and set design.

What could be better than walking through an authentic 17th century manor, on a beautiful fall night, under an almost-full moon in October. The entire walk lasts nearly 40 minutes. It's quite amazing the amount of time and resources they put into each scene's set design and costuming. For a small place, it rivals anything I've seen at Universal Studios.

But don't get me wrong. There are definitely scream-worthy moments, and even more freakier moments, but it could be waaaay scarier. I'd say kids over 12 could handle it. And I didn't have any nightmares that night afterwards. I'd go again.
Written October 28, 2015
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NY1 contribution
If you don't live close by, I would not recommend going, I sat in 2 hours of traffic to get there, and we were very disappointed. My husband said it may have been better if it were light out, at least you can see the old buildings. Considering the history of the town and the story of the headless horseman, they could put alot more effort into this and make it a hundred times better if they had more actors participating-perhaps turn it into more of a tour. The site said "wander thru with goblins and witches" i saw maybe 2 people wandering and interacting amongst the "500" people they allow in at a time.
Written October 26, 2009
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